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Liberator Esse Review – My Look At This Liberator Sex Furniture

By: JC Ways

The Liberator Esse is a sex chair made by sex furniture company Liberator. If you struggle to have sex on a bed, then a purpose-built sex chair like the Esse could be the perfect way to explore new sexual positions.

Founded in 2001, Liberator is known for making a wide variety of sex furniture, such as the Liberator Wedge sex pillow and the Liberator Ramp. The Esse sex chair remains one of their most popular products, yet on the surface, it’s just a $480 chair.

So, what makes it so great?

Let’s find out in this Liberator Esse review!

Pros and Cons of the Liberator Sex Chair

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First off, before getting into the nitty-gritty details, I think it’s important to go over the pros and cons of the Liberator Esse:


  • You can try more sexual positions
  • Penetration can be made deeper and more powerful
  • Faux leather cover
  • Moisture-proof nylon lining
  • Headrest can also act as a cushion for the “dip”
  • High-density foam padding for comfort
  • Black Label version has D-rings for BDSM
  • Made in the USA
  • Some Liberators can pass as normal furniture


  • Expensive
  • D-rings are a bit small
  • Assembly required
  • You need space
  • Black Label version cannot pass as normal furniture

It’s a mixed bag with the Liberator Esse, but it skews toward the positive. While this Liberator sex chair may be space-consuming and expensive, it can improve your sex life and the company has cleverly thought about the design to make it as accessible as possible for everyone. It’s also made in the USA, which is always nice to hear!

Things to Consider Before Buying the Liberator Esse

liberator esse red

Before buying a piece of Liberator sex furniture like the Esse, there are a few things you need to ask yourself first:

Do you have space?

The Liberator Esse Chaise is about 5’7 long, and then 1’8 wide and 1’8 high. Once you’ve put it together, it’s not easy to disassemble, so you need the space to store this sex bench permanently. A lot of people put them in their basement as part of a sex dungeon, but I personally kept it at the foot of my bed.

It’s like a really sexy ottoman.

While some people use their Liberator chair as a piece of furniture in their living room or bedroom, they’re not always subtle and the peculiar shape would be sure to raise a few eyebrows if mom and pop visit. The Black Label version also comes with D-rings (bondage attachment points) which would be hard to explain away.

Have fun explaining that one to your Aunt!

Can you put furniture together?

Now I’m someone who takes 3 days to put together an IKEA chair, so I was naturally worried about the assembly process when it came to a $500 piece of erotic furniture.

There’s no IKEA hotline for sex chairs!

Luckily, the process isn’t too harrowing and I managed to put the Liberator Esse Chaise together just fine, but beware if you’re the kind of person who isn’t exactly “handy”.

Maybe have someone help you. Someone… open-minded.

Can you afford it?

Though I understand why this sublime high-quality product is the price that it is, it’s certainly not in everyone’s budget to spend hundreds of dollars on a sex chair.

If you’re not quite able to afford such an expensive piece of equipment, there are cheaper Liberator products like the Liberator Ramp (a sex ramp) and the Liberator Wedge (a sex pillow) which could spice up your sex life for a lot less money.

How To Use It, Liberator Esse Positions

liberator esse usage

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Using a sex chair like the Liberator Esse is all about using your imagination and seeing what works for you! Here are some very easy Liberator sex positions to try:

Doggy style

Lots of ladies love to get fucked doggy style on this chair by putting the headrest in the dip to flatten out the overall shape of the chaise. If you put your knees in the middle and lean downwards toward the lower end of the chair, your butt is naturally raised into the air so that your partner can stand behind you and plow away.

The angle created by doggy style with this chair significantly helps with G-spot stimulation, so you might find that doggy style suddenly feels amazing when it always seemed a little “meh” in the past.

Missionary (but sexier)

It’s simple, but lying on the Liberator with your crotch in the dip is naturally just a really easy way to have missionary-style sex. Your partner can slide into you while your pelvis is perfectly supported in the dip of the chair at the perfect angle.


Having missionary sex in the Liberator Esse is also a great way to pound away without making too much noise – you don’t have to worry about the bed or the mattress squeaking away when you’re trying to have a good time.


Get the penetrating partner to sit in the dip of the Esse, straddling the chair with a leg either side and their body facing towards the lower part of the chair.

Then sit and straddle the chair in the opposite direction so you’re facing them, sliding them inside you and then using your feet on the floor for leverage. You’re effectively “riding” your partner while you’re both facing each other.

In my experience, this is a very intimate way to have sex with the Esse. You can passionately kiss and hug each other while simultaneously fucking. Fun times!

Oral sex

If you’ve got a vulva and you enjoy receiving oral sex from your partner, the Esse naturally gives them an easy position to eat your pussy!

Simply lie back in the Esse in the standard position, pointing your crotch upwards slightly on the curve of the sofa. Your partner can easily kneel at the end of the couch or lean over the edge of the Esse and eat you out to your heart’s content.

If that’s a little uncomfortable, you could also try the same thing but fill the dip in with the headrest so your body is at a more elevated angle in general.

Do what works for you!

If you like the idea of an oral sex chair, check out queening stools. Queening stools are pieces of kinky sex furniture designed for cunnilingus. Basically, they’re a padded chair with the bottom partially cut out and a padded cushion underneath for your partner’s head. Sit like a true queen!

Bondage Play

If you’ve got the Liberator Esse Black Label edition, the chair comes complete with a sexy black faux leather covering and a bunch of D-rings attached to the bottom. In case you don’t know, D-rings are metal “attachment points” used for BDSM and bondage play.

Basically, you attach handcuffs and restraints to them.

This makes the Black Label Liberator Esse PERFECT for bondage play, whether you’re a beginner or an expert in this stuff. Simply lie back in the Esse, get that blindfold on, and have your partner attach your wrists and ankles to the attachment points at the bottom of the chair.

This leaves your body vulnerable and exposed – you won’t be able to do anything as your partner teases your body, fucks you silly, or licks you out till you’re red in the face from screaming and squirming. You will truly be their bitch.

I’m getting hot just thinking about it.

My Experience with the Liberator Esse

liberator esse in the room

Overall, I was impressed with this chair. I love the feel of the faux leather material – it’s grippy in just the right way without becoming uncomfortable. I was worried that I would sweat all over this chair, but it was fine and felt very comfortable on the skin. Even if you do make a bodily-fluid-based mess, the inner lining is moisture-proof, so there’s no damage.

I need this for all furniture in my life.

Having Sex on the Liberator

I mean, first of all, the sex was amazing. My partner and I tried all of the positions above (and many more that don’t have names) and I was blown away. I poo-pooed this sex chair as marketing nonsense at first, but I actually couldn’t believe how much better sex felt on this compared to our bed!

The fact that you can fuck super hard and fast without making too much noise is a huge plus for me. I’m always worried about making too much noise and disturbing the neighbors when we’re having sex, so I find it difficult to “let go” and stop worrying when we’re having sex in bed.

It doesn’t exactly get me in the mood.

However, with the Liberator, you can bonk away as hard and as fast as you like without making too much noise at all. It really is a game-changer when it comes to discretion in the bedroom.

How the Liberator Esse made me feel

One of my favorite things about the Liberator Esse is how this chair made me feel. It’s hard to describe, but having a dedicated piece of sex furniture just puts you in that erotic mood as soon as you’re on it.

I dunno, it’s just different to a bed.

When you lie down on the Esse, you’re naturally curved into a sultry “come and fuck me” position, so you just kind of feel like your inner sex goddess is allowed to come out. Honestly, I felt like Aphrodite waiting to get her daily dose of the D.

This feeling, combined with the amazing rough sex, was just pure bliss.

Review Final Verdict – Should You Buy One?

liberator esse white

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All in all, I would definitely recommend the Liberator Esse as a solid piece of sex furniture that has massively spiced up my sex life!

However, if you’ve got limited space, privacy concerns, or a small budget, I’d recommend checking out the Liberator Wedge (around $80) or the Liberator Ramp and Wedge combo for around $200.

Whatever piece of sex furniture you decide to buy, just remember to read the instructions, stay safe, and have fun!

Written by

JC Ways

Born into a family of avant-garde artists, JC Ways rebelled against conventional paths from an early age. After obtaining a degree in Gender Studies and Creative Writing, they embarked on a journey to challenge societal norms through their writing. Embracing the intersection of sexuality and identity, JC found their calling at, where they can explore and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human pleasure. With a flair for eloquent prose and a keen eye for innovative products, JC elevates the discourse around sexual wellness, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in every article they pen.

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