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The 14 Best Fleshlights in 2020: The Best Feeling Sleeves and Most Realistic Textures

In 2019, there are more fleshlights to choose from than any guy can realistically hope to fuck in a single year. The brand has come a long way since the very first version was released in 1995. Now, you can choose between different textures, styles, and even vaginas modeled after your favorite pornstars. Chapters: What […]

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23 Best Pocket Pussies in 2020: An Ultimate Guide To Getting Some Pocket Pussy

Pocket pussies are one of the best ways to mix up masturbation and make jerking-off feel more intense. In this guide we’ve gathered up the best pocket pussies in the world, and we’re ranking them in order–this is going to be a very stimulating read.  Before we get started, it helps to know the different styles of pocket […]

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One Cock Ring to Rule Them All: A Guide to The 21 Best Dick Rings

Everyone should have a few good cock rings in their sex toy drawer.   Once you know how to use them, cock rings can give you extra hard erections, the ability to make your dick vibrate on command, or add some extra visual excitement if it’s a particularly good-looking cock ring.What is a cock ring?A cock […]

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Good Guybrations: A Guide to The Best Penis Vibrators

Penis Vibrators, aka guybrators, are toys that vibrate, rather than stroke, the penis.  They can also be used as strokers, but it’s not their specialty, they’re made to just pulse and ruble you to deep orgasms. By vibrating deeply, these toys shake your shaft all the way to your core, and stimulate your prostate.  This makes […]

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Best Male Sex Toys: Top 15 Sex Devices and Masturbators for Guys

In 2020, there’s more male sex toys out there than any single guy can fuck in a single lifetime.   That hasn’t stopped us from trying though.  We’ve tested dozens of the top-rated sex toys for guys, so you can skip the dirty work and get right to finding the good stuff. Before we start reviewing […]

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