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Lube Lauchers and Shooters – Your Guide to Anal Lube Injection

BY JC Ways

If you’ve ever tried to have anal sex, whether you’re a woman or a man, you’ll understand the importance of lube. Sadly, as much as we would like it to, the anal tract does not naturally moisten itself like the vagina or mouth, so it’s essential to use a high-quality safe anal lube which is made from premium ingredients which won’t irritate your skin or cause condoms to break if you’re using them.

We’ve published lots of information about the best lube for guys, girls, anal, vaginal, and everything else in between. Heck, we’ve even looked at homemade anal lube too,but one thing we haven’t talked about much is the application process.

You see, when you try to apply anal lube with your finger, you might not be applying it very effectively. Unless you’re getting around a lot, chances are that your anal sphincter is going to be very tight as you try to enter it. As you insert your lubed-up finger, a lot of that lube can slide down your finger and stay on the outside of your anus, especially if you’re using something like coconut oil which has a waxy consistency at room temperature.

So if you’re preparing to take a penis of some considerable size in your bottom, how do you lube it up properly? Your fingers are only so long and they can only carry so much lube up there reliably. The answer lies in lube launchers.

What is a lube launcher?

Lube launchers, also known as lube shooters, lube syringes, lube injectors, and lube applicators, are devices which “shoot” lube deep inside your anal tract, giving the penis/toy plenty of lubrication to work with. They are designed to slide easily into your anal tract, not dissimilar to an enema. If you’re having a lot of anal sex regularly, your risk of damage to your body is greater, so it’s crucial to lube deeply and thoroughly.

“Without the liberal use of lubricant, the delicate rectal tissue is at risk of damage. This can lead to painful tears called anal fissures, or damage to the anal sphincter,leading to fecal incontinence.”
Dr Elizabeth Daprè, Academic GP Trainee

There are various types of lube shooter available on the market, such as disposable lube launchers, pre-loaded lube shooter, and the standard reusable lube shooters which you fill up and wash yourself before use.

Top 5 Lube Launchers

“Lube Tube” Applicator Syringe

Cheap & simple lube syringe

Lovehoney are so good at stocking bare bones sex toy essentials, and this 2-pack of lube syringes from Lube Tube is no exception. These affordable syringes are designed to be clear and easy to use – they’re ideal for anal beginners who are curious are exploring their bottom safely and comfortably. It’s easy to lose the silicone/rubber tip that comes on the end of the syringes though, so bear that in mind.

The fact that this is a 2-pack implies that these lube syringes are designed to be disposable, but the manufacturer does note that the syringes could be reused if they are cleaned well enough. I found them a little bit tricky to clean out personally, but maybe you’ll have different results to me. Anyway, these lube launchers seem to be more designed for anal beginners, so chances are they aren’t gonna have cocks and toys up their bums several times a day.

If you’re exploring ass play, then these are a great start. However, if you’re getting fucked in the ass a ton, you probably want to look at the higher-end lube launchers which are larger and reusable.

PROS: Affordable, simple, effective

CONS: Rubber seal is easy to lose

POP Ejaculating Dildo Lube Shooter

Dildo meets lube shooter

Okay, so the POP Ejaculating Dildo is not technically a lube launcher per se, but it can indeed be used as one if you like. This 7-inch dildo is made from medical-grade silicone, so you can rest assured that you’re going to be safe, and it comes with a unique pump system which allows you to pump lubricant (or another fluid of your choice) deep inside yourself or your partner, depending on how it’s being used.

Some kinky couples may want to use this toy for a more realistic version of pegging (i.e. with cum squirts) or trans men may wish to use it with their partners for similar reasons.

If you’re about to get fucked in the ass in the near future, it can be a good idea to “warm up” and “stretch out” your butthole before getting fucked by a real cock, as this can decrease any initial discomfort felt during anal sex. If you start by fingering yourself and eventually work your way up to this dildo, you can simultaneously acclimatize your ass to the big dick that’s about to be inside it while also using the pump function to fill your anal tract with lubricant.

Now when your partner is ready to fuck you, your ass is primed, warmed up, lubed up, and ready for fun!

PROS: Versatile, can be used as sex toy and/or lube shooter

CONS: Not as efficient as standard lube applicators

Cleanstream XL Lube Launcher

One-handed lube application ease

After launching their [original lube launcher, Cleanstream designed to kick it up a gear and create the XL version for all the guys and gals who like their anal play a little deeper than the average Joe. The Cleanstream XL has an insertable length of fewer than 5 inches, which doesn’t quite scream “extra large” to me, but I think that it’s still enough to lube yourself up adequately before a session.

Generally speaking, this lube launcher works really well! The only downside is that it can be hard to fill from the top and you can end up with lube getting all over the place. Personally, I use it more like a traditional syringe and dip it into my lube bottle, pulling up on the plunger to draw the lube into the chamber. It feels a bit like you’re about to give yourself the flu jab… anally. It’s also a one-handed design, which is convenient when you’re trying to lube up your ass without any assistance.

PROS: Good length, sturdy design

CONS: Hard to fill

How to use a lube shooter

Using a lube shooter isn’t complicated; you just need to make sure that your ass is clean beforehand (perhaps consider douching or an enema) and then you need to make sure that you’ve got access to an open bottle of high-quality lube for guys or gals which is safe and adequate for the sexual activity you’re participating in. Designs may differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but this advice should work for most models of anal lube injectors.

This handy YouTube video is a great resource if you want a visual guide for using lube shooters.

First of all, remove the “lube stopper” or “plunger” from the chamber. Next, ensure that the tip of the launcher is covered (either with your finger or a rubber tip) to prevent leakage. Now you begin carefully pouring your lube into the chamber – be careful not to make a mess at this point. After you have filled the chamber to your desired level, carefully insert the plunger into the top (without pushing too far in) and turn the lube launcher upside down to prevent leakage.

At this point, you should push slowly to remove any trapped air left inside, similar to how a doctor pushes the air out of a syringe before an injection. Before you insert the lube launcher into yourself, add a little bit of lube to the outside tip (and possibly the outside chamber too) in order to make the insertion easier for you. Insert the lube shooter into your ass as far as you feel is necessary, and then slowly push down on the plunger while simultaneously pulling the device out of your ass. This will coat your anal tract evenly and liberally… and voila! You’re ready to go.

How much lube to use with a lube launcher

How much lube you use with your lube launcher all depends on you, your sexual preferences, and your level of experience. If you’re a newbie who’s trying out anal sex for the first time or you’re just exploring your butthole with fingers or small toys, then half a small syringe may be plenty for you. 

On the other hand, if you’re experienced in anal and planning on taking a rather large penis or sex toy up your ass, then it’s probably best to use a full lube shooter’s worth of lube and top up if you think it’s necessary afterward.

Is a lube launcher necessary when having anal sex?

A lube launcher might not be necessary if your partner is modest or averagely sized, but if they’re fortunate enough to be well-endowed, then you’ll probably find that you cannot adequately lubricate your bottom deep enough to avoid discomfort during sex. Ultimately, the decision to use a lube launcher for anal sex depends on how deep you’re going to be going, how long/thick the penis is, and your own personal preferences.

Also, if you’re having anal sex and using condoms, bear in mind that condoms are more likely to break if you don’t use enough lube, so you can never be too liberal if you’re looking to prevent the spread of STIs and HIV. When it comes to vaginal sex, a little bit of lubrication should be plenty, but it’s better to be safe (i.e. lubed up) than sorry when it comes to a good old-fashioned butt fucking.


Lube launchers are a great way to better prepare yourself for sex, especially for anal sex. Although traditional lube application (i.e. with a finger) can be adequate, using a lube shooter means that you’re more likely to be comfortable and experience less pain during the act.

If you’re not sure whether a lube launcher is a good investment for you, why not try a cheap one like this and see if you want to graduate to something better later on? Go on – it’s worth a try! You might just love it.

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    Can’t you just use a basic sytinge for this? Or does it have to be dpecifically designed for this purpose

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      It needs to be designed for this purpose. A real syringe could damage the anus and lead to bleeding or other problems.

      • cocklover says:

        I have been using a normal 25 mm wide syringe for the last 12 years without any problem whatsoever. Just put some lube on the outside of the syringe and it will glide easily.

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