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10 Best Adult Omegle Alternatives To Chat With Strangers in 2022

Tired of Omegle and looking for a new chat site for adults? We don’t blame you – Omegle was super cool back in 2009 when it first entered the online chat scene. But since then, other adult Omegle alternatives are paving the way for more chat and cam opportunities.

The best adult sites like Omegle offer a wide variety of platforms, from adult-only cam websites to general chat sites that you can’t beat.

Find an easy, no-frills way to meet strangers and have a great time from the comfort of home using one of these Omegle alternatives for 2022.

Top-Rated Sites Like Omegle for Adults 

  • JerkmateBest adult Omegle alternative overall
  • ChaturbateTop-rated video chatting site
  • DirtyRouletteRandom webcam chat
  • ShagleOmegle alternative for free video chat
  • CamFrogEasy-to-use mobile chat service
  • ChatRandomBest for gay dating and couples
  • ChatRoulettePopular, random chat for adults
  • KikLong-standing chat platform
  • TinyChat Best Omegle alternative for group chats
  • BazooCamGreat Omegle alternative for multiplayer games

1. Jerkmate – Best Adult Omegle Alternative Overall


  • Targeted questionnaire matches interests
  • Find amateur and professional cam models
  • All genders and orientations welcome
  • Free group previews


  • Personal interactions locked behind paywall

If you’re looking for the best video chat like Omegle with an NSFW twist, Jerkmate answers the call. Although their platform is relentlessly advertised on mainstream porn sites, it’s not without its merit.

Much like Omegle, Jerkmate randomizes the people you encounter with the parameters you set beforehand. You’ll have to create an account to get started, but their targeted questionnaire matches your interests with other, like-minded strangers.

Jerkmate features a smorgasbord of amateur and professional live-streaming models for you to interact with, who take to the platform daily for some no-strings-attached fun.

There’s always room for another viewer like you.

If you enjoy watching from behind-the-scenes, you won’t have to worry about paying a dime. You’ll enjoy personalized, XXX-rated live shows by proxy of being a valued Jerkmate member.

However, personal interactions with smoking hot models and hunky dudes cosplaying as firemen are charged by the minute. Around $1 per minute for some of them.

Everybody is welcome to use Jerkmate as they please. 

No matter what kinks, genders, and orientations catch your eye, you’ll find a freaky flavor that suits your palate. Of course, Jerkmate is optimized for mobile and desktop usage, so you can hop on a live-stream from anywhere. 

2. Chaturbate – Video Chat Omegle Alternative With Nude Webcams


  • Thousands of nude webcams
  • Host your own chat room 
  • Best Omegle porn alternative 
  • Freemium system 


  • Not random, but close enough 

Since 2011, Chaturbate has gained a reputation that lives up to its name for hosting thousands of free, nude webcams. 

Inclusive search filters and succinct categories make Chaturbate the leading provider of trans webcams, LGBTQ+ friendly chat rooms, BDSM live streams, and real-time solo videos. It’s the best Omegle porn alternative for a reason. 

Although you’ll actually have to choose which cams you watch, you can do so without paying out-of-pocket. Excluding certain streamers, you won’t have to pay for the privilege of sending risqué messages back and forth.

It’s pretty much a steal.

Unless you’re planning on using a private chat room to receive sexy validation from strangers, you won’t need to create an account with Chaturbate to watch the action happen from home. Even still, you can broadcast your latest escapades online for the low price of free.

People can watch your streams, send public text messages, and establish frisky connections without scaling unnecessary paywalls.

Chaturbate’s user base stretches far-and-wide to provide global camming coverage. Millions of men, women, transgender people, and non-conforming individuals use Chaturbate on a daily basis.

3. DirtyRoulette – Random Video Chats Site Like Omegle


  • Like Omegle with more adult chat
  • No account creation or payments
  • Great for LGBTQ+ men
  • Known for being very naughty


  • Women are hard to find

DirtyRoulette is exactly what it sounds like. 

To make a long story short, it’s exactly like Omegle for horny strangers. You won’t have to create an account, provide any personal details, or deal with feature-restricted paywalls to enjoy DirtyRoulette’s full, NSFW potential. 

With the click of a button, you’re off to the races. 

Thousands of unbelievably thirsty men are waiting to jump your virtual bones at the slightest sign of interest. As with most randomized chat sites, finding a woman who’s ready to play online is comparable to finding a used condom wrapper in the ocean, though. 

We’re sure that they exist, but you’ll have to make your way through the sausage fest before you find them. Not to mention all the hooded monks and faceless streamers you’ll come across.

Of course, there’s always the rare unicorn looking for a new online chess buddy or Call of Duty teammate on sites like DR. It’s pretty easy to make friendships centered around your interests, so long as you put them explicitly in your screen name. 

Life’s all about perspective – DirtyRoulette attracts a lot of down-and-dirty gay men looking for straightforward, mutual masturbation sessions. If you’re into that, take a gander.

4. Shagle – Free Adult Chat Alternative To Omegle


  • Decent variety of men and women
  • 100,000+ daily users 
  • Easy to filter by interests
  • No-frills chat service


  • Must create account to start chatting 

Shagle hosts a variety of men and women, and there are more girls online than we expected to see. Before you start chatting online, you’ll get the opportunity to select your gender, current relationship status, and sexual orientation. 

However, for moderation and safety purposes, you’ll be asked to create an account after enjoying 5 minutes of screen time. Don’t worry – you can take a short trial run of the site before handing over a bogus email address or (fake) name.

Within those 5 minutes, we encountered 10 guys, a frisky couple, and three lovely gals in very compromising situations. It’s safe to say that Shagle immediately portrays more variety than Omegle and DirtyRoulette, which is a huge plus for regular dudes. 

While you’ll find a little bit of everything as it stands, you’ll have the opportunity to further tweak your interests after creating your free account with Shagle. 

You can check the “girls only” feature to narrow down Shagle’s randomized algorithm, but you’ll be forced to pay for the privilege. Unfortunately, all their customization options cost $6.99/week to initiate and maintain.

On the bright side, with 100,000+ daily users and 4,000,000+ members, it’s pretty easy to find a woman (or couple) that loves showing off for the camera. 

5. CamFrog – Mobile-Friendly Webcam Video Chatting Site


  • Discreet design
  • No bots or advertisements 
  • Thousands of horny strangers to meet 
  • Best for mobile


  • Requires browser app download 

CamFrog is easy-to-use on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices. You’ll have to download and install their app to your computer or mobile device, which can be an annoying bug or an added feature, depending on your perspective. 

That said, once you download their app, CamFrog provides a top-notch video chatting experience. There are no bots or advertisements anywhere in sight, which is a far cry from what you’ll find on most random chat sites.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy a lag-free streaming experience that supports text and video-only chat rooms. Since September of 2003, they’ve acquired and retained 170,000+ active members. 

CamFrog’s user base is split pretty evenly among men and women looking for online dating, an escape from loneliness, virtual sex, and the opportunity to bond over common interests.

Join solo cams, group chat servers, or use face and audio filters that hide your true identity. 

Unlike Omegle’s 100% random chat roulette, CamFrog users have more control over which streams they view. If you’re really feeling the vibe, you can send individual text messages back and forth for free.

While certain features are paid and limited to CamFrog Pro users, you’ll have free access to thousands of 24/7 video chat bubbles upon creating an account.

6. ChatRandom – Chat Room Like Omegle for LGBTQ+ & Couples


  • LGBTQ+ and couples-friendly
  • Free, downloadable app for iOS 
  • Random video and text chats 
  • Simple layout


  • Male-centric user base  

ChatRandom provides a hassle-free way to connect with global strangers. It’s LGBTQ+ and couples-friendly, and you’ll find a bit more variety in their user base than average.

You’ll still have to wade through a sea of dicks to find what you’re looking for, but you won’t feel like you’re Nicolas Cage in Mission: Impossible. Unlike other Omegle alternatives that aren’t guys-only, ChatRandom won’t require you to make an account before chatting online. 

It uses the same, easy-to-navigate layout as Shagle; and you’ll have the option to download this platform’s application on iOS devices.

However, because ChatRandom and Shagle are practically carbon-copies of each other, they come with a few of the same drawbacks. For $19.99/month or $6.99/week, you can pay for the ability to customize which genders and orientations you see. 

If you decide to cave and pay for what you want, you’ll have a huge selection of women, non-binary individuals, and amateur live streamers at your fingertips. 

Those unwilling to fork over the cash will have to settle for finding a random chick in the wild from time to time. Like we said, it’s not impossible to match with girls, guys, and couples who appear to be in heat.

7. ChatRoulette – Adult Omegle Alternative for Random Variety


  • Better moderation than omegle
  • Free video chatting
  • Worldwide user base 
  • Very well-known chat service


  • Fewer bots
  • Requires phone number & email address

Before you do anything else, ChatRoulette requires you to make an account with their site. To do so, you’ll have to provide some kind of email address and a (Google Voice) phone number. 

These measures cut down on the number of bots and trolls you have to deal with, but there’s no perfect random chat site on the market. Nonetheless, their efforts to provide an age-appropriate experience don’t go unnoticed.

Before you chat with anybody, you’ll have the opportunity to “accept” or “reject” matchups based on a user’s profile picture. 

We like to call it Tinder for battle-hardened cam vets.

Even still, hot girls aren’t coming out to play in droves. You can definitely cut down on time-wasters before saying “hello”, but you’ll have to reject 50 or so profiles before coming across an actual woman.

On the bright side, you’ll enjoy free, no-strings-attached video chatting that mimics Omegle’s time-tested strategy. This Omegle alternative has better moderators and tighter security all around, so you’re less likely to come across people that leave a bad taste in your mouth. 

Faceless dudes are promptly banned from the platform to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, so be sure to show your face and say hello before lowering your camera!

8. Kik – Free Site Like Omegle for Video & Text Messaging


  • Huge text-and-video chat site 
  • App for iOS/Android mobile devices
  • Random text chat option 
  • Lots of variety


  • Not necessarily made for adult chat
  • Age limits aren’t enforced

Kik is an oldie-but-goodie. They launched in 2010 as a faux-text-messaging app, and they’ve only improved with time. 

While Kik used to be a bare-bones platform for edgy teens with an iPod Touch and too much idle time on-hand, they’ve become a respectable video and text chat site. Horny strangers, Star Wars fans, and people on the hunt to meet somebody new and exciting will enjoy Kik. 

Their site isn’t necessarily designed for adult chat, but it fills that role all the same. You can join kink-inspired groups, separate users by location, or use their randomizer to start up a text chat with international strangers. 

We like the filters here.

However, because age limits aren’t enforced beyond making you enter your birthday to sign up, you should be very careful before you start jerking it for the camera. Of course, if things are going well over text, you can start video chatting with anybody and everybody for free.

Kik boasts 15+ million active users month-to-month. You can also download their free app for iOS and Android mobile devices, but you’ll have to provide an email address to sign up.

Kik stands out because nothing is behind a paywall – you’ll enjoy a full, unbridled adult chat experience that rivals Omegle from the jump.

9. TinyChat – Random Chat Site For Freaky Video Groups


  • Chat rooms host 12 people 
  • Site is optimized for mobile
  • Basic features are free
  • No downloads necessary


  • Must register an account 
  • Solo cams aren’t an option

TinyChat is designed for group video calls through-and-through. Once you register an account with their site, you and 11 other horny streamers can join a singular chat room for free. However, this is a double-edged sword, because there’s no chance you’ll meet anybody one-on-one. 

You won’t have to worry about downloading anything to your phone, and TinyChat is fully optimized for mobile-first usage. Even with a shaky internet connection, we didn’t experience any lag while saying “hello” to groups of random strangers.

Here’s the best part – all their basic features are completely free-to-use.

That means users don’t pay a dime to show face and make new friends. If you’re not one to follow the crowd, you can even create your own chat room in seconds.

However, TinyChat’s paywall is nothing short of pricey.

 For $37.49/month, their “Gold” package removes advertisements and lets you join more than one room at a time. Coincidentally, many of the hottest chicks exclusively occupy “Gold” rooms, which you can’t join with a free account.


Thankfully, with a bit of research, you can find plenty of horny strangers to cam with for free. Anyone is welcome to join TinyChat, and there’s a decent variety of girls and guys to meet. 

10. BazooCam – Best Omegle Alternative for Multiplayer Games


  • Basic multiplayer games 
  • Free-to-use, no account required
  • Multilingual, international video chat


  • Plenty of unsavory dudes 
  • Annoying advertisements 

BazooCam is basic to its core – you’ll enjoy a no-frills, no-nonsense approach to NSFW video chatting with hands-off moderation. If you’ve been banned for nudity everywhere else, you’ll probably find your niche right here. 

You won’t have to sign up for an account or pay to access essential video features. What you see is what you get, although plenty of sausage strokers have taken to the platform. 

BazooCam offers global coverage, but you can opt for streamers in close proximity to you.

For those who happen to know more than one dialect, BazooCam supports multilingual text-and-video chats. They see 60,000 global visitors on the daily, so there’s plenty to talk about.

If you’re ready to start an interesting conversation with the rarer-than-platinum women you find on BazooCam, you can play Tic-Tac-Toe, Tetris, and/or Connect Four over text chat. This is a really unique feature not found elsewhere, and it makes complete silence go down easier. 

That said, BazooCam isn’t all ponies and rainbows. For every 3-5 people you meet, you’ll have to escape one very graphic sex scene disguised as an advertisement. Yes, it sounds like a porn ad, moans and all.

Pro tip: Unless you’re in private, you should keep the volume down or connect a pair of headphones.

How To Choose Adult Sites Like Omegle 

Solo & Group Video Chats

Whether you’re looking to start your own chat room, join somebody else’s, or set up public chat rooms that attract random strangers, the best random chat sites eclipse Omegle from a flexibility standpoint. 

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

Our top-rated video chat sites make it easy to chat with random strangers from wherever you are. Even if you’re away from your desk at the moment, the best webcam chat services are equipped to handle your next round of mobile escapades. 

Free & Paid Features 

It’s no secret that some Omegle alternatives are better than others. The best sites don’t lock basic features behind a paywall, and many of the best Omegle alternatives won’t require you to make an account before you start chatting. 

Moderator Presence 

For better or worse, Omegle’s been left to the wolves. Our sites are moderated to prevent online trolls and underaged users from destroying the random chat experience you deserve. That said, you won’t get thrown off the best video chat sites for flashing your anaconda.

FAQs Best Adult Omegle Alternatives

What Is Omegle? 

Omegle is a chat platform that was brought to life in March of 2009 as the only random video chatting site that wouldn’t charge you a pretty penny to meet and chat with strangers. 

Unlike their counterparts, Omegle wouldn’t require you to create an account or provide any identifying information to speak with random people. In its heyday, Omegle was filled with men and women looking for a good time and a break from the ordinary.

Omegle doesn’t limit their users to meeting strangers in a particular location – their chat servers operate worldwide to bring new and uninhibited possibilities to the masses. 

Who Can Use Omegle? 

While anybody can use Omegle, the site is designed for 18+ individuals to enjoy unmoderated text and video chatting with strangers online. Men, women, non-binary individuals, and LGBTQ+ identifying persons can fly their freak flag on cam or strike up normal conversations. 

You don’t have to provide any personal details to get started, and there are no paywalls that block you from random text chat or even video chat.

Is There Another Site Like Omegle? 

Yes, there are other sites like Omegle that function great as Adult Omegle Alternatives.

Ever since Omegle lost its battle to internet trolls and became the subject of hilarious memes, tens of superior video chat sites have cropped up to save the day.

Jerkmate is the best multilingual video chatting website we’ve come across; but TinyChat and ChatRoulette retain an element of Omegle-inspired traditionality not seen with our top pick. 

No matter what kind of video chat experience you’re looking for, the best Omegle alternatives let you meet random people with the same interest. 

Can I Use Webcam Sites Like Omegle for Free? 

Yes, the best Omegle alternatives for adults are free to start with. Most Omegle chat alternative sites won’t require you to create an account, and very few lock their best features (and filters) behind a paywall. 

The most feature-packed video chat sites are just like Omegle, but for adults. You can chat with strangers, get freaky with like-minded people, or make new friends based on common interests. 

Which Video Chat Websites Are Better Than Omegle? 

Video chat websites better than Omegle include Jerkmate.

While Omegle had a good run, it’s plagued by edgy trolls, underaged users, and other landmines that reflect its complete lack of moderation. Adult chat alternatives with more supervision, video features, and a wider variety of other users are overtaking Omegle. 

Jerkmate is the best Omegle alternative with more girls, but plenty of adult Omegle sites are less of a time-waster than the original.

Chaturbate and ChatRoulette let you get right down to business with stuff like Omegle, while Omegle-type sites like ChatRandom allows you to filter by sexual orientation and relationship status.

Kik and CamFrog are the best webcam sites like Omegle for anytime, anywhere usage.

TinyChat, Shagle, and Bazoocam are chat websites similar to Omegle that incorporate unique video features to make your experience feel even more authentic.

Start Chatting Today With The Top Adult Omegle Alternatives

It’s never been easier to chat with strangers online. The COVID pandemic sparked an online revolution, and more people than ever before are using the best Omegle alternatives to meet new people.

We’d recommend doing what you came to do with Jerkmate

That said, our lesser-known Omegle alternatives provide a more tailored experience for those who enjoy Star Wars, rock climbing, and other friendship-worthy interests.

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