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37 Gay Sex Toys: Best Gay Sex Toys for Solo Use, Couples, and Prostates

BY JC Ways

In some ways, gay men have the best sex of all. Not only do we get to stimulate our penises, but we can (if willing) experience the unbeatable sensation of a cock pounding our asses and bringing us to an amazing prostate-assisted orgasm. Throw in some nipple clamps, fetish gear, and 50 years of sexual liberation and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some of the best orgasms on the planet.

So how can we make sex and solo play even better for gay men? Well, here we look at some of the best toys on the market which are marketed to (or can be used by) gay men.

Now I know when we say “gay sex toys” you’re probably picturing 15-inch dildos and kinky gay sex toys covered in leather and barbed wire, but I can assure you that this list is varied and has something to suit everyone – both the vanilla and the freaky.

Whether you’re a top or a bottom, we’ve included the best gay sex toys for pumping your cock alone, the best gay ass toys to get those butt sensations going, and brilliant gay couple sex toys for spicing things up in the bedroom. Heck, there’s even a couple of things on this list which aren’t technically sex toys at all! So, whether you’re looking for some basic gay sex supplies or the best gay dildo money can buy, look no further!

Fleshjack Stamina Training Unit Butt

Anal take on the classic cock-pumping toy

The anal version of Fleshjack’s #1 best-selling series, the Stamina Training Units, it should come as no surprise that this product makes our list. With 8.5 inches of insertable length, this gay sex toy is versatile enough to be used by the vast majority of men, unless you were born incredibly lucky!

Of course, this product can be used for straight-up cock jacking masturbatory pleasure, although it’s supposed intended use is that of a “stamina training unit”. In other words, you could also use this product to practice your pumping technique and increase your stamina when you’re pumping your load into a cute guy’s ass for real. The only real downside? It’s pretty much a one-size-fits-all kind of toy.

PROS: Affordable, reliable, realist

CONS: Not adjustable in size

Fleshjack Ice Jack: Ass

See-through fleshjack action

Have you ever wanted to see your cock (or your partner’s cock) pumping away and bulging with excitement as it’s about to cum? Well now you can! This unique transparent fleshjack variation features an anal opening and 8.5 inches of insertable length, giving you loads of room to work with and a crystal-clear view of all the action.

This is one of the best sex toys for gay couples if one of you gets off on watching the other pleasure themselves. However, it can also be great as a solo sex toy too – if you like to watch your cock pulsate with excitement as it nears climax, then you’ve got the ultimate visual aid to get you off as you near climax. This unique and voyeuristic experience can be really hot if you like to watch and use your imagination.

PROS: Unique and voyeuristic

CONS: Not easy to clean

Fleshjack Turbo Ignition

Versatile blowjob simulations

I mean, this is every man’s dream isn’t it? Whether they’re gay or straight? This Turbo Ignition blowjob simulator from Fleshjack comes with 3 different points of insertion, meaning that pressure can be distributed all along the length of your cock, leading to some potentially mind-blowing orgasms.

This machine comes with different blowjob settings (yes, you heard that right) so you can customize the experience to suit your preferences. Do you love it when someone licks and sucks the tip of your cock? No problem. Do you love a good deep throating? This machine has you covered. I mean, it’s a machine which gives you custom on-demand blowjobs, what more can we ask for from Fleshjack?

PROS: Different blowjob settings

CONS: One size fits all

B-vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads

Great for anal bead pros

Featuring 5 flexible and tapered beads for easier insertion, the Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads toy is one of the best gay sex supplies on the market. Great for both couples and solo play, these 5 beads slide into your ass nice and easily, assuming you’re relaxed and using the appropriate lube.

With a 7.5-inch length, these beads are more for your experienced beads users and not amateurs. The vibrations feature 3 powerful motors and can last for up to 1 hour after a charge, and with the easy-to-use remote control, you can have a mind-blowing session of ass play which is customized to your needs.

PROS: 5 flexible tapered beads                    

CONS: 7.5-inch length not great for beginners

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Silicone Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Vibrating butt plug enhances orgasms

Coming complete with a remote control, anal lube, and clean-up kit, Pipedream’s Anal Fantasy series really knows how to pamper us with high-quality gay ass toys! This girthy 1.5-inch-wide tapered butt plug may be a little wide for less experienced men, but having this butt plug gently massage your G spot is a mind-blowing addition to a blowjob or jack-off session.

One of the best sex toys for gay couples, many guys love to take charge of the remote control and tease their partner as they please. I’ve even heard of gay couples going out to dinner with one of these inserted while the other massages them with the remote control under the table until they’re practically leaking precum. Yum!

PROS: Comes complete with lube and clean-up kit

CONS: Quite girthy                                                                  

Crystal Delights Aurora Borealis Glass Butt Plug

Opulent butt plug satisfaction

This pretty glass plug has an insertable length of 2.8 inches, so it’s not the biggest plug on the market by quite some way. However, with a gorgeous Swarovski crystal embedded into the center of the plug, this gay ass toy emits a rainbow of colors reminiscent of the aurora borealis after which it is named. It’s not the world’s biggest or most satisfying plug, but if you’re an admirer of pretty things and you like displaying sex toys with pride, then this is the perfect splurge for you.

PROS: Unique and sophisticated design

CONS: Not that big                                                    

CleanStream 4 Tip Shower Enema System

Versatile anal douching kit

There are so many [guides to anal douching out there,] all of which give you different advice. Nonetheless, the shower has always seemed like an obvious choice for douching if you’re careful – you’ve got a steady and powerful stream of water coming straight from your wall! The CleanStream kit comes with 4 different tips and a flow regulator, making it relatively safe to douche straight from the shower.

This kit easily fits onto your shower plumbing, providing you with a fast and easy solution which is far quicker than using an old-school bulb enema. The best part? Any accidental mess will land in your shower! Put simply, if you’re about to get fucked pronto, this is the quick fix you need.

PROS: Includes 4 tips and flow regulator

CONS: Not the strongest materials                          

LovenseBluetooth Max Male Masturbator

Bluetooth-enabled male masturbator

Internet and Bluetooth connected sex toys have been growing in popularity since around 2013, and it’s looking likely that soon some products may even [collect data about your orgasms] for the ultimate tailor-made experience. The Lovense Bluetooth Max Male Masturbator features a vibrator, air pump, and skin-like texture inside, even coming with an air vent for suction control.

The manufacturers claim that this product fits 95% of men, and I certainly found no problems with it. However, this is also a great gay couple sex toy, as the device can be controlled via smartphone and Wi-Fi from several miles away. Wanna get your partner all revved up while you commute home from work? Now you can.

PROS: Powerful customized orgasms

CONS: Vagina-shaped hole

Lovense Bluetooth Adjustable Prostate Massager

Powerful adjustable P-spot pleasure

Finding your prostate can be a challenge, even for the most experienced of men, leaving them feeling discouraged and frustrated when they try to use one-size-fits-all prostate massagers. However, this Bluetooth-controlled prostate massager it’s the world’s first adjustable prostate massager, so you can 100% guarantee that you’ll hit that coveted P spot without throwing your legs behind your head or reading 50 guides on prostate stimulation techniques.

Featuring sections for stimulating your prostate and perineum, this is one of the best solo gay anal sex toys, and could also be a naughty gay couple sex toy if you’re into discreet public stimulation. This gay ass toy can connect to various devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, and PC!

PROS: World’s first adjustable prostate massager

CONS: Too big/powerful for amateurs

Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager

Powerful anal orgasms

You often see these gay ass toys featured in porn videos because of their famous toe-curling mind-splitting body-shaking hands-free cumming prostate orgasms. Users can sit there pulsating in pleasure for what feels like forever, cumming uncontrollably as their entire body writhes around in pure euphoria. The sleek and scientific design of this prostate massager is really something to behold.

However, beware that this toy requires an awful lot of patience, practice, and technique. It’s not as simple as popping it up your butt and cumming like a fountain in seconds – this device is manually controlled by your own sphincter and pelvic floor muscles, so there’s a lot of technique involved on your part. Nonetheless, with practice, time, and patience, you’ll have the best orgasms of your fucking life.

PROS: Potential for powerful hands-free cumming

CONS: Not for beginners

LoveHoney BASICS 6.5 inch Anal Beads

Versatile anal beads for ass play

These 6.5-inch anal beads are tapered and come in reverse formation, so you start with the biggest bead first before working your way down to smaller beads. If you’re looking for cheap sex toys for gay couples, then these anal beads are a brilliant place to start. As soon as your partner is about to orgasm, pull these anal beads out of their butt and watch them squirm in intense pleasure! The ring you use for retrieval is a tad on the small side, but all in all these beads should be in any gay sex supply drawer!

PROS: Perfect comfortable size

CONS: Retrieval ring a little small

Doc Johnson Belladonna’s Magic Hand Dildo

Fisting toy for beginners

This “magic hand” dildo is the perfect introduction to fisting if you’re new to it, although the design of the hand is designed to resemble a female hand, which could put some gay men off. However, it could just as easily be a twink’s hand in my opinion.

The kinky sex toy is the perfect introduction to fisting, or it could serve as a naughty alternative to dildo use when you’re feeling a little freakier than usual! Although designed with curious straight men in mind, this well-sized sturdy hand could easily be one of the best sex toys for gay couples who are into fisting and ass play.

PROS: Designed to slide in easily

CONS: Creases can make it hard to clean

Lelo Earl Golden Butt Plug

Elegant butt plug for rich men

Okay, I have to admit that this product is kind of funny. I mean, it’s a sophisticated men’s butt plug made from literal 24-karat gold. It costs around $2,000 and it comes with matching cuff links. No, that isn’t a joke. It really does come in a velvet-lined box with matching gold cuff links. 

Now I know that us gays are supposed to have a fair amount of disposable income, but this butt plug costs more than my first couple of cars did. Still, if you’re rich and really into butt plugs, it sure is a unique purchase!

PROS: Made from 24-karat gold

CONS: Way too expensive for 99% of people

Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit RED

Next-level pleasure console

Featuring some of the most aggressively masculine branding I’ve ever seen, the Lelo F1 Developer Kit RED is a so-called “sex console” which is scientifically designed to stimulate your cock in the very best ways imaginable. This sex toy uses Lelo’s unique sonic wave technology (instead of boring normal vibrations) which they also used in the Lelo Sona – the #1 best selling sex toy on the planet.

You get 2 hours of use after a USB charge of this toy, and the sensations can be micromanaged from your smartphone or tablet, pulsing your cock in ways I never personally thought were imaginable until now. My only really gripe with this product is that it’s a bit “try hard” and wants to be super scientific. Ultimately, it’s a very fancy masturbator.

PROS: Sonic Wave technology

CONS: Quite expensive

Titan Men Blue Cock Ring

Sturdy and reliable cock ring

Cock rings are a lifesaver for gay men of a certain age, although these cheap gay sex toys can nonetheless be enjoyed by men of all ages. One of the cheapest gay sex toys on this list, this blue cock ring from Titan Men is exactly what you want a cock ring to be – stretchy yet sturdy. With this little baby on, you’ll last longer and stay rock hard when giving it to your fella.

PROS: Fits most cock sizes

CONS: Limited color choices

Atomic Jack Oxball Nipple Suckers

Kinky nipple suckers for men

According to recent scientific studies, approximately [52% of men are sexually aroused by nipple play.] Nipple stimulation is quite common in the gay world, although these nipple suckers definitely take it to the next level!

The kinky design of these suckers is definitely ideal if you’re into the typical kink/BDSM aesthetic, feeling right at home alongside the standard leather and chains that you’d expect in any fuck dungeon worth its salt.

They also come with handy rings which your fingers can fit through easily, making them ideal as kinky gay couple sex toys if you like to watch your partner squirm while you stroke their pulsating cock.

PROS: 5cm long suckers

CONS: Painful for beginners

BUTTR Extra Strong Latex Fisting Gauntlets

The ultimate fisting gauntlets

Although fisting isn’t every bottom’s cup of tea, there are definitely people who get off on it. There are many [guides on fisting available online] to help you out if you’re new, but a good pair of strong gloves/gauntlets is a definite must-have for fisting… don’t go in there with an old pair of marigolds.

These BUTTR (nice name) gloves are designed to be strong and flexible, supposedly fitting most people’s hands with ease. I personally have quite long and skinny fingers, so it wasn’t the world’s best fit, but I think these gauntlets would be good for most users. With a decent lube and the right technique, these long gloves could be your ticket to anal fisting delight!

PROS: Extra strong/flexible latex

CONS: One size fits all

Fetish Gear Bottomless Jock Briefs

Sexy yet practical bottomless briefs

Is there anything more exciting than pulling down your partner’s pants to reveal sexy underwear that turns you on? If you’re a bottom and you want to turn on your partner while providing them with easy access to your hole, these are the pants for you. Combining the most macho sexiness of a jock strap with the comfort of briefs, these bottomless briefs are a thirsty bottom’s uniform.

PROS: Sexy bottomless design

CONS: A tad uncomfortable

Chastity device for gay teasers

Chastity device for gay teasers

Do you like forcing your partner to be chaste and taking sexual pleasure away from them until you say they can have it again? This great lockdown chastity device allows you to lock your partner’s penis away for long stretches of time, meaning they cannot play with themselves and get aroused until you say they can.

It’s the ultimate way to tease your partner and get them insatiably horny over time. The best part? When they finally cum, it’ll be one of the most powerful and voluminous cum shots they’ve had in years.

PROS: Snug fit for most cock sizes

CONS: Uncomfortable for bigger penises

Avoid Toxic Sex Toys!

Now we must issue a PSA for anyone reading this article, whether you’re gay, straight, or somewhere in between – you should try to avoid using toxic sex toys made from jellies and PVC! Although things are getting better in recent years, many sex toys [emit toxins or absorb bacteria through porous materials], posing a wide range of health complications and damage to your body over time.

Medical-grade silicone

If you’re looking for high-quality material which won’t let you down, we would highly recommend medical-grade silicone. As the name suggests, this silicone is designed to be safe for use inside the human body, which includes shoving it up your ass!

You’ll find a lot of sex toys made from PVC, “jelly”, TPE and TPR – sometimes these will often even be referred to as “silicone” even though they’re technically not. These materials are much less safe for your body, so we would suggest replacing them with medical-grade silicone alternatives if possible.

Borosilicate glass

Sex toys made from borosilicate glass are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. No, your ass isn’t 400 degrees, don’t worry. This robustness means that you can boil a sex toy in water without worrying about the glass cracking. This way, you can ensure that your glass sex toys are truly bacteria-free, which is great if you’re a bit anal… get it?

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is considered to be hypoallergenic for most people. However, [the vast majority of stainless steel contains nickel,] which some people can have sensitivities to. You’re unlikely to be exposed to any nickel unless you scratch a stainless steel sex toy (which rarely happens) but it’s probably best to avoid stainless steel if you know yourself to have a nickel sensitivity problem.

Best gay sex toys on the market

When it comes to gay sex toys, there’s a lot of variety to sink your teeth into. There are toys to stimulate your cock, anus, prostate, nipples, and a whole lot more, introducing you into a whole new world of sexual stimulation. However, here we have rounded up the 3 best gay sex toys for keeping a versatile gay man or gay couple happy!

  1. Fleshjack Butt Stamina Training Unit is great for tops who want to practice pumping.
  2. AnerosProgasm Prostate Massager is ideal for advanced toe-curling P-spot stimulation.
  3. CleanStream 4 Tip Shower Enema System is a fast way to get ready for a worry-free fucking.

So, there we have it! I hope you enjoyed this selection of the best gay sex toys for couples and solo players alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re a top, bottom, vanilla, or kinky, there’s something on this list to satiate every gay man’s desires.  If you are hungry for more toys, check out our guide to male sex toys here

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Titan Men Blue Cock Ring
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B-vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads
Type: Experienced Anal Beads Users
CleanStream 4 Tip Shower Enema System
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