36 Best Male Masturbators: The Only List of Stroker Toys You’ll Ever Need

    The world of men’s sex toys is an unusual one, especially if you’re more on the open-minded side. There are sex toys for men that stimulate the cock, the prostate, the nipples, the anus, and all sorts of other erogenous areas. However, if you’ve been looking through our best male sex toys guide and you’d rather steer clear of anything too strange, then you’re in the right place!

    Here we’re going to look at the best male masturbators on the market, allowing you to find an autostroker that gets you off in just the right way for your cock. We’ll be looking exclusively at the best penis toys on sale, including jack off machines, blowjob toys, male strokers, and hands-free masturbators too.

     So whether you want to fuck a faux orifice or have a masturbation machine do all the work for you, keep reading to find out the best male masturbators that you should be using to get you off!

    List of the Best Male Masturbators

    Autoblow AI

    500 hours of simulated BJs

    Autoblow 2 is a blowjob toy which allows you to sit back and relax, as the machine does all the work for you hands-free. This toy is designed to replicate the feeling of deepthroating, and even comes in 3 different sizes to make sure that your penis is happy no matter its size. The Autoblow seems to be marketed toward business execs and male CEOs – it all comes across a little bit “Mad Men” and dare I say sexist?

    The inventor of the product was even featured in Business Insider talking about his revolutionary new product. Still, despite my hangups, this is a solid toy which can be charged via the mains power (very handy, who has batteries lying around?) and cleanup takes all of 30 seconds.

    PROS: Good feel, easy to clean

    CONS: Limited shelflife

    Onyx 2

    Interactive VR Jerking Experience

    Going up to 140 strokes per minute, the Onyx 2’s powerful cock stroking engine and Fleshlight Superskin provide a jerk off experience like no other. Integrating with special videos of porn stars shot from a POV angle, the Onyx 2 strokes your cock in sync with the video, allowing you to actually feel like you’re fucking the on-screen model in real life. What’s more, if you’re in a couple, you can sync the Onyx 2 with other sex toys, no matter how far apart they are, allowing you both to have simultaneous masturbation experiences. This is great for people in long-distance relationships who want to keep the bedroom alive while they’re apart!.

    PROS: 1-hour battery life, virtual simulations

    CONS: Pricey

    Quickshot Vantage

    Great for solo play & couples

    Male stroker powerhouse Fleshlight created this male stroker with versatility in mind. Unlike their usual male sex toys, this device is quite short in length and has open orifices on each end, meaning that it can be fucked from either angle. While this makes it a quick and convenient male stroker, it also means that it can be combined with regular sex or a blowjob in order to intensify the sensations while still cumming freely on/in your partner.

    It’s cheap, it’s simple, and it’s easier to clean than regular Fleshlight, so it’s definitely a staple for your sex drawer!

    PROS: Quick and simple

    CONS: Requires effort!

    Zhang Xiao Yu

    Replica pussy from a Chinese nude model

    In case you’ve never heard of her, Zhang Xiao Yu is a nude model from China who gained notoriety in East Asia for her naked artistic photographs. Naturally, her naked body was also a turn-on for many men, so now we have a replica of her vagina for men to jack themselves off with. This fake pussy is taken directly from the lady herself, and the soft, sensitive feel of the materials really does make this male stroker worth the steep price tag.

    PROS: Very realistic, unique

    CONS: Not too durable

    Tenga Zero Flip

    Penis milking for the Gods

    This is the ultimate jack off machine for guys who’ve had a long day and just wanna get off without putting too much effort in! This high-tech male sex toy comes with 5 different vibration settings and a snug 0.5-inch-diameter orifice, as well as a powerful vacuum and transparent sleeve which allows you to watch yourself having all that fun! It feels more than realistic, causing you to experience intense orgasms and cumming thanks to its unique and powerful design.

    “A masterpiece - this milks your penis like it owes it money!”
    LoveHoney Customer

    PROS: automatic stroking, syncs with vr content, rechargeable

    CONS: bulky, not waterproof, only works with certain fleshlights

    Launch - Automatic Pocket Pussy

    One-time-use blowjob toy

    An unusual concept from Japan, this toy is a single-use blowjob toy which is said to replicate the feeling of being deep throated. Once you open the toy, the lube is already included inside, so all you need to do is pop the top off and get your rocks off! The manufacturers claim that the lifespan of the product can be expanded slightly if you use a thin condom with it, but the point of this product is to pump yourself with it once and then go. It’s a cool idea, and it does feel good, but it feels like a waste of money for me personally.

    PROS: Feel, good lube included

    CONS: Only temporary

    3 Male Masturbator Kit

    Realistic and affordable vagina kit

    This product is described as a “vagina kit”, which I personally find kind of amusing. I mean, what heterosexual man doesn’t want to own the “vagina kit”? This kit comes with 3 penis toys (i.e. fake pussies), a small bullet vibrator, a carry bag, and a special powder which is designed to keep the toys in good condition for a long time. The three vaginas are called “Abbie”, “Eva”, and “Chloe” – all have different textures and internal lumps and bumps for your cock’s head to enjoy as it pulsates with pleasure and explodes with cum.

    PROS: Sensations, great feel

    CONS: Vibrator isn’t that necessary


    Quick and easy male stroker

    The main selling point of this cheap male stroker is that it comes with disposable skins which can be thrown away after use, meaning that you don’t need to clean up your cum afterward – you just need to throw the skin away and replace it with another one. However, the downside to this is that the feel isn’t massively realistic and the disposable skins can be a bit unstable if you’re someone who masturbates quite ferociously. Furthermore, if you use this men’s sex toy regularly, replacing the sleeves can get pricey.

    PROS: Disposable skins – easy cleanup

    CONS: Not the most realistic feel

    Clone A Pussy

    Recreate your partner’s pussy!

    The idea of “Clone a Pussy” is horny and erotic – who wouldn’t want to be able to fornicate with their partner whenever they’re not around? Using the kit, a woman can create a fleshlight-esque male masturbator for her man which is molded on her own vulva with silicone. Although this is a great idea for a sexy present, the reality is that it can be very difficult to mold properly, especially if the woman is doing it herself, and the feel can leave a lot to be desired.

    PROS: Romantic and erotic idea

    CONS: Hard to get the mold right

    La Boca Della Verita

    Realistic “mouth” for fucking

    La Boca Della Verita, which means “The Mouth of Truth” (how poetic) is a Japanese sex toy which is designed to resemble the mouth of a woman, allowing you to slip your cock in there and pump away like there’s no tomorrow! Along with some appropriate lube, the design of this toy makes for a very intense and realistic deepthroating experience. The tongue and teeth are a nice touch, and the toy gets tighter as you hit the back of the throat, making it easy to cum in this naughty girl’s mouth.

    PROS: Realistic design includes tongue and teeth

    CONS: Teeth can catch you the wrong way

    Tenga Egg Variety Pack

    An unusual concept for male strokers

    Despite their innocent and cutesy appearance, each one of these harmless little eggs actually houses a unique penis stroker, making a total of 6 different strokers, all of which have different sensations and designs to explore. These eggs come with lube included, and the egg can simply be sealed and thrown away once you’re done, making cleanup relatively quick and painless. The only downside is that these eggs are single-use-only, greatly limiting their shelf life.

    Tenga is a Japanese sex toy company which has recently been developing an interesting niche of single-use male masturbators and men’s sex toys, making the cleanup process virtually non-existent for busy men on the go.

    PROS: Disposable, easy to clean up

    CONS: Single-use only

    Lovense Max

    High-tech auto masturbator delights

    Among a slew of smartphone-compatible sex toys for men and women, you’ll find Lovense products. The Lovense Max is the best male masturbator of their range by a country mile, allowing you to control the air pump pressure, vibration intensity, and much more, all from your phone. What a world we live in, eh?

    Lovense is a Hong Kong-based sex toy company which is renowned for its “smart” sex toys controlled by Bluetooth, smartphone apps, and similar technology. The company markets themselves largely on giving long-distance couples a way to enjoy mutual masturbation by controlling each other’s devices remotely.

    PROS: Suction pump for realistic feel, smartphone compatibility

    CONS: Expensive

    Stamina Training Unit

    The OG male masturbator toy

    If you’re into sex toys for men, you’d be hard pressed to find a man who hasn’t heard of Fleshlight’s products. The so-called “Stamina Training Unit” is the classic fake orifice design that so many of us have come to know and love today. Although you could use these male sex toys for “training your stamina” and practicing for real-life sex, I’m sure plenty of guys just use it when they want to stroke their cock with a real-feeling pussy instead of their hand.

    PROS: Classic design, strong reputation

    CONS: Can be awkward to clean

    Silicone Tru Stroke

    Simple real-feel stroker

    If you’re just looking for a quick and easy way to intensify your jerk off sessions, then you’ve come to the right place! The Silicone Tru Stroke is a USA-made cock stroker which is designed to enhance your masturbation sessions with its silicone ridges. The stroker is also very easy to clean and is described as “top rack dishwasher safe”, which strikes me as some kind of weird joke. Imagine finding your brother’s cock stroker above your lasagna dish in the dishwasher? You’d be put off béchamel sauce for life.

    PROS: Cheap and affordable

    CONS: Perhaps too simple

    Agent Getsmeoff

    Spy sex masturbation fantasies

    This sex toy, which I assume is meant to sound like the name of a female Russian spy, is a great little auto masturbator toy which features a realistic vaginal opening and a bunch of different speed and pattern settings to customize your experience with. You can even charge it easily via USB cable, which is really convenient if you hate having a drawer full of massive batteries.This 6-inch-long product has 3 speeds and 9 different patterns, so there’s never a dull moment with Agent Getsmeoff.

    PROS: Many patterns and variations

    CONS: Doesn’t use silicone

    Apollo no hands male masturbator

    Posable hands-free masturbator fun

    Do you like hands-free toys which you fuck? Do you like toys which vibrate? Do you like toys which you can pose around different parts of your house? Then you are in luck, as this Apollo masturbator gives you all of this in one convenient package! I mean, the beauty of this toy is that you can put it wherever you want, so if you tend to get horny in your morning shower, why not set it up in there and pump your cock through these intense nodules every morning? The possibilities are endless.

    PROS: Can be posed in many different positions, vibrates

    CONS: Noisy

    Fleshlight Turbo

    Well-reviewed blowjob toy

    This variation on the traditional STU design is said to make the toy feel more like a blowjob, and boy does it! This male masturbator is designed to have 3 points of initial insertion, resembling the lips, tongue, and throat of the person who is doing the sucking. As a result, if you like the idea of jacking yourself off while imaging that you’re getting head, then this toy is definitely for you.

    PROS: Intense and realistic feel

    CONS: Hard to clean

    Tenga Flex

    Unique “spinning” male stroker

    Tenga, who seem to be keen on creating male sex toys that don’t look like sex toys at all, have recently unveiled the Tenga Flex – a new toy which uses unique “spinning” suction technology to provide your cock with sensations you’ve never felt before. Although it’s maybe not the best male masturbator on this list, it certainly spices things up if you’re not used to these strong new sensations.

    PROS: New and intense penis sensations

    CONS: Weird aesthetics

    Double penetration stroker

    2 holes are better than 1

    I kind of have an issue with this stroker because its name doesn’t really make sense. “Double penetration” refers to the act of a woman (or man) being fucked by 2 different cocks at the same time, with reports that pornstars engaging in DP get paid a minimum of $1,500 for each DP scene. However, this is just a male stroker with 2 different holes to choose from, so I feel like I’ve been led astray by the marketing and branding here. The feel is great; I’m just a stickler for words, being a writer and all.

    PROS: 2 holes to choose from – oral or vaginal

    CONS: Gimmicky

    Tenga Polygon

    Is it a sex toy or is it art?

    Continuing Tenga’s theme of male masturbation toys that look like they belong in MoMA, the Tenga Polygon is a male stroker which features an array of nodules and sleeve designs, flipping inside out to make it easy to clean once you’re done. The design seems to be strong and durable, and I personally almost found that the sensations were too strong and I had to stop!

    PROS: Nice aesthetics, intense nodules, resuable

    CONS: Too stimulating for some people

    Vibrating Male Masturbator

    Cheap and decent vibrating stroker

    Clocking in at around $19.99, this is probably one of the cheapest and best male masturbators on the market, especially considering the fact that it vibrates too. However, you do get what you pay for in some sense, as the vibration settings are basic and the feel of the toy is a “meh” at best. Still, if you’re a broke college student or you’re just trying to save some dosh, this is a nice cheap male stroker.

    PROS: Affordable, weighty

    CONS: Vibrations could be stronger

    Warming Male Masturbator

    Unique warm auto stroker

    This penis toy warms up as you use it, making it easier to fantasize that your penis is inside the warm body of a man or woman. Although this is an interesting feature, the motors in the toy don’t quite stack up when compared to some of the other toys on this list. The makers of this product claim that using it regularly could help with erectile dysfunction, although I haven’t seen any evidence to back this up.

    “Erectile dysfunction (ED)is the inability to get and maintain an erection. Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition, particularly in older men. It is estimated that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 will have it to some degree.”
    National Health Service UK

    PROS: Warmth – feels like a human body

    CONS: Not very advanced in terms of stroking


    Ultimate hands-free jack off machine

    The Fleshlight Launch can be integrated with VR goggles are various other systems, allowing you to enhance your sexual experience and arousal while this masturbation machine does all the hard work for you! Controlling the length and frequency of your strokes, this machine can go up to 180 strokes per minute, which is much more fast and intense than any sexual partner could manage!

    PROS: Interactive VR features, up to 180 strokes per minute

    CONS: One-size-fits-all

    Stroker Sheath

    Don’t neglect the balls!

    This so-called “stroker sheath” looks a little bit unusual because it’s designed to harness both your cock and your balls. This has the convenient effect of keeping the toy on your penis more easily, but also stimulating your testicles a little, which we all know is a surefire road to orgasmic pleasure. The only downside is that it’s 5.5 inches in length, which could prove inadequate if you’re on the larger side.

    PROS: ISimple design, easy to clean

    CONS: Perhaps too small for some men

    Superior Penis Stroker

    syncs up with vr porn

    This is one of the best male masturbators I’ve come across (literally) due to its varied chambers and convenient design. You see, the top cap of this stroker comes off, making it easy to pour your baby batter away and clean it when you’re done. The nodules inside form several different “chambers” inside the tunnel, supplying your cock with a cornucopia of spine-tingling sensations before it inevitably cums like a fountain inside the barrel.

    PROS: Easy to clean, multiple “chambers” of different sensations

    CONS: One-size-fits-all

    Vibratex male stimulation sleeve

    Cheap and cheerful stroker

    This Vibratex stimulation sleeve is kind of ugly. There’s no nice way to say it… I find it a bit of a turn-off! It’s a very simple design offering some basic pleasure enhancement for a stroker, but it’s nothing life-changing. The manufacturers claim that this sleeve is “as real as it gets”… I politely disagree with their claim. Still, it’s a nice cheap male stroker.

    PROS: Low price, simple design

    CONS: Ugly-looking


    Basically a cheaper Fleshlight

    Blewit has picked up some traction on Amazon, probably due to its low-ish price, yet I can’t quite figure out why. It’s not the best male masturbator on the market, but it’s at least a cheaper knock-off of Fleshlight’s STU products. In my opinion, however, the rubber sleeve is a little weak and the company’s claims are a little too “out there”.

    PROS: Affordable

    CONS: Meh

    BASICS Neutral Beaded Male Stroker

    Basic everyday male stroker!

    This LoveHoney BASICS male stroker does exactly what you need it to do – simply lube your cock up, jam it through the middle, and get stroking! It features soft walls and beads for heightened sensations, although the stroker is a little fragile and short for my liking. Nonetheless, it’s a great introduction into men’s sex toys if you’re new here.

    PROS: Cheap and does the job

    CONS: Fragile, on the smaller side

    Tracey Cox Stamina Stroker

    Cheaper than a Fleshlight

    "Strokers intensify pleasure during solo sex sessions or foreplay but are also an effective training device to help you last longer."
    Tracey Cox

    This Tracey Cox male stroker sex toy is essentially a cheaper version of the Fleshlight STU devices, although I would say that this one is very good value for money, producing ball-tingling sensations which seem beyond such a cheap men’s sex toy. The 0.5-inch-diameter hole and ridged insides makes for tight and enjoyable penetration; I can’t deny that this simple toy left me feeling very satisfied more than once.

    PROS: Simple design, easy cleaning

    CONS: Can be a bit awkward to use at first

    Sofia Silicone male masturbator

    Sleek-looking male stroker

    I don’t know who the hell “Sofia” is, but she feels pretty decent. This male stroker is designed to resemble a woman’s lady parts, although the funky colors it comes in are totally unnatural-looking. However, some people don’t like sex toys which are trying to look real, so Sofia would be a great fake pussy for them to get down with.

    PROS: Funky designs and nice sensations

    CONS: One-size-fits-all

    EZ Grip

    Simple and cheap male stroker

    The EZ Grip, as the name implies, is designed to be easy and convenient to use, making it a mainstay in any self-respecting masturbator’s bedroom. The ridges create pleasant sensations as they rub past your cock, although I found that they can become a little too intense at times. For added convenience, the already-cheap toy comes complete with lube and toy cleaner, so that’s nice!

    PROS: Affordable, well-designed

    CONS: 5-inch length may be short for some

    Doc Johnson Mood Exciter Double-Sided Stroker

    Discreet double-ended stroker

    I know that they’ve run with the “this toy is double-ended” gimmick for this stroker, but I think that the design is actually its best selling point. You see, if you just glanced at it, you wouldn’t know it was a sex toy, unless you’re of course very into your sex toys already! As a result, it’s great for people living with family/friends who need toys which are subtle. What’s more, the squishy texture and two holes make for some really fun jerking sessions.

    PROS: Discreet, affordable

    CONS: Plastic-cy smell


    Cheap simulator of oral/vaginal sex

    The Satisfyer (sp?) is a penis pump sex toy which is designed to simulate a mixture of vaginal and oral sex, leading to some rather unusual sensations. The chamber is filled with a material called: “TPE Cyberskin”. TPE Cyberskin sure feels great and realistic, but the name made me feel like I was having sex with a Replicant from Bladerunner. Nonetheless, this is a half-decent toy for a relatively cheap price.

    PROS: Sleek design, pleasant sensations

    CONS: A bit bulky

    ToysHeart 17

    Realistic-feeling Japanese stroker

    The very Kawaii box of this sex toy implies that you’re going to be “having sex” with a 17-year-old naughty Japanese schoolgirl… now depending on the age of consent where you live, that could be a bit uncomfortable! Still, this toy is very soft and real-feeling, although some people find that the vulva becomes worn away over time.

    PROS: Great feel, very soft

    CONS: Not too durable

    Doll Stroker

    A real-ish woman’s torso with 2 holes

    This product comes with a vagina hole, anus hole, and breasts which you can use to “tit wank” yourself with. Put simply, it’s a really versatile realistic-feeling product which is really good value for money. The only thing I found strange is it’s relatively small size, as the size of the torso is closer to that of a child, which I personally find a bit off-putting. Maybe they should do another one that’s closer to adult size?

    PROS: Great bang for your buck (literally)

    CONS: Quite small

    Dirty Talk Realistic Ass Masturbator

    Audio and penile stimulation galore

    The toy contains a motion sensor inside which can ascertain the speed of your strokes, and the faster you pump in and out of the vagina, the more intense the toy’s moans become. It’s strange how something like this can affect you, but I did find that the verbal encouragement from the toy helped me to cross the finish line when I was starting to lose my stamina.

    This is not your average men’s sex toy – this toy moans as you fuck it!

    PROS: Soft feel, audio moaning

    CONS: Expensive for what it is

    Top 4 Picks

    We’ve looked at a lot of sex toys for him today, but which ones are the best if we’re ignoring money and looking purely at quality? Here are my top 4:

    • Tenga Zero Flip – amazing low-effort hands-free cock-milking pleasure!
    • Quickshot Vantage – double-ended stroker for both solo and couple fun
    • Onyx 2 – next-level high-tech masturbation and virtual reality pumping device
    • Zhang Xiao Yu – realistic recreation of one of China’s most famous vaginas

    Top 3 under $20

    I understand that many of us don’t have a spare $300 to be throwing at sex toy companies on a whim, so here I reveal my top 3 male sex toys which won’t see you remortgaging your house.

    • Fifi – great for jacking off without making a mess
    • Tenga eggs – these single-use strokers are a great (and cheap) introduction to men’s sex toys
    • Paloqueth Vibrating Male Masturbator – great vibrating stroker which should fit all men perfectly

    How to choose yours?

    When looking for a male masturbator for yourself, you need to think about 4 main things:

    Price – how much are you willing to spend?
    Experience – what kind of sensations/experience are you looking for?
    Maintenance – are you willing to regularly charge/clean your sex toy of choice?
    Sublety – do you need a quiet discreet device or can you use something bulkier and noisier?

    For example, if you’re a college kid who has a lot of spare time on their hands, you should probably go for a cheaper sex toy, but you might have the time to clean and charge the device when necessary.

    On the other hand, if you’re a businessman with little time to yourself, you may be able to splash out on a pricier jack off machine, but consider how durable the device is and how much maintenance it requires before purchase.

    Ultimately, buying a sex toy comes down to you, your budget, and your lifestyle preferences. Whatever you decide to do, don’t be afraid to experiment and explore the sensations that your body can naturally create!

    How to Clean Your Male Masturbator?

    Always check the instructions that come with your male masturbator, as every machine is different depending on its design.

     For example, some strokers have caps on the end which open, making it easier to pour out the baby batter and clean the device. Other jelly-like strokers can often turn inside out, again making it easier to clean all the nooks and crannies you come across (get it?).

    For most non-electrical toys, warm soapy water should be enough to clean a sex toy after use, washing any residue down the sink/bath/shower etc.

     For more complex toys, there are specially-formulated sex toy cleaning wipes and fluids, so be sure to use these if the manufacturer of the sex toy advises you to do so.

    Are Male Strokers Worth The Price?

    Of course, some male masturbators are ludicrously expensive, but some of them actually represent really good value for money.

    We could talk about the value of men’s sex toys for hours, but what it ultimately comes down to is this – is a male masturbator penis toy going to feel better than your calloused, grubby old hands?

    Probably, yes.

    What Kind of Lube Should You Use?

    All manufacturers have their own bespoke recommendations when it comes to lube, but I personally feel that the majority of sex toys work well with water-based lube. This is because most sex toys are made from silicone or similar materials, so silicone-based lube is rarely ideal. 

    I have also heard of people using more natural alternatives like coconut oil, which is not ideal for real sex but can be used for masturbation purposes! At the end of the day, use whatever lube is safe and comfortable for you.

    Don’t be afraid to try new things!

    There’s a strange stigma around men using sex toys, especially if they’re being used alone for solo pleasure and masturbation purposes.

     However, don’t let these attitudes deter you – male masturbation can be greatly intensified by using penis toys, and you shouldn’t be afraid to see what your body can do with a little external stimulation!

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