The Big Fleshlight Review

The Big Fleshlight Review – Comparing All the Different Fleshlight Toys and Sleeves

By: JC Ways

In case you didn’t know, a Fleshlight is a “flashlight sex toy” for men which is designed to somewhat resemble a flashlight when not in use. Unless your flashlights are absolutely massive, I don’t think that the disguise would fool anyone. It’s more of a fun pun name.

Still, they’re some of the best male masturbators you’ll find!These male strokers consist of an orifice (usually a vagina or butthole) which a gentleman can penetrate, followed by an internal Fleshlight sleeve which is textured to create different sensations as the man’s cock glides through the internal canal.

There are hundreds of different Fleshlights to choose from, including anal fleshlights and Pornstar Fleshlights modeled from pornstars’ real vaginas.

Also, just to debunk a common misconception – Fleshlight is the name of a company that creates men’s sex toys. These toys are often referred to as “Fleshlights” as well, but similar male strokers from other companies cannot legally be called “Fleshlights”. It’s a really good name, so it’s often used to refer to male masturbators in general, which is confusing.The company actually started back in 1998 when inventor Steven Shubin was granted a patent for the original Fleshlight design. Hilariously, the patent describes Fleshlights as “A device useful for collection of sperm from human males, preferably in a discreet, camouflaged manner.”

Be right back, I’m in the mood to collect some sperm in a discreet, camouflaged manner.

If you’re new to these men’s sex toys, it can be hard to choose the best design for you. In this review, I explain the basics of Fleshlight ownership and review 5 different toys in depth:

  1. The Fleshlight “Turbo Thrust” – a beautiful unique semi-transparent design with 3 points of insertion designed to simulate blowjobs
  2. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit “Pink Lady” – the traditional pink vagina design
  3. Fleshlight Girls “Stoya Destroya” – a pornstar Fleshlight modeled on the vagina of Stoya, a popular adult film actress
  4. Fleshlight Girls “Riley Reid Utopia” – another pornstar Fleshlight taken from a mold of pornstar Riley Reid’s vagina
  5. Fleshlight “Pink Butt” Anal Sleeve – the simple classic anal fleshlight design, complete with tight butthole entry

If you’re already familiar with using/cleaning fleshlights and you’re just looking for Fleshlight reviews, feel free to skip ahead a few chapters. If you’re totally new to fleshlights, keep reading!

I also made a lengthy Fleshlight video review on my youtube channel:

What are Fleshlights made from?

Fleshlight toys

Most Fleshlight sleeves are made from Superskin Material, a unique sex toy material which retains body heat, stretches easily, and is designed to mimic the feeling of human skin. It’s definitely the closest thing I’ve felt to human skin when it comes to sex toys, but in a blind experiment, you’d still know it was fake.Some more modern fleshlights, like the Fleshlight Quickshots and the 2 “Turbo” models included in this review, use a slightly different material which is a little more tacky and sticky-feeling. I can’t find out if this is a variation of the Superskin material or if it’s something different entirely – Fleshlight keeps their cards very close to their chest.

Most fleshlight toys allow you to remove the inner sleeve from the case for cleaning purposes. It also allows you to customize toys by swapping the sleeves around.

The cases that the toys come in are usually made from hard plastic. Sometimes the case is transparent, but most of the time it’s a solid color like black or white. The hard plastic cases unscrew at both ends, so it’s easier to disguise the toy when not in use and easy to clean your cum/lube out of the end after a wank.

Is Fleshlight shipping discreet?

Fleshlight shipping

Side note: This was my experience as a UK resident – other countries may differ. Generally speaking, reputable sex toy retailers always use low-key packaging.In my experience, Fleshlight shipping is pretty discreet. For the purposes of this review, I ordered a bunch of toys directly from the Fleshlight online store. When they arrived in a box from UPS, there was a small section on the shipping label that said “rubber sleeve”. That’s a tad concerning.

Now, “rubber sleeve” hardly screams “THERE’S A BUNCH OF SEX TOYS IN HERE!” but it’s also a little bit suspicious. You might find your parents/housemates asking what a “rubber sleeve” is if you’re not careful.

However, in the past I have ordered Amazon Fleshlights and always found the shipping and packaging to be 100% discreet when it comes from the Amazon fulfillment center. They usually just have your name/address on the label and don’t indicate what may be inside. Dedicated sex toy sites like LoveHoney are also great for discreet shipping.If you’re super worried about getting a Fleshlight delivered discreetly, you could always bite the bullet and buy one from a brick-and-mortar sex store. That way, you can sneak the toy into your house/bedroom without carrying a large unexplained box in there with you.

Choosing a Fleshlight

Fleshlight sex toys

Fleshlight has dozens (if not hundreds) of fake vagina varieties to choose from. There’s the bog-standard vagina STU (Stamina Training Unit) design that most people know, there are anal variations, mouth entry versions, fleshlights based on pornstars’ vaginas, small portable fleshlights, strokers that you hold in your hand like a glove… I could go on.To keep things simple, I’m going to assume that you’re going for the Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight style that we’re all familiar with. These are the large plastic case ones which vaguely resemble flashlights if you have glaucoma or live in a cave.

The Fleshlight Case

First things first, do you have a color preference for your case? Black might be good for blending into the background if you’re trying to be discreet, for example. You can also get clear Fleshlight toy cases which are 100% transparent – ideal for voyeuristic partners or if you just like to see your cock as you pump.

The Entry/Orifice

Now you need to decide what kind of orifice/entry style you want. The main categories for this are:

– Classic vagina – a fake vagina made from realistic Superskin material

– Classic anus – a unisex anal fleshlight entry which is tight like a real butthole

– Fleshlight Girls – orifices molded from the vaginas and buttholes of female pornstars

– Fleshjack Boys – “gay fleshlights” molded from the buttholes of gay pornstars

– Mouth – a fake mouth/lips designed for blowjob simulation

– Unique – many bestselling Fleshlight toys have non-specific entries that don’t resemble body parts at all

The Internal Texture

The internal texture of Fleshlight sleeves varies massively from model to model, and you can often customize the internal texture if you’re ordering directly from the Fleshlight store. Some sleeves have smooth, tight tunnels, some have lumps and bumps, some have ribbed edges, and some have combinations of all 3. Fleshlight are always experimenting with new and exciting internal textures to milk your cock!

The internal texture of the “Stoya Destroya” Pornstar Fleshlight toy has actually been rated as the “Best Inner Canal Texture” by users at

Fleshlight Accessories

They’re not essential for the cock-pumping experience, but some users like to order Fleshlight accessories such as the Fleshlight shower mount which features a suction cup designed to hold your Fleshlight in place in the shower, giving you something to fuck while you lather that shampoo. You can also get things like the Fleshlight warmer to bring the toys up to a more realistic body temperature safely.

Using a Fleshlight

Using a Fleshlight

I mean, I’m not teaching you to fly a rocket here. The basic idea is that you stick your dick in the thing and jack it ‘til you cum. Voila!


Most people use a fleshlight in their hand, jacking their cock with the toy similarly to how they would masturbate with their hand. Some people prefer to “mount” their Fleshlight in some way, either by using an accessory like the Fleshlight shower mount or by sticking the toy in between their mattress/bedframe or couch cushions when no one is around.This is where the idea of the Stamina Training Unit (STU) Fleshlight came from – you would prop it up somehow and use your body to fuck it like you would a real partner. Over time, you increase your stamina and endurance, making real-life sex better and longer-lasting. I think most people just lazily use their hands, to be honest, but the option to “train your stamina” is there nonetheless.

If you’re typing haphazardly, “STU” is very easy to mistype as “STI”. If I owned a sex toy company, I’d be wary of accidentally associating my brand with syphilis.

Best lube for Fleshlights

You should always use water-based lube with Fleshlights. This is because oil-based lubes can trigger bacteria growth and destroy the Superskin material, while silicone-based lubes are just pretty much a no-no for most sex toys because the silicone can deform the shape of the toy and lead to other problems.Fleshlight sell their own water-based lube which is unsurprisingly called “FleshLube”. To be fair, it is a very decent lubricant, but you can pretty much use any high-quality water-based lubricant and it’s probably gonna be cheaper.

Adjusting the air pressure

The screw-cap on the end of the Fleshlight case isn’t just for cleaning purposes – it allows you to adjust the airflow during play.

If you have it completely sealed, the toy will feel tighter and it will be a bit louder due to the “air pumping” sounds. If you have it half-sealed, the toy will be less tight and will be quieter. If you take the end cap off completely, the toy will be loose and quiet, but you run the risk of cum shooting out the end. Take your pick – I like half-sealed personally.


First off, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice) is absolutely beautiful. It’s without a doubt the sleekest and most visually appealing toy on this list. It’s designed as a “blowjob simulator”, though I think that’s a stretch.

The toy is housed in a transparent case, so you can see straight through, and the actual sleeve material is semi-transparent, so you can see your cock pumping in and out of the toy. This makes the Turbo Thrust one of the few full-sized clear Fleshlight toys where you can see your cock penetrating the sleeve.

There are 3 points of initial insertion with this toy – in other words, there are 3 “holes” that your cock glides through before reaching the main chamber of the internal sleeve. These are designed to represent the lips, tongue, and throat of someone giving you a blowjob.

Personally, I think that this “lips, tongue, throat” thing is a load of bollocks. Don’t get me wrong, this toy looks and feels good, but it doesn’t remind me of a blowjob in the slightest. I suppose that calling it a “blowjob simulator” gives Fleshlight a new and exciting way to market this toy, but in my opinion, it feels nothing like a real BJ.

How does it feel?

Fleshlight Turbo Thrus (Blue Ice)

In the main chamber, you’ll find thick lumps and bumps which gently massage your cock as your pump in and out of the toy. Despite the menacing-looking internal texture, this toy actually had quite a relaxing feel to it. It’s like my cock was being lovingly massaged by a horny masseuse.

The 3 points of insertion feel okay, I guess, but they’re nothing to write home about. Unless you’re doing really long strokes with this thing, you’ll only feel their benefit when you first enter the toy. They’re also kind of flimsy and get squashed out of shape easily, so they’re not easy to pump in and out of quickly.

My partner was a really big fan of this toy, and I must admit it was hot to watch his dick pumping up and down through the transparent case. It was a very unique voyeuristic experience!


The material they’ve used for this is that semi-sticky material that they used in the Quickshots. It’s fine, but I’m not a huge fan… the skin-like material is much nicer. If you prefer sex toys to feel artificial rather than life-like, you’ll love it.


  • Looks absolutely stunning, probably the prettiest Fleshlight I’ve seen
  • Transparent case and semi-transparent sleeve so you can see the fun
  • Sensual and relaxing sleeve texture


  • 3 points of initial insertion aren’t particularly exciting
  • Doesn’t really “simulate a blowjob” as they imply
  • Not discreet in appearance


The Fleshlight “Pink Lady” Stamina Training Unit is one of the most recognizable and classic fleshlights on this list. I got mine in a gold-colored case, but you usually see the “Pink Lady” paired with the classic black Fleshlight case.

I actually think that this is one of the least appealing orifices of all the Fleshlight toys, especially when compared to the Fleshlight Girls versions which show the vagina in a more realistic skin tone.

This toy is completely pink, including the “normal skin” surrounding the vagina, and it just looks a little off to me. The all-pink color and the long, thin labia design reminds me of a ham sandwich rather than an alluring vagina. Because this is part of the classic Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit series, I think they’ve tried to go for that slightly cartoonish aesthetic.

How does it feel?

The feel of the Superskin material on the Pink Lady is really nice and soft to the touch – it’s that delicate skin-like version of the material that Fleshlight should stick to instead of the weird tacky material on the Turbos and some other products.

Inside the sleeve, you’ll find a basic design of medium-sized bumps which continue throughout the length of the chamber. The best way I can describe the sensation of this internal sleeve on your cock is “fine but kind of boring”. I didn’t find it relaxing or massage-like, yet I didn’t find it intense or cock-milking either. It was just so-so.

Because this Pink Lady Fleshlight is part of the “Stamina Training Unit” series, where you’re supposed to fuck the toy as more of an endurance exercise, I wonder if the inner texture is meant to be boring so that you last longer without cumming? It’s possible.


A lot of pocket pussies and male strokers can look super creepy and dismembered, so I can see why Fleshlight try not to go TOO realistic with their fake vagina toys.

Compared to the other Fleshlights, the internal canal was actually quite loose-feeling, which probably contributed to this “so-so” sensation.


  • Classic Fleshlight Vagina design
  • Nice soft Superskin feel
  • Generic design that appeals to most men


  • Not the most erotic-looking design
  • Boring sensation compared to other products
  • Inner canal could be tighter


I kind of assumed that the pornstar Fleshlights would be crappy and gimmicky, but this thing blew me away. The lovely engorged pussy lips of the Stoya Destroya Pornstar Fleshlight are very inviting, and the subtle little signature at the side of the vagina is a nice touch. It’s made from that lovely soft Superskin material, and the level of detail in the molding of the labia is exquisite.

How does it feel?

Fleshlight Girls Stoya Destroya

This is definitely one of my favorite toys on this list. The inner sleeve canal features changing chambers of small bumps, large bumps, “fangs”, and ribbed walls, so you get a nice variety of sensations and you slide your dick don’t the length of Stoya’s pussy. As you’re entering the toy, it’s kinda nice to “tease” her pussy lips with your cock as you slowly slide into her. Very erotic.

Once you’re in, you’ll notice that this is a very tight Fleshlight, especially for a vagina-style entry. I recommended fucking this toy long and deep, as it’s the best way to fully appreciate all the inner textures and allow Stoya’s pussy lips to engulf the base of your cock. Something about the design of this toy is just very erotic! Definitely one of the most intense fleshlight sleeves.

I love that Stoya is known by this one-word name. She’s the Cher of porn.

Along with fellow adult actresses Sasha Grey and Joanna Angel, Stoya is dedicated to destigmatizing sex work and opening up conversations about mental health in the sex industry.


  • Tight and pleasurable sleeve
  • Attractive realistic vagina design
  • Soft, delicate Superskin material


  • Might not be “realistic enough” for some people


he first thing I noticed about the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight is how petite her vagina is compared to the Pink Lady and Stoya Destroya fleshlights. This isn’t necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, as the tightness of the vagina itself feels similar to the other Fleshlight Girls. Her pussy is kind of cute and innocent-looking, if that makes sense.

The nice little “Riley Reid” signature next to the vagina just adds to the cuteness of it all. Fleshlight have really found a nice balance between realism and cartoonish with these pornstar fleshlight toys. As you tease the soft pussy lips with the head of your penis, you feel flirty and cheeky rather than creepy and weird. It’s nice.

How does it feel?

Continuing my “diet coke” theme, Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight feels like a slightly less intense version of the Stoya Destroya sleeve. It has a fun combination of ribs, bumps, and patterns, so it’s best to fuck it deeply if you want to discover all of the possible sensations. It doesn’t come with the “fangs” that you get with Stoya, so that’s probably what makes it a bit less intense.

Overall, this is a really decent and relaxing Fleshlight Girls toy. The pussy is petite, the canal is pretty tight, and the sensation is more on the “massage” side than the “milk your cock to death” side. It could be a great first Fleshlight if you like the vagina-molding gimmick or if you’re a big fan of Riley’s films.



The Riley Reid Utopia is kind of like the Diet Coke of Stoya Destroya. It’s like Stoya Light. Stoya Zero. Stoya with Splenda.


  • Cute, petite pussy design
  • Visually appealing and soft to the touch
  • Nice gentle sleeve texture which sensually massages your penis


  • Internal sleeve could be more intense
  • Orifice is actually quite simple – not much sensation upon entry

Anal Fleshlight “Pink Butt” Review


Okay, I’ve saved the best ‘til last here. Stoya Destroya and Turbo Thrust put up a good fight, but this anal fleshlight is definitely my favorite Fleshlight on this list. First of all, it’s unisex, so it can work as a gay fleshlight or as a straight fleshlight – we all have the same-shaped buttholes. It’s also pink all over, but for some reason it doesn’t creep me out like the Pink Lady vagina orifice.

As someone who has a bit of a fingering fetish, I love getting this toy ready for play. Inserting a lubed-up finger into the tight butthole orifice is really erotic – it has a similar amount of resistance to a real butthole, so it gets me all hot and bothered in no time.

How does it feel?

Anal Fleshlight Pink Butt

It’s all about the tight anal orifice with this toy. There’s a reason that men are always mithering their partners for anal sex – the anus is naturally a lot tighter than the vagina. As someone who’s been lucky enough to engage in a lot of anal sex over the years, this Fleshlight feels very similar to the real thing.

As you pump in and out of someone’s bottom, their tight anus kind-of milks your cock up and down the entire shaft, creating a sex experience that focuses on the entire length of your dick rather than just the end. This toy replicates that full-cock stroking experience really, really well.

The internal texture of the canal is actually really simple. It’s called the “Original Texture” which basically just means that it’s a no-frills straightforward tight Superskin tunnel. That’s it. No lumps, no bumps, no fangs, no ribs. And you know what? That’s all that this toy needs. If anything, the simple Fleshlight sleeve makes it feel more realistic.

For a male stroker with such a tight butthole entry, adding lumps and bumps into the mix would become overkill. There’s only so much that one dick can handle.


  • Tight butthole orifice
  • Milks the whole shaft of your cock – doesn’t just concentrate on the head
  • Feels like real anal sex


  • Inner sleeve may be too simple for some people

Review Final Verdict – Which is my Favorite?

"Pink Butt" anal fleshlight

I kind of gave it away a moment ago, but my favorite Fleshlight on this list is definitely the “Stoya Destroya” fleshlight. This is how I would rank them:1. Stoya Destroya fleshlight – detailed vagina, tight sleeve, intense in a good way2. Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice) fleshlight – transparent fleshlight for voyeurism, relaxing sleeve3. Riley Reid Utopia fleshlight – petite pussy, massaging sleeve, non-intimidating 4. Classic “Pink Lady” Stamina Training Unit (STU) – a bit ugly, boring sensation, could be tighter5. “Pink Butt” anal fleshlight – tight anus, simple sleeve, feels like real anal sexOf course, this is just one humble bloke’s opinion and you may totally disagree. Everyone’s idea of sex and masturbation is different, so a feature that turns me off could be right up your alley.

How to clean a Fleshlight

Cleaning Fleshlight

Fleshlight cleaning is very specific – you can’t just scrub the thing with soap and water. The Superskin material is delicate, soft, easy to destroy, and prone to mold/bacteria growth if cleaned or dried incorrectly.

Fleshlight cleaning

1. After you’ve finished, head to the bathroom, unscrew the caps of the case and gently pull the jizz-filled Fleshlight sleeve out of the case.

2. Rinse the case and the screw-caps with warm water. Get both the inside and outside. You might want to dry them off with a towel.

3. Put the sleeve orifice under the faucet and rinse warm water through the sleeve for around 30 seconds. If it’s got a bumpy internal texture, use your clean fingers to wiggle around inside and help the water dislodge any trapped cum/lube.

The more complex the inner texture of your Fleshlight sleeve, the harder it will be to clean thoroughly due to nooks and crannies where lube/jizz can hide.

4. Turn the sleeve around and repeat this process, rinsing water through the sleeve in the opposite direction for around 30 seconds.5. Give the exterior of the sleeve a quick rinse and then pat dry with a clean towel. Give the sleeve a shake so that loose droplets of water fall out.

Fleshlight drying

The drying is almost more important than the cleaning. You need to make sure that your Fleshlight sleeve is thoroughly dry before putting it away in its case with a closed cap. If you put a Fleshlight away for storage when the sleeve is still damp, it’s prone to mold and mildew growth like anything that sits in damp conditions for too long.

I think I speak for us all when I say “that’s fucking nasty.”

Ideally, you should air-dry your sleeve in a well-ventilated room for 24 hours, allowing air to flow freely through the toy. This isn’t ideal for a lot of people’s living circumstances, but there are quick-fix solutions to help speed the process up. As InBedMagazine point out in their YouTube video, pointing a fan at the sleeve could cut the drying time in half, and using a warm hairdryer could also help to speed up the drying process.There are many online forums where people discuss drying times and how to dry your Fleshlight. You can also find online tutorials for homemade Fleshlight drying racks which can be stored discreetly in wardrobes throughout the day. Just make sure your mum isn’t doing the laundry that day.

Fleshlight renewing powder

If you want the Superskin material to stay soft and supple in the long term, you need to use “Fleshlight renewing powder” on the toy every now and then. Even the best Fleshlights need maintaining. Just remove the sleeve and apply it liberally all over the interior and exterior of the sleeve, patting it in and letting it settle in.Fleshlight renewing powder is actually 100% cornstarch, so you could save yourself some money by purchasing regular ol’ cornstarch instead. The Fleshlight version has the advantage of being in a handy little bottle – you’re paying for the convenience of storing it and applying it easily.

Where can I buy a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight boxes

There are multiple places to buy a cheap Fleshlight, but most people are looking to order online. Some of my top recommendations would be: – direct from the manufacturers, and you get build-your-own Fleshlight options

– – there are tons of detailed customer reviews on LoveHoney, complete with pros and cons for each toy

If you’re brave enough, you could always buy a Fleshlight from a local brick-and-mortar sex store in your town. If you’re buying at a store, you have the advantage of seeing the toy in person before buying it, as well as sneaking it home in your bag discreetly. The downside is that you’ll probably pay more (brick-and-mortar stores need to pay cashiers and keep the lights on) and there’s the inevitable embarrassment of walking into a sex store where people might see you. Believe me, most people won’t care and the staff are selling sex toys all day – they won’t look twice at you unless you’re drooling in anticipation.

Whether you prefer a basic cheap Fleshlight or a top-of-the-line Fleshlight Girls pussy, one thing’s for sure – Fleshlight continues to make some of the most pleasurable and innovative male masturbator toys on the market. Long live the fleshlight!

Written by

JC Ways

Born into a family of avant-garde artists, JC Ways rebelled against conventional paths from an early age. After obtaining a degree in Gender Studies and Creative Writing, they embarked on a journey to challenge societal norms through their writing. Embracing the intersection of sexuality and identity, JC found their calling at, where they can explore and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human pleasure. With a flair for eloquent prose and a keen eye for innovative products, JC elevates the discourse around sexual wellness, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in every article they pen.

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