21 ½ Cheapest Fleshlights: Top Fleshlight Alternatives on a Budget

Male masturbators and strokers like Fleshlight are one of the most popular male sex toys on the market, encouraging men from all over the world to amp up their masturbation sessions with a naughty little pocket pussy or egg masturbator. In fact, these “fake orifice” toys have become so synonymous with Fleshlight that many people don’t realize that Fleshlight is a company name rather than a generic term for a fake vagina toy.

Fleshlight do certainly make some very good male masturbators, but the problem is that they can be incredibly expensive for the average Joe to afford. Don’t they know we have mortgages and shit? Here at Sex Toy Collective, we think that everyone should be able to play with sex toys, whether they’re a college student or a CEO, so here we present our picks for the best cheap fleshlights and products like fleshlight which ought to get your pulse racing.

Counting Down the Cheap Alternatives..


Fleshlight grip

Skin-only toy from Fleshlight

This product, made by Fleshlight, is essentially a handheld male stroker which uses similar material to that used in the Stamina Training Unit (STU) which the company is so famous for. Its unique design features finger holes for you (or your partner’s) hand to slip through comfortably, making it easy to jack off vigorously without worrying about the toy flying across the room! The toy is just over 5 inches long, so there’s plenty of stimulation for all of the average erect penis, and it even comes with a so-called “drying case” which helps to keep the toy safe and dry after you’ve washed it following use.

My only real complaint with this is that the drying case is a bit bulky and doesn’t seem massively necessary, but I know that these soft jelly-ish kinds of male strokers can become misshapen if you just leave them lying around haphazardly, so I suspect that it’s more about preserving the shape than anything else.

PROS: Made by Fleshlight themselves, good quality, comes with drying case

CONS: Drying case is a bit bulky


Fleshlight Quickshot

Small and discreet Fleshlight

Here’s another entry from Fleshlight themselves while we’re pretty high up the list still. The Quickshot is a male stroker which is designed to be small and open at each end, giving your penis plenty of room to pass through with its 3.5 inches of insertable length. This open-ended design means that you’re probably not going to get cum on the toy, so cleanup should be swift and minimal.

The great thing about this toy is its versatility – it works well both as a solo masturbator and an accompaniment to a blowjob. It takes some skill, but if you’re lucky enough to be getting head, try pumping your cock with this toy while she/he licks and sucks the end of your cock. It will drive you wild, trust me.

PROS: Subtle, easy to hide, less cleanup required

CONS: Maybe too small for some


Cheap Fleshlight Clone

Air-tight for realistic suction

This 7.3-inch-long toy’s primary feature is the fact that it creates airtight suction, helping to recreate the feel of a blowjob. While I feel that the toy is indeed very pleasurable to use, I personally feel that the pleasure of blowjobs is more about the saliva and texture of a person’s mouth gliding over your cock – people don’t tend to suck dick like a vacuum cleaner, which is what this toy is going for.

Nonetheless, the bumps and ridges inside this cheap fleshlight substitute are more than enough to get anyone going; they feel tingly as they gently brush past your cock upon insertion. Also, you can control the aforementioned suction with your thumb via the suction hole, which is nice, but maybe a little bit awkward depending on the size of your hands and how ferociously you jack off.

PROS: Unique idea, stimulating feel

CONS: Suction isn’t that amazing


Cheap Clear Fleshlight

Basically a Fleshlight STU but cheaper

This product from Tracey’s Dog (not the sexiest name in the world) comes with a whopping 8 inches of insertable length, making it ideal for guys of all shapes and sizes. The feel of this product is sensational – to be honest, it’s very close to the real thing. To make things even better, the toy comes complete with a little bottle of water-based lube, so your first couple of jack-off sessions are on the house!

The sleeve/case on this fleshlight alternative is not the best material on the planet, but it does open at both ends, which makes cleaning this baby after use really easy. Because you know what I don’t like?Days-old spunk sitting around in my sex toys.Ew.

PROS: 8-inch length, comes with lube

CONS: Cheap sleeve material


Tenga Polygon

A fancy-looking male stroker

The Fleshlight Launch is your go-to device for hands-free, virtual-reality stimulation. It doesn’t come with a sleeve, but it’s compatible with most Fleshlight devices. Just plug yTenga are great at producing cheap male sex toys that don’t look like sex toys at all. Whether it’s an egg masturbator or a fleshlight that looks like a piece of modern art, those sex companies in Japan really know what they’re doing.

This Tenga Polygon looks and feels really decent, although I wouldn’t say that its advertised “suction power” is really that impressive – I didn’t notice any suction, anyway. The unique selling point with the polygon is its sleek and modern design; you could put this on a shelf in your living room and no one would suspect it was a fleshlight unless they owned one themselves.our Fleshlight into it, and it adjusts the length and speed of its strokes.

Tenga recently released a report which states that 74% of Americans view masturbation as a means of self-care, while 54% believe that masturbation improves their well-being.

PROS: Cool aesthetic, turns inside out

CONS: Doesn’t suck that well


Cheap Japanese fleshlight

Better than nothing

This cheap Japanese fleshlight is made from TPE and comes in at around 5 inches long when it arrives, which may be a little on the small side for some people, depending on their preference when jacking off. The sensations inside the orifice are pleasurable, but they don’t compare to some of the other products on this list if I’m being honest.

I also found that a couple of small holes had formed in the material after a couple of uses, which isn’t a great sign of things to come (or should I say cum?) It’s not bad for the $22 price tag, but you should probably shell out a couple of extra bucks for something else.

PROS: Affordable, discreet packaging

CONS: Not too realistic, seems to break easily



Add some vibes to your jack-off session!

Is it just me who feels weird about giving sex toys people names like “Ella”? The last thing I want to do is humanize my pocket pussy and start giving it a backstory. Nomenclature aside, this is a really decent little pocket pussy from Thrust, made from a soft and pleasing TPE material with realistic vagina lips and everything! The 5-inch length may put some bigger men off, but Ella has an ace up her sleeve – a hole in the back which allows a bullet vibrator to slide in and transmit vibrations throughout the entire toy. You’ll be shaking with toe-curling contractions in no time.

PROS: Realistic texture, comes with bullet vibrator hole

CONS: 5-inch length may be too small for some


Cheap Vibrating Fleshlight Alternative

Another great toy from Paloqueth

Sometimes I can’t believe how good Paloqueth’s products are relative to their price. This cheaper fleshlight alternative comes with the fake vagina and case that you would expect, but it also comes with gaps in the side for adjustable squeeze control, an included little bottle of lube, a vibrating bullet which can be inserted for extra sensations, and even a spare battery for said bullet vibrator.

Paloqueth always manage to make high-quality products which rank in numerous “best sex toys” lists while costing very little to buy. I don’t know what voodoo sex toy magic they’re working with over at Paloqueth, but it’s good.

Personally, I do feel like it’s a little bit of overkill and it’s not all necessary if you just wanna get your freak on, but this 8-inch toy certainly gives you multiple options next time you want to bust a nut.

PROS: automatic stroking, syncs with vr content, rechargeable

CONS: bulky, not waterproof, only works with certain fleshlights



Convenient throwaway cum bags

I can’t figure out why they’ve called this product “Fifi” for the life of me – it’s not even supposed to look realistic. Anyway, this terribly-named product’s whole USP is that it comes with disposable liners which act like throwaway female condoms inside the chamber. This way, when you cum, you can simply throw away the liner and be done with it, making cleanup easier than ever before. Surely that’s easier than covering yourself in babywipes, right?

PROS: No cleanup, simple, discreet design

CONS: Liners aren’t very sturdy


UR3 Fleshlight Alternative

Decent cheap pocket pussy

This somewhat realistic pocket pussy from Doc Johnson is designed to feel similar to the real thing, and I can confirm that it does indeed. However, you’re going to need plenty of lube with this product, and I can tell that it’s not made from the world’s sturdiest material. I suppose it’s a bit of a double-edged sword – the soft material makes for a realistic pocket pussy orifice, yet also leaves the toy more susceptible to wear and tear over time.

Still, it’s a really good little toy for the price, and could be a good introduction to the world of male masturbators for some people.

PROS: Nice soft feel on your cock

CONS: Feels weird to hold


Head Honcho

Nice cheap fleshlight alternative

This product has a clever pun name, and I have to admit that I’m always a sucker (get it?) for a clever pun name. This cheap male stroker comes complete with a space for a bullet vibrator, giving you the option to add vibes to your session if you like. The feel of the orifice is okay, although I’d say I’ve used better, and the construction doesn’t feel amazing overall. However, it’s less than $15, so there’s a degree of “you get what you pay for” at this price point.

You can also pair it up with VR goggles via Bluetooth and watch specially-made videos online. The Launch syncs up with the content and simulates the on-screen movements. If you’ve ever been curious about virtual reality porn, this is your chance to try it!

PROS: Can be used with vibrating bullet

CONS: Not the best construction


Cheap Ultraskyn Oral Fleshlight

Blowjobs in your pocket

This unique pocket pussy is actually more of a mouth pussy, made from the skin-like UR3 material which warms to the touch in order to feel more lifelike. It slides elegantly over the head of your penis and it’s nice and subtle thanks to its small size, although I find that the soft material feels a bit strange in your hand. I also found that it was a little bit noisy because air was getting trapped inside and making squeaking noises as I pumped away.

This toy uses the trademark UR3 material, which stands for “Ultra Realistic 3.0”, a combination of PVC, silicone, and polyvinyl chloride which is said to feel similar to human skin. It is hypoallergenic and free from phthalates.

However, that might not be an issue if your penis is of a different size/girth to mine. The mouth has 5 inches of insertable length, which should be more than enough for most fellas!

PROS: Unique mouth-style design

CONS: Can be noisy


Cheapest Fleshlight made in the USA

Booornnnnn in the USA!

This is the cheapest fleshlight alternative I could find that was made in the USA. Of course, you don’t have to give a crap about buying US-made products, but I know some people are very into that sort of thing. I suppose it suggests that the quality will be decent. Ironically, the quality of this product is a little sketchy, even though it seems fine at a glance.

The soft UR3 material and the mild suction created when you stroke does send chills down your spine if you time it right, but the build of this product means that it’s a little roomy for the average guy, so it’s not ideal for getting the natural vacuum that you want.It also comes with a 7-function vibrating bullet included, which is nice for the low price, but I don’t think that the bullet is of amazing quality.

PROS: UR3 material, suction, 7-function vibrating bullet included

CONS: A little bit roomy?


Sasha Grey Fleshlight Alternative

Molded from the vag of Sasha herself

Sasha Grey is maybe a bit of a dated pornstar these days. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very attractive still, but I think her pornographic peak was reached many years ago. Still, you can buy a pocket pussy molded directly from her own vagina, so you can always try to recreate the Sasha experience in real life. Sadly, this pocket pussy is pretty poor quality.

It’s a pretty tight fit for the average guy, and the delicate material seems to rips quite easily. To make matters worse, it just doesn’t provide that much stimulation. It’s a cute novelty toy if you’re into her films, but I wouldn’t go rushing out to buy one either.

PROS: Based on a porn star’s vagina, UR3 material

CONS: Very tight, rips easily


Budget Dual Fleshlight

2 holes are better than 1

2 holes may sound like they’re better than 1, but I’d say it’s maybe more of a marketing gimmick than an actual useful feature. Both of the orifices on this toy are okay, but I wouldn’t say they’re mind-blowingly different from one another, to be honest. However, it does give you 2 different orifices to try pumping into, and you may indeed like one more than the other.

PROS: 2 holes!

CONS: Both holes are a bit “meh”


Cheap oral fleshlight

5.5 inches of blowjob pleasure

This cheap oral fleshlight is one of the best cheap male sex toys on this list, holding up in quality despite the low price. It’s made by Tracey’s Dog, a sex toy company with a terrible name, but they seem to know what they’re doing. The skin around the mouth orifice is a little stretchy and moveable, helping it to feel like real human skin.

There are around 4 or 5 different textures to be explored inside this oral fleshlight, so your penis will be tingling in delight with every thrust.You can feel it radiate down to your toes!

The only downside for me personally is that I find this mouth to be a little creepy looking, teetering on the uncanny valley a bit too much for my liking. It’s also only available in a Caucasian skin tone as far as I can tell, which seems a little bit narrow-minded. What if you’re attracted to Black or Asian people? I guess you can always shut your eyes.

PROS: 5.5 inches of insertable length, sturdy TPE construction

CONS: I find the mouth a bit creepy looking


Original Tenga Cup

One-time pre-lubed male masturbator

The Tenga Cup is a unique concept from Tenga, a well-known Japanese sex toy company. Basically, it’s a one-time-use disposable fleshlight which already comes pre-lubed when it arrives, so you can literally open it up, stick your junk in it, and get pumping straight away. It’s a fun concept and all, but it’s a bit gimmicky and I’m not sure that $10 is worth it for an okay experience.

This product does contain some interestingly textured insides and you can use your finger/thumb to control the suction, but ultimately you’re paying $10 to have a slightly better wank than normal.

PROS: Convenient, literally ready to go

CONS: Underwhelming


Beauty Molly Budget Fleshlight

Okay fleshlight with a weird name

If you’re traveling and you want to experiment with small stroker products like fleshlight but ones that are cheaper than fleshlight, this would be a great place to start. The name “Beauty Molly” is a bit strange, but looking at the product descriptions, I suspect that English is not the manufacturer’s first language. This 5.5-inch-long pocket pussy is a little bit on the stretchy side for my liking, but plenty of guys prefer a pocket pussy which they can squeeze for a tighter grip on their cock, so this would be great for people who are into that sort of thing.

This toy is made from TPR, which stands for Thermoplastic Rubber. It’s a material constructed from a polymer blend which is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and free from phthalates. You should not share sex toys made from TPR, as this porous material can spread STIs easily if not cleaned thoroughly.

PROS: TPR construction, easily cleaned with warm soapy water

CONS: Breaks after a few months


Helping Head

Tiny masturbation enhancer

Doc Johnson have tried to go for another clever pun name here, but I stay firm in my belief that “Head Honcho” is the best pun name on this list. Fight me. Anyway, this product is a 2-inch mini cock stroker with a pretty simplistic design and a decent ULTRASKYN construction. You could obviously use it for solo stroking if you wanted to, but the product is actually designed to be used during blowjobs, similarly to Fleshlight’sQuickshot toy.

Essentially, if your partner cannot deepthroat you because of that troublesome ol’ gag reflex we’re cursed with, then you’re supposed to massage the base of your cock with this mini stroker while he/she gives you a blowjob as far as they can. It’s a nice idea, but the problem for me is that the base of your cock isn’t particularly sensitive to begin with, so I’m not sure what they’re trying to prove here. Maybe I’m just misusing the product naively, but it doesn’t seem to do much for me.

PROS: Small, subtle

CONS: Limited surface area for stimulation


Tenga Egg

Fun little fuck egg

Tenga Eggs are a bit of a phenomenon in the male masturbatory community, if you can believe such a thing. These Japanese-made egg masturbator toys are probably popular because they’re cheap, they get the job done, and you can’t tell what they are at a glance. The eggs also come in 15 different textures across the range, so there’s a bunch of knee-trembling sensations to explore.

But are Tenga Eggs reusable? Well, they’re designed to be disposable single-use-only products, but many people reckon that you can reuse the Tenga egg masturbator if you clean them carefully enough. Still, even if you do reuse them, the skin of these toys rips pretty easily, so you’re not going to get more than 2 or 3 bashes out of them if you’re lucky. You also have to consider whether you want to pay $7 every time you jack it – it could be a wiser investment to get a repeated-use strokerinstead.

PROS: Over 15 different sensations across the Tenga Egg range

CONS: Intended for single use


Cheapest Fleshlight Ever

It literally costs less than a Starbucks

I love it when a business crams as many keywords and SEO terms into their product name as possible. For those of you wondering, this product is listed as:

“Classic Hot Selling Masturbation Sex Products Male Masturbator Cup Vagina Pussy Man Sex Toy for Silicone Sex Products Adult Toy”

I think they’ve covered all their bases with that moniker.

This 5-inch long affordable male stroker is made from decent quality TPR and comes in a cool transparent finish reminiscent of the FleshlightQuickshot. The thing is coming directly from China, which is why it’s so dirt cheap, but the downside is that the shipping time to the US from China is listed as 20-40 days, so you’re in it for the long run. I’ll be honest with you – mine hasn’t even arrived yet, so I can only go off of other people’s reviews for this sex toy, but it has 4.6 stars out of 5, which is a good sign. When this does arrive on my doorstep, I’m sure it’ll feel like Christmas fucking morning.

PROS: Cheap cheapcheap

CONS: Month-long shipping delay


I hope you enjoyed our list of the best cheap fleshlight alternatives on the market! Cheap sex products get a bad rep, but there are some truly decent products out there from reputable companies which prove that you don’t necessarily need to shell out the big bucks to get your rocks off and have a good time. If you want something a little fancier, check out our guide to the top fleshlights for some extra good stuff.

Also, the great thing about the cheapest male sex toys is that you can try different toys and see what you’re into before potentially splashing out on a more premium model. Whether you decide to buy a Quickshot, purchase a pocket pussy, or buy shares in Tenga Eggs, enjoy yourself and do what feels good to you. Have fun!

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