Christian Sex Toys – 14 Sex Toys For Married Couples

By: JC Ways

Is it okay for Christians to use sex toys? Depending on who you ask, the answer could be “yes”, “no”, or “kind of”.

With shops such as Covenant Spice and Amazon selling Liberator Chairs for easier natural sex positions, it’s easy to question the Bible’s stance on marital aids.

Many people believe that products which strengthen a Christian couple’s love and intimacy are totally fine in the eyes of the Lord, but some people disagree. We’ve dived into the scripture toward the end of the article so you can make up your own mind.

For now, here we present our top 14 Christian sex toys for married couples!

14 Sex Toys for Christian Married Couples

Liberator Chair

Use it for sex, sitting, whatever.

Best For: Partners who want to try different positions

If you’re bored of the missionary position and want to branch out to new and exciting sexual territory, the Liberator Chair is a brilliant piece of furniture-meets-marital-aid that can function as both a chair and a sex aid.

Liberator Chair

It’s made in the USA, the covers are machine washable, and it comes in 6 different colors, so there’s one to suit every bedroom! The unique design makes it easy to try doing it in many different ways!

Hitachi Magic Wand

Body massager or discreet sex toy.

Best For: Women who can’t orgasm easily.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a famous body massager that can also be used as a female vibrator thanks to its deep, rumbly vibrations that penetrate deep into the clitoris. If you’re a woman struggling to orgasm, try bringing this thing into the bedroom. You won’t regret it!

Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

Foreplay Dice

Increase sexual intimacy… at random!

Best For: More exciting foreplay!

If you want to spice up your foreplay but you’re not the most creative person in the world, these foreplay dice should give you plenty of ideas to try! One die has actions such as “kiss”, “stroke” or “blow” and the others have body parts such as “stomach”, “fingertips” and “inner thighs”. I’m sure you can use your imagination from there.

Foreplay Dice

“Purple Reins” Sex Swing

Prince would be proud.

Best For: Better leverage.

If you find it uncomfortable to try different positions on your bed, perhaps you should invest in this comfortable padded sex swing from LoveHoney. This hammock-style swing could be used to enhance multiple sexual positions and it can hold up to 22 stone (140 kg) in body weight. Just make sure your ceiling is strong!

“Purple Reins” Sex Swing


Iroha Temari Hana Silicone Vibrator

Is it a sex toy or is it art?

Best For: Those who need discretion

If you’re worried about people finding your sex aids, then this unique artistic Japanese adult toy is perfect for you. Designed as a discreet ball which vibrates, the toy can be used for female clitoral pleasure and potentially penis pleasure too. It’s a unique piece of décor that looks more at home in an art gallery!

Iroha Temari Hana Silicone Vibrator

Liberator Ramp

Ramp up the sexual intimacy!

Best For: Trying more advanced positions.

Another great piece of Liberator furniture, this sex ramp definitely doesn’t have another function – it’s designed for intercourse. It’s adjustable, comes in 5 different colors, and it’s great for getting her legs high in the air, ready for entry!

Liberator Ramp

Aloe Vera Vanilla Lubricant

Top-notch lubricant

Best For: Making oral taste like vanilla!

Brilliant for lubricating your genitals or making oral sex taste vanilla-esque, this 95% Aloe Vera Gel-based lubricant is sold by Christian Love Toys, a company dedicated to selling sex toys for Christians. This lube comes in many different flavors, but I love vanilla personally.

Aloe Vera Vanilla Lubricant

Adam & Eve Kegel Balls Set

Good for your health and your sex life!

Best For: Older women.

These fancy Kegel balls sold by Adam & Eve come in 3 different weights and have a gorgeous rose gold finish to add that extra touch of sophistication and class.

Adam & Eve Kegel Balls Set

Kegel balls (also known as “Ben Wa Balls”) are balls inserted into a woman’s vagina, usually throughout the day, which help to strengthen her vaginal walls and improve urinary incontinence. Some of them can also be worn during sex.

Chair With Inflatable Sex Pillow

Bouncy, sexy fun!

Best For: Alternative to your Christian bed!

Do you get sore or uncomfortable when you’re making love? Perhaps you should try the Toughage Chair with Inflatable Sex Pillow! Made from stainless steel and nylon, this durable sex chair can add fire back into any relationship.

Chair With Inflatable Sex Pillow

OhMiBod Esca 2

Remote controlled G-spot fun!

Best For: Long-distance married couples.

If your spouse often works away from home and you want to keep your sex life alive while they’re gone, then try the OhMiBod Esca 2. This G-spot vibrator connects to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so a husband can control the vibrations his wife feels from 10,000 miles away.

OhMiBod Esca 2

The Esca 2 is just one of many long distance sex toys available to partners in the modern world.

Lelo Sona Cruise

Clitorally mind-blowing.

Best For: Clitoral play during sex.

Ladies, if you want to make sex with your husband feel even better, try using the Sona Cruise on your clitoris as he thrusts inside you. A favorite in the sexual toys store, this toy uses sonic pulses to stimulate the clitoris, reaching 75% more of your deep internal clitoral complex.

Lelo Sona Cruise 2

Couple Vibrator 5-Piece Gift Set

Cheeky, naughty fun!

Best For: Playing together!

Featuring a finger vibrator and a vibrating cock ring for both his and her pleasure, this fun little set is perfect for newcomers to adult toys who aren’t sure where to start! The experience in the bedroom is sublime.

Couple Vibrator 5-Piece Gift Set

Lovehoney Vagina Pump

Increase your sensitivity

Best For: Getting ready for sex.

In case you don’t know, pussy pumps are a great way to make your vagina look more enticing, increase its sensitivity, and make your lips feel tighter. Many men like the “engorged” look of a freshly-pumped vagina, while many women enjoy the increased pleasure and aesthetic too.

Lovehoney Vagina Pump

LoveHoney Tie & Tease Oh! Kit

Vanilla BDSM

Best For: More adventurous religious partners.

Cheap and cheerful, this LoveHoney BDSM kit is perfect for beginners who don’t know how to use sex toys or bondage equipment! Complete with a feather, blindfold, and a couple of handties, this is a brilliant introduction to BDSM for kinkier couples.

LoveHoney Tie & Tease Oh! Kit

What Are Christian Sex Toys?

You can’t really class anything as a “Christian Sex Toy” so to speak – it’s more about marital aid products that you can use with your married partner in your marital bedroom that are in keeping with your beliefs regarding the Bible’s stance on sex toys.

Unsurprisingly, there’s nothing written in the Bible about dildos.

As such, it depends on your denomination of Christianity and how you choose to interpret scripture. You might feel that sex aids such as lubricants and cock rings help a man and woman to perform “natural” sex more easily, so they’re perfectly acceptable in the bedroom.

More liberal Christians might also believe that penis toys and clitoral vibrators can help Christian married couples to further their love and intimacy for each other.

Does God take offence to you using a vibrator with your husband or wife? That’s for you and your priest to decide.

Are Sex Toys Sinful?

So now we have to ask whether or not sex toys are sinful and violate the word of the Lord. To be fully transparent, I myself am an Agnostic who was raised Catholic until early adulthood, so I’m trying to come at this topic from a middle-ground perspective.

In my opinion, adult products are not sinful if they’re being used to strengthen the bond of marriage. As Radical Christian Woman points out, God created the orgasm so that partners would enjoy sexual pleasure together – vibrators and penis toys can be an additional way to enjoy this God-given gift of orgasm.

Like much of the Bible, God’s stance on adult products is open to interpretation.

Of course, stricter denominations of Christianity believe that penis-vagina sex is the only thing that should be occurring in a marital bed, regardless of conditions like erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness which might make sex difficult (or impossible) for loving spouses to engage in without sex aids.

Surely sex aids are only helping to make “natural sex” possible?

What Does the Bible Say About Sex Toys?

Spoiler Alert: The Bible says absolutely nothing about sex toys, so don’t let anyone tell you that they’re DEFINITELY sinful in the eyes of the Lord. However, there are a couple of commonly quoted verses which some people cite regarding this topic:

“Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” Hebrews 13:4

This verse suggests that only adulterers (i.e. cheaters) and whoremongers (i.e. prostitutes) can spoil the marital bed, which is otherwise “undefiled” (pure). This verse would suggest that married people can do whatever they want in the bedroom so long as it’s with each other, though some would argue that “undefiled” means the sex should be “pure” and “normal”.

There’s another commonly cited verse:

“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is seemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.”

Rom. 1:26-27

Now this verse basically ties adult products in with homophobia, suggesting that anything outside of male-female sex is “unnatural” and therefore sinful. Some Christians interpret “that which is against nature” as meaning ANYTHING outside of the bodily organs of the man and woman in the marriage – any outside man/woman/beast or object (i.e. sex toy) is not therefore “natural”.

Personally, I think you should read the verses and make up your own minds about what adult toys you’re comfortable using in your bed.

So yeah, the Bible isn’t exactly clear about dildos and adult products, presumably because they weren’t widely used 2,000 years ago. 28,000-year-old stone dildos have been found in Germany and it’s well-known that the Ancient Greeks made leather dildos, so while they may have been around during both the old and new testament, sexual toys and marital aids may have been kept hush-hush.

Conclusion – Should Christians Use Marital Aids?

So, should Christian married couples use marital aids? Well, that’s up to you, your personal religious beliefs, and the way that you interpret the Bible.

Discreet sex toys like Liberator Chairs can be used as furniture or as marital aids, depending on how you use them. Is it less sinful if your sex aid also functions as a piece of bedroom furniture? Well, that’s for you to decide.

If you’re more liberal with your interpretation of the Lord’s word, then fun sex toys like the Magic Wand Vibrator and the Foreplay Dice could be great ways to enhance your Christian love!

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this guide to Christian sex toys! If you have any suggestions for Christian love toys, let us know in the comments below!

Written by

JC Ways

Born into a family of avant-garde artists, JC Ways rebelled against conventional paths from an early age. After obtaining a degree in Gender Studies and Creative Writing, they embarked on a journey to challenge societal norms through their writing. Embracing the intersection of sexuality and identity, JC found their calling at, where they can explore and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human pleasure. With a flair for eloquent prose and a keen eye for innovative products, JC elevates the discourse around sexual wellness, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in every article they pen.

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