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Tawney Seren

BY Ian

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I am a Pacific Northwesterner who specializes in collecting skills and knowledge, most of it pertaining to sex and sex toys!

I have always been open in regards to talking sex and wanted nothing more than to work in the world of sex education and help others. 

After years of working in the industry as a content creator and performer, I was surrounded with viewers who had questions upon questions about sex and toys!  Realizing there weren’t enough voices in the sex education community, I started to share my experiences and study.

Since my start, I’ve not only worked hard to become one of the top sex educators and reviewers on YouTube,  but pour myself into my books and blog Openbobsbb.com.com in hopes that the knowledge I learn can help others. Sex education is not something always available and often shadowed by stigma. I want to share how healthy and beautiful sex and masturbation is and help normalize talking about it.  When I’m not writing, performing, or recording, I’m relaxing with my husband and doggo, watching reruns of The Office, working on audiobooks, and pretending to partake in a variety of physical activities. Come along on my sexventure!

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