Sex Robots 101 – A Guide to Latest Advances in Sex Robot A.I. and Technology

By: JC Ways

Forbes has described sex robots as the most disruptive technology of our time. 1 in 4 men say they would consider fucking a sex robot now or in the near future. There are sex robot brothels opening in Barcelona and across Europe. For better or worse, sex robot technology is here to stay.Sex robots are essentially life-size realistic sex dolls equipped with robotics and artificial intelligence. They can often talk to their owners and remember things like their favorite movies and foods. And yes, of course, AI sex dolls can have plenty of sex with you. Here we look at 6 of the best sex robots on the market, as well as some cheaper and cruder options. Let’s dive in!

6 Most Sophisticated Sex Robots

6 Most Sophisticated Sex Robots

These artificially intelligent love dolls have different settings and features depending on the companies who make them, so you’ll get a different experience depending on the brand. Some are also harder to buy/find than others, so bear that in mind.

RealDoll Harmony Robot

Probably the most famous sex robot on the planet

Harmony by Real Doll has been featured in a bunch of TV spots and online videos, including this sex robot video by Viceland. Through the Harmony AI app, users are able to customize her voice and her personality, creating a sex bot who can also function as a romantic companion.

In Viceland’s video, Harmony has been given a soft Scottish accent which certainly helps to normalize her – she sounds like a sexy Lorraine Kelly. It’s much nicer than the Microsoft Sam voice that many AI sex dolls seem to have! Harmony can move her eyes and blink, which is unusual for a sexbot, but once again it helps to make her seem lifelike.

RealDoll Sex Doll

Over time, Harmony will ask you questions and get to know your preferences from your favorite food to your favorite movie. Like most RealDoll products, her look is fully customizable down to the smallest details, but I should point out that the head is the only robotic part of her. Sadly, Harmony isn’t going to gyrate all over your bed when orgasming.

The company behind the RealDoll Harmony robot is called Realbotix, the child company of Abyss Creations. Their creations for RealDoll are known as the “RealDoll X” line. Realbotix CEO Matt McMullen was recently interviewed by Katie Couric for ABC’s Nightline where he discussed Harmony in more detail.


  • Fully customizable, artificially intelligent, choose voice/personality, eyes move and blink


  • Body isn’t robotic (just the head), steep price

Solana Sex Robot

Like Harmony, but a little sexier

Another creation from Matt McMullen and the Realbotix team, Solana is a robot sex doll with artificial intelligence integrated and controlled via an app. She is a slightly more sultry and older-looking robot (in my opinion) so she’s probably ideal for people who are into their MILFs.

Just like her sister robot, you can choose her personality and voice to suit your tastes, but only her head is robotic in any way. Still, she can smile, frown, blink, talk, and do plenty of other impressive things that put cheap sex dolls to shame.

Solana Sex Robot

Solana can also be used with augmented reality and VR systems, adding even more sexual play options into the mix. If you want to get an idea of what she looks like when you buy her, this RealDollX unboxing video lets you know what you’re getting into. Spoiler alert – she’s not exactly plug-and-play.

Recently, Abyss Creations has been teasing a male sex robot called “Henry” that is said to come with a customizable penis and a charming British accent. I’m sure it’ll sound like Hugh Grant in the ‘90s, but I think it’d be funnier if it sounded like Gazza.


  • Fully customizable, artificially intelligent, choose voice/personality, eyes move and blink


  • Body isn’t robotic (just the head), steep price

Maya AI Sexbot

One of the cheapest AI sexbots you’ll ever find

Priced at just $3,695, Maya is one of the most affordable AI sex robots you’ll ever find, especially considering all of her features! This self-learning robot can connect to Wi-Fi in order to extract information about questions you ask her – she’s basically an Amazon Alexa that you can shag. Neat stuff.

Unlike other sex robots, Maya is temperature-controlled, with her body warming up to the 37-degree temperature you’d expect from a healthy human unless they’re in Placebo. She also comes equipped with a bunch of touch sensors, moaning and talking dirty when you stroke her in just the right place.

Maya AI Sexbot

Standing 5’1 and made from an advanced form of TPE, Maya comes with free shipping and paid customs duty, so there’s nothing to pay apart from the price tag. I can’t vouch for that being 100% accurate, but it’s an excellent deal if it’s true! She can also come with bolted feet if you want to keep her in a standing position, so that’s handy too.


  • Self-learning AI technology, body temperature control, touch sensors, animated eyes/mouth, connects to Wi-Fi, free shipping, affordable


  • Heavy (76 lbs dead weight), comes with random lingerie selection

“Emma” AI Sex Robot

Robotic sex doll with anal and vaginal openings

Emma is an AI Sex Robot made in China, helping to keep the price low compared to competitors. This particular robot has a Far East Asian appearance, but other models and ethnicities are available too. Emma has built-in cameras and facial recognition software, helping her to recognize you and feel more like a real woman.

“Emma” AI Sex Robot

Complete with advanced motors that allow her to turn her neck and make facial expressions, this real life sex doll will talk back to you and learn from your conversations. As the company describes in poorly-written English: “Talk anything you want. The more you talk to her, the smarter she will be.” Apparently you’re her personal tutor.

Her eyes move and blink, helping her to feel real, and she moans loudly when you stimulate her touch sensors. She comes complete with a 7-inch deep vagina and a 6.3-inch deep anus, giving you multiple sexual play options to choose from. If you look online, you can find plenty of sex robot porn (NSFW!) featuring pleasure robots just like her.

Emma can make a bunch of facial expressions, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Her “winking” face looks more like she has pink eye.


  • Touch sensors, can move neck left/right, eyes move/blink, can speak in English or Chinese, built-in cameras and facial recognition capabilities


  • Heavy, hard to buy

Samantha the Sex Robot

She’ll shag you if she feels like it!

Some men may buy love dolls so that they can fuck whenever they feel like it, but Samantha isn’t that kind of girl! Recently upgraded with a “moral code”, Samantha will only consent to sex with you if she’s in the mood and you’ve been treating her nicely. For some, this is a turn-on, for others, it’s annoying.

Samantha the Sex Robot

A couple of years ago, there was a lot of news coverage when Samantha’s inventor found that Samantha had been soiled and “molested” at an adult tech fair in Austria, which is perhaps a testament to how lifelike and sexy she is. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to find anything out about Samantha and the official website of her manufacturer (Synthea Amatus SL) is just a generic inquiry page. The enigma continues.

I’m not sure how sex robots can “consent” exactly. I’m asking myself a lot of weird philosophical questions as I write this guide.


  • Upgraded with “moral code”, unique personality traits, controlled via AI app, TPE construction


  • Hard to buy online, some people might want a sex robot which does what they say, limited specs information available

Roxxxy Sex Robot

A vintage blast from the past!

Back in 2010, Roxxxy the sex robot was born. She was incredibly revolutionary at the time – one of the first adult sex robots which was able to talk and hold conversations with her owner. Nowadays, she’s hard to find, and the website of manufacturer True Companion appears to be down, but you might find her on the secondhand market if you look hard enough!

Roxxxy Sex Robot

Roxxxy stands at 5’7, so she’s great if you love taller women, and she weighs around 54 kg, which is very heavy and lifelike. She comes pre-programmed with 5 different personalities, all of which have their own characteristics, from “Wild Wendy” to “Frigid Farrah”.

As shown in this NSFW video, Roxxxy’s body moves and gyrates when you touch her in her special places – this is something you don’t get with a lot of modern sex robots. However, coming in at over £5,600 (around $7,215 in 2019) she’s far from cheap unless you’re getting her on the secondhand market.

Doll Forum is a popular website where sex doll enthusiasts and robot fetish fans talk about new products, post reviews, and share images/videos of their favorite sex doll.


  • Tall (5’7), lightweight (54 kg), 5 different personalities to choose from, automatically updates via Wi-Fi, body moves when orgasming


  • A bit crude-looking, hard to find, expensive

3 Less Sophisticated Sex “Robots”

3 Less Sophisticated Sex “Robots”

So it goes without saying that sex robots are super expensive, especially if they’re integrated with AI and all those bells and whistles. However, there are cheaper solutions that can get you close to the sex robot experience if you use your imagination.Here are 3 sex bot alternatives!

Kiiroo Launch & VR Headset

Automatic male masturbator for VR enthusiasts who love a fast wank

The Fleshlight Launch is an automatic masturbation machine powered by Kiiroo technology in a collaboration between the two men’s sex toy brands. Basically, you take your best Fleshlight toy and attach it to the launch, which then moves it up and down on your penis accordingly.

Kiiroo Launch & VR Headset

The Launch can be used on its own in manual mode or it can be synced with VR if you have a VR headset. This way, you can experience realistic virtual sex where the Launch masturbates you according to what’s happening on-screen. It can stroke your cock up to 180 times per minute, which is pretty toe-curling if you ask me.

Of course, the downside is that you need to own not only the Launch, but also a compatible fleshlight (it fits most fleshlights if they’re the standard STU case size) and a compatible VR headset. By the time you’ve bought all that, you’re looking at $700 or more. It’s not cheap, but it’s a shitload cheaper than sex robots.

VR sex with the Launch is surprisingly arousing. This NSFW video gives you an idea of what it’s like


  • Up to 180 penis strokes per minute, can sync with VR for virtual sex, control the speed and length of strokes, manual mode as well


  • You need a fleshlight and a VR headset, expensive

Autoblow AI

100+ different ways to experience a blowjob

Autoblow and really good at making masturbation machines (male strokers) that simulate the feeling of a real blowjob. They also have really funny marketing and videos describing their toys which I’m personally a huge fan of. This AI version is different from the regular Autoblow because it has used AI to “learn” how to perform a wide variety of intense blowjobs.

To be frank, it’s not really “AI” in the same sense at sex robots. It’s not gonna learn facts from you or tell you what the weather is gonna be like next Tuesday. Basically, the Autoblow developers used machine learning and forced a bot to watch hours upon hours of blowjob videos, learning the different techniques and styles used by the suckers.

The result is 10 different “blowjob settings” which can be adjusted to 10 different speeds, giving you 100+ blowjob sensations to explore. The company sells a cheap VR headset that you use with your smartphone so you can watch your favorite blowjob porn while being “sucked” by the machine, but other VR headsets would work just as well (if not better).

The whole Autoblow brand is based around the tantalizing idea of receiving unlimited blowjobs on demand. I mean, what’s not to love?


  • “Blowjob-style” masturbation machine, AI-learned stroke patterns, 10 blowjob settings and 10 speeds, different sleeves and orifices available


  • Not really “AI” in the sense that it learns from you, pricey

HiSmith Robotic Sex Toy

Great sex machine for both men and women

If you’re in the market for a cheap fuck machine, the HiSmith is one of the best sex machines you’ll come across at such a low price point. Of course, sex machines are primarily used with dildos (great if you’re into pegging) but you can also attach fleshlights and male strokers to these machines if you’re careful.

If you’re a guy who’s into both giving and receiving penetrative sex, then a fuck machine like this could be your ultimate all-in-one sexual toy experience. Combined with a VR headset of your favorite porn, it sure gives those Japanese sex robots a run for their money.

The 100-watt motor just keeps going… and going… and going. This thing will fuck and/or suck you into eternity.


  • heap, comes with a dildo, 90-degree adjustable angle, discreet shipping


  • Tricky to assemble, harder to use with fleshlights


Cum-clusion. Best sex robots

I hope you enjoyed a look at these robot sex dolls and their cheaper alternatives! Whether you’re looking for lifelike realism or you enjoy the uncanny valley, sex robots provide a unique sexual experience like no other. Different companies offer different features and experiences, so be sure to shop around and get the perfect robot for you – just remember to charge her batteries when you’re done!

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JC Ways

Born into a family of avant-garde artists, JC Ways rebelled against conventional paths from an early age. After obtaining a degree in Gender Studies and Creative Writing, they embarked on a journey to challenge societal norms through their writing. Embracing the intersection of sexuality and identity, JC found their calling at, where they can explore and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human pleasure. With a flair for eloquent prose and a keen eye for innovative products, JC elevates the discourse around sexual wellness, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in every article they pen.

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