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A Real Jerkmate Review 2022 - What Is Jerkmate Exactly and How Does This Cam Site Work?

A Real Jerkmate Review 2023 – What Is Jerkmate Exactly and How Does This Cam Site Work?

BY JC Ways

Jerkmate is one of the most popular cam sites where you can see hot cam models perform shows online… allegedly. Being the skeptical douche that I am, I knew I couldn’t just leave it in the hands of the internet to determine whether Jerkmate was worth checking out or not!

Check out the official Jerkmate site here!

So, with lube in hand and a stable internet connection, I set out on my quest to see if Jerkmate really is the proper cam platform it claims to be…

In my review, I cover the ins and outs of Jerkmate. Can you use it for free? What features are noteworthy? Is it a good camming option overall? All of these questions and more, answered.

Come on, mate! It’s time to get jerking!

Jerkmate at a Glance

What I Like About Jerkmate

  • Cam models of all genders (supposedly)
  • Fun porn star section
  • Amazing search filters with lots of categories
  • One of the largest model rosters around
  • Private shows come with free cam 2 cam

What I Didn’t Like About Jerkmate

  • Account signup process was a pain in the ass
  • Payment method required for full access
  • No free content at all
  • Expensive site currency and private shows

Some Jerkmate Features

  • Nice pairing algorithm to find the right cam model
  • Command and Obey game
  • Models sell uploaded content
  • Special porn movie section

The Bottom Line

For all its features, I can’t say that I can highly recommend Jerkmate based on how I experienced the site.

It gave me a whole lot of trouble right from account creation. Once I was actually able to use it with an active membership, the ineffective payment process didn’t allow me to access all the features it had to offer.

On the plus side, though, there’s a sweet games section where you can watch pro porn stars in interactive “shows”, and their exclusive porn clips look great. 

Suffice it to say Jerkmate has a lot to offer all types of porn fans. That is, if you can properly access the services first.

My Jerkmate Review - On The Outside Looking In

So, my friends, our journey begins where all of my cam site reviews start: the homepage.
the homepage

From the get-go, you can easily tell that Jerkmate has a very streamlined site interface: one that favors convenience over an absurd amount of suggested cam models and search filters. 

One of the things that stands out during this initial stage is the nice pairing algorithm that Jerkmate offers its guests:

what are you looking for

It seems this live sex cam site took a page straight out of the adult hookup website playbook where they’re more concerned with finding you the right one instead of, you know, crowding you with hundreds of little thumbnails on their homepage.

Of course, these are all just first impressions on my part.

If you’ve been reading my other cam site reviews, you know I’m not content being a tourist on one of these sex cam platforms.

So, as per usual, off I went to become a member of Jerkmate.

create your free account

Creating an account on this cam site requires your email address, nickname, and a password.

It’s a nice touch that Jerkmate lets you change your nickname anytime; it’s something that most other live cam sites don’t offer, where they just let you choose a username once and that’s it.

So far so good, right?

Oh, you sweet summer child…


Clicking on “next” led me to this page above.

It says that they can’t verify my account, which is frustrating because I hadn’t received any verification message from Jerkmate in my email at that point.

So, not a good start.

Instead of scratching my snizz and calling it a day, I decided to go back to the previous page to re-enter my info.

Afterwards, this happened:

complete your free account

Make up your mind, Jerkmate. I just wanted to see some online titties, damn it!

Well, I checked my email address again and, surprise, surprise, there still wasn’t any verification email. At this point, I decided to say “f*ck it” and click on “continue” to see what would happen.

premium access

This live sex camming platform only accepts a couple of payment methods. Thankfully, they’re two of the most common and easily accessible options around: credit cards and PayPal.

I chose to go with the credit card option.

get ready to play

I nearly quit my review when this loading screen ultimately led me to a page saying that they’re declining my “transaction”.

Again, it’s freaking weird!

Jerkmate explicitly tells you that they're going to link your card to your JM account, but that there aren’t going to be any transactions until you decide to buy some of the site’s currency, yet here we are.



Failing that, I was then redirected to Jerkmate’s homepage.

Except this time, the pairing algorithm wasn’t there anymore. It showed a 404 error and an annoying popup enticing me to find the “perfect masturbation partner”.

Believe me, Jerkmate, I’d be more than happy to find one. But you won’t let me!

So, without a Jerkmate account, and through no fault of my own, mind you, what’s a horny guy to do on this live sex cam site? Well, I was able to access some stuff anyway, which allowed me to get an idea of the products and services that this cam platform had to offer.

start a chat

For one, you’ll see that Jerkmate is very much a friendly place to both LGBTQ+ models and users, respectively. They offer cam girls, cam boys, and trans cam performers on the site.

Jerkmate also has a treasure trove of camming categories, which you can see on their search filters section.

I clicked “See All” to find out exactly how many categories they have:


Yup, they literally have all kinds of kinks and fetishes from A to Z.

Bravo, Jerkmate!

Some cam sites usually just rely on tags, but it’s great that this one doesn’t. Instead, it has a properly organized section dedicated to categorizing their models based on a bevy of genres and other fun subgroups.


On the downside, their search engine is kind of crappy.

For one, clicking on “enter” or that magnifying glass icon doesn’t do anything. For another, it seems Jerkmate’s search engine is only good at providing you with results based on cam model names.

So, if you key in the words “blonde BBW” for example, it’s not going to show you their models who fall into that category. Instead you’ll get a list of models who have the word “blonde” or “BBW”, or both, in their usernames.

Having checked out their filters, I then decided to see what was going on in the other main cam model categories they had. I started with their cam boy section:

cam boys

The layout stays the same, as it should, and it’s still all very visually appealing (both these cam dudes and the site layout itself). What caught my eye, though, aside from this mulleted cam adonis in front of my screen was the filters:

cam boys categories

It’s great that Jerkmate didn’t cut corners in this department, as they provided their cam boy section with categories exclusive to them. This is way more than can be said for other cam sites that just phone in all their other cam model sections that don’t have girls in them.

We’re not just talking about cam boys here, even their trans cam model section is a sight to behold:

trans cams

I can’t praise Jerkmate’s interface enough!

I’ve rarely seen sex cam homepages as clean as this.

trans cams sections

And as with all the other sections on Jerkmate, the filters on these trans cam models also adapt to what gender or cam type you’re looking at.

Great job, Jerkmate!

Again, I have to remind you that I was still just a mere tourist (or guest) at this point. And if you haven’t noticed, there hasn’t been a single glimpse of purely sexual content yet. That is, if we discount the fact that mullet dude over at the cam boy section had a pair of nice nips on him.

So, I tried to check out one of the active cam models on Jerkmate even without a membership. This is what the site showed me:

share this model

For the most part, you’re just getting a glimpse of whatever’s happening inside the models’ private rooms. And from what I can tell, these public cam rooms are just lobbies where they wait for you to take them to a private show.


That means there’s very little chance of seeing some XXX stuff here. As for the chat window on the right side of the screen, don’t mind that: the model isn’t actually chatting with you; it’s an automated message.

create my account

Scrolling down will allow you to see the model’s profile, a section for their uploaded photos, and their schedule.

my account features

The photo gallery section isn’t much to look at, really. I browsed around four cam models and saw that most of them either had a single image here or none at all. Seems that Jerkmate’s models are more focused on doing live cam shows than uploading content, I guess.

cam female

On the other hand, I simply love how Jerkmate is one of the (sadly) uncommon live cam sites that manages to provide its users with cam model schedules. Lord knows how hard it is to catch your favorite performer online, considering the flexible work schedules that most models have.

At this point during my review, I had become all the more irritated by the fact that I couldn’t sign up for an account. I’m a stubborn SOB, though, so I decided to give the whole account creation process one more try before calling it quits.

Jerkmate Memberships - More Trouble than It’s Worth

As before, I went to the account signup page to see if I could become a member. Hey, maybe the gods of smut will smile upon my ugly ass this time, am I right?

free account create

Instead of manually keying in my information, however, I decided to sign in with Google this time. Consider this the proverbial Hail Mary. It’s now or never, my fine pervy friends!


Holy cheese, it worked!

I was able to create a basic account with Jerkmate. But it isn’t all good, you should also know this live cam site isn’t very transparent about letting you join as a free basic member or a premium one.

As you can tell from all the hoops I had to jump through, Jerkmate initially didn’t show this basic account option and instead just asked me to link up a payment method, which they didn’t accept, by the way, to become “a member”.

And by “member” what this site actually means is a premium membership that lets you purchase the site’s currency.

So, yeah, kind of a scummy thing to do there, Jerkmate, especially to new users like me who have no idea how you run your site. That aside, though, I was happy to have a basic membership now. 

my account

I got an account dashboard and everything! Whoopee!

Well, this lasted for all of five minutes.

Because when I tried to click on one of the suggested cam girls on the homepage, I wasn’t led to their public chat room. I was redirected to this page:

account issue

Come on, man. What the flying fork?

Listen, guys and gals, when a live cam site is this problematic, the content you’re getting should be A-1. Of course, I can’t find that out until I resolve this account issue. So, I decided to go with live chat support in hopes of resolving it quickly.

live support

As far as customer support goes, I will have to say that Jerkmate does well in this regard. It took me around 15 minutes with their representative to resolve the problem. Shouts out to Vernon! You’re a mensch!

Once that was all settled, I was then redirected back to the member’s homepage:


As you can tell, it looks much different than when you’re a mere guest on the site. And if I’m being honest with you, I’d have to say that I prefer the guest homepage layout to this one.

The trans and couples cam sections are nowhere to be found here; you’re just left with the cam girl and cam boy sections, respectively. That means it’s going to be harder to look for trans cam models now that their section is missing.

However, the tags and categories in the search filters stay the same, so that’s promising. Plus, I like how there’s an additional, more organized banner that helps you filter your searches some more:

jerkmate menu

With all that said, I finally decided to go into one of their public chat rooms to see what was happening. My fingers were crossed hoping to see some free, tasty bits from one of their models, so off I went!

Jerkmate Chat Rooms - It’s Pretty Much Premium or Bust

Without wasting any time, I went ahead and clicked on one of the suggested live cams on the members’ homepage:

chat room

It’s a rather underwhelming experience in my humble, horny opinion.

Simply put, Jerkmate isn’t a great, free cam site; it’s more of a premium option where most of the nudity and XXX goodness happens in the private rooms.

But in all fairness, there’s a way to enjoy these public chat rooms as well. 

chat option

The models in Jerkmate’s public chat rooms have a Gold Menu: this contains the price list for each and every corresponding act they offer viewers in these rooms. So, if you send a certain amount of Jerkmate Gold to them, they’ll then perform whatever it is it says on their menu.

Some of the models also offer a “Spin the Wheel” game where you pay Gold to spin the roulette and watch the model do whatever XXX thing it lands on.

chat room premium access

The problem is, I’m a crappy, little basic member, so I can’t give them any Gold or play roulette. And like I said earlier, I can’t become a premium member on this live cam site because they won’t accept my credit card, which sucks some hard donkey dong.


chat room member

As with other premium cam sites, I like how streamlined the overall look of the public chat rooms is. For one, there aren’t too many buttons to fidget around with. You just get:

  • Volume controls
  • Full-screen toggles
  • Cam resolution settings
  • Refresh button
  • Quick Gold tip buttons
  • Manual Gold tip button
  • Button to go on private chats

I very much love how Jerkmate opted to go with a minimal chat window. If you’re like me, you visit these cam sites like a bonafide cuck, meaning you prefer to watch instead of chat it up.

chat window

The smaller the chat window, the bigger the screen! I love it.

And that’s about it: it’s a clean, organized layout that allows you to focus on the cam model. I appreciate that!

chat layout

Scrolling down while inside the public chat room will lead you to a more detailed model profile, which looks way different than the one I saw before when I was just a guest on Jerkmate.

model profile

As is tradition for live cam models, you get their physical dimensions as well as their preferences and willingness here. The middle section of this page shows you the uploaded videos that the models sell, which are charged in dollars instead of Gold (more on that later).

The mini-player that appears when you scroll down the screen might seem like any old mini-cam feed, but you’ll notice that it has something other sites don’t offer: you can go straight to a private chat from here.

It’s hella convenient.

And speaking of convenience, check this out:

chat reviews

Not only does Jerkmate provide you with the cam model’s schedule, but they also throw in a detailed review section for their cam girls to help you decide if they’re worth spending some money on.

All in all, I’ll say that Jerkmate might not provide much in the way of fan interaction, but it greatly delivers in user convenience.

Jerkmate Gold and Pricing - Pricey But Convenient

Sure, I wasn’t able to buy any of the site’s currency, but I managed to find out some important information regarding Jerkmate Gold by reading their FAQ section (yay, literacy!).

First off, you should know that Jerkmate Gold costs $1 apiece.

I know, ouch.

It’s one of the pricier live cam site currencies I’ve come across. And no, they don’t offer any packages that help you save money on these Gold bits.

What I like about how Jerkmate charges you, though, is that the site doesn’t require you to go and convert your money to the site’s currency. Unlike other cam platforms, you’re automatically charged $1 per gold every time you purchase something from the site.

This means you won’t have to spend time going through checkout processes to get some site currency here; everything’s smooth and easy (if you make it there, at least).

Private Show Rates

Different models have different per minute rates on Jerkmate as well. These are charged with USD, which, when you think about it, makes the whole Jerkmate Gold currency redundant. I mean, if they can charge you directly in dollars, what’s the point in having a site currency that costs $1 per piece?


Anyway, private shows on Jerkmate go for as low as $5 per minute and upwards from there. There’s a minimum rate for each show determined by the models, too.

For example, say a model has a minimum rate of 3 minutes for $15 and you end up just watching 2 minutes before closing the private show. You’ll still be charged for the 3 minutes instead of the 2 minutes you consumed.

So, yeah, Jerkmate isn’t the cheapest live cam site around, much less a free one!


I’ve mentioned this earlier. Tips come in Jerkmate Gold and the models set their own prices for their Gold menu. Again, $1 for 1 Jerkmate Gold. If you’re lucky, you’ll find models who require as little as 1 piece of JM Gold to do some hot stuff in their public cam rooms.

On average, though, Jerkmate cam models charge around 3 to 5 gold for a variety of stuff they’re willing to do on cam.

Some Additional Jerkmate Features

Jerkmate has a lot more to offer than the expected live sex cam models. Here are a few fun things that even guests can enjoy here.

Exclusive Videos

Jerkmate offers a variety of exclusive porn videos that they’ve produced, which feature pro porn star talents:

latest sex videos

In addition to these porn clips, members can also access/pay for uploaded XXX content that the cam models independently produce!

trending videos

Pro Porn Star Cams

One thing that makes Jerkmate distinct from its competitors is how they feature legitimate porn stars who perform live cam shows on the site as well. You can find the list of their available adult film talents in their “Porn Star” section:

the hottest

They have a wide selection of female, male, and trans porn starlets to choose from. Clicking on any of them will direct you to a dedicated profile that features your chosen celeb:


See that Command & Obey Game banner that they have? That’s my favorite thing about Jerkmate, more so than the cams they have on offer. But more on that later.


Aside from the usual physical stats you see on model profiles, Jerkmate provides you with an exhaustive biography of their porn star talents. And right at the bottom, you can choose to enter their cams (if they’re streaming at the time, that is). 

I like this part of the site overall. It shows how Jerkmate is an absolute powerhouse not just in the live cam model industry, but the adult entertainment biz as a whole.

Command & Obey Game

This is by far the most interesting thing I found on Jerkmate: it’s an interactive sex game featuring some of the most popular names in the jizz biz:

command and obey

It’s a fun alternative to just watching live cam models and, even better, it’s also an LGBTQ+ friendly option, considering they have a variety of porn star genders and personalities to choose from.

make an option

So, how exactly does this game work? Well, it’s tons of freaky fun. Clicking on one of the porn stars will direct you to the game screen, which looks like this:

chat fun

Basically, it’s an interactive, pre-recorded video of the porn star. The icons on the left side of the screen are the commands you can choose from to make them do sexy stuff in front of your screen.

Here’s an example:

example video

Clicking on the Boobs button will play the recording of your porn star playing with their breasts.

Though I must note that some of the buttons are only available for Jerkmate members, so you’re going to have to sign up for an account to access the whole game.

My Jerkmate Verdict

On one hand, I highly appreciate how Jerkmate provides a variety of services that not even some of its fiercest competitors can offer, such as: an interactive game section, a section dedicated to porn stars and exclusive porn clips.

But between the humps and hoops I had to go through just to get an account, a basic one with limited access at that, I can’t say that Jerkmate is the best choice out there.

Potentially, this live sex cam site could very well be the most user-friendly and convenient cam platform to visit right now. But as it stands, it’s too problematic and, in turn, might veer away some of its viewers who experienced the same site hiccups that I did.

I will say this, though…

If nothing else, Jerkmate is one hell of a fun porn site with stuff that can keep you occupied in instances where the live cams are inaccessible!

Click here to visit Jerkmate!

My Jerkmate Rating: 4 out of 5 sexy stars



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