Best Male Vibrators – 9 Vibrating Male Sex Toys

By: JC Ways

When we talk about vibrators, we’re normally talking about sex toys for women. However, there are many male vibrators on the market which use vibrating motors to produce intense vibrator orgasms for men. Here, we explore the world of men’s vibrators and take a look at 9 different male sex toys which use pleasurable pulses to get you off!

What is a Male Vibrator?

What is a Male Vibrator

Put simply, a male vibrator is a sex toy for men which uses vibrations to stimulate the genitals and cause an orgasm. “Male vibrators” is more of an umbrella term which can be used to refer to many different sex toys for him – below are common examples.

Vibrating Male Strokers

“Male strokers” refers to pocket pussies, Fleshlight-style toys, and orifice-based toys that are designed to be “fucked” by men. Some of the top male sex toys companies like Fleshlight and Tenga have created male strokers which vibrate, adding another level of sensation to the masturbation experience.

Automatic Male Masturbators

Some of the best male sex toys companies like Lovense have created toys like the Max 2 which use vibrations and contractions to milk your cock and “masturbate” you automatically. It doesn’t feel like regular masturbation, but it is possible to ejaculate just by putting your dick in the machine and letting it do its thing. I take a look at the Max 2 later in this article.

Men’s G-Spot Toys

Many of the best prostate massagers use vibrations to help stimulate the prostate gland, also known as the male G spot. Male sex toys manufacturers like Aneros produce lots of non-motorized prostate toys, as well as a couple of vibrating Aneros prostate massagers which use vibrations to deliver unique orgasmic sensations to the prostate.

Generic Male Vibrators

Coupled with water-based lube and a whole lot of arousal, generic male vibrators can give you some of the best orgasms of your life if you use them correctly. Generic male vibrators tend to be bullet-shaped or wand-shaped couples sex toys which vibrate at different levels and massage various parts of the penis, from the testicles to the glans.

Male Vibrator Reviews

Lovense Max 2

Automatic Cock-Milking Machine

The Lovense Max 2 is an automatic masturbator machine made by Lovense, who are known for their app-controlled sex toys for men and women. The Max 2 is a 9.5-inch long machine which you put your cock into and program the machine to produce patterns of vibrations and contractions which milk your dick into submission. The Max 2 comes with a bunch of factory-programmed patterns, but the user-created patterns available on the Lovense “Remote” sex toy app are far superior.

Lovense Max 2

Lovense Max 2 with vagina


Having used the Max 2 personally, I ejaculated twice without touching my cock at all! I didn’t pump in and out of the toy (although you could) – I just laid back, held it in place, and let this awesome cock vibrator do all the work. You can adjust the tightness and the pressure of the chamber, though it is quite tight if you’re on the girthy side.

The Max 2 is pretty loud and large, so it’s not ideal if you’re trying to be discreet. The indented rings on the outside help to grip this large toy, and it’s definitely best accompanied by a decent water-based lube if you plan on using it for a while.

The Max 2 was the first time I experienced a men’s vibrator orgasm – my cock ejaculating purely from vibration stimulation. It felt great and I didn’t have to move at all… brilliant!


  • Vibrates and contracts your penis, hands-free cumming is possible, great app-controlled vibration patterns, indented rings for better grip


  • Loud, tight, not very discreet

Tenga Flip Zero EV

Weird male vibrator from Tenga

Tenga are known for making men’s sex toys which are weird-looking, and the Tenga Flip Zero EV is no exception. Nonetheless, this fun little cock vibrator is one of the most reputable Amazon sex toys for men, and there’s a lot of fun to be had despite the Flip’s clinical-looking appearance. The Flip Zero is a hinged toy with 2 sides which open up and clamp down around your penis – you can use your hand to control how tight the grip is around your cock.

Tenga Flip Zero EV

On the inside, you’ll find 2 TPE sleeves (similar to the material of most male strokers) which cradle your cock between 2 vibrating cores on either side of your penis. This unique dual-vibration system attacks your cock from both sides, producing very strong male vibrator orgasms, especially if you’re squeezing the sides hard. You cum mostly into the toy, so cleanup is relatively easy, and there’s a fun little drying rack included which also charges the toy when not in use. It’s a luxury toy designed to be modern, forward-thinking, and convenient.

It’s easy to see why people call Tenga the “Apple of the sex toy industry”. I mean, even the white and gray color scheme is reminiscent of modern Apple products.


  • Unique design, 2 vibrating cores, easy cleaning


  • Not the best materials (cheap feeling)

FunFactory Cobra Libre II

Targeted luxury penis head vibrations

Building on the design of the original Cobra, the Cobra Libre II from fun factory is a men’s vibrator which purely concentrates on the tip/head/glans of the penis… whatever you want to call the purple-ish bit at the end. It makes sense to concentrate on the tip of the penis, as that’s where most of the penis’s nerve endings are located. It’s a bit like receiving oral sex where the sucker concentrates mostly on the head of the cock (that’s my favorite type of blowjob!)

FunFactory Cobra Libre II

This toy kinda reminds me of a Nespresso Coffee Machine, but smaller. It just has that sleek, modern look to it. I feel like George Clooney would have one, you know? The interior is made from medical-grade silicone and is pretty flexible, so it should accommodate most men’s penises. There’s no “fucking” requited with this male vibrator – you just use the simple controls to change how intense the vibrations are on your penis.

The glans of the penis is known as the most sensitive part of the male anatomy, with the frenulum (ridge on the underside of the glans) being particularly sensitive.


  • Fairly discreet-looking, simple controls, 2 motors for cock head pleasure


  • Pricey, cum shoots straight into toy

Lovense Edge

Adjustable vibrating prostate massage

If you’re a big fan of prostate toys which vibrate, then the Lovense Edge has a lot to offer you. This crafty piece of engineering features two motors – one in the base and one in the tip – which stimulate your prostate gland internally and externally, making for some very intense prostate massage sessions. Like most Lovense products, you can control the Edge with the Lovense “Remote” sex toy app, creating your own vibration patterns or downloading programs created by your fellow Lovense users.

Lovense Edge

The great thing about the Edge is that it can be used for long-distance play in couples, assuming you both have a stable Wi-Fi connection. This makes for some really interesting Skype calls when you’re both feeling horny despite being far away! Although I personally think that the Aneros Vice 2 has a better one-size-fits-all shape to it, the Edge has an adjustable head and more diverse vibration patterns to choose from. If you want to experience an intense prostate-vibrating journey, the Edge is for you.


  • Adjustable for perfect placement, several vibration modes, app-controlled patterns


  • Not quiet at higher speeds, hard to get in/out

Hot Octopuss Jett Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve

2 vibrators directly milking your glans!

First of all, the Hot Octopuss cock vibrator has nothing to do with Octopi or Joan Jett, so that disappointed me. It’s doesn’t have 8 legs, nor does it have a bad reputation. However, it does boast 2 vibrating bullets which vibrate directly on the underside of your glans (the frenulum) at 2 different frequencies, so you get very intense and varied vibrations. Each bullet has 10 vibration patterns and 6 intensities, so you’re spoiled for choice really.

Hot Octopuss Jett Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve

If you use this toy carefully, you can cum onto a towel or onto your stomach, making it relatively easy to clean up afterward. However, beware that the remote control this comes with is attached by a wire that isn’t very long, which is kind of annoying. The toys are also powered by 4 x AA batteries, which seems kinda ridiculous in an age of USB rechargeable adult toys. Who owns batteries anymore? I ain’t got time for that.


The technology is these 2 bullets is described as “treble and bass technology”. I’m not sure if they’re referring to different frequencies or if they’re coming for Meghan Trainor’s gig. She seems to prefer the bass to the treble.


  • 2 vibrating bullets of different frequencies, 10 pulse patterns, 6 intensities


  • Wired remote control, loud, AA batteries required

Aneros Vice 2

A vibrating Aneros, what more do you want?

Building on its predecessor, the Vice, the Aneros Vice 2 is a luxury vibrating prostate massager made by Aneros, the company known for their non-motorized prostate toys which are capable of intense body-shaking “Super Orgasms”.

Now, if you’re looking for a “Super Orgasm”, you’re best off using a normal Aneros toy, but you have to spend months training your anal sphincter and pelvic floor muscles. However, if you want a luxury medical-grade silicone toy to give you easy instant prostate pleasure, look no further than the Vice 2.

Aneros Vice 2

Although this toy isn’t adjustable like the Lovense Edge, Aneros are really, really good at making one-size-fits-all prostate toys, so it doesn’t really matter. This toy features 2 powerful dual motors – similar to the Edge – which send intense vibes through to the prostate and the perineum, making for some very entertaining male vibrator orgasms when coupled with masturbation.

Instead of a phone app, the Vice 2 comes with a dedicated wireless remote control, and in some ways, that’s better. Why? Because getting lube and jizz all over your smartphone screen is a pain.


  • 72 different sensations, USB charging, luxury medical-grade silicone, best at lower speeds


  • Quite large, some glitches

Fun Factory Manta

Strange-looking male vibrator wand

Nothing about the name “Manta” or the design of this toy is particularly erotic, which initially threw up a red flag for me. However, this nifty cock vibrator is actually a really unique sex toy for him which could be used during masturbation or couples play depending on your preference. It’s basically a vibrating penis massager which is like the male equivalent of the famous Hitachi “Magic Wand” massager for women.

Fun Factory Manta

The curved tip of this device slips nicely around your penis, whether you’re massaging the shaft or the glans. This German-made men’s vibrator has 6 different vibration patterns and 6 different intensities, giving you a total of 36 different combinations to play with. It’s definitely catered more towards couples play, with the manufacturer showing you women using the toy on their male partners while performing blowjobs or having penetrative sex.

I’ve not personally used a Manta while having penetrative sex, but I can’t see it being easy.


  • Quiet, 6 speeds, 6 vibration patterns, best for couples play


  • Unusual design, pricey

Vibrating Fleshlight (Pink Butt)

The best Fleshlight sleeve now vibrates too!

When it comes to Fleshlights, the anal orifice versions have always been my favorites. Why? Because the tight anal entry milks the entire length of your cock, giving a unique all-over cock massage sensation that is very similar to real anal sex. This makes these devices popular among gay sex toys fans and straight men who like anal. Well now the geniuses at Fleshlight have taken the butt sleeve and popped 3 powerful bullet vibrators into it, giving you intense vibrations to up the ante even more.

Vibrating Fleshlight (Pink Butt)

Vibrating Fleshlight

The only downside is that the bullets use regular old batteries, but Fleshlight do include a pack of 10 replacement batteries with every order, so that’s a nice touch. If you’ve never fucked a Fleshlight before, their sleeves are made from luxury Superskin material, a unique TPE-based material which is body safe and designed to mimic the feel of real skin. If I’m being honest, the bumpy internal texture, tight anal orifice, and 3 vibrating bullets can get a bit too intense for me, but many men will love this cock-milking anal thrill ride.


  • Very reputable brand (Fleshlight), 3 vibrating bullets, tight anal orifice sensation


  • Bullets require batteries

Cyberskin Vibrating Ass

Ever wished a bum could vibrate?

When it comes to the top male sex toys, this realistic Cyberskin vibrating ass is up there with the best of ‘em. The Cyberskin material has a stretchy, lifelike feel to it, the 7-inches-deep pussy feels divine, the 8-inches-deep anal opening is nice and tight, and the toy comes with 2 removable bullet vibrators, both of which can be operated at various speeds, though it’s tricky to change their settings mid-fuck.

Cyberskin Vibrating Ass


This vibrating male sex toy weighs in at a whopping 8.2kg, which is very much on purpose and makes it easier to fuck aggressively. However, this large and cumbersome adult toy is obviously very difficult to hide if you’ve got privacy concerns. I should also point out that it takes a long time to dry after you clean it, but that’s the case with most Cyberskin toys anyway.

This realistic men’s vibrator toy is very expensive and hard to hide, but if you’re lucky enough to afford it and store it discreetly, it’s definitely one of the best male vibrators on the market.


  • Heavy realistic ass and pussy, Cyberskin construction, dual vibrating bullets



Cum-clusion_best male vibrator

I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best male vibrators! Whether you want to milk your prostate, massage your F-spot (frenulum), or simply fuck a fake pussy/ass which also happens to vibrate, there are tons of amazing male vibrators on the market these days. The male vibrators in this guide are designed to stimulate various different parts of the male anatomy, all of which produce very different sensations and even lead to intense vibrator orgasms if performed correctly. Have you ever experienced cumming from vibrations alone? It’s the best, honestly. Have a vibrator orgasm or have fun trying!

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JC Ways

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