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What’s the Best Onahole Ever? Here’s the Top 13 Onaholes Ranked!

  • December 13, 2019
  • / Men

Japan is famous for creating some of the latest and greatest ways to fap.   One of their best inventions, the onahole,  is a squishy stroker toy that is as fun to squeeze and touch as it is to penetrate. But there’s so many onaholes to choose from, more than any guy can hope to fuck […]

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How to Cum More – 27 Natural Ways to Increase Jizz Volume

Healthy men ejaculate 1.5ml to 7.6ml of semen on average per cumshot. While this whole range is considered healthy and normal, it’s understandable that guys shooting 2ml of sperm wanna know how to cum more and get multiple cum loads every time they orgasm. Porn, insecurity, and high expectations all contribute to the male desire […]

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Tenga Flip Hole EV Review

Tenga Flip Hole EV Review – My Honest Opinion on the Tenga Masturbator

Some sex toy reviewers have spoken about the Tenga Flip Zero as if Moses himself came down from Mount Sinai and gifted it to our penises. Like it’s the holy grail of male masturbators. I don’t believe in hyperbole, so I’m going to keep it real with you in this review.The Tenga Flip Zero EV […]

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DIY Fleshlights

How to Make a DIY Fleshlight: 25 Homemade Pocket Pussy Ideas

Men’s sex toy sales have gone up by over 1,000% in the last 10 years – online sex shops have made it easier for guys to buy Fleshlights and pocket pussies with confidence. But with the best Fleshlights costing upwards of $70, many guys are using household items to make DIY Fleshlights for cheap.Here I […]

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Sex Robots 101 – A Guide to Latest Advances in Sex Robot A.I. and Technology

Forbes has described sex robots as the most disruptive technology of our time. 1 in 4 men say they would consider fucking a sex robot now or in the near future. There are sex robot brothels opening in Barcelona and across Europe. For better or worse, sex robot technology is here to stay.Sex robots are […]

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An Ultimate Guide to the Best Penis and Male Milking Machines

Penis milking machines are some of the best male sex toys you can find if you’re looking for a long-lasting session with a powerful orgasm. Unlike other sex toys, dick milking machines are designed to do all of the work for you, tugging and massaging your penis until you’re ready for the big finish.There are plenty of […]

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Is Penomet Worth It? My Review of the Penomet Penis Pump

As I’ve said time and time again, a penis pump is not a magic bullet solution to having a small penis.  Whether you’re going for the BathMate or the Penomet, penis enlargement is a lifestyle change that requires regular penis pumping sessions in order to maintain the results.  Yes, you may be able to grow […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Milking: Prostate Massage Techniques, Preparation, and Tools

Prostate milking is the Holy Grail of male sexuality.  If you’re ready, willing, and able, men (and those assigned male at birth!) are able to achieve mind-blowing multiple orgasms without even having to touch their cock at all.  Some men can even cum from anal orgasms alone, with their penis shooting out cum hands-free. It’s quite […]

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11 Cheap Sex Dolls For Sale Right Now – How to Buy Love Dolls at a Low Price

I’m not going to lie to you – the best sex dolls cost a lot of money. If you’re after the most realistic sex doll in the world with a customizable vagina, booty, hair color, and nipple style, then you’re going to be spending upwards of $5,000 at somewhere like Real Doll. However, if you’re […]

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Top Blowjob Machines That Feel Like The Real Thing

For some guys, getting a blowjob is the best-feeling sexual experience you can have, even better than vaginal and anal sex. But even if you have a wife or a girlfriend, not all women like giving blowjobs or want to give them as frequently as you’d like. That’s where automatic blowjob machines come in. Although they’re similar […]

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