The Walrus Dildo Guide – Taming the Beast

The walrus has one of the most magnificent cocks in the animal kingdom, and a walrus dildo lets you experience it from the comfort of your own home — no trips to the arctic circle required. In this guide, i’ll be reviewing the anatomically correct walrus dildo on Amazon, but there’s more than just one […]

Dildo Sculptor

This tool helps you design and print dildos with a 3D printer.  You can use the prints as models to cast molds.  The mold can be used again and again to make a bounty of silicone dongs. If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can still download your dildo’s .STL file from the publish […]

In Thrust We Trust: The Best Thrusting Dildos and Vibrators

Thrusting dildos are a very different experience than your typical vibrator.  If you turn up the settings all the way they move like a jackhammer and thrust thrust thrust until you bust. The best thrusting dildos also have strong waves and ridges that feels awesome when it’s going at full speed. Thrusting Dildo Materials When […]

The Most Expensive and High End Dildos In The World

In modern times, some dildos are further then ever from the flimsy pieces of plastic they’re stereotyped to be, they’re fine art. The most expensive dildos are showstoppers at high end art galleries, and painstakingly crafted by world-renown artists. For this list, I’ve put together 10 of the most stunning (and expensive) dildos. World’s Most […]

Review picture for pop semenette

Once You Pop You Can’t Stop (Semenette Pop! Review)

The title of this review is more than just a play on words,  the ‘Pop!’ is one darn addicting dildo. Part of why it’s so addicting is the bulb, which is easy to use and delivers a realistic 2 mL of semen. I associate cuming with a release of tension, and with pop, jizzing looks […]

Shaking Things Up With The Fun Factory Bouncer (Dildo Review)

From the outside the Fun Factory Bouncer looks like any other dildo, but once you pick it up you notice something is different.  It jiggles!  This is pretty much a dildo maraca that with some work could make a great addition to a bands lineup. For this review I purchased a red Bouncer at my […]

Where to Buy Dildos

When it comes to buying dildos you have two main options: buying from your local sex shop, or buying online. Where to Buy Dildos Online Scouring the internet for dildos is a great past time.  You can discover interesting shapes and color combinations you might never know existed if you just went to a local […]

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