Cobra Libre 2 Review

Cobra Libre 2 Review

By: JC Ways

I love Fun Factory. They have some of the best designs and manufacturing standards I’ve come across in men’s sex toys. All of their toys are made in Germany in their own facilities, so you know you’re paying for top-quality stuff. The Cobra Libre II is no exception – the build quality is sturdy and the design is top.

Almost 10 years ago, Fun Factory released the original Cobra Libre penis vibrator. This new and updated version boasts more powerful motors, improved controls, and a more ergonomic design. The USP of these toys is that they concentrate on the head (glans) of the penis – the vibrations specifically stimulate the frenulum, also known as the “F-spot”.

The frenulum is a bundle of nerve endings on the underside of the glans. It’s considered the most sensitive part of the penis.

In this Fun Factory Cobra Libre II (or Cobra Libre 2) review, I’m going to take a look at this electric penis massager in more detail, give you some pros and cons, and tell you about my “vibrator on penis” orgasm experience!

Pros and Cons

Cobra Libre 2 Review - Pros and Cons

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 is very, very good. But alas, no sex toy is perfect – here are my upsides and downsides for this vibrating men’s toy.


  • Medical-grade silicone and ABS plastic construction – body-safe materials
  • 100% waterproof – easy cleaning, can be used in the bath or shower
  • Magnetic USB charging – easy to charge and clean (2+ hour battery life)
  • Battery indicator – buttons on toy light up to give you approximate battery life remaining
  • Well designed – has space for catching cum (like a condom), comes in black and red
  • Made in Germany – reliable and efficient engineering
  • 11 vibration patterns – lots of choice with speed settings
  • 2 powerful motors – stronger than the original Cobra Libre toy
  • Simple controls – 3 buttons do everything (inc. travel lock function)
  • Accommodates penises of all sizes – 3.5 inches long and 2 inches in diameter
  • Suitable for men with foreskin or without
  • Fairly quiet vibrations and discreet design – it’s not an obvious-looking sex toy


  • Confusing pattern control system is not very intuitive
  • Silicone lip attracts dust (but easy to clean)
  • No carry case or pouch for travel/storage
  • Not designed to be fucked – takes some getting used to
  • Your glans can end up feeling numb
  • Expensive compared to other sex toys (but good quality)

Things to consider before buying the Cobra Libre II

Things to consider before buying the Cobra Libre II

This toy seems to divide opinion. You either love it or you hate it. Personally, I think it’s bloody brilliant, but here are some questions to ask yourself before spending all that money on this luxury German-made sex toy:

Are you circumcised?

If you’re not from the US, there’s a strong chance that your cock has a foreskin. As a guy who does have a foreskin, I tried using the Cobra Libre II both ways – foreskin pulled back and foreskin left in place. To be honest, both versions were pleasant, as the vibrations still stimulate the head of your cock through the skin.However, the no-foreskin version was definitely more intense and it definitely required water-based lubricant to stop it from being painful. One of the advantages of using the Cobra Libre II as an uncircumcised man is that you can probably forgo the lubricant and be just fine. There and pros and cons to each version.

Do you like to “fuck” your toys?

This is not a fuckable toy like a Fleshlight or a pocket pussy – you just stay still, hold it in place, and let the dick vibration massage commence. If you’ve used another penis vibrator or you’ve tied a bullet vibrator to your cock, then you’ll know what this intense F-spot stimulation feels like – it’s a very different kind of feeling.

I mean, you could try to fuck this toy, but it’d be very uncomfortable.

Are you willing to pay for quality?

This toy is made in Germany from 100% medical-grade siliconeand body-safe ABS plastic. It’s sturdy, well-made, and built to last with good materials. However, that means it’s also rather expensive. Retailing for around $130 USD, it’s not the cheapest male masturbator toy.

Will you be transporting it a lot?

Although this toy is fairly small compared to a full-size masturbator like the Lovense Max 2, it doesn’t come with a carry case or storage pouch, so transporting it safely isn’t super easy. However, it does come with a “travel lock” function to stop it from accidentally buzzing away in your luggage, and that’s a feature that I always appreciate.

Cobra Libre 2 Features and My Experience

Cobra Libre 2 Features and My Experience

So, let’s take a look at some of the main features and benefits of this toy!

Penis head stimulation

The Cobra Libre 2 is all about stimulating the head of your cock. That’s it. You are going to get very little shaft stimulation from this toy. The head of your cock is absolutely filled with sensitive nerve endings that bring pleasure – but it’s a very different feeling from penetrating a toy or masturbating with your hand.The toy has 2 strong motors that deliver powerful vibrations, and the flexible silicone lip of the toy gently hugs your cock head as it sits in place getting intensely stimulated. The vibrations naturally travel through the soft silicone entrance, providing 360-degree vibes around all of the cock head.

11 vibration settings

The Cobra Libre 2 has 11 strong vibration settings, including steady vibrations, pulses, and a “random” setting which combines the 2. Some of the pulse modes sort of swap between the 2 motors in the toy, creating a rolling vibration that moves through the length of the Cobra Libre II. These modes are VERY strong and VERY intense – I had to stop a couple of times!Sadly, Fun Factory loves to use confusing control buttons on their toys. Basically, you get the “Fun button”, a plus symbol, and a minus symbol. That’s fine, but you don’t just flick up/down the 11 vibration patterns – the instruction manual comes with a complex flowchart where the toy will jump forward/backward a few settings depending on what you press.

Fun Factory, I beg of you… just use a simple bloody control system like everyone else. I ain’t got time to be learning your flowchart.

My orgasm experience

Well, I can assure you that this toy made me cum hands-free multiple times, though it’s not in the old-fashioned sense. You see, an orgasm from glans stimulation is very unique – it’s not like a regular orgasm at all.I felt an extreme pleasure and sensitivity coming from the frenulum of my cock. The tip of my cock was radiating pure pleasure which spread to the rest of my body. It wasn’t on the scale of a prostate orgasm, but my whole body began to feel very vulnerable in an erotic way.As I neared climax, it almost became too much to bear. I had to stop a couple of times to give my cock a break from all this unnatural stimulation. When I was about to cum, my toes curled up and my cock began convulsing in the Cobra Libre chamber. I had to turn the toy off quickly after ejaculating because my poor willy was just way too sensitive.

Some other reviews I read felt that the sensations can become “numbing” rather than “stimulating” after a while. I definitely felt some of that numbness when using the toy for too long.

The only thing I dislike about this type of “vibrator on penis” orgasm is the fact that you don’t cum as much as usual. Personally, I really enjoy the feeling of a strong burst of jizz shooting out of me, but the lack of back-and-forth “fucking” motion tends to mean that you spooge less than usual. Maybe it’s different for you, but that’s my personal experience.

Cleaning and USB charging

This toy is 100% waterproof, so it’s SUPER EASY to clean. I love it when a sex toy manufacturer makes an electronic toy totally waterproof – it just makes life a lot easier. The chamber of the Cobra Libre 2 has a little reservoir at the end for catching your cum (similar to a condom), so you just pour it out, rinse, and wash with antibacterial soap afterward.This cock massager charges via USB, so it’s super easy to plug into your power bank, laptop, Xbox, or whatever. It uses magnets to charge, which is why it’s totally waterproof. The battery life seems to be around 2-3 hours, and the toy conveniently uses the lights on its 3 buttons to tell you how charged it is:– 1 button lit up = toy is 0% – 33% charged- 2 buttons lit up = toy is 33% – 66% charged- 3 buttons lit up = toy is 66% – 100% chargedIn true German fashion, it’s an efficient battery indication system.

Quiet and discreet design

Despite such powerful and intense vibrations, the Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 is actually pretty quiet – the low noise level of this thing impressed me. If you were using this in your bedroom at night while trying to avoid being heard in other rooms, you’d probably get away with it just fine. I did.This toy also has a fairly discreet design in the sense that you can’t tell it’s a men’s sex toy very easily. I mean, it doesn’t look like a fleshlight toy or a vagina, and it doesn’t look like something you pop up your bum. To be honest, it looks like one of those lightbikes from Tron Legacy. It comes in both black and red versions, so take your pick.

Other People’s Opinions

Other People’s Opinions

As always, I like to give you some positive and negative comments from other people who have used the sex toy I’m reviewing. After all, I’m just one guy!

“Can’t stop using it every day and cleaning is a breeze. Buy one. You won’t be disappointed. I can see why woman love their vibrators and I am the same with the Cobra. Don’t know why I never had one sooner.”White Pearls“Super easy to clean even for somewhat who cums a lot. If you are a guy whose cock is on the thick side and/or mushroom head (like mine), the opening can pinch a little. I wish the opening would expand more.”joe4nmd“Out of all the vibration patterns only a few work for me. If I just leave it on my head it feels great, but it will never get me to climax and I end up with a numb head.”Mr Handy“I could not believe the sensations on first using it, suffice to say it was all over pretty quickly. I actually like to use this standing up and in the shower. This way one can swivel the vibrator head around to find the best G-spot at the time and also to share the love across your organ!”The Toy Lover


Cum-clusion- Cobra Libre 2 Review

Before the Cobra Libre came along, we were stuck with samey male sex toys that were mostly fake vaginas. However, this unique penis massager allows guys to sit back and relax, letting all the pleasure come to them. By stimulating the sensitive frenulum (F-spot) of the glans, men can get an idea of what using a clit vibrator is like for a woman. Not only does this toy deliver unique orgasmic sensations, but it’s also relatively small and quiet, making it ideal for discreet masturbation sessions. However, if you’re looking for a sex toy that’s more versatile and a little bit cheaper, I’d recommend Fun Factory’s “Manta” vibrating cock stroker toy.I hope you enjoyed this review! If you’re interested in getting one visit this page on to see the current price.

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