Tenga Egg Review – My Opinion on the Japanese Sex Eggs

By: JC Ways

In case you didn’t know, Tenga is a Japanese sex toy company which focuses primarily on men’s sex toys.

They are known for creating male sex toys with a “new adult concept” which basically means that they don’t look like sex toys at all.

I’ve been to Japan recently, and you can walk around Department Stores like Don Quijote and see Tenga Eggs and similar sex toys from Tenga on display.

Most Tenga products look like pieces of sleek modern art, whether it’s their masturbation eggs, the Tenga Flip Zero or the 3D collection.

Tenga has famously been described as the “Apple of the sex toy industry”.

What is a Tenga Egg?

What is a Tenga Egg

Tenga Eggs are “masturbation eggs” which you use as a male stroker. It’s a bit like having a tiny little squishy fleshlight to stroke your cock with.

If you’re looking for different ways to masturbate for men, Tenga eggs can provide you with a lot of different cock-tingling sensations to explore.Each egg has a removable hard plastic capsule, a bit like the capsule you get inside a Kinder Surprise. Inside, you’ll find a sachet of lube, some instructions, and a squishy “inner egg” section.

The squishy inner egg is what you use to masturbate with – the inside will be textured with a unique pattern of lumps, bumps, ridges, and waves depending on the egg you’re using.

Tenga Eggs were featured on our list of the best male masturbators!

Tenga Eggs are designed as single-use toys, though some people wash them and use them 2-3 times before throwing them away.

How to use a Tenga Egg

 How to use a Tenga Egg

Using Tenga Eggs is actually really easy.

First, you should pop open the plastic case and pull the little plastic capsule from the center of the inner egg.

Remove the lube sachet from the little plastic capsule and squirt it into the inside of the inner egg, squishing and moving the lube around inside to get an even coating all over the inside of the egg.

The little lube sachet reminds me of the flavouring packets you get inside instant noodles. I think the combination of the shiny foil and the Japanese letters made me think of Ramen.

Now stick your cock inside the egg and get wanking! Despite their small size, the eggs are designed to stretch a long way, so you’ll have plenty of leeway to work with.

I think this is actually kind-of a bad thing though, as you end up stretching the inner lumps and bumps away from the sensitive glans of your penis.

To be honest, I don’t think that the egg shape is ideal for a male stroker – it makes more sense to have tunnel-shaped sex toys which don’t need to stretch as you fuck them.

Nonetheless, I understand that Tenga likes to make unusual toys which are discreetly shaped.

Try a 6-Pack of Tenga Eggs Here

Which Tenga Egg is best?

Tenga egg

For this Tenga Egg review, I ordered 2 packs – the Classic “Easy Beat” Tenga Egg 6-pack and the more recent Tenga Egg “Hard-Boiled” 6-pack which uses “harder gel” for a more intense sensation.

Both sets of masturbation eggs come in egg carton-style packaging, which is cute. All the eggs come with the same sachet of lube and instructions, so apart from the inside texture, they’re all the same general design.

Tenga is really good at creating male sex toys which seem sleek and fun rather than creepy and weird. Who doesn’t want an adorable carton of colorful egg sex toys?

Classic “Easy Beat” Tenga Egg 6-Pack Review

Easy Beat Tenga Egg 6-Pack

First of all, I think these “Easy Beat” eggs are the best Tenga eggs in general.

Although the gel they use for their internal lumps and bumps is softer and less defined, I actually think that it works in their favor. These easy beat eggs also seem to have more stretch and “give” to them, so the masturbation experience is more comfortable all around.

Here’s a look at the 6 Tenga Eggs you get in the Easy Beat pack

1. Stepper (Pink)

Stepper (Pink)

This egg features curved ridges facing in opposite directions. It’s a fairly intense sensation which is designed to be sort of “unexpected” and surprising for your penis.

It’s quite an intense feeling – my toes curled up a couple of times for sure.

2. Clicker (Green)

This is one of my favorite Tenga eggs. It features several small bumps which become concentrated into hexagonal clusters at certain points of the toy – a bit like a honeycomb pattern.

This egg feels very sensual and relaxing to the penis, and the sensations change if you move the clusters of bumps around. Very good.

3. Twister (Orange)

This Tenga Egg features spiraling ridges which I guess are supposed to resemble a “twister” in some way or another. Overall it’s a pretty boring sensation that didn’t do much for me.

4. Spider (Purple)

As a mild arachnophobe, the name “spider” worried me at first. It turns out the inside is a spiderweb-style pattern that actually feels really, really good.

The crisscrossed ridges of the spiderweb massaged my frenulum (the sensitive underside of the penis head) really sensually. ’90s Gwen Stefani would be proud.

5. Silky (Greyish)

Very meh. The texture is basically lines which cross over one another and vaguely resemble spun silk. It’s probably the crappest Tenga egg in this pack.

6. Wavy (Teal)

The “Wavy” Tenga egg boasts thick ridges in a wavy pattern, as you might imagine. It’s by far the most intense-feeling masturbation egg in this pack, but it’s almost a little bit too intense to be casually pleasurable.

Wavy (Teal)

I’m slightly colorblind, so apologies if any of the colors I quote for these eggs are wrong. Identifying the color-coding of Japanese sex eggs is not a task I commonly deal with.

Ranking the “Easy Beat” Tenga Eggs

I would rank these Classic “Easy Beat” Tenga Eggs as follows:1. Spider (Purple) – very pleasurable, especially on the underside of your glans2. Clicker (Green) – relaxing and varied sensation depending on the positioning3. Stepper (Pink) – intense and challenging but very pleasurable4. Wavy (Teal) – most intense pattern, almost a little too much5. Twister (Orange) – spiraling ridges are okay but don’t blow me away6. Silky (Greyish) – boring, does nothing for me

Check out the Tenga Egg 6-Pack for yourself.

Twister (Orange)

I think maybe they started out with 3 or 4 great designs and then just had to throw a couple crappy ones in to make it up to 6 eggs.

“Hard-Boiled” Tenga Egg 6-Pack Review

I think that these “hard-boiled” masturbation eggs are not for your average wanker – you probably want to be quite experienced in the best male sex toys before trying these out.

They use “harder gel” for their internal texture, so they are generally tougher and more intense-feeling than the classic easy beat Tenga eggs. Although the hard-boiled pack is my least favorite out of the two, there are still some really pleasurable Tenga eggs in here.

Here is a summary of the 6 “hard boiled” Tenga Eggs:

“Hard-Boiled” Tenga Egg

1. Thunder (Tealish)

Unsurprisingly, “Thunder” features thick ridges in the shape of lightning bolts that surround the entirety of the inner egg. It can be kinda pleasurable if you hold the egg in the right position, but it’s not massively impressive.

2. Surfer (Blue)

This is a really cool “wave” pattern that uses a combination of curved ridges with dots of various sizes – there’s a lot of variation in this Tenga egg. I moaned out loud as soon as I put my cock inside this egg, and none of the others made me groan like that!

3. Crater (Brown)

Boring, boring, boring. The texture has craters inside which resemble the face of the moon. That’s nice and all, but it’s terrible for wanking.

It doesn’t compare to the best pocket pussies, that’s for sure.

4. Cloudy (Purple)

Cloudy is a very intricate swirling pattern made with the hard gel. Strangely, it doesn’t really resemble clouds. Personally, this Tenga egg was too intense for me and I had to stop.

5. Misty (Dark Blue)

Misty is really different from all the other Tenga Eggs – it consists of many tiny pointed bumps all over the inside of the egg. Pretty pleasurable and very unique sensation.

6. Shiny (Orange)

 Shiny (Orange) Hard Boiled Tenga Egg

I actually really like this one – it had a unique sunburst-esque pattern with ridges and large protruding bumps. If you held it in the right way, it was easy to make your cock quiver with toe-curling pleasure.

It’s similar to the inner texture of many of the best Fleshlights.

Ranking the Hard-Boiled Tenga Eggs

Crater Hard Boiled

I would rank these “Hard Boiled” Tenga Eggs as follows:1. Surfer (Blue) – great variety of textures, made me moan instantly, lots of cum!2. Shiny (Orange) – a good variety of textures which milk your cock intensely3. Misty (Dark Blue) – one of the most unique male stroker textures I’ve ever felt4. Cloudy (Purple) – it was too intense for me, but I imagine some men would love it5. Thunder (Tealish) – could be half-decent if you hold it at the right angle6. Crater – boring, crap, gimmicky egg that should be avoided at all costs

Check out the Hard-boiled Tenga Egg 6 Pack for yourself!


Misty (Dark Blue)

Overall, the Classic Tenga Eggs 6-pack is what I would recommend if you’re after different ways to masturbate for men.

The “Spider” and “Clicker” Tenga Eggs are particularly great in my opinion, but every man’s penis likes different things. Who knows… maybe the “Crater” egg fills you with cock-milking euphoria! I doubt it, but still.If you want my advice, stick to the classic Tenga Eggs and enjoy beating your meat with these cool Japanese sex toys.

Have fun!

Written by

JC Ways

Born into a family of avant-garde artists, JC Ways rebelled against conventional paths from an early age. After obtaining a degree in Gender Studies and Creative Writing, they embarked on a journey to challenge societal norms through their writing. Embracing the intersection of sexuality and identity, JC found their calling at Sextoycollective.com, where they can explore and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human pleasure. With a flair for eloquent prose and a keen eye for innovative products, JC elevates the discourse around sexual wellness, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in every article they pen.

  • Curious buyer says:


    Just a message to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this review and it has given me the confidence to order myself a pack and see what I think so cheers for that.

    The fact you are Smashing down stigmas in regards to men and toys is fucking brilliant.

    • JC Ways says:

      Hey, really glad to hear that 🙂

      We all deserve to have fun and engaging sex lives, whether it’s with sex toys or a partner!

  • Dr.Eggman says:

    i love the tenga egg since i always wanted to fuck A Egg

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