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The Walrus Dildo Guide – Taming the Beast

BY JC Ways

The walrus has one of the most magnificent cocks in the animal kingdom, and a walrus dildo lets you experience it from the comfort of your own home — no trips to the arctic circle required.

In this guide, i’ll be reviewing the anatomically correct walrus dildo on Amazon, but there’s more than just one walrus dildo, so I’ve put together a table of them below.

A walrus dildo doesn’t always mean an anatomically correct walrus penis.  It can also be any dildo with a series of expanding humps, each bigger and more challenging than the last.

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My Review of The Walrus Dildo

My walrus dong starts at a girth of 10 inches and expands all the way to 15 inches at the base.

When I first got it, I could only take the tip of it, but after working with some other monster dildos, I was able to get past the second and third humps!

If you’re already an experienced size queen (or king), then the humps of the walrus dildo can give a unique sensation, with waves of pleasure that you can ride all the way to intense anal orgasms.

Features of the Walrus Dildo

Suction – It doesn’t come with a suction cup in the traditional sense, but the base has a depression that lets it create suction on a smooth surface.  Using it in my bathroom, it holds on just as tight as any other suction cup dildo.

Stability – Even if you don’t have a smooth surface, the large balls act as a base to keep it from tipping over.  This allows you to use it hands free on most surfaces.

Firmness – On the firmness scale it’s about 9/10, a fairly firm dildo.  I like it because it won’t deflect away from me when I try to get it in.  But if you prefer soft dildos, this might not be the best match for you.

Material – This dildo is a type of TPE.  The upside of TPE is that it is cheaper than silicone dildos, but the downside is that it can be slightly porous and more difficult to clean.  I’d recommend washing it thoroughly after every use and using an antibacterial toy cleaner. 

I haven’t been able to find any silicone walrus dildos, but if I do I will add them to the list in the future!

Walrus Penis 101

The Walrus Penis is very different than a humans.  For one it has a baculum, a large bone in its penis.  So when a walrus gets erect, it quite literally gets a boner and this penis bone keeps the walrus extra firm.

Other animals have penis bones too, like cats, but the walruses is the largest, some measuring at two feet!  The baculum helps walruses penetrate their mates even in below zero temperatures.

I haven’t cut open my walrus dildo, so i’m not sure if it has a penis bone in there or not.  It is definitely firm enough to make me believe there could be one in it, though.

Time to Do the Walrus

If you think the walrus dildo is a good match for you, you can check it out here.  If you do decide to get this guy, please leave a comment below and let everyone know how you liked it!  Also be sure to check out my animal dildo guide for other dongs of the animal kingdom!


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    The ride you want to take when you drive to poundtown. Wild and ecstatic. Perfect firmness. Unfuckingbelievable clever design. That first knob locks you in and unleashes the inner power sub bottom slut in you. Nothing comes close.. unless a fist.

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