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11 Cheap Sex Dolls For Sale Right Now – How to Buy Love Dolls at a Low Price

I’m not going to lie to you – the best sex dolls cost a lot of money. If you’re after the most realistic sex doll in the world with a customizable vagina, booty, hair color, and nipple style, then you’re going to be spending upwards of $5,000 at somewhere like Real Doll. However, if you’re […]

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Top Blowjob Machines That Feel Like The Real Thing

For some guys, getting a blowjob is the best-feeling sexual experience you can have, even better than vaginal and anal sex. But even if you have a wife or a girlfriend, not all women like giving blowjobs or want to give them as frequently as you’d like. That’s where automatic blowjob machines come in. Although they’re similar […]

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Lelo Loki Review

The World’s Strongest Prostate Vibrations – My Lelo Loki Review

Lelo claims that the Lelo Loki is the “world’s strongest prostate vibrator”. Now, I don’t know if they’ve performed a double-blind controlled experiment to prove that, but a quick Google search seems to support this claim. Well done to Lelo for creating the world’s strongest prostate vibrator, but as Shania said, that don’t impress me […]

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Lelo Hugo Review

Lelo Hugo Review – My Take on this Lelo Prostate Toy

The Lelo Hugo prostate vibrator is a brand new remote controlled prostate massager from sex toy manufacturers Lelo. The ornate black and gold product box tells you that this remote controlled prostate vibrator is a “Global Bestseller” which uses “SenseMotion Technology” to enhance your prostate play time. But what is this technology? Can it give […]

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Lelo Loki Wave Review

Lelo Loki Wave Review – My Look at This Unique Vibrating Prostate Massager

The Lelo Loki Wave is without a doubt one of the most unique prostate massagers I’ve come across, and I come across plenty of men’s prostate toys in my line of work. The “wave motion”, also known as the “come hither motion” is designed to gently stroke your P-spot, similarly to a prostate massage performed […]

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39 Male Masturbation Techniques to Try

Everybody wanks. One national US study found that 95% of men had masturbated at some point in their lives. In fact, another study found that 20.1% of men in their late 20s engage in solo male masturbation sessions 4+ times per week. Personally, I think that figure is a bit low. I guess people don’t […]

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Bathmate Review and Results – Does Bathmate Give You a Bigger Penis?

First things first, a penis pump isn’t a miracle solution for getting a bigger dick. Yes, penis pumps can make your dick a couple of inches longer, but it’s the same principle as going to the gym regularly – you have to keep up with the “exercise” or you’ll return to your previous form. Real penis […]

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My Lovense Edge Review

My Lovense Edge Review – Game-changing Adjustable Prostate Massager

When it comes to men’s sex toys, they don’t get much better than prostate toys. Male prostate orgasms can be incredibly intense, whether you’re using prostate massagers for medical purposes or anal play. The Lovense Edge is the world’s first adjustable prostate vibrator, so naturally I was intrigued to check it out. The box assures you that […]

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Tenga Egg Review

Tenga Egg Review – My Opinion on the Japanese Sex Eggs

In case you didn’t know, Tenga is a Japanese sex toy company which focuses primarily on men’s sex toys. They are known for creating male sex toys with a “new adult concept” which basically means that they don’t look like sex toys at all. Most Tenga products look like pieces of sleek modern art, whether […]

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My Experience with the Classic Anal Fleshlight

Anal Fleshlight Review – My Experience with the Classic Anal Fleshlight

Fleshlight are famous for making male strokers which resemble vaginas, some of which are even based on the vaginas of real pornstars. But did you know that they also produce anal fleshlights? These anal fleshlights supposedly create the perfect anal simulation, but I had my doubts.As someone who’s engaged in a fair amount of real […]

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