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Top 30 Butt Plugs: The Best Butt Plugs and Anal Toys For Unisex Pleasure!

BY JC Ways

Butt Plugs are common anal sex toys which are great for anal pleasure, prostate stimulation, roleplay, and warming up your bum before anal sex.

However, with so many different types of butt plug out there - glass, metal, silicone, animal tail - how do you know which anal plug is best for you?

Here we give you a rundown of the 32 best butt plugs on the market and answer all your questions about these fun anal toys.

Let's get to it!

The Top 32 Anal Plugs

Black Jewelled Glass Butt Plug

This opulent bejeweled butt plug is a very sleek and sophisticated anal toy that can serve as a wonderful sexual stimulator for any gender. With 2.8 inches of insertable length, this glass plug is perfect for intermediate or beginner users.

Part of Crsytal Delights' "Colors Against Cancer" range of products, the manufacturer will also donate toward a cancer charity when you buy this, so that's nice.

PROS: Great for beginners or intermediate users, solid glass construction, opulent design, donation to cancer charity, one of the best butt plugs

CONS: The glass can be delicate, very stiff 

Best Budget Butt Plug - Hole Punch

With an insertable length of 3 inches, this bright orange silicone butt plug is perfect for anyone who wants to try butt plugs for the first time.

Clocking in at less than $20, this cheap sex toy is a great introduction to anal play, even if you're not a fan of the bright orange design.

PROS: cheap, great for those new to anal penetration, 100% silicone, non-porous body-safe material

CONS: Basic, bright orange color isn't everyone's thing

LGBTQ+ Pride Plugs

3.2 inches long and made from 100% waterproof silicone, these fabulous butt plugs are a great way for gay men to support LGBT pride while preparing their bottom for a wild ride.

As well as the pride flag, there are designs representing the lesbian flag, transgender flag, and bisexual flag. If you identify with another flag, you can even request custom colors. Neat!

PROS: 3.2 inches length, fun cause, inclusive of various LGBTQ+ people, silicone construction

CONS: Can only be used with water-based lube

Pineapple Delight - Best Glass Butt Plug

The Pineapple Delight Plug boasts a lovely Glacier Blue Swarovski crystal inside. This is a beautiful plug in the shape of pineapple (kind of), leading to some bumpy and interesting sensations inside your bottom.

This handmade plug almost looks like something that should be displayed on a purple cushion in the Tower of London. I wonder if the Queen has one?

PROS: intense shape, lovely construction, unisex, one of the best butt plugs

CONS: glass is a little delicate, could be cheaper

Best Metal Butt Plug (NJoy Pure Plug)

The NJoy Pure Plug Medium is one of those butt plugs that stays in no matter what. It is made of stainless steel so you can boil it in order to sanitize it, it has a ring flared base, and it is pretty good for beginners because it is not too large.

It’s also an incredibly sleek and sexy design; it has that sort of “manly” sex product look about it. It’s like something that a kinky CEO would keep in his drawer. Christian Grey probably has one. 

Make your own 50 shades fantasy! You know you want to.

PROS: easy to clean, sleek and sexy design, ring-pull for easy removal after play, best butt plugs for temperature play

CONS: very heavy, pricey, not ideal for all-day wear

Remote Control Vibrating Plug - Lovense Hush

The Lovense Hush is a vibrating butt plug which can be controlled remotely via your smartphone if you have a Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connection. It's one of the best butt plugs for long-distance couples.

With the app, you can give control to your partner from any location in the world, and the revolutionary spiral design on the neck is designed to keep lube trapped in your sphincter for hours. All-day wear galore!

Dimensions of Lovense Hush Toy

PROS: Remote control long-distance butt plug, 1.5 hours of use, 120 hours of standby time, USB charging, give someone control, vibrating plug

CONS: Hard to remove, pricey (but it is a remote-controlled vibrating butt plug, to be fair)

The Hole Bunch

The hole bunch is a set of anal toys in the shape of vegetables. I mean, who doesn’t want carrots and turnips up their ass? These silicone-based products are great for all-day wear, and they are admittedly a little bit cute to look at.

They’re on the pricey side, but you do get the whole set of 3 for the price, giving you multiple options for kinky and unique anal fun. It also has a pun name, and I have a guilty pleasure for those pun names.

PROS: cheap, not too heavy, silicone construction, great for fun roleplay

CONS: not compatible with silicone-based lube, a little silly

Fun Factory B Ball

Fun Factory B Ball is a unique plug that comes with a ball inside its insertable section which rattles around inside the plug as you move, stimulating your ass. This would be especially good for prostate stimulation with guys! 

The small 3-inch length even means you could wear it all day, getting exciting sensations from the ball rattling about as you drive your car, walk down the street, or send some mundane emails. Just be sensible!

PROS: rattling ball for pleasurable sensations when moving, sits nicely between the bum cheeks, solid high-quality construction

CONS: ball-rattling online works if you're having certain kinds of sex/masturbation

Crystal Delights Mini-Twist Plug

Who doesn’t want the Northern Lights shining bright up their ass? It’s a natural wonder! This is truly one of the best butt plugs if you like the finer things in life!

This Aurora Borealis Crystal Mini-Twist Plug is an interestingly-shaped fancy glass design. It comes in 2 sizes, so don’t worry if you’re new to ass play – you can always get this opulent plug in a smaller size.

PROS: opulent aurora borealis-inspired design, 2 sizes, unique shape

CONS: quite delicate, best for intermediate users

'Fluke' Dual-Purpose Silicone Butt Plug Dildo

This small silicone dildo/plug is a little bit expensive for a silicone toy, but with an insertable length of more than 5 inches, this is one fo the largest plugs on this list.

If you're interested in this unique hybrid-style product and you want to try bigger butt stuff, this is the perfect solution for you.

PROS: could be used as dildo or a plug, large length, great for more experienced users

CONS: rather pricey

Piky, the Pikachu Tail Butt Plug

In case you didn’t grow up in the ‘90s like me, Piky is based on the tail of Pikachu, the Pokémon character, although I imagine they can’t officially say that for legal reasons.

This tail butt plug is ideal for geeky couples into anime role play. Ever secretly fancied doing an Ash and Pikachu roleplay? Well, now you can! I don’t judge. Maybe Psyduck can pop along too. PSSSYYYYYY!!!!

PROS: nostalgia and sexiness aligned, 100% silicone, fun and quirky

CONS: only safe with water-based lubricants

Tristan 1 Silicone Butt Plug by Vixen

The Tristan 1 silicone butt plug by Vixen is a plug that can be easily worn all day long.Vixen are known for their high-quality silicone toys, and this is no exception.

Despite the unusual name, Tristan 1 is great as an anal training plug and it can be your sleep partner if you are the type of person who enjoys sleeping with butt plugs in.

PROS: perfect for beginners and all-day wear, sits perfectly between the buttcheeks, cool purple design

CONS: a little pricey

Octopus Butt Toy

You would think that they’d go with tentacles, but this Octopus toy is a butt plug with an octopus head as the insertable part of the plug. This could easily be the best starter butt plug.

It comes in two sizes, small and large (they’ve kept it nice and simple there). It's also light and made from 100% silcone, so it's nice and body-safe.

PROS: 2 sizes available, silicone design, cute and quirky

CONS: not exactly sexy, is it?

Bingo Rainbow Butt Plug Anal Beads Combo!

Bingo rainbow is an ingenious creation that is a bit like a cross between a butt plug and some anal beads which get progressively larger.

This hybrid shape is a great way to intensify orgasms, and the pastel rainbow colors are fabulous. This is a brilliant anal toy for beginners and advanced users alike.

PROS: unique shape intensifies orgasms, bead-style design, fabulous pastel rainbow color scheme, spice up your sex life

CONS: expensive, not suitable for beginners

Fragaria Silver-Plated Strawberry Plug

Fragaria is a luxurious product made for people with plenty of spare cash. This gorgeous butt plug is silver-plated brass shaped into a sleek and sexy strawberry.

The price is too high for most of us, but if you can afford this, it’s definitely a great kinky gift. Cream, anyone? It’s like a sexy Wimbledon up in here.

PROS: suitable for beginners, silver-plated brass, cute and unique design, best butt plugs for rich people!

CONS: very expensive, hard to clean

Magnetic White Bunny Tail Plug

Want to feel like a cute little horny sex bunny that’s ready to get fucked? This magnetic white bunny tale is an anal plug made of Pyrex glass with rabbit-style fur at the bottom.

The tail can easily be removed so if you don’t feel like wearing a bunny tail, you can just use it as a transparent plug instead. Come through versatility!

PROS: Detachable tail, great for foreplay OR vanilla sex, high-quality reinforced glass

CONS: pricey, glass isn't for everyone

Ass Cram Cone

As you can probably tell, the Ass Cram Cone is inspired by Neapolitan ice cream. While I get that the name is a pun, I personally find the idea of “cramming it in your ass” a bit unappealing!

Still, once it’s in, this butt plug will stay in firmly. We recommend it for people with some experience in anal play due to its wide-ish shape.

This plug has a brown tip, which maybe wasn't the best color choice for an anal toy.

PROS: fun unique shape, stays in place very easily when inserted, brown tip could camouflage mess?

CONS: pricey, not for beginners due to shape

Etna Anal Stimulator

The Etna Anal Stimulator is a luxurious butt plug with Mount Etna erupting as its flared base. Why you would want an Italian volcano inside your bum is beyond me, but cool.

Another stupidly expensive plug, this Italian-inspired plug is made of brass with 24ct gold plating, so it's not in the price range for most of us cretins.

Maybe Donatella owns one. It's very Versace-looking.

PROS: high-class sexy present, good for all experience levels, gold-plated brass construction

CONS: pricey, hard to clean

Coco de Mer Ceramic Plug

This ceramic butt plug looks a bit like it belongs in your grandma’s cupboard. People with any kind of ceramic sex toy experience can use it as long as they are careful with the material. You don't find ceramic butt plugs very often!

PROS: Pretty look, ceramic sexual toys are rare

CONS: doesn't strike me as the safest of materials?

The Batt Plug

I love this. I'm so here for all the Batman puns that this plug opens up. This fun Batman sex toy is made from body-safe silicone with an insertable length of 3.5 inches, so it's good for intermediate bum play.

"Robin, grab the BatLube!" Pow! Kazoom! Ker-sploosh!

PROS: great for comic book roleplay and geeky couples, silicone construction

CONS: maybe a bit large for beginners

Genderqueer Pride Flag Butt Plug

Based around the design of the Genderqueer Pride flag, this cute silicone butt plug could be great for genderqueer individuals who love butt play!

No matter your gender identity, you will always have an ass. And guess what? This plug will look great in it. At 3.75 inches long, you'll feel lovely and full.

PROS: Comfortable flared base, genderqueer pride design, 3.75 inches of insertable length, soft silicone

CONS: no silicone lubes allowed

Funkit Suction Cup Butt Plug

This Funkit product looks like it belongs in a contemporary art gallery more than a sex shop! This handmade silicone butt plug has a flared base for safe bum play and a really arty design.

The base is actually a suction cup, so you can easily attach this to a hard surface like a wall or hardwood floor for some unique and stimulating positions!

PROS: cool design, realtively cheap, suction cup base, silicone construction

CONS: only suitable for water-based lubes

"Buddy" Prostate/G-Spot Plug

Buddy silicone is a top butt plug that can be used for both female and male stimulation. You see, it’s shape is ideal for both prostate stimulation and G-spot stimulation, so it's perfect for anyone. 

With nearly 4 inches of length, just beware that it's on the larger side!

PROS: Advanced P-spot and G-spot stimulation for men and women, silicone, very affordable

CONS: looks a bit like something from Alien

The Mighty Moaning Anal Rangers

Continuing with our previous theme of ‘90s kids TV show nostalgia, allow me to introduce the Mighty Moaning Anal Rangers! This series of anal plugs comes in large and small sizes so they're good for everyone.

Did you always like the yellow ranger the best? No problem. Have the hots for the pink ranger? Oh boy! Pick your favorite color and get to it!

PROS: '90s nostalgia, intense orgasms, cheap, fun and colorful designs, different sizes/colors available

CONS: unusual shape, a little hard to clean

Minx Detachable Faux Pony Tail Plug

This is an interesting product with a detachable pink pony tail. It’s a very campy/girly kind of toy, so it’s great for those who are into unicorns and rainbows. I think I might be their target market here.

Although this plug is super fabulous, the tail can be difficult to clean if you get it dirty, so make sure you're careful during play.

PROS: great for pony or unicorn roleplay, stays in for a long time, fab design

CONS: material is a little "meh", can get tugged on if you're not careful


Grey Wolf Crystal Tail Plug

The Grey Wolf Faux Fur Tail Plug is another plug made of glass. It’s perhaps one of the more “macho” butt plug tails on this list, most closely resembling a wolf’s tail.

This plug can have a small, medium or a large bulb, which makes it really unique and versatile, allowing you to have a tail while using a butt plug size which suits you.

PROS: different sizes available, wear it for hours if you want, fun "masculine" wolf roleplay 

CONS: delicate material, expensive


Mini Root (i.e. Groot Butt Plug)

Mini root is a small and cute anal toy with an interesting surface somewhat reminiscent of “Groot” from Guardians of the Galaxy! Legally, we're going to call it "Root".

It is made of 100% body-safe silicone and it has 3.5 inches that can be inserted. You can wear it easily under clothes as much as you want to, allowing you to go about your day with a kinky little plug in your ass. No one will ever know!

PROS: intensifies orgasms, quite small, unique texture

CONS: hard to clean, not the sexiest design

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Price: $52
B Ball Uno
Price: $34
Price: $50
The Hole Bunch
Price: $127
Tristan 1
Price: $39
LGBT+ Plugs
Price: $40
Ass Cram Cone
Price: $76
Bingo Rainbow
Price: $45
Coco de Mer Butt Plug
Price: $160
Batt Plug
Price: $50
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What is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is a small anal sex toy that can be worn by any gender. As the name suggests, butt plugs are supposed to plug butt holes!

Most butt plugs have a tapered edge which gradiates out and then becomes a skinny neck. This helps the anus to "close" around the skinny neck, keeping the plug in place.

Butt plug safety

ALL anal-related toys, butt plugs included, should have a flared base that stops the plug from slipping inside your bottom by accident. ALWAYS use a ton of lube when playing anally!

Another thing that you should be aware of when buying a butt plug is the material. You need to make sure the material that the plug is made of will not break inside you and cause damage.

Many sexy toys (butt plugs included) are made from unsafe materials that are toxic to your body or let bacteria grow inside their porous surfaces.

The safest adult product materials are borosilicate glass, silicone, ABS plastic, and stainless steel. Avoid sexual products made from toxic materials like jelly rubber and soft plastic.

Why Do People Use Butt Plugs?

There are many reasons why people use butt plugs, but here are 5 of the most common:

  1. Increased sexual pleasure. Wearing a butt plug during sex (whether you’re a man or woman) can heighten the sensations of regular intercourse. Some plugs might also help to stimulate the prostate or G-spot.
  2. Double penetration. Those with vaginas may use butt plugs for “double penetration”, allowing them to experience both their vagina and their butt being filled at the same time.
  3. Discreet public play. Many anal plugs are small enough to be worn all day, so they're a fun thing to wear as you go about your daily life, keeping your dirty little secret to yourself.
  4. Preparing for anal sex. Many people use butt plugs to pre-stretch their anus before they're going to recieve anal sex, making the sex much more comfortable.
  5. It's hot! For some people (myself included) the idea of being plugged up is really hot, especially if you're wearing the plug out in public.

How to Use A Buttplug

You need a lot of lubricant for anal play, as the bottom doesn’t produce natural lubricant/fluid like the vagina or mouth.

Water-based lube is compatible with nearly all sex toys, so invest in plenty!

A little foreplay is ideal before any kind of anal play, so try teasing your hole with your lubed-up finger first. After inserting one finger, you can introduce an additional one to gently stretch out.

Relax and allow it to happen.

When you feel that your hole is relaxed and large enough, then you should try the plug SLOWLY. Insert the lubed-up plug slowly, stopping if it feels painful.

Removing a butt plug

Taking a butt plug out is difficult at the best of times. It's essential to make sure that you've used plenty of high-quality lube, as this will make removal much easier.

Relax, give yourself time, and begin to putt the plug out very slowly. Give your anus time to relax and open up around the shape.

DO NOT just yank it out! It could take you a good 5 minutes, but the product will come out if you relax enough.


It seems like there’s a butt plug out there for everyone, whether you’re into vanilla butt plugs, elegant glass pineapples, or unicorn tails. Personally, I'm super into the B Ball Uno!

What can I say? I love balls.

Whether you go for a medical-grade silicone plug or a toy made from stone... read the instructions, play safe, and use lots of the appropriate lube every time. Have fun!


I aim to smash down stigmas and introduce men and women to sex toys that change their lives.

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