Lelo Loki Wave Review

Lelo Loki Wave Review – My Look at This Unique Vibrating Prostate Massager

By: JC Ways

The Lelo Loki Wave is without a doubt one of the most unique prostate massagers I’ve come across, and I come across plenty of men’s prostate toys in my line of work. The “wave motion”, also known as the “come hither motion” is designed to gently stroke your P-spot, similarly to a prostate massage performed with fingers. But is the Lelo Loki Wave worth the price tag? Does this “come hither vibrator” come close enough to orgasm? Let’s get into it!

Pros and Cons of the Lelo Loki Wave

Pros and Cons of the Lelo Loki Wave

Like most of my reviews, I’m going to put my cards on the table before getting into the nitty gritty details of this Loki Wave review.


  • “Come hither” motion is a very unique sensation
  • Multiple vibration modes – with and without the “come hither” setting
  • Dual vibrations motors for internal P-spot and external perineum stimulation
  • Excellent vibration settings from very soft to very intense
  • Sleek design and high-quality smooth silicone exterior
  • Many different ways to apply pressure to the prostate
  • Comes with 1-year Lelo warranty
  • USB charging
  • 100% waterproof


  • ​“Come hither” motion isn’t customizable – speed and motion are always the same
  • -“Come hither” motor is not very quiet or discreet
  • Large size makes this toy hard to keep inside your butt
  • Perineum arm could be longer
  • Control panel is not very intuitive (but looks like it should be)
  • Lack of remote control is annoying (controls on toy handle)
  • Felt nice and unique, but didn’t blow my mind

Overall, it’s a mixed bag with this Lelo Loki Wave review. The “come hither” motion makes it one of the most unique men’s sex toys I’ve ever used, but I’m not sure that it’s the best prostate massager ever. Still, there are some things about the Loki Wave that really got me off!

Come Hither Motion

Come Hither Motion

You’re gonna get sick of the words “come hither” soon. Sorry in advance.I can’t talk about the Lelo Loki Wave without talking about the “come hither” or “wave” motion that makes it so unique. For the most part, this toy has a typical prostate massager shape – a large end that goes inside your bottom and a smaller end that massages your perineum (taint/gooch) externally. However, the toy features special motors which cause it to pivot back and forth inside you, stroking your P-spot. This is coupled with strong dual vibrators in both the prostate and perineum arms, providing the internal and external stimulation that we’ve come to expect from modern prostate play toys.

The “wave motion technology” used in this Lelo prostate massager is the same technology used in the bestselling Ina Wave and Mona Wave sex toys for women.

There doesn’t appear to be much variation in the come hither motion – the toy moves back and forth at exactly the same speed, rhythm, and distance. You can change the vibration patterns which occur at the same time, but you cannot change the wave motion itself apart from simply turning it off and selecting a setting which has vibrations without the motion.

This lack of customization is disappointing, but I can forgive it for now. Hopefully Lelo make a future prostate toy which has more variation in the wave motion.

The “come hither” setting feels okay, but I’d be lying if I said it blew me away. Combined with some pleasurable vibrations, there was definitely some nice waves of sexual bliss washing over me, but not in the way that I expected. It’s a different feeling from your typical prostate massager for sure.There is a setting which features the come hither motion with no vibrations at all, and that was actually a really unique experience. It was a little bit like being fingered or receiving a prostate massage from a stranger. I found it quite erotic to lay back, let the Loki Wave stroke my P-spot, and imagine a sexy stranger fingering me without all the spine-tingling vibrations.

Men’s sex toy companies are obsessed with putting huge vibrators in their prostate massagers, but as I said in my Aneros Vice 2 review, you just end up desensitizing your P-spot if you hammer it with strong vibrations all the time.

One thing to consider with the wave motion is that it’s not very quiet. Rather than the quiet buzzing of a vibrator, it’s a very obvious repetitive mechanical sound. If you’re trying to be discreet, you’ll struggle to keep the “come hither” motor sounds muted with this toy. Even with the vibrations off, the wave motion sounds alone are VERY noticeable.

Vibration Settings

Vibration Settings

If you like a prostate vibrator with many variable strengths, this is the toy for you. You can go from a gentle hum all the way up to an earth-shaking rumble, if that’s what you like. There are 10 different stimulation modes to cycle through, all of which can be used at various strengths.As I said earlier, the toy comes with dual motors for the perineum arm and prostate arm, so you get dual stimulation both internally and externally. For me, the perineum arm wasn’t quite long enough, so I found it tricky to enjoy the perineum sensations. I’m quite a tall man, so this might not be a problem for smaller guys.The Lelo Loki Wave’s vibration settings can be used on their own or with the “come hither” motion, although I would argue that it’s maybe a little bit too much power to have all these motors whirling at once. Personally, I found that I enjoyed using the vibration modes on their own or the “come hither” motion on its own – all of them at once felt like stimulation overload.

I’d like to think that my ass is tough, but 3 different motors whirling around inside it can be overwhelming!

My Experience

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping it inside your butt

If you’re looking for a men’s prostate massager which is packed with fancy features, then the Lelo Loki Wave certainly delivers. However, the size of this thing is a huge downfall for me. Although it’s great that the prostate arm is filled with fancy motors, it means that the arm has to be pretty long and girthy. As a result, it falls out very easily because your anal sphincter cannot close enough to keep it in.

The surface of the Lelo Loki Wave is made from silicone, so DO NOT use silicone-based lube with the toy.

Once you add the wave motion into the mix with the githy arm, it becomes INCREDIBLY hard to keep this toy in. Your ass naturally wants to clench when using an anal toy, and you need to fight that natural urge. With this Lelo prostate massager, it is VERY hard to fight that natural urge. Many times, I would involuntarily clench and the toy would easily slip straight out. It was frustrating.I ended up holding the toy in place with one hand, which was a little awkward. If you don’t mind holding your prostate toys in place with your hand (I know that some guys do it) then you won’t have any problems with the Loki Wave. I prefer a hands-free experience, but to each his own.

If you’re not sure how to use a prostate massager, LoveHoney have a great video on finding your prostate.

The control panel

Another thing I need to mention is the control panel on the toy. Jesus I hated that control panel, and glancing at the Lelo Loki Review page on LoveHoney, many other customers did too. The control panel is sleek and simple, featuring 2 “up and down” arrow buttons and 2 “plus and minus” symbol buttons, but you need the fucking Rosetta Stone to understand it. It’s on the base of the toy itself – you don’t get a separate remote control or app. This is pretty annoying, because if you want to change the vibration setting while the toy is inside you, you just kinda feel around for the buttons and hope you get it right. With time, I imagine you could visualize which buttons you’re pressing and learn the settings better, but it wasn’t massively intuitive.  

It seems that this control panel is the same system used on the bestselling Ina Wave and Mona Wave sex toys for women. I guess women really are good at multitasking.

Would I recommend it?

Overall, I’d say that this toy felt unique. It is not the best prostate massager I’ve ever used, but it certainly has a flavor of its own. The come hither motion is obviously the USP with this Lelo prostate massager, and it is a decently pleasurable sensation, especially when used on its own or with the weaker vibration settings. So yeah, if you like to feel like your prostate is being gently stroked by a masseuse rather than vibrated to death, buy this toy. On the other hand, if you want a toy which is going to milk your prostate with vibrations alone, I’d suggesting trying something like the Lelo Hugo which is tailor-made for vibration.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Lelo Warranty

USB Charging

This toy claims to be 100% waterproof, which confused me because the charging socket on the bottom has no covering. However, the manual explains that the USB charging socket is sealed from the inside of the device, making it waterproof down to a depth of 1 meter. In other words, you can use this toy in the bath or shower without getting a shock – nice! The USB charging is nice and convenient, though I’ve come to expect it from toys of this caliber. The battery takes a couple of hours to charge and lasts around 90-120 minutes in my experience, depending on how much power you’re using.

Lelo Warranty

One great thing about Lelo sex toys is their 1-year Lelo warranty. Your toy comes with a unique warranty card with a serial number on it which you register on the Lelo website. If you have a problem within a year, Lelo will replace the product free of charge. They also have a 10-year guarantee which allows you to get a new toy with a 50% discount if your massager fails outside the warranty window.

I’d like to test whether Lelo’s 10-year guarantee is always honored, but sadly I don’t have 10 years to write this Loki Wave review.


When you need to clean the Loki Wave, I’d recommend cleaning it with warm water and antibacterial soap. Give it a good scrub with your hands, as this kind of body-safe velvety silicone can cling onto nasty odors sometimes – the kind of nasty odors you get from a bum.Lelo, of course, want you to buy their specially branded sex toy spray. You can buy it if you want, but I think antibacterial soap does the same job for much cheaper. If you’re set on using a professional sex toy cleaner spray, you might want to look for a cheaper option that isn’t branded.


Lelo Loki Cum Clusion

I hope you enjoyed this Lelo Loki Wave review! All in all, I’d recommend the Lelo Loki Wave if you’ve used a lot of vibrating prostate massagers and you’re in the market for something a little different. Hell, the wave motion might just hit your P-spot in exactly the right way for you, who knows? For myself, I think I’ll try out the “come hither” setting without any vibrations every now and then, just because of how unique it is. Nonetheless, I own alternative Lelo prostate massagers which I would probably reach for before this.

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