NJoy Pfun Plug

NJoy Pfun Plug – A Unique Prostate Massager Butt Plug

NJoy Toys is well-known for making high-quality stainless steel sex toys like the Pure Wand, a prostate massager, and the Pure Plug, a butt plug. But what happens when you combine the 2? Well, you get the Njoy Pfun Plug!

Yep, this stainless steel buttplug is designed with prostate stimulation in mind, featuring a pronounced bulbous tip that nestles against the prostate nicely. Due to its metal construction, this anal toy is heavy and extremely solid – it provides very firm pressure on the prostate.

NJoy Toys famously uses 316 medical-grade stainless steel for all of its toys, producing high-quality sex toys for men and women since 2005. While the Pfun Plug isn’t as well-known as something like the Purewand, it’s an extremely unique butt plug in its own right.

Let’s dive in!

Pros and Cons

NJoy Pfun Plug - Pros and Cons

As a steel buttplug meets prostate massage toy, the Pfun Plug has a unique set of pros and cons.


  • 3.5 inches of insertable length and 3.6 inches of girth
  • Ergonomically designed with 2 bulbous sections for precise prostate stimulation
  • Tapered for easy insertion
  • Can be used solo or worn during sex
  • Ring handle for easy removal and anal travel prevention
  • 316 medical-grade stainless steel
  • Heavy weight – rigid and firm P-spot stimulation
  • Temperature play – heat it up or cool it down with water
  • Easy to clean and sanitize with boiling water
  • Smooth polished mirror finish
  • Compatible with any type of lube
  • Non-porous material doesn’t let bacteria inside
  • Comes in a pristine satin-lined storage box
  • Unisex but better for men due to prostate stimulation
  • ​One of the best butt plugs


  • Not ideal for all-day wear (heavy weight makes it hard to keep inside)
  • Ring pull could be a tad bigger
  • Doesn’t come in different butt plug sizes (Pure Plug has medium and small sizes)
  • Expensive

As is the case with most NJoy butt plugs, it’s hard to find things wrong with this toy! I did enjoy using it personally, though I feel like it’s a bit of a strange in-between toy that you can use for various different things. This plug has a ton of versatility, it’s just a matter of working out what’s best for you.

This thing is like the Netflix of sex toys. There are so many options, I’m not sure which to pick. Should I use it as a buttplug? Wear it during sex? Massage my prostate? I don’t know. It’ll start auto-playing trailers if I don’t hurry up.

Things to Consider With the Pfun Anal Plug

Things to Consider With the Pfun Anal Plug

Anal experience

First things first, do you have any experience with anal toys? If you don’t have any experience with anal plugs, I wouldn’t recommend starting with heavy stainless steel! Perhaps try a smaller or similar-size anal toy in silicone before moving onto this metal butt plug.

Prostate experience

In a similar vein, do you have any experience with prostate stimulation? Massaging the P-spot requires full relaxation of the muscles in your ass, which is easier said than done. This anal toy is designed to massage the prostate, so it’s helpful to know how to approach that. This is definietely one of the best butt plugs if you know how to use it.

Our prostate milking guide has more information on toys and relaxation techniques if you’re interested!

All Day Wear

If you like to wear butt plugs under your clothes as you go about your day, you’d struggle with this toy. First off, the ring pull is very large and stiff, so it would be awkward to sit. Second, this plug is VERY HEAVY – it’s basically a large chunk of metal.

Unless you’ve got arse muscles like Arnie, you aren’t gonna keep this in all day.


Just like the NJoy Pure Plug this product is not among the cheapest sex toys on the market. You have to look at these stainless steel sex toys as long-term investments because they’re incredibly high-quality, easy to clean, and provide intense orgasms. Basically, they’re worth the money you pay!

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits NJoy Pfun Plug

Insane orgasms

This toy nestles nicely against the prostate gland, so it can create extremely intense orgasms that other anal plugs have no hope of recreating. The sensations of pleasure radiate throughout the body, whether you’re wearing this about the house, using it during masturbation, or wearing it during sex.

Solo or couples play

Though this toy can be used for solo play, it’s also great for wearing during sex! It might flex your butt muscles more than you’re used to, but your regular penis orgasm will feel 10 times stronger with this bad boy doing its job. I found that missionary (with me on top) for the best position for keeping it inside, but feel free to experiment!

For the sake of clarity, I don’t actually know if it’s 10 times stronger. It certainly feels that way. Maybe I’ll commission a double-blind study.

316-grade stainless steel

The Pfun Plug is made from 316 medical-grade stainless steel in accordance with the NJoy philosophy to create safe, high-quality sex toys that will stand the test of time. The heavy weight and firmness of the metal also create a very unique filled-up sensation.

NJoy sex toys are really built to last. They’ll be here after the apocalypse with Cher and the cockroaches.

Ergonomic design

The 2 bulbous bumps on this toy are designed to help stabilize the buttplug and pop it into just the right place for pleasure. If you’re relaxed and in the right position, this plug will nudge your prostate easily. You really feel it as soon as it makes contact – there’s something about the firmness and the weight that help enhance those sensations of pleasure.  

Elegant Storage Box

I wouldn’t normally give a sex toy storage box its own section in a review, but the box this comes in it so bloody lovely I can’t help it! Nestled in a cushion draped with pink satin, this box is designed for presentation. Honestly, I wouldn’t be ashamed to have it on my mantelpiece. It’s like a jewelry box but for a buttplug. Brilliant.

Temperature play

Stainless steel sex toys are perfect for temperature play because steel retains temperature very well. For example, if you place the plug in a bowl of warm water or cool water for a few minutes, it will adapt to this temperature and stay that warm/cold for quite a long time before changing. The sensations of warm and cold inside your body can be VERY pleasurable.

I personally really like warming up this butt plug before use – it makes everything feel more comfortable and intense when it’s inside me.

Easy to clean

Basically all sex toy cleaning methods can be used for steel sex toys like this. Warm water and antibacterial soap are great for a standard clean, but if you want to thoroughly sanitize this and kill any pesky bacteria on the surface, try boiling it in a pan for around 10 minutes and then cooling it back down after. Boiling is a great way to kill the shit out of germs.


If you’ve looked through our lube guide, you’ll know that you can use ANY lube you want with stainless steel sex toys like this. If you’re planning on using this toy for all-day wear or long-term use, I’d recommend trying a silicone lube or oil-based lube, as it takes them a lot longer to dry up than water-based lubes.

Other Customer Reviews

Other Customer Reviews Pfun Plug

Here are quotes from some other customers’ Pfun Plug reviews from Reddit.

“At one point the toy was pressing a part of my prostate that felt like I was about to cum, but I never did. It didn't last massively long, but it was an amazing feeling. Because the device is heavy with a slight point to the top, it seems to be able to get to spots my Aneros simply cannot.”

“Staying relaxed and not trying to rush anything is key. Keep your body calm and let the waves of orgasm slowly roll over you. It takes time and it always starts off light.”

“This is no joke- my wife is now concerned that I did / will enjoy prostate orgasms more than PIV. I told her that each are different- I'm not sure if she really believed me or not. I do want to try this again, and this time keep going even longer!”


Cum-clusion NJoy Pfun Plug

Well I hope you enjoyed this review of the NJoy Pfun Plug! Whether you’re using it as a P-spot massager, a buttplug, or wearing it during sex, this unique anal plug is really filled with possibilities to make your knees go weak and deliver some insane toe-curling orgasms!

About The Author ~ J.C. Way

I’ve never been afraid to stick things up my butt or pop my cock into something – why wouldn’t you want to make your sex life better? I aim to smash down stigmas and introduce men and women to sex toys that change their lives.

  • Avatar Miles says:

    Hello J.C.,

    Thank you for your reviews. They are very helpful. Today I spent 6 hours trying the aneros helix, mgx, and progasm. It was my first real exploration of my back channel.

    I know what it feels like to have my prostate checked by my dr and was expecting a slight version of that sensation upon insertion of the massagers. I was looking forward to working towards rhythmic sphincter/pc muscle contractions to go for the super-o that everyone writes about, but without any feeling of prostate stimulation, it feels like a waste of time to go at this as none of the massagers produced any feeling that I could sense related to my prostate. I even tried manually moving the massagers (I know, big no no) and still nothing. So I am looking for alternatives that are shape differently and this Pfun seems like a good option.

    So I have some questions: 1. Do you feel prostate pressure as soon as you put in an aneros? 2. Do you feel more or less prostate stimulation upon insertion with the pfun? 3. If you don’t feel prostate stimulation upon first insertion, does it change as you start contracting? 4. Are the njoy plugs and pfun potentially as good as the aneros for hands free orgasms – or is there some special sauce in the aneros that makes it possible and the njoys just aren’t set up for that? 5. Would the njoy pure plugs be another avenue to explore for hands free orgasm, or are they solely plugs and not prostate massagers?6. Is the prostate sensation that an experienced anal explorer gets completely different than a more subtle version of the sensation you get from a doctors prostate check?

    Thank you very much for any advice!

    • Avatar JC Ways says:

      1. If I’m in the right mood, then yes. If I’m not that horny and I’m just trying to force it, then no. 2. The Pfun is made from stainless steel, so it’s harder on the prostate. However, if you’re going to go for stainless steel, I’d recommend the NJoy Pure Wand instead. 3. If you don’t feel prostate stimulation, chances are that your muscles are tense, the toy isn’t the right size/shape, or you’re not horny enough. Mood and relaxation play such as huge part in all of this. 4. Again, I would more heavily recommend the NJoy Pure Wand. I’ve personally had some insane orgasms with the Pure Wand whereas my Pfun orgasms were fine but a little bit average. The heaviness and toughness of the stain steel in the Pure Wand might be what you need if Aneros toys aren’t doing the trick. 5. I think most NJoy plugs are more just designed to be butt plugs rather than prostate specific. 6. I’ve only had a prostate check once, and I can’t say I thought it was pleasurable personally. However, the orgasms you can experience from good prostate play (whether with Aneros or NJoy) is on another level. If you truly let go, you will moan uncontrollably, smile, and writhe around on the bed in pleasure. It’s all about submitting and letting go. I’m 1000% confident in saying that it would be bettert than a quick prostate exam!

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