9 Best Prostate Massagers & Prostate Toys for Anal Orgasms

By: JC Ways

A prostate orgasm is quite literally the most amazing thing you will ever feel in your life.

Whether you’re using prostate massagers in combination with penis masturbation or you’re going for the famous Aneros hands free prostate orgasm known as the “Super O” (super orgasm), these little butt toys really can change a man’s life.

They changed mine!

In case the world’s best orgasms weren’t enough, it turns out that men who practice regular prostate stimulation are reported to have healthier prostates and can even learn to have multiple orgasms in a row.

I’ve personally experienced the multiple orgasms on a couple of occasions now… there is no going back.

In this post, we’re gonna look at some of our favorite brands, as well as some do’s and dont’s for prostate play beginners.

But first, my countdown of the 9 best prostate massagers.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

Literally the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Period.

The Aneros Helix Syn Trident was the first prostate stimulator that gave me a full-body minutes-long orgasm. It lasted for several minutes, I felt absolute pure pleasure all over my body, and I’m yet to experience a better physical feeling in my life.

I believe that this was the Aneros “Super O” or “Super Orgasm” that so many Aneros users talk about.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert to anal play, the Aneros Helix Syn Trident really does cater to all. This prostate toy is fairly small and flexible compared to other prostate massagers, helping your bottom to relax and settle into the pleasurable sensations.

As with most Aneros models, the Helix Syn is a non-powered toy; you use a mixture of pelvic floor exercises and relaxation techniques in order to use it. Believe me when I say that non-vibrating prostate massagers lead to SIGNIFICANTLY better orgasms than vibrators.

Our Aneros Guide should help you if you’re new.


  • Medical-grade silicone coating, amazing full-body orgasms, great for beginners and experts, small and flexible


  • Attracts dust, hard to clean, clings onto nasty smells

Lelo Hugo

Lelo’s best vibrating prostate toy!

The Lelo Hugo is a really cool vibrating prostate massager which uses a wireless remote control to let you flick through the 6 pre-programmed vibration patterns. However, it also has another trick up its sleeve – 2 “SenseMotion” settings.

Lelo Hugo Cum Clusion

These SenseMotion settings use sensors in the wireless remote control to send signals to the toy, telling it to vibrate on command.

The first mode changes the vibration of the toy based on how far you tilt the remote (flat = 10% vibes, upright = 100% vibes), while the second mode makes the Lelo Hugo vibrate when you shake the remote with your hand.

It’s a cool feature, though it’s easy for your hand to get tired with the second setting!


  • wireless remote control, unique “SenseMotion” modes, great medium-sized toy, only 3.4 inches of insertable length


  • SenseMotion modes can get tiring, control requires AAA batteries (is this the ’90s?)

Edge by Lovense

Totally adjustable vibrating prostate massager!

The Lovense Edge is designed to be totally adjustable so it hits the spot every time. The box literally says “IT WILL HIT YOUR SPOT!” in huge, obnoxious letters.

Most prostate massagers are one-size-fits-all, so it’s nice that Lovense created a prostate vibrator where you can change the angle according to your body shape.

As with many Lovense products, the Edge is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible sex toy that connects to your smartphone or device via the Lovense app. Once you’re connected, you can use your finger to “draw” vibration patterns and program in your own patterns as you desire.

You can also choose from a database of over 5,000 vibration patterns created by other Lovense users. Why not have your P-spot pleasure controlled by the vibe pattern of a total stranger?

Very erotic.


  • Remote controlled vibrations, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, works for long distance couples, totally adjustable


  • Buttons are hard to press, Bluetooth connection can drop, hard to get in

Njoy Pure Wand

The Holy Grail of sex toys

This Njoy toy can actually be used by both sexes – it’s ideal for hitting a woman’s G spot, as well as the male G spot (prostate) too.

It’s rare to find a unisex adult toy with such a strong reputation as the Njoy Pure Wand, but here we are!

This high-quality stainless steel wand is non-porous and easy to clean, so it’s easy to keep those bacteria at bay with regular cleaning.

The Njoy Pure Wand has two bulbous ends, one smaller than the other, so you can insert either side depending on how much you wanna get your rocks off!

To stimulate your prostate, just rock the wand back and forth until you feel the waves of pleasure wash over you. It takes some practice to get the angle right, but you’ll get there eventually.


  • Unisex sex toy, stainless steel, easy to clean, 2 different-sized ends


  • Heavy (1.5 lbs), takes some getting used to, stainless steel isn’t for everyone

Lelo Bruno

Taking prostate massagers back to basics.

The Lelo Bruno is one of the best prostate toys for guys who just want simple vibrating stimulation. The ergonomic shape and dual vibrators in the prostate and perinuem arms make for some very intense P-spot pleasure, although the settings are somewhat limited.

The Lelo Bruno is fully rechargeable and completely waterproof, complete with a non-toxic silicone coating that feels nice and elegant as it slides into you. It’s also pretty quiet and stays in place nicely during sex, so there’s a whole new world of anal play sensations you can explore.


  • Dual vibrations, easy to use, waterproof, fairly quiet


  • No remote control, limited settings

Lelo Loki

The world’s strongest prostate vibrator!

According to Lelo and a couple of other sources, the Lelo Loki is the world’s strongest vibrating prostate massager. If you’re a fan of having your P-spot shaken to death by ultra-strong motors, then the Loki is perfect for you. Personally, I prefer the more subtle route!


Nonetheless, the Lelo Loki comes with 6 brilliant pre-programmed vibration settings, a very simple 4-button control system, and a whopping 4.5 inches of insertable length.

It’s a pretty large anal toy, so keeping it inside your bottom is tricky, but it is packing an extremely powerful vibration motor, so I’ll let them off.


  • World’s strongest prostate vibrator, 6 great vibration patterns, completely waterproof down to 1 meter


  • Stronger vibrations doesn’t automatically mean stronger orgasms, hard to keep inside

NjoyPfun Plug

A fun little buttplug for prostate play.

Looking like a naughty toy from the Starship Enterprise, the NjoyPfun Plug is a compact butt plug designed for prostate stimulation.

As a butt plug, you’re supposed to keep it in for hours at a time, but most guys find that the handle is not super practical for keeping inside you. It’s probably best for short-term use.

Like many Njoy toys, it’s made from stainless steel, so it will warm up to your body’s internal temperature, or you can heat/cool it for more intense temperature play. It’s also easy to sterilize after each use and it’s suitable for use with basically any kind of lube.


  • Stainless steel, easy to sterilize, very sturdy


  • Hard to keep in place for too long, unlikely to lead to orgasms

Lelo Loki Wave

Vibrating prostate toy with “come hither” motion

The thing that makes the Lelo Loki Wave so unique is the “come hither” or “wave” motion that it makes. It looks like it’s gently stroking your prostate, beckoning it to “come hither” while you edge closer and closer to climax.

It’s a really unique prostate play experience for sure, especially when combined with the multiple vibration modes.

Cleaning and Maintenance


  • Unique “come hither” motion, multiple vibration modes too, 90-120 minute battery life, USB rechargable


  • Quite large and hard to keep inside, perineum arm could be longer

Aneros Progasm Ice

Looks like glass, but it’s actually just fancy plastic.

The Aneros Progasm Ice looks like it’s made from glass, but it’s actually made from a special non-porous medical-grade plastic. Each toy has an air bubble inside, giving it a unique sleek aesthetic.

Like most Aneros models, the Progasm Ice is a non-motorized toy that you use your sphincter and pelvic floor muscles to control.With an insertable length of 4 inches, it’s the largest Aneros model currently on offer.

It’s also one of the stiffest, so it’s best for intermediate and advanced Aneros users. You might have noticed the 2 arms – these are designed to stimulate your perineum and your spine. In my experience, the spine one (“Kundalini tab”) does nothing though.



  • Sleek aesthetic, 4 inches of insertable length, possibility of reaching the famous Aneros Super O


  • Stiff plastic, arms can dig into you uncomfortably, too big for beginners
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Aneros Helix Syn
Type: Training Yourself For Prostate Orgasms
Vibrating Prostate Massager
Type: A Quality Vibrating Massager On A Budget
Njoy Pure Wand
Type: Intense Prostate Stimulation
Edge by Lovense
Type: A High-tech Prostate Massage
Nexus Revo 2
Type: Experience Prostate Players Only
Lelo Bruno
Type: An Intense Massage With Simple Options
Aneros Ice
Type: Hands-free Play
Pinpoint Prostate Massager
Type: An Intense Rolling Motion
Mood Naughty
Type: A Quality Butt Plug At A Cheap Price
NjoyPfun Plug
Type: Temperature Play
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Top 4 Vibrating Prostate Massagers

If you want to experience anal pleasure without the training and practice required for Aneros-style massagers, then vibrating prostate toys are perfect for you.

You’re unlikely to experience a full-blown prostate orgasm, but they sure make sex and masturbation feel good!

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Edge by Lovense has up to 5,000 patterns and can even sync to music. It’s also totally adjustable and can be connected to your smartphone via the Lovense app.
  • The Aneros Vice 2 is a new 2019 vibrating prostate massager from Aneros. It comes with a wireless remote control and 4.25 inches of length. Check out our review!
  • The Lelo Bruno has two vibrators, one for the prostate and one for the perineum. It’s a simple yet effective dual stimulation design.

Best Hands-Free Prostate Toys

Prostate toys are great for improving control of your pelvic floor muscles through “Kegel exercises”.

If you’re looking for intense multiple male orgasms, it’s best to start training these muscles in your body with toys like these:

  • The Aneros Helix Syn will stimulate the inside and outside of your body. It’s one of the easiest Aneros toys to use
  • The Lelo Bruno is a hands-free toy with two built-in vibrators, though you could also use it manually
  •  The Aneros Progasm Ice is a large plastic prostate massager designed for people who want a feeling of fullness in their bottom

Okay, so what is a prostate orgasm?

Guys, whether you’re straight, gay, or whatever, you NEED to experience an orgasm from your prostate.

If you practice and train your body correctly, you can learn to have a full-body orgasm that lasts for several minutes. Sometimes you don’t even get hard or ejaculate in the process – it’s a whole new sexual experience entirely.

This means that it’s also possible for guys with ED or subs in chastity.

An orgasm from prostate massage starts with a series of sensations building up in the pelvic area, including contractions of the sphincter. You’ll feel increasing tension and warmth in your lower body, leading to trembling expanding out from your pelvic area.

Sometimes, your legs and body will shake around, and the peak of the orgasm is a feeling of release in the pelvic muscles that can spread out through your whole body. Some guys get an erection, and some don’t, but either way, your penis isn’t the focus.

Try to not focus on your cock too much throughout the process.

It can be hard to imagine if you’ve never had one before, especially if you think of “orgasm” being equivalent to “ejaculation.” But with a little practice and mindfulness, you can be having full-body orgasms too.

Our prostate milking guide goes into more detail.

How to use a prostate massager correctly

Need tips of how to use the best prostate massagers? Here’s a rundown!

1. Cleaning and preparing

Some guys like to wait until shortly after they’ve had a bowel movement to use a prostate toy, so they know that their rectum is empty. If you’ve just had a “solid” bowel movement and you feel empty, you should be good to go.

Maybe put a towel down still. Butts can be unpredictable.

If you want to really make sure that your bottom is clean, you could try anal douching to really get your bottom spotless.

Remember that most P-spot toys are actually quite small, so we don’t need to be cleaning our arses out SUPER deeply.

2. Prostate Massage Techniques

A big part of prostate massage is finding the right position. Since everyone’s body lines up a little differently, you’ll have to see what position works best for you. For many guys, it’s lying on their back with their knees bent and legs lifted up.

I personally use pillows to support my knees in that position. Many guys also like lying on their side with their legs bent up slightly toward their chest.

Once you’re in position, let yourself relax and try to loosen up your rectum. Don’t try to insert a toy in all the way at once. Start by putting some lube on your finger and pushing one or two fingers in at a time.

Make sure you can locate your prostate, which should be about an inch or two into your rectum, toward your penis.

It might feel weird at first, but eventually your body will get used to the new sensations. As your rectum loosens up, you’ll be able to insert the tip of your prostate massager in place of your finger.

Just relax and allow the toy to slide into place – they’re designed to “know” where they’re going.

Now, you can focus on the prostate massage. If you have a vibrating massager, try it on a low setting and slowly increase it. Be sure to stay relaxed and fight the urge to clench up with tension.

If your toy is manual (i.e. it’s not a vibrator), try to gently contract your kegel muscles until you feel a pleasurable sensation. Once the sensation is washing over you, gently contract your sphincter muscles to “pulse” the toy against your P-spot.

It may take a few tries until you manage to have an orgasm from your prostate, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away!

Practicing mindfulness meditation and relaxation techniques can also be really helpful, as prostate orgasms require a lot of concentration on subtle movements within the body.

3. Getting over the fear of “butt stuff”

“Butt stuff” is often associated with gay men and anal sex, so a lot of guys (including some gay guys!) are hesitant to try it for fear of being “weak” or “feminine” or whatever other bullshit we’ve been programmed to believe.

You need to get over this fear if you want to experience the best orgasms of your life.

It’s not uncommon for straight men to get pegged or fingered by their female partners these days – it’s a fun new way to play a more submissive role in the bedroom. Whether you like it or not, the male G spot happens to be located inside your bottom, so you’re never going to maximize your sexual pleasure if you don’t try it.

If you’re worried about getting dirty, you’ll find that that’s rarely an issue.

As long as you’re clearing out your bowels regularly, then a quick shower and an optional douche will be enough to make sure that you’re clean down there. Put a towel down just in case, and make sure you didn’t eat a vindaloo or anything too spicy beforehand!

Finding Your P-Spot

Some guys think of the prostate as the “p-spot,” or the equivalent of the female g-spot.

Just like the female orgasm, the P-spot orgasm can be elusive and hard to describe. Finding your P-spot is not always easy, but you’ll just kind of “know” when you’re massaging it because you’ll feel pleasurable sensations washing over your body and down to your legs and toes.

If you feel little pleasure, you’re probably in the wrong place!

Wrapping Up

So which P-spot product did you think was the best?  Did you agree with my top picks of the best prostate massagers?  Please leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Written by

JC Ways

Born into a family of avant-garde artists, JC Ways rebelled against conventional paths from an early age. After obtaining a degree in Gender Studies and Creative Writing, they embarked on a journey to challenge societal norms through their writing. Embracing the intersection of sexuality and identity, JC found their calling at Sextoycollective.com, where they can explore and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human pleasure. With a flair for eloquent prose and a keen eye for innovative products, JC elevates the discourse around sexual wellness, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in every article they pen.

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