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37 Dragon Dildos (Including Some Cheaper Bad Dragon Alternatives)

The world of dragon dildos is overflowing with all kinds of mythical penises.  These dongs first hit the underground sex toy scene thanks to bad dragon in the mid 2000s, and have since become one of the most epic ways to get off. A Dragon dildo can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. […]

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best seduction cup dildos

Best Suction Cup Dildos For Wall & Shower Suction

Suction cup dildos allow you to “ride” a dildo instead of using your hands. With a suitable flat surface, you can easily stick a suction cup dildo down, lube it up, and ride the night away. Dildos with suction cups are great for hardwood floors, strong walls, and many people stick them to the shower wall […]

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best crystal sex toys

A Guide to Crystal Sex Toys – The 13 Best Crystal Dildos, Yoni Eggs, Butt Plugs, and Wands

Even if you don’t believe in chakras and healing energies and whatnot, crystal sex toys are unique products capable of very sensual pleasure.They also look really gosh darn pretty.Many women love dildos like the Rose Quartz Crystal Dildo for their aesthetic, spiritual, and orgasmic properties. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.So, whether you’re a […]

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The Best Dog Dildos: Canine, Wolf, Fox, and Other Kinds of Knot Dildo

There is an animal instinct in all human beings. After all, we’re all animals. Some people like to express their animal instinct through sex, which makes a great fantasy. How would it feel to have an animal penis up your vagina or ass? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. There’s a hoard of animal […]

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RealCock 2

RealCock 2 Review: Is the $500 realistic dildo worth it?

The RealCock 2 has been dubbed by its creators to be “the world’s most realistic dildo” and costs a whopping $499. It is the brainchild of Abyss Creations, the company responsible for the famous RealDoll sex dolls. I recently got to experience the RealCock 2 for myself and let me just say that if sex dolls […]

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Best Strapless Strap On: 11 Strap-on Dildos That Don’t Need a Harness

Many lesbians use strap-ons with their partners, but did you know that you can get strapless strap-ons held in place by the wearer’s vaginal muscles? These sex toys are most commonly used by lesbians, though heterosexual couples might use them for pegging too. Pegging is when a woman wears a strap-on to anally penetrate a […]

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Dick Molding Kit From Empire Labs

Clone A Willy Review: Dick Molding Kit From Empire Labs

In case you weren’t aware, it’s now possible to make your own dildo based on your penis with a dick molding kit.  This used to be the kind of thing that you’d have to get done professionally, but the geniuses at Clonewilly.com have created at-home molding kits for both penises and vaginas, allowing you to […]

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How to Use a Dildo

A survey from LoveHoney found that 3 in 4 US citizens own a dildo, including 78% of women.  Further research has found that only 6% of women orgasm regularly from penetrative sex, leaving many ladies to look to sex toys in pursuit of the female orgasm. In this 14-step guide, we look at how to […]

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The Walrus Dildo Guide – Taming the Beast

The walrus has one of the most magnificent cocks in the animal kingdom, and a walrus dildo lets you experience it from the comfort of your own home — no trips to the arctic circle required. In this guide, i’ll be reviewing the anatomically correct walrus dildo on Amazon, but there’s more than just one […]

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Dildo Sculptor

This tool helps you design and print dildos with a 3D printer.  You can use the prints as models to cast molds.  The mold can be used again and again to make a bounty of silicone dongs. If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can still download your dildo’s .STL file from the publish […]

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