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Zumio S Review

Zumio S Review

When I was first introduced to the Zumio toys, I thought they were the most unique ‘electric toothbrush looking’ device I’d ever laid eyes on. Upon further review and after talking with the owner during a trade show, I was elated to give them a try and see what all this ‘rotating power’ was all about. 

Zumio currently has two different products to choose from, the Zumio X, which has an uncovered, pinpointed head that provides incredible vibration to the selected area of pleasure. Then, there’s the Zumio S, their only toy to use rotating motions as opposed to vibration. 

Instead of the uncovered, pinheaded top of the Zumio X, the Zumio S has a rounded, pressure sensitive head that provides their unique SpiroTip ™ rotation. 


  • Uses rotation instead of vibration, eliminating the numbing and buzzing sensations of vibration.
  • Waterproof! You can take this toy in the bath or shower with you and clean without worry. 
  • 8 rotation speeds to choose from so you can find your perfect setting.
  • Pressure Sensitivity mode - the harder you press, the more intense the rotation, the less you press, the lighter the rotation. 
  • Travel Friendly! Zumio S comes with a travel lock and Nickel Metal Hydride battery.
  • USB Charged!


  • The Zumio S is less powerful than the Zumio X as it has a shorter stem and longer tip.
  • Not for internal use, only external play. 

The Zumio S was a unique experience for me. After relaxing and exploring the toy, I placed it against my clitoris and had NO IDEA how I would be able to find pleasure with the tiny little end of the tip. I was certain it would not be able to give me anything near the powerful vibrations I was used to and wondered how the spiral rotation would compare. 

Within only a few minutes, I had reached orgasm faster than my vibrators could provide, feeling sensations that made me want to throw my favorite Satisfyer across the room in disgust. This little ‘sexy toothbrush’ swirled against my clitoris, pinpointing pleasure right where I desired, the small and rounded tip giving me no discomfort. It was then that I realized this toy could do something that no other external toy was able to achieve. It made me squirt. 

Keep in mind, this is a personal opinion and all bodies are different. I’m not saying the Zumio S will make you squirt all over. But I AM saying I will be surprised if you aren’t borderline talking in tongues by the time you’re done taking it for a ‘spin’.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Zumio S 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Zumio S

If you’re not interested in the gentle swirling that takes you by surprise, the Zumio X is far more powerful and vibrates as opposed to the S. The rotation provided by the Zumio S is gentle at first, rising to a point of taking you by surprise, but might not be the best bet for those looking for a vibrator. Also, if you’re looking for an anal or internal toy, the Zumio S is NOT for you. 

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits Zumio S

Great for Solo AND Couple’s Play

Not only is the Zumio S perfect for solo external play on all your erogenous zones (especially under the scrotum, underside of your penis, clitoris, and nipples), but it’s also perfect for couple’s play. My partner and myself loved the ergonomic handle and small size of the toy as it made it easy to navigate during intercourse and lay against my body during different positions. 

Pressure Sensitivity

The pressure sensitivity setting allows you to really find a setting that works best for you. When you’re close to orgasm and pushing hard against your body, the flexible tip increases rotation to the highest setting. It then immediately lowers when it’s released from your body so you’re not fumbling to turn it off when the heightened sensitivity kicks in. 

This also allows you to explore your body a bit more with the Zumio S. I loved the opportunity to further control the rotation instead of accidently having it on too high of a setting and putting it against a sensitive spot of my body or my partner’s. This makes it perfect for beginners and seasoned ‘players’ alike. 

Rotation SpiroTip ™ 

If you are someone who is sensitive to vibrators and does not enjoy the numbing and buzzing sensation they can often leave behind, the rotating end of the Zumio S does not disappoint. I loved the smooth, rounded edge of the S, the SpiroTip ™ easily rolled across the skin without dragging. 

There’s NO vibration in the handle, so I was also not fighting against the numbing sensations that often cascade down my arm after using a toy for too long. Instead, this quiet toy was gentle and easy to hold no matter how long I decided to play. 

Other Reviews of the Zumio S

Other Reviews of the Zumio S

“I love everything about the Zumio S. It’s super quiet, not quite as quiet as the X but still very discreet. This makes it super useable even in a busy house. The only problem I find is whilst the Zumio S is quiet I unfortunately am not whilst using it.” - Candy Snatch Reviews

“The Zumio S with its shorter stem and larger, plusher, silicone-covered tip is best described as a slightly dialed-back version of the hyper-intense, balls-to-the-wall, pinpoint stimulation of the Zumio X. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Zumio S is not some weak sauce, watered-down joke. Nope, it’s far from that.” - Backwoods Bedroom

My Final Thoughts


The Zumio S is such a gentle toy compared to most vibrators, while not sacrificing the intense orgasms. I loved the opportunity to create my own adventure with the pressure sensitivity and 8 speed settings and was pleased to find out they were just as powerful as some of my favorite vibrators. The travel lock, USB charger, and silence that comes with this toy made it perfect for packing along with me and I cannot wait to use it again. So relax, lay back, and give it a chance: It surprised me and I was elated it did so. 

 I highly recommend this toy for beginners and seasoned masturbators looking for a new sensation without the bulk and confusion other toys may provide.


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