Where to Buy Dildos

By: Sex Toys And Flowers

When it comes to buying dildos you have two main options: buying from your local sex shop, or buying online.

Where to Buy Dildos Online

Scouring the internet for dildos is a great past time.  You can discover interesting shapes and color combinations you might never know existed if you just went to a local shop.   

Here are some good websites to start a dildo hunt:

  • SheVibe – SheVibe is a women’s sex toy site with lots of medical grade silicone dildos to choose from.  The site’s design is gorgeous, with their comic book style artwork they show sex toys in an adventurous heroic way.  While the prices are a bit more expensive you are paying for quality service and supporting a positive presence in the sex toy community that really cares about it customers wellness and happiness.
  • Etsy – Etsy has dildos?  Of course!  There are hundreds of Dildo artists on Etsy that will hand make dildos for you.  You can find all kinds of dildo themes from aesthetically pleasing to fantasy inspired designs.  Since these dildos are usually handmade they are expensive and can take a while to be fully crafted and shipped to you.  Some of my favorites are Geeky Sex Toys, FantasticCocks, and PleasureForge.
  • Geeky Sex Toys has a collection of unique dildos that you won’t find anywhere else.  There’s lightsaber dildos, game of thrones dildos, and all sorts of great finds.
  • Tantus – Tantus.com is a sex positive store with the motto “Good Clean Fun”.  It’s a good shop to buy dildos that are body safe, easy to clean, and will last for years.  Unlike SheVibe they engineer all their dildos in house and have their own special blend of Utra premium silicone.
  • Good Vibrations was one of the first woman owned sex shops, created in the late 70s by Joani Blank.  They carry only 100% bodysafe sex toys and dildos that will last, they even helped invent the first non-phallic and feminist friendly dildos.  Anything you find in their store is something you can trust to last for years.
  • Amazon

Most online stores have a place for buyers to leave reviews on dildos they purchased.  Reading these is a priceless and unique way to learn about a dildo before you buy it.

Where to Buy Cheap Dildos

The best place for buying cheap dildos is probably Amazon.   Amazon is very controversial though and for a good reason.  Some of the toys they sell are made in China and from dangerous materials.  That being said they also carry affordable body safe silicone dildos if you know where to look.

What Amazon does really well is its reviews, it’s what made them the famous in the first place.  Most people who buy dildos leave very detailed reviews, pictures, and ratings of their purchase.  This lets you see the product from many points of view.  If a product has cheap materials the reviewers are very vocal about it.  A bad amazon merchant won’t last long if they are selling dildos made of unsafe materials that quickly break.

Amazon also has some bad things about it.  For starters, anyone can put a product on amazon.  You could go to their site today, create a merchant account, and send dildos from Chinese sites like Aliexpress right to Amazon’s distribution centers.  And this is what many people do, creating a lot of noise and unsafe jelly dildos for sale.  The Amazon search tool on their website also doesn’t work as well for adult items.  You are better off typing ‘*dildo-name* amazon’ in google than you are trying to search in Amazon.

So while you can find the best deals for dildos on Amazon you kinda have to know what to look for.  Anything with less than 10 reviews is not tried and tested yet and should be avoided.  Look for dildos with reviews that are paragraphs long and include lots of details.

Buying Dildos In a Shop

My favorite place to buy a dildo is at my local sex shop.  If you google ‘sex shops near me’ you will get a map of all the sex shops in your area.  By visiting shops in person you can see a dildos size, feel the materials, and get advice from experts.  Here are some common types of shop you might encounter.

Sex Positive Shops – These are shops like Smitten Kitten, She Bop, or Good Vibrations.  They have a cozy bookstore feel, but instead of books, their shelves are stocked with dildos and other sex goodies.  They replace neon signs with good lighting, and they only carry body safe silicone toys.  Their staff is helpful, friendly, and eager to give advice about sex toys.

The only downside of these shops is they can be more expensive and have a smaller selection.  It’s not because they want to rip you off though, they just don’t carry cheaply made products and refuse to sell anything made of PVC.

Where to buy dildos near you

A sex educator gives a talk at one of Smitten Kitten’s free events

Stereotypical Sex Shops – These dildo vendors have neon lights, are open 24 hours, and have booths for people to masturbate in.  They are often located in busy downtown areas near bars and strip clubs, giving party goers an extra thrill on their nights out.

Their selections are large, and have everything from dildos, to furniture, to blow up sex dolls, to silicone butts.

The quality of customer service you get in these stores is random.  Occasionally you might find an employee who is eager to help out, but more often you are met by tired grumpy faces that would rather stay seated behind the counter.

Where to buy dildos in your city

Shops like Sex World carry a variety of dildos but with less friendly customer service

Drugstores – Drugstores like Walgreen’s and CVS sometimes carry dildos in their stores.  Check near the lubricants and condoms section for vibrators, dildos, and other toys.

Spencer’s Gifts / Music Stores / Pipe Stores – Other places that can sell dildos are edgy gift shops like Spencer’s Gifts or Hot Topic. However these may sell toys made from PVC or other sketchy materials.  It’s best to avoid these retailers and stick to buying from a trusted seller of safe materials.

Before heading to a store you can read reviews on google and yelp to get an idea for what to expect.  They also have images of the inside of the store as well as its hours.  If you are looking for something specific you can call before you go in so you don’t have to make the trip for nothing.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Dildos?

Restrictions by state – Some states like Washington and Alabama require you to show I.D. before entering any store with graphic adult material or nudity.  If you are under 18 this can make it difficult to purchase a dildo from some sex shops.

In states that require an I.D. your best option is to find an edgy gift shop like Spencer’s Gifts.  You can walk in and buy a dildo there with no problem because they have no nudity in the shop.  Also, some independent sex-positive sex shops like Smitten Kitten don’t have graphic material and you can walk inside them and make a purchase at any age.  It’s best to call ahead and see what their age restriction policies are.

Drugstores – When i was 13 my local Walgreens was my go to stop for lube, vibrators, and basic dildos.  Their selection is limited but it’s easy to check out quickly and discreetly. No questions asked.

Ordering Online – No age restrictions here.  Just buy a prepaid visa gift card from your grocery store and use it to buy something from one of our recommended sex toy stores.  Places like Amazon, SheVibe, and Betty’s ship discretely with no sign that the contents of the box is a dildo.

Have any other questions, comments, or thoughts about where to buy dildos?  Leave a comment in the discussion below and i’ll reply right away:)

  • William Visser Ph.D says:

    Interested in finding sex stores selling varieties of dildos in Washington DC

  • Catherine says:


  • Baby hoe says:

    Big black cocks is my thing (ps i love anal)

  • Anonymous says:

    Is there any sex shop near Chadstone Australia that doesn’t ask questions?

    • JC Ways says:

      Most sex shops don’t ask questions – they’re used to people wanting to be discreet. Nothing really phases them because they’re so used to being surrounded by sex toys all day.

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