12 Realistic Dildos – Huge, Big, Most Realistic Dildos

By: Sex Toys And Flowers

Realistic dildos can be a turn-on. Especially if they’re BIG.

The most realistic dildos have multiple layers of silicone material to replicate the feel of skin, or are molded from actual dicks to get a lifelike shape.

Some are even hand-painted by artists for the perfect flushed color of a fully erect cock.

To help introduce you to this more realistic side of the dildo world, I’ve put together this guide to the very best most realistic dildos in 2024:

Let’s get to it!

Most Realistic Dildos You Can Buy in 2024

RealCock 2 – Best Realistic Dildos Overall

Length: 8 in, Girth: 6.5 inches, Diameter: 2 inches

Disclaimer alert – this one is the most realistic dildo ever made, but it’s a whopping $600.

You can actually grab the skin and feel it gliding on the silicone shaft. The balls are also super realistic, made of floating silicone inside a silicone gel. When you squeeze them it feels just like real testicles, which is a unique detail over most other realistic cocks.

The big downside of this guy is the price. At $600 it’s a bit too expensive for most of us and you can get a dildo that feels just as realistic at a fraction of the price. It would be a fun splurge though!

This most realistic dildo is so impressive, that we made a complete RealCock Review if you’re interested.

View the RealCock2 Here

Pop! Realistic Squirting Dildo – Top-Notch Squirting Realistic Dildo

If ejaculation is something you love about the real thing, then the Pop squirting dildo might be for you.

At the flick of your fingers you can make this guy cum on command, shooting fake semen across a room.

For the fake jizz, you can use water, which shoots the farthest; milky-colored lube, like the Sliquid Silk; and other specially made fake semen. For gathering the fluid it works like a turkey baster, you just dip the tip into the liquid and squeeze the bulb.

The small bulb it comes with holds 2 mL of liquid, which delivers a realistic amount of fake semen in my experience.

You can also buy a bigger 22 mL bulb for $35. The 22 mL delivers a massive load, making it even more fun, in my opinion. I’m also a fan of how it doubles as a watering dildo for my plants.

Check it out on Shevibe.com

Also check out more of the Best Squirting Dildos.

VixSkin Lifelike Dildos – Best Feeling Realistic Dildo

Vixen Creations is a sex toy company created by Marilyn Bishara, a former Good Vibrations employee, who started making dildos in her kitchen in 1994. She set out with a mission to make only the best quality silicone dildos, with safe materials that wouldn’t cause irritation or infections to people that used them (like some toxic chinese-made dildos can).

Her company continued to grow through the 90s and 2000s and it is now one of the biggest dildo manufacturers in the USA.

They also make some of the world’s biggest dildos too!

One of Vixen Creations creations is Vixskin, their own special silicone that is designed to feel extra realistic. It works by having a small amount of liquid silicone suspended between the molecules, creating an extra soft feel.

My local sex shop, Smitten Kitten, carries a lot of Vixskin dildos at their shop, so I’ve had the chance to touch most of them. It’s definitely a ‘different’ feel of silicone, it almost feels like Cyberskin and other TPE dildos, but it’s actually silicone and non-porous.

There are a lot of vixskin dildos, so i’ve put together a chart of some of the most popular ones so you can sort by price and size to find one that’s best for you. Most of these dildos are available in lifelike colors like caramel, vanilla, chocolate, and black.



Check Price


Length: 6.5″ 

Width: 1.75″


Length: 6.5″ 

Width: 1.75″


Length: 4.75″ 

Width: 1.12″


Length: 7″ 

Width: 2″


Length: 5″ 

Width: 1.6″


Length: 6″ 

Width: 1.75″


Length: 8″ 

Width: 1.5″


Length: 8.5″ 

Width: 2″


Length: 7″ 

Width: 1.7″

Gambler – Huge Realistic Dildo

Length: 11″ 

Width: 2.9″

Fleshjack Boys – Dildos Molded From Real Penises – As Realistic As Sex Toys Come

Fleshjack is owned by the same people that created Fleshlight and focus on creating toys for gay men. They have a line called ‘Boys’ which contains dildos molded from the actual penises of male models and pornstars.

It’s fun to read the bios of each of the ‘Boys’ and get to know who’s member you will be feeling.

For example, I learned that Boomer Banks is a Gemini, loves to read, has his own fashion line, and is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community.

As for feel, these are made from 1 solid single layer of silicone, which still feels awesome, but you won’t get that cutting-edge realistic feel that Vixskin and Tantus dual-density dildos have.

There are twenty one Fleshjack Boys in total, a perfect chance for another penis comparison table.



Where He’s From


Jake Bass

Length: 6″ 

Girth: 5″

Montreal QC, Canada

Kevin Warhol

Length: 6″ 

Girth: 5.5″

Ostrava, Czech Republic

Liam Riley

Length: 6.5″ 

Girth: 5″

Los Angeles CA, USA

Levi Karter

Length: 7″ 

Girth: 5.25″

New York NY, USA

Ricky Roman

Length: 7″ 

Girth: 5.5″

New London CT, USA

Carter Dane 

Length: 7″ 

Girth:  6″

Quebec, Canada

Allen King

Length: 7.25″ 

Girth: 5.75″


Sean Zevran 

Length: 7.5″ 

Girth: 5.5″

Los Angeles CA, USA

Johnny Rapid

Length: 7.5″ 

Girth: 5.5″

Atlanta GA, USA

Colby Keller

Length: 7.5″ 

Girth: 5.75″

Houston TX, USA

Austin Wilde

Length: 7.5″ 

Girth: 6″

Missouri, USA

Cody Cummings

Length: 7.5″ 

Girth: 6.5″

Riverside CA, USA

Trenton Ducati

Length: 7.75″ 

Girth: 6″

Los Angeles CA, USA

Brent Everett

Length: 8″ 

Girth: 5.5″

Saskatchewan, Canada

Pierre Fitch

Length: 8.25″ 

Girth: 5.5″

Montreal Canada

Brent Corrigan 

Length: 8.75″ 

Girth: 5.5″

Idaho, USA

Boomer Banks

Length: 9″ 

Girth: 6.5″


Milan Christopher

Length: 9.9″ 

Girth: 6″

Los Angeles

Posable Realistic Dildos By New York Toy Collective – High Quality Realistic Dildos

These realistic dildos from New York Toy Collective have a rod inside them that lets you pose the dildo into different positions. The rod is pretty thin so you can’t feel it through the soft dual-density silicone that is on top of it.

I think uppercaseCHASE1 explains how it it works better than anyone, here’s one of his video reviews of NYTC:

NYTC has five dildos in their collection, four of them posable. Some of them, like Carter and Shilo, can come in many colorful colors and not just natural skin tones.

NYTC Dildo


Check Price


Length: 7.5″ 

Width: 2″


Length: 6.25″ 

Width: 1.5″


Length: 8″ 

Width: 1.5″


Length: 9.5″ 

Width: 2.5″

New York Toy Collective started in 2012, with a mission of creating high quality toys and spreading sex positivity. In addition to their unique posable dildos they have developed tech that lets people scan their penises and then make a dildo replica of themselves.

Realistic Dildos From Tantus – Famous Realistic Dildo

Tantus is an American sex toy company that helped make silicone dildos popular. Everything they sell is body-safe, easy to clean, and will last for years. Not to mention their owner, Metis Black, is super bad-ass.

Even though these don’t look hyper-realistic like the RealCock 2 they still feel hyper-realistic. This is because they are all made from two layers of silicone, the inside, is made from firmer silicone, and the outside is made from softer silicone to simulate skin.

Price: $100

Length: 6.5 in / 16.5 cm Girth: 4.7 inches / 12 cm Diameter: 1.5 inches / 3.8 cm

View on Tantus

Alan: Lifelike Vibrating Dildo – Great Realistic Dildo for Added Sensation

A lot of the realistic dildos at Tantus have a guy’s name, like this one named Alan. This is perfect if a friend finds your dildo collection, you can just say “Oh hey, I see you met Alan! (and Gary, and Mark, and Adam)”

When it comes to being realistic, Alan is the blue-ribbon dildo in the Tantus line. It has wrinkles in the skin, the glans have realistic texture, and it has dual-density silicone for a hard inside and softer outside.

When it comes to coloring though it isn’t the masterpiece that the RealCock 2 is. But to be fair that’s not really Tantus’s goal, they’re more focused on making economical, long-lasting and pleasurable toys.

It also includes a bullet vibrator that you can insert through a hole in the bottom all the way to the center of the dildo. This makes the whole dildo vibrate all the way to the tip for some extra sensation.

Price: $90

Length: 6.25 in / 15.9 cm Girth: 5 inches / 12.8 cm Diameter: 1.6 inches / 4.1 cm

View on Tantus

Mark O2: Realistic Feeling – Realistic Dildos With Great Feeling

Meet Mark, another down-to-earth dildo from the Tantus dual-density collection.

Unlike Alan, Mark has a curve that let’s him connect better with g-spots and p-spots that he bumps into on pleasure lane.

The veins are more prominent than Alan, but still soft, for an extra spiraling sensation. And the glans of the penis are smooth, which feels great rubbing against your sweet spot.

If you are going for the best feeling realistic dildo for under $100, this would be a good pick.

Price: $100

Length: 7.5 in / 19 cm Girth: 5.5 inches / 14 cm Diameter: 1.75 inches / 4.4 cm

View on Tantus

Uncut: Realistic Uncircumcised Dildo – Specialized Realistic Dildo

If you prefer the feel and look of an uncircumcised penis than “Uncut” is a good dildo to take a look at.

It has similar coloring to the other dildos but the head feels like an uncircumcised penis.

The dual-density silicone with the soft outside means that it is easier to warm-up to using this toy anally.

Even though it’s a higher price, the extra quality and dual-density feeling means that your other toys will probably end up collecting dust.

Please comment below if you have a favorite dildo from the list, or if there are any realistic dildos missing that you think should be added.

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    I’m a sculptor and an afficionado of penises. Do you know of anyone needing a sculptor, layerer, veiner, painter for your reviewed clients?

  • Mike says:

    What would be the best dildo to practice fellatio on?

  • Stephanie Musick says:

    I have a dildo that is my girlfriends favorite and it is coming to the end of its life. Unfortunately the company that makes it is no longer in business. Do you know of somewhere that does custom jobs and will recreate that dildo.

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