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Must Have Vibrators for Camming: 10 Best Tip Activated Vibrators and Toys for Chaturbate

BY JC Ways

Many camgirls take home $3,000+ a month on average, but it takes more than beauty and confidence to be a successful webcam model – you need business savvy! One of the easiest ways to increase your Chaturbate tips and build your fan base is by using an interactive tip-controlled vibrator.

The Lovense Lush 2 is our favorite, but here are 7 webcam vibrators to check out!

Best Vibrators for Camming

There are 2 main ways that camgirls and camboys use vibrators to interact with their audience:

1. Tip-controlled vibrators which are programmed to respond to specific tip amounts
2. Sound-activated vibrators which respond to the beeping noise when people tip

The 2 main companies in this space are Lovense and OhMiBod, so prepare to see a ton of OhMiBod and Lovense toys.

Lovense Lush 2

The crème de la crème of webcam vibrators.

Best For: Best tip activated vibrator

Lovense are truly the masters of tip-activated sex toys. In fact, ALL Lovense toys can be made tip-activated so they work with major camming sites, but the Lush 2 remains the most popular. If you often see a pink antenna sticking out of a camgirl’s pussy and think “what the hell is that?”, chances are it’s a Lovense Lush 2.

Lovense Lush 2

The Lush 2 is designed for intense G-spot stimulation, and it’s made from 100% body-safe silicone that’s hygienic and easy to clean. The bulb nestles against your G-spot nicely, with deep, rumbly vibrations coming from the powerful yet whisper-quiet motor inside. The Lush 2 is also commonly used by camboys as an anal Chaturbate toy.

The Lovense Lush 2 also makes our best vibrators for women list. It’s an excellent sex toy on many fronts!

PROS: Unlimited vibration patterns, works with Chaturbate, give high tippers live control

CONS: Expensive

OhMiBod Esca 2

OhMiBod and Kiiroo’s light-up vibrator masterpiece

Best For: Best G-spot vibrator for camgirls

A slimmer version of the Lush 2, the OhMiBod Esca 2 (powered by Kiiroo) is a brilliant vibrator for camming due to its light-up antenna which illuminates when the toy is vibrating. This makes it easier for followers to see when their favorite webcam model is experiencing pleasure, and makes it difficult for camgirls to fake orgasms or moans.

OhMiBod Esca 2

The OhMiBod connects to sites like Chaturbate through the FeelConnect app, an app used by Kiiroo for toys such as the Onyx Plus and the Fuse. Similarly to Lovense, you can set vibrations to react to certain tip amounts. The visual element of the light on this toy helps to connect with horny fans who can visually see that they’re giving you pleasure.

PROS: Lights up when vibrating, affordable price, tip-controlled

CONS: Limited battery life

Lovense Nora

Rabbit vibrator for all your interactive needs.

Best For: Best Chaturbate vibrator

Are you a fan of rabbit vibrators that offer both clitoris and G-spot stimulation? Well thanks to Lovense, now there’s an interactive sex toy for Chaturbate that does just that! The Nora comes with 2 vibrating motors and a rotating head for additional pleasure, but some camgirls don’t like it because the rotating head is a bit noisy.

Lovense Nora

Personally, I think the more noises and flashing lights your interactive vibrator has, the better. It helps to show your viewers that the toy is doing something!

PROS: Dual motors for clit and G-spot, long-distance control, great for squirting

CONS: Expensive, noisy

Lovense Hush

Fancy knocking on the backdoor instead?

Best For: Best wifi-controlled buttplug

A favorite of both camgirls and camboys alike, the Lovense Hush is the world’s first app-controlled vibrating buttplug. Designed with a spiral neck pattern to help keep lube trapped inside the anus, the Hush is perfect for long anal camming sessions. If you’re feeling extra naughty, you can surrender and give vibration control to the highest tipper. Cheeky!

Lovense Hush

The Lovense Hush is one of many excellent Lovense toys featured in our best remote control vibrators guide!

PROS: App-controlled vibrating buttplug, fully tip-activated vibrator, 2 sizes available

CONS: Expensive, only 1 motor

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.Oh

Great at the club or on Chaturbate!

Best For: Best sound-activated vibrator

A unique little invention, these OhMiBod cam vibrating panties are perfect for ladies doing lingerie fetishes or getting warmed up while they undress for their cam session. These panties come with a wireless remote control with a microphone in it, so if you put it next to your speakers, the beeping noise from tipping will set them off every time you get tipped!

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.Oh

Although they’re not as advanced as tip vibrators, these sexy panties could be a great way to warm up your cam session and get some smaller Chaturbate tips rolling in!

PROS: Sound-activated vibrations, easy to use, great for lingerie fetishists

CONS: Niche, not ideal for all camgirls

Lovense Domi 2

Move over, magic wand!

Best For: Best webcam vibrator (wand-style)

As seen in our Lovense Domi 2 review, the Domi 2 is a small-sized vibrating wand massager based on classic sex toys like the Hitachi Magic Wand that paved the way for these deep, rumbly vibrating toys. When it comes to sites like Chaturbate, this toy also has 7 LED light settings, glowing a ring around the wand when it’s being used. Great for tipping!

domi 2

PROS: Wand-style interactive webcam sex toy, bright lights, deep rumbly vibes

CONS: Expensive

ShockSpot Fuck Machine

Not technically a tip-controlled vibrator, but still great.

Best For: Best Chaturbate fuck machine for camgirls (and camboys!)

If you can incorporate a fuck machine into your cam show, you’re going to make some serious money. These toys are about as visual as it gets – the tippers can SEE you being fucked by a dildo with their own eyes. These ShockSpot sex machines now connect to Chaturbate, so they can respond to Chaturbate tips and fuck you harder/faster for big tips.

ShockSpot Fuck Machine

If $2000 is not in your budget, you could buy the cheaper HiSmith Premium Fuck Machine for around $400 and just control it manually when people tip you. It’s not as sexy or spontaneous, but it works!

PROS: Huge incentive to tip, intense pleasure, unisex, dildo included, connects to Chaturbate

CONS: Very expensive, bulky and hard to store

How do tip-activated vibrators work?

Lovense Tip Menu

The concept behind tip-controlled vibrators is very simple – the more they tip, the more intensely the toy vibrates. Most tip-controlled sex toys are made by Lovense or OhMiBod, and they allow you to program the sex toy to vibrate at different strengths, patterns, and speeds depending on how much the cam viewers tip.

Lovense and OhMiBod toys work with most major camming sites, including Chaturbate, Cam4, MyFreeCams, Flirt4Free, CamSoda, and more.

For example, if you’re using a Lovense Nora rabbit-style vibrator with 2 motors and a rotating head, you might have a tip menu like this:

1-50 tokens = 5 seconds low clit vibes
50-100 tokens = 5 seconds low clit and G-spot vibes
100-250 tokens = 15 seconds medium clit and G-spot vibes
250-500 tokens = 30 seconds high-intensity clit and G-spot vibes
500+ tokens = 60 seconds high-intensity clit, G-spot, and rotating head vibes

The more your followers tip you, the more fun they get to see you have. These interactive dildos and app-controlled vibrators are a crucial part of modern camming, as they allow your fans to feel more connected to you. I mean, they can literally control the pleasure of the camgirl or camboy they’re seeing on the screen. It’s thrilling!

OhMiBod vs Lush for camming

If you visit a camming site like Chaturbate and scroll through the front page, you’ll usually see the hashtags #Lush, #Lovense, and #OhMiBod used frequently. This is because Lovense toys (in particular the Lush 2) and OhMiBod toys (in particular the Esca 2) are the most popular Chaturbate vibrators you can buy.

On the whole, Lovense toys are superior. Why? Because they’ve made ALL of their toys compatible with camming tips, giving you way more options to choose from. This includes ALL their female vibrators and even includes automatic male masturbators like the Lovense Max 2.

Lovense has interactive dildos, vibrators, buttplugs, wands, and cock-milking machines. They are a haven for experimental camgirls and camboys.

On the other hand, OhMiBod’s main camming vibrator is the Esca 2, which is essentially a slightly smaller and slimmer version of the Lush 2 G-spot toy. There is a big advantage here, however, because the OhMiBod Esca 2 lights up when it vibrates, meaning your followers can see when the toy is vibrating in real-time.

How to connect Lovense to Chaturbate


Lovense tip-activated vibrators work through a plug-in extension on the browser that you’re using. Lovense uses Lovense SmartCam or the Lovense Remote app, while OhMiBod uses the FeelConnect app.

They are always updating the software, but you can find all the information you need in the Lovense Cam Model Guide.

Once you integrate with Chaturbate (it’s very simple) you can start programming your vibration levels, how long they should happen, how intense they are, and how many tokens set them off. 

Live control for big Chaturbate tippers

If you want to givelive control of your toy to big tippers, open up the Lovense control panel in your browser and generate a link for “live control”. Send this link to the client in a private message and when they open it they will see a control panel where they can operate your toy’s vibrations for you.

Letting someone control your vibrator is a surefire way to get repeat customers!

How much can tip activated vibrators increase your earnings?

There’s no data to measure exactly how much OhMiBod chat rooms and Lovense cam sessions increase your earnings, but it’s common sense that they make a pretty huge difference. For one, they’re all over the front page of major camming sites, so they’re definitely doing something right!

Girls with vibrators who surrender control to their viewers make for an interactive experience and instill a unique sense of “team spirit” among the followers that all of their collective tips can help the camgirl to orgasm and achieve pleasure. It also helps fans to feel more connected to you, knowing that they can make you cum without even being there.

Believe me, people will tip big if you do it right!

Chaturbate vibrator tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for using your app-controlled vibrator in cam shows:

1. Don’t fake it – so many cam models moan intensely when they get even the smallest of tips, and honestly it just makes the whole thing unbelievable. Try to keep it semi-realistic when your vibe goes off. A cheeky giggle is sexy enough for smaller tips.

2. Try light-up toys – toys like the Lovense Domi 2 and the OhMiBod Esca 2 feature LED lights that flash and illuminate when the toy vibrates, making it visually easier for tippers to see that your toy is vibrating.

3. Gear setup – make sure the rest of your gear is of high-quality too! There’s no point in having a Lush 2 if your webcam is terrible and the Wi-Fi is slow.

4. Keep it interesting – your interactive vibrator is a great gimmick, but many girls and guys are doing it. Try to keep your show interesting or explore a niche fetish (feet, roleplay, JOI) while using one of these toys at the same time.

Camgirls who use webcam vibrators

Camgirls from various niches and websites are using webcam vibrators these days – here are some of their stories.

Lovense Tip Menu 2

Aurie Saunders

Aerie Saunders is a well-established camgirl and self-titled “drainer of your wallet” who is also the CEO of WebCamStartup.com, a site dedicated to giving camgirls advice on how to make more money off Chaturbate and similar camming sites. She has reviewed numerous camgirl vibrators, including the OhMiBod Esca 2 which she uses frequently.

Melody Hero

Melody Hero is a Chaturbate camgirl model who is a huge fan of the Lovense Lush 2.0. She often uses the tip-activated vibrator settings to get more tips from her followers. She loves the way the Lush 2.0 feels, though she stresses there are some Bluetooth connectivity issues which need fixing.

Lily O’Riley

Former camgirl and current adult content creator Lily O’Riley has been a big fan of the Lovense Lush since the original Lush 1.0 vibrator came out. She has a review Lovense Lush review where she talks about how great the toy is for encouraging audience participation with the tip-activated vibration settings.


I hope you enjoyed that guide to the best Chaturbate vibrators! I still recommend the Lovense Lush 2 as the gold standard camgirl vibrator, but there are many toys out there offering a diverse range of sexy interactive experiences. Whether you’re a camgirl or a camboy, these toys are a brilliant way to boost your fanbase and make intense connections.

Now get those Chaturbate tips rolling in!

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ShockSpot Fuck Machine
ShockSpot Fuck Machine
Type: Best Chaturbate Fuck Machine For Camgirls (and Camboys!)
Lovense Lush 2
Lovense Lush 2
Type: Best Tip Activated Vibrator
Lovense Domi 2
domi 2
Type: Best Webcam Vibrator (wand-style)
Lovense Hush
Lovense Hush
Type: Best Wifi-controlled Buttplug
Lovense Nora
Lovense Nora
Type: Best Chaturbate Vibrator
OhMiBod Esca 2
OhMiBod Esca 2
Type: Best G-spot Vibrator For Camgirls
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