4 Best Male Sex Dolls: Love Dolls that look Like Men

By: JC Ways

It’s generally assumed that “sex dolls are just for lonely guys who can’t get a real woman”. And if you agree with this statement – you’re gonna learn something new today.

Whether it be for physical, emotional, or mental reasons? As technology and the internet advances leaps and bounds… in-person socialization declines more and more. So much so, that it’s become very difficult to start and maintain a relationship. And this doesn’t just go for men but, women too.

Which is where sex dolls come into play. After all:

“Sex should be friendly. Otherwise stick to mechanical toys; it’s more sanitary.”

— Robert A. Heinlein

That said, there’s more to a pleasure doll than… well… sex. There are various reasons that come into play in getting a love doll. Whether you want an all-encompassing masturbation experience, a threesome, or long-time companionship. There’s something for everyone.

While the sex doll industry may have started as “just for straight guys” and as “blow-up dolls”. Let alone used to be taboo. It’s come leaps and bounds over the past few years.

To wherethere are male and female sex dolls available on the market for every sexual orientation and kink. Whether you’re male or female. Gay, straight, or bi. Or even just… curious.

Unfortunately, not all of these amazing pleasure gods are created equal…

As a result, we’ve put together a list of the 4 best sex dolls for women, and gay or bi men, on the market. Along with a basic overview of what to look for in a male sex doll, and a mini-guide with other helpful tips and tricks. So you can easily make the decision that’s best for you.

Starting with:

The Best Male Love Dolls Available on the Market

As of 2019, sex dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes – and the industry is only continuing to grow. But, not all brands make kindred souls.

We’ll shed some light on some of the best male fuck dolls – that we’ve reviewed just for you. Covering brands from high-end models to cheaper alternatives. Doing our best to be thorough, and unbiased. Giving you a first-hand experience on these glorious male sex dolls.

And we only recommend the best out of everything we test.

These absolutely divine, and finely crafted, realistic male sex dolls? You can dress up, or dress down, depending on your mood. And they provide you with comfort, affection, and support when you need it the most. Beginning with:

The Male RealDoll

Best For: Lifelike & Fully Customizable Male Sex Dolls

Height: 5’9″ (175.26 cm)

Weight: 95 – 110 lbs (43 – 50 kg)

Number of Orifices: 1

Penis Size: 7.5″ (19.05 cm)

Material(s): High-Quality Platinum Silicone


Note: All measurements, and number of orifices, based on pre-configured orders.

This luxury love doll is as realistic, and fully customizable, as you can get. From the eyes, face, body, and choice in penis – along with whether it’s removable or not. To the hair color, hairstyle, and body hair. Even the skin color.

Afterall, with the goal of companionship – these high-end dolls are more than your average sex doll. Made from top quality materials and the most advanced technology. You can create your own NateMicheal, or Nick… or even a completely tailor-made doll to meet all your desires.

With even the smallest details taken into account to ensure your fantasy comes to life.

The Male RealDoll

He comes with a steel internal skeleton so you can put your new Adonis in any position, or pose, you choose. You can even have conversations with this lifelike masterpiece. Making him the ideal companion – without the hassle that comes with dealing with a real man.

If price isn’t an issue, to get the best male love doll on the market – RealDoll is the way to go.

“This is really about providing some kind of companionship for those who don’t have it, or can’t have it.” – Matt McMullen, founder and CEO of Abyss Creations


  • Very Durable, Easy to Clean, Super Realistic & Lifelike, Fully Customizable, Changeable Face, Anatomically Correct Penis, High-Quality Body-Safe Materials for Men & Women


  • Pricier Than Other Brands

Silicone Wives: Hunter

Best For: Versatility & All-Around Play

Height: 5’3″ (160.02 cm)

Weight: 72 lbs (32.7 kg)

Number of Orifices: 2

Penis Size: 8″ (20.32 cm)

Material(s): Soft & Supple TPE

With a shorter than average height, steel skeleton, and movable joints? This muscular gladiator is ready to go in any position you desire.

Hunter isn’t just there for the dicking down either, he’s there for the all-around play too. With true-to-life, natural feeling anal and oral play. Utilizing a realistic feeling mouth and a tight ass.

Plus, despite the fact he’s made from soft and supple TPE material? Hunter still has that muscular firmness that you want from a man. In addition to a veined, long shaft and soft balls – which just adds to the fantasy.

Silicone Wives- Hunter

While Hunter can’t quite compare to RealDoll in quality, lifelikeness, or customization? His cost makes him a worthy pick. Not to mention his versatility… which makes bringing even the kinkiest of fancies to life a reality – for both men and women.

If you’re looking to bring your fantasies involving your favorite sexy anime males to life? Their male sex doll, Patrick, is the way to go.


  • Anal & Oral Play Available, Easy to Maintain & Clean, Detachable 8″ Penis, Versatile


  • Made from TPE, Height of a Fun-Sized Woman, Not so Durable, Can’t be Rode Bareback by a Woman

The Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll

Best For: Couples Play & Threesome Fantasies

Height: N/A

Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)

Number of Orifices: 1

Penis Size: 7″ (17.78 cm)

Material(s): Fanta Flesh TPR

The saying “just the tip” is only that, and more, when it comes to this male sex doll torso. He’s designed to be as lifelike as possible in feel and touch. As well as, boasts of a tight anus feature… which has internal ribs and bumps that tease the tip of a man’s cock for more intense orgasms. With a hole in the back for cleaning of course.

The Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll

Brought to life with men, women, and couples play in mind; the Pipedream Extreme allows it’s partners to… well… awaken experimental desires and threesome fantasies. Without the risk of getting a live-in-the-flesh third involved. Making it perfect for those who aren’t ready for a full-sized fuck doll but, still want to try it out.

This torso only male sex doll by Pipedream is porous and not so safe for women as it’s made from TPR material. As a result, it will require special care. Which is why it comes with samples of sex toy cleaner, lubricant, and a full-size bottle of revive powder… made specifically for Fanta Flesh.


  • Realistic Feel, Good Sized Cock, Ease of Use, Great for Couples Play, Waterproof


  • Just a Torso, A Bit on the Heavier Side, Not Easy to Store, Can Be Cold to the Touch/Difficult to Warm Up, Made of TPR, Requires Constant Maintenance, Not Very Durable, Can’t Ride Bareback as a Female

The YOTEFUN 3D Lifelike Masturbater

Best For: Sex Doll Fun on a Budget

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Number of Holes: 1

Penis Size: 7.5″ (19.05 cm)

Material(s): TPR

If you’re wanting to try out a male sex doll but, not quite ready for the whole kit and caboodle – this wallet-friendly mister may be for you.

You can even throw a Lush, or other type of vibrator, in his butt hole. Creating a ride-able, vibrating dildo that will leave your legs shaking and weak.

The YOTEFUN 3D Lifelike Masturbater

Plus, because of that nice tight ass coupled with the ride-able dildo? He’s perfect for men, women, and couples alike to utilize.

Made from TPR material, this budget-friendly, fuck doll cock and ass requires play done with a condom and lube. Especially if you’re a woman.


  • Waterproof, Molded After a Real Penis, Lifelike Feel


  • Made from TPR, Not Quite Stiff Enough/Little Too Flimsy, Not Very Durable, No Bareback Riding for Women, Unfaltering Maintenance Required

There’s so many options out there that can make your head spin, which is why we did our best to help narrow it down. But, for those who are new to this fascinating industry – it begs the question:

What Are the Benefits of Having a Male Sex Doll?

As previously mentioned, dolls of passion aren’t just for sex. Contrary to popular belief – they make great companions without asking too much in return. Simply providing company.

Instead of questioning your whereabouts, nagging you, asking you to make a sandwich, leaving messes everywhere – or whatever else bugs you about a living, breathing, male? All you gotta do is just clean him after use, it’s that simple. No more man-children to take care of.

Woo-hoo! Pretty awesome, right? So much so, it could make anyone ditch their hubby and pick up these awesome sex dolls. So what other benefits can you get from a male sex doll?

To start, they’re:

An Ideal Alternative to a Human Partner

Amongst the other reasons mentioned above, sometimes it’s just hard to love again… for a small amount of time at least. Whether the cause be a nasty break-up, loss of a loved one, some trauma, anxiety, or some other reason. Love dolls offer support and comfort, that humans crave, until you’re ready for a new human relationship. There’s even:

No Judgement

You can literally use a sex doll as a simulation to learn HOW to treat your (future) partner. When you guys are ready to take it to that level of course. You can make plenty of mistakes and correct them without any judgment – in and out of the bedroom. Becoming the sex god/goddess you know you are and the best you that you can be, they’re even:

Safer & Convenient

Depending on the laws of your country, state, or city… your government may be putting measures in place to enhance the safety of the sex industry. Whether they be escorts or prostitutes.

But, the reality is fuck dolls will ALWAYS be safer to have sex with compared to a new partner, regardless if they’re in the industry or not. Sometimes even more so than an old or current partner. There’s no risk of any STDs or STIs, not to mention the other risks, when you’re with a pleasure doll.

Plus, your male sex doll will never not be in the mood for sex whenever you want him. Meaning no appointments ahead of time, or anything of the sort, required. They also:

Come in Different Shapes & Sizes

To meet the ever-changing needs of the market, each love doll gets designed differently. Giving you the opportunity to pick and choose the one that meets your specific needs and wants. You can even get a unique, tailor-made experience with a life-sized doll that’s fully customizable to your desires. Not to mention they’re:

An Amazing Way to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Fuck dolls make the perfect third for a ménage à trois. Introducing added excitement and hype into your normal play. If you’ve been experiencing challenges or boredom in the bedroom – he can reintroduce the luster. Or if you’re a freaky, kinky, and/or exploring couple – he can help spice up that experience.

“I was married for 25 years, most of the last ten years were unhappy. Now that I’m single again, the last thing I want is a (real) relationship. Fake male sex dolls don’t complain, they’re always there, never have a headache. Dolls win.”

Anonymous Sex Doll User

Which brings us to the next part of this extensive guide:

What’s the Difference Between Male & Female Sex Dolls?

While this may seem like an obvious answer – is it really? Besides the glaringly self-explanatory distinction of one doll having a penis, and the other a vagina… what else could there be?

To be quite frank, there’s an ample amount of not only obscure differences but – some pretty significant ones too. Not only in the function but, the design of male and female sex dolls too.

Prized for the jaw-droppingly soft and supple nature of their skin, breasts, and butts… Female sex dolls are petite and easy to dominate by design. While male dolls, with firmer, more solid butts are the opposite – putting emphasis in other areas.

For example, muscles and six-packs are how virtually every male sex doll will be. With a few being genuinely ripped entities. Which, feels contrastingly and unmistakably different when compared to soft female skin. In general, male dolls tend to be firmer, and not so bouncy, all-around than a female one.

They also are prone to be larger in size. There’s no denying the prominent yet negative bias against short guys. This also happens to carry over into male sex dolls. Male fuck dolls are typically 5’4″, or taller – with some almost as tall as 6′.

In addition, the shape of the face, the size of the hands, and other proportions of the doll will also be different.

But, how do you choose a quality doll that will last?

What to Look for in a Male Sex Doll

As with any other sex toy, choosing a quality sex doll is key. Not all are equal – and there’s dangerous materials to look out for.

Plus, it’s a pretty big investment, making it vital to choose one that will stay by your side for years to come.

But, what SHOULD you look for in a male sex doll? Let’s start with the most obvious, yet highly important one, shall we?

Materials Used to Make the Doll

There tends to be a standard in the sex doll industry when it comes to the materials they’re made from – whether it’s a male, or female, doll. The two most common being silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

That said, male fuck dolls are more commonly made from silicone, and female sex dolls – TPE material. With the not as common but, still semi-common TPR (thermoplastic rubber) material… which is basically the same thing as TPE. And there are always exceptions to the rule.

But, what’s the difference between TPE/TPR and silicone?

TPE/TPR: This is one of the most common materials used due to how realistic and affordable it is. It’s amazing for simulating the soft jiggly feel of butts and breasts – as well as, that lifelike feel. But, it’s not really something most people are looking for in a male sex doll.

Plus, it’s easier to stain as it retains moisture and is sensitive to heat. Not to mention, porous, making cleaning challenging. Especially to ensure the material is completely dry when you’re done. And it’s also a big no-no in sex toys for women – for various reasons.

As a result, you’d want to use a condom on the member of the male sex doll if you go this route for your own safety if you’re female. Then there’s:

Silicone: This material tends to be mostly used in high-end sex dolls for women, and is a bit expensive. But, in comparison to TPE/TPR… it’s hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, non-porous, soft, and extremely durable and long-lasting. Which means it doesn’t retain moisture as well.

And while it’s a bit firmer feeling than, and not as stretchy or realistic as TPE/TPR – it’s exactly the sensation of realism you would get from touching a male physique. It’s also completely body-safe for women – which TPE/TPR is not. Making this the recommended option for materials in sex dolls for females.

You also want to consider the:

The Price of the Sex Doll & Your Budget

Devoting to a male sex doll, even if it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you’re looking, for is a major investment. And while there’s many aspects to consider when picking one, it all comes down to the price of the sex doll.

Plus, even though we don’t recommend breaking the bank to get one, it’s important to remember – you get what you pay for. And no matter what, it’s wise to buy an effective and durable model. It’s better to spend a little more to get a quality sex doll, than it is to pay half the price for a product you’ll not enjoy. Let alone put your health at risk with.

But, depending on your budget – the cost of the sex doll you can get may, or may not, limit you on the:

Appearance, Customization, & Flexibility

As with anything else, first impression is key. And depending on your resources, you can pretty much pick a specific sex doll you want. Whether your type is Asian, European, Black, or whatever.

Although due to the lack of extra features like breasts, and the desire to have a muscular bod with a tighter, firmer butt? Male dolls tend to have way less customizable options than female dolls.

However, you can still choose parts of his appearance like age, hair and eye color, and skin tone. But, there aren’t as many options in general. And depending on the type of sex doll model you get, options can become pretty slim.

Obviously, as with anything else, money talks. So the more higher-end the marketplace, the more options that open up. And customization allows you to have a sex doll tailor-made to fit all your desires.

As for the flexibility, steel skeletons and movable joints add realism to the experience. Allowing you to enjoy numerous positions without straining yourself. Which brings us to the:

Size and Weight

As with in real life, height is a fundamental element in male attractiveness. And as such, true to form, taller dolls tend to be more pleasing eyes of the beholders. With an average of between 5’3″ and 6′ tall for a full-sized model of a male sex doll.

Which means they are going to require larger frames and more materials. Making male dolls heavier than their female counterparts whom have the tallest height of 5′.

That said, the size of your new sex machine will determine how well you enjoy the experience. And the storage space you have available for him will play a factor in the size and design you go for as well. Depending on how discreet you want to be with him of course.

All in all, pick the ideal sex doll for you based on:

  • Your Body Size
  • Experience
  • Fetish Fantasies
  • Housing for Your Male Sex Doll

Which is also based on:

How You Play

Male sex dolls can give and take during play. Not only do most come equipped with a removable penis that you can up or downsize dependent on your mood. You can also position him for both men and women to enjoy sex with.

Men, women, and couples – these guys can perform anal and/or oral sex. Depending on the size and type of male sex doll of course.

Meaning you have a TON of flexibility in play type. Allowing you to get deep into your fantasy and completely enjoy yourself.

But, once you’ve got your new fuck doll and are ready to go – a few common questions arise. Which brings us to the next part of this guide:

Common Questions, Tips, & Tricks for Male Sex Dolls

Whether you’re just getting started with sex dolls, or you’re well-acquainted with male sex dolls – a few common questions, tips, and tricks never hurt.

Beginning with:

Common Questions About Male Sex Dolls

Q: How Much do They Cost?

A: Simply put, anywhere from under $50 USD to upwards of $6,000+ USD. It all depends on the material customization level, and type of male sex doll you choose to match your budget. Whether you go the really cheap blow-up doll route, choose a more durable mini sex doll, or go all out for a high-end sex doll.

Q: How do you Clean Them?

A: This all depends on the type of doll you have, and the material he’s made from. Is he a silicone sex doll? Or is he a TPE sex doll? If he’s made from TPE, cleaning him very thoroughly is a must so he doesn’t develop bacteria.

If you’re ever unsure, or to be safe than sorry, you can always read the manufacturer’s care instructions.

That said, both silicone and TPE dolls can be gently washed with a mild soap and warm (not hot) water. Cleaning the face with a microfiber cloth, the orifices with a showerhead and sponge or loofah if they are non-removable. Pat dry with a towel, then allow to air dry.

This requires regular maintenance, approximately once or twice a month. With the orifices after each use.

If not done, especially properly, you CAN get an infection from having sex with your male doll.

If dealing with a TPE doll, once cleaned and dry – rub a bit of baby oil into the skin. After the oil gets absorbed, apply a “renewal powder”. If you don’t have one, talcum powder or cornstarch works too. This will help his skin stay smooth and realistic, allowing your doll to last longer.

Q: How do you Store Them?

A: After routine cleaning, store your male doll in a cool, dry place – in an upright position. Keeping TPE and silicone dolls in separate storage areas… as the materials disagree with, and can react in a not so great way, with each other. And never store in direct sunlight.

Q: How do you Dress Them?

A: This helps to add to the fantasy and give the dolls a sense of personality – and as such, it’s quite enjoyed. Who else remembers playing dress-up with their dolls as kids?

While the RealDoll website has some great tips on how to dress your sex doll, it is a bit more geared towards dressing the female dolls. As such, the standard rules apply as with dressing ourselves:

  • Get his measurements and match the clothing sizes to them.
  • Go a size bigger in case of shrinkage in the wash, especially if buying new.
  • Save your receipts in case you need to exchange sizes.

Bringing us to:

Maintaining and Using Your Male Sex Doll: Tips & Tricks

While there’s no right or wrong way to use your sex doll – there’s an undeniable truth:

Proper maintenance and usage will avoid damage, and increase longevity. Not to mention enhance his appearance and ensure he is always ready when you are.

Whether you’re male, female, or a couple looking for some extra fun. The only limit is your imagination. Just be sure to keep an open mind and treat him well. That way your sex doll will reward you with intense, stimulating orgasms for years to come.

Starting with:

1. Clean Your Male Sex Doll Regularly.

Never use a blow-dryer to dry your sex doll as the heat is not compatible with the materials.

2. Inspect Your Doll for Damage During the Cleaning Process.

Sex dolls for women that get torn and/or chipped might harbor bacteria, and other disease-causing micro-organisms… which you don’t want anywhere near your skin.

3. Always Use Lube, and a Water-Based One at That.

Using a high-quality, water-based lube reduces friction and the intensity of stress applied to the material. And does not degrade the material of the sex doll. Not to mention, it’s latex-friendly. We do recommend using a condom if you’re sharing the male sex doll with a friend, or if he’s made of TPE material.

4. Do Not Submerge the Head into Water.

Just trust us on this.

5. Store the Sex Doll Well.

So, after going through our handy-dandy guide, this brings us to the last part:

Should You Use One?

The answer to the question “is a male sex doll for you?”, really depends on… well… you. They’re great for a variety of reasons.

Whether you just don’t have time for a relationship, you’re looking for companionship, or you want some extra spice in your life. Maybe it’s for some other cause. But, whatever your reason may be that you’re interested in one – it’s really and truly up to you.

However, if you’re having any hang-ups about using sex toys, for any reason – especially an expensive one? A sex doll may not be for you.

No matter what you decide, before you go out and get your very own male love doll? Please read over this guide and take the factors mentioned into consideration. So you can make an informed decision and choose a sexy man based on your specific needs and budget.

Written by

JC Ways

Born into a family of avant-garde artists, JC Ways rebelled against conventional paths from an early age. After obtaining a degree in Gender Studies and Creative Writing, they embarked on a journey to challenge societal norms through their writing. Embracing the intersection of sexuality and identity, JC found their calling at Sextoycollective.com, where they can explore and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human pleasure. With a flair for eloquent prose and a keen eye for innovative products, JC elevates the discourse around sexual wellness, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in every article they pen.

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