Jerkmate Review: Is Jerkmate The Top Cam Site for Masturbation?

By: Sex Toy Collective Team

Since you are single, who do you turn to when your sexual urges are over the roof? I know there’s no better jerk mate to help you relieve the tension than the #1 masturbation valet –

Because, believe me, I’ve been there.

This Jerkmate review trails a cam site on a mission; to ensure you’ll never jerk off alone… again. is like a handyman’s toolbox, with all the right tools to wank like a king/queen.

From exhilarating webcam hosts to intense porn games (featuring famous porn stars) and helpful blogs, you’ll always look forward to loving yourself.

I took their word for it, did the Jerkmate review, and boy, oh boy!

Tag along as I share the spoils of my adventure.

Here we go… First Thoughts

From A to Z, here are the top takeaways on Jerk Mate: Pros

  • Inclusive categories cater to everyone
  • Translatable to different languages
  • Secure payment methods
  • Play porn games with porn stars
  • Efficient and helpful AI – Jerky
  • Affordable credits
  • High-quality cams
  • Educative blog to keep you in the loop
  • Join performers’ fan clubs
  • Jerk off to MILF, BBW, ebony, and cosplay shows
  • Watch missed shows
  • Cam-2-cam enabled Cons

  • Still lacks a mobile app
  • Private chats could get expensive
  • Crowded public chat rooms

Promotions and Giveaways

Many Jerkmate reviews I came across hardly mention that is very generous. I didn’t expect many freebies, but the fact that new premium subscribers get 3 free Gold on top of their purchase is pretty dope.

There’s more.

The most exciting giveaway I ran into was in Jerkmate’s sex games section. During my Jerkmate review, I noted that every user is given 30 gold to spend in every Command and Obey game they launch.

It was well appreciated – and well used if I might add. Overall Rating – 9/10

For this Jerkmate review, I got in bed with (metaphorically) and was impressed with every step I took in its innovative web pages. 

I must say…

Jerkmate deserves a 9/10 ranking, considering how the webcam qualities never disappoint and are hosted by the hottest cam models you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

In addition…

Jerkmate’s innovative AI, Jerky, is quite the helpful little fella. Jerky takes time to know your tastes and recommends the best Jerkmates to quench your fires.


The most crowded corridor on Jerkmate is also what sets it apart even in other Jerkmate reviews – the live-action sex games.

The only flaw that denies Jerkmate a perfect score on this Jerkmate review is how the private chats might get expensive, given some models may charge up to $5 Gold/minute.

Other than that, this innovative cam site will give you good company as advertised. No bull. 

The Jerkmate Voyage (Man the Sails!)

Like most of you, I sought the help of previous Jerkmate reviews before getting into the thick of things to know whether it’s worth its salt or just an ordinary cam site.

I noticed that some Jerkmate reviews merely scratch the surface.

For the sake of all jerkmates, I decided to get my hands dirty and take the impressive live webcam site apart for a comprehensive Jerkmate review.

Let me show you around.

1. Signing Up 

According to almost every Jerkmate review you’ll find, Jerkmate is the best replacement for your regular porn sites, which get monotonous after a while. 

I found the jerkmates here enjoying their time and decided to join the jerk mate gang.

The beauty of Jerkmate’s custom pink and blue interface is that it irresistibly draws you into the Create My Account button, which will look something like this.


So I did…

I was redirected to create my online alias, which included a working email to verify my account, a pseudo name to identify myself to cam models and other jerkmates, and a strong password.

Up next, Jerky, my concierge, asks about my sexual preferences from the jerkmates I fancy interacting with, and I dish out every detail.

The process was in the form of a short questionnaire, which I glided through in a breeze. This helps you get the most accurate jerk mate suggestions, so don’t hold back.

The best part was…

Even without creating an account for my Jerkmate review, Jerky was kind enough to let me browse his chambers on a guest account.

I still had access to the following:

  • Every available webcam
  • Search filters
  • Categories for all cam models
  • Sex games

That said, it took a while before I was set up, but when I finally got access to my free membership, I realized that I was going to enjoy watching the cam models.

I wanted to tip them, so what do I do? Go premium.

The best thing I got from my Jerkmate review that other Jerkmate reviews tend to miss is how you can create your jerk mate account without linking a payment method.

It doesn’t end there.

I also picked up a hunch from other Jerkmate reviews of their credit-based payment system’s affordability. 

Guess what? They were right.

2. The Premium Switch ( Payment Process)

With a Jerkmate premium, I could access all the spoils necessary for this Jerkmate review. 

I appreciate how their credit-based system only lets me purchase credits for specific features.

This only convinced me to get a chunky helping of the in-app currency, Jerkmate Gold. Now I could buy myself all the premium privileges. 

They include perks such as:

  • Sending messages to cam girls 
  • Tipping webcam hosts to amaze me
  • Spinning the wheel in live shows
  • VIP cam-2-cam webcam chat rooms
  • Full access to all sex games
  • Live show alerts from favorited cam girls
  • Activate teledildonics with cam models

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that Jerkmates credit costs $1 for 1 Gold.

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want a taste of the premium perks, and Jerkmate makes it so that the average netizen can become a VIP jerk mate.

Now that you know how much it costs, I am glad to share that my Jerkmate review also uncovered another delight.

What is that, you ask?

Your options for remitting your payments are plenty; you don’t need to worry about getting additional cards.

They include:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal (yes!)

For jerkmates using the credit card option, partners with Mastercard and Visa, so you can pay using universal channels.

This is where it gets interesting.

Some Jerkmate reviews should have included one of the most important payment options – PayPal. also partners with PayPal so that international Jerkmate can remit non-dollar payments securely.

Isn’t that fantastic?

Now that I’m loaded, it’s about time I got myself a jerk mate.

3. Meeting Jerkmates on (Time to Get Matched)

I gathered from users’ Jerkmate reviews that finding your perfect jerk mate is as easy as pie.

The moment I landed on for my Jerkmate review (even before I had a jerk mate account), plenty of attractive jerkmates were already lined up on my screen, ready to wow me.

Boy, was I ready to dance!

Its diverse roster of webcams is grouped in:

  • Female jerkmates
  • Male jerkmates
  • Trans jerkmates
  • Couples webcams

Alternatively, you can put your trust in the warm hands of Jerky and select its suggested live chat webcam and see where things go.

Jerkmate reviews often downplay the beauty of Jermate’s interface. The cam site highlights the available jerkmates in stunning thumbnails that reveal cam models in all their glory.

During my Jerkmate review, I noted that all Jerky displays webcams that are currently online show a green dot beside their name.

I also liked how the cam models squeezed their ages into the mix, appearing beside the green dot. So you can get MILFs, DILFs, and younger stars in their twenties.

How cool is that?

For this Jerkmate review, I chose a random one and landed on the busty AmberAlena – just my type of jerk mate.

Jerky was taking notes.

I had a good chunk of information about Amber’s show and what to expect, which only made me look forward to her private show.

4. Categories (More Jerkmates Than You Can Count)

The Jerkmate reviews I consulted didn’t prepare me enough for what I ran into in the categories lists for this versatile cam site.

Let me amaze you… is a very open space for every jerk mate to indulge in various fetishes and kinks to their heart’s desires.

Wait for the best part.

The cam site is very keen to organize all your potential jerkmates in an alphabetical list with every possible category you can think of.

Let me save you the trouble.

If you fancy your jerk mate from a specific ethnicity or country, you have ebony, Latina, UK babes, Japanese, and even Jamaican jerkmates, just to mention a few.

The list doesn’t end there.

You will find every registered kink in the fetish encyclopedia in that jerk mate mix. From latex-clad jerkmates to bondage enthusiasts and cuckolds, you will always find something to fit into.

On the other end…

While cruising through the categories for the perfect Jerkmate review, I also noted that there was a ranking for the most popular jerk mate categories.

A sample of them included:

  • Cosplay
  • Lesbian
  • Blond
  • Asian
  • BBW
  • MILF

If you think these cam site categories are empty or dry, you will be pleased to find thousands of active cam models in each category.

The least populated had 20-something cam girls, while the more stacked categories could go up to 15K+ cam models.

Just take a moment and think of all the rounds you’ll shoot with such a list.

5. Jerkmate Search

Jerkmate reviews reveal that this cam site has enough tools to help you find the perfect jerk mate to masturbate with.

My Jerkmate review uncovered that the genius search tool knows every jerk mate by name and category listing.

You can search for specific jerkmates that ascribe to your sexual perks by typing it into the search tool clearly labeled on the cam site header.

The jerk mate search tool also comes in handy if you know your favorite cam models by name. Just type it in, and the all-knowing Jerky will serve them up on your screen.

After keying in your desired jerk mate (or kink), the search tab displays a drop-down list with online models that ascribe to your search parameter and the specific categories section.

Now that’s just swell.

For future reference, after this Jerkmate review (because I’ll definitely go back), Jerky suggested that I save my favorite cam models to my Favorites List so I could find them any time.

I didn’t sit on this information and went ahead to add a few jerkmates I wanted to check out later.

Then I encountered a problem that most Jerkmate reviews also highlighted.

Sometimes, my favorite jerkmates were offline, which is understandable since even the best cam models need to rest after a good webcam show.

So what was the solution? Easy…

Subscribe to their Fan Club, and gain access to:

  1. Exclusive photos
  2. Their recorded videos
  3. Their webcam schedules
  4. Online notification alerts

Only note that it will cost you to stay in the loop with your jerkmates since the Fan Clubs are subscription-based.

Different cam models charge differently, so make sure to renew your monthly Fan Club subscription so you never miss out on the party.

6. Live Webcam Communication Options

The live webcams are the main attraction, drawing millions of horny jerkmates looking to cash in on’s offer that they’ll never jerk off alone.

Purely for the purposes of this Jerkmate review, I decided to taste the pudding and click into a live chat for firsthand fun.

I noticed that the webcam shows mostly begin as public shows, but you can request a private show with the cam models if you need to kick it in private.

This is how it went down…

Public Webcam Shows

Jerkmate reviews will tell you that public shows are where you get the real cam site experience to interact with the cam girls and check out the treats they have in store.

But the downside is…

Public cams are often crowded with other jerkmates like yourself looking for a good time with the cam girls.


These shows allow viewers to crowd-fund the fun. Pinned on the public chats, you will often find the cam host(s) displaying a tip menu.

Like the restaurant menus, the only difference is that you can’t find these XXX delicacies served at your favorite Chinese takeout place.

Tip menus highlight different sex acts the webcam host is willing to perform for your enjoyment and their cost in Gold.

Finally, the Gold I saved up for this Jerkmate review comes into play.

I also discovered that the cam girls are highly interactive in public shows. Lots of Jerkmates sent public messages in the public chat, suggesting all sorts of things I cannot mention here, and the cam models sent back replies in equal enthusiasm.

It was a good place to be in, but it wasn’t enough.

As other Jerkmate reviews suggested, public chats wouldn’t cut it. I had to kick out the crowd – and that’s when things got interesting.

Private Chats is a cam site with the highest standards possible. The private cam shows are a true testament to its innovative prowess.

This is what sets Jerkmate apart from the competition.

To get into a private show, simply message the cam show host and request your VIP show. The best part of these private cams is that they are cam-2-cam enabled to the delight of the adventurous jerk mate.

For newbs in the house, cam-2-cams let you broadcast yourself to the cam models and have a shared experience. But you’ll have to give it camera access.

Alternatively, the cam-2-cams aren’t for everyone, so you can switch off your webcam and leave the spotlight to the cam models.

Then comes the bill.

I discovered that cam models don’t have a standard price for private shows, which are charged at Gold per minute rates.

While covering the ground for this Jerkmate review, I did some digging and discovered that most models charge from as low as 1 Gold/minute.

The pricier ones can go as high as 5-8 Gold/minute,  but you can’t put a price on good entertainment, right?

That’s why other Jerkmate reviews also insisted I check out Jerkmate’s other interactive and bonus features.

I gladly obliged.

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Other Jerkmate Features 

1. Jerkmate TV

Jerkmate TV is Jerkmate’s idea of an offline porn video collection, and I must say, it is well worth a visit or two, and many more.

This is why…

JTV is a mouthwatering collection of recorded videos from amateur cam models and splendid studio-quality porn from the industry’s top porn stars.

While compiling the Jerkmate review, I took a tour down to JTV, and the number of multi-niche videos I was greeted with steamed my nethers like an oven.

If you fancy an excellent girl-on-girl showcase, this is where to spend all your free time. The best part is that most videos are free to watch and clock in from 1-minute short clips to half-hour videos.

2. Wank With Porn Stars

Jerkmate reviews praise it as the only cam site with this number of A-list porn stars

The likes of Riley Reid and Lily Larimar can be found showing us what their mommas gave them.

You will find some of their videos on JTV, but they are specifically set aside for Jerkmate’s one-of-a-kind porn games that you should definitely check out.

3. Jerkmate Porn Games

I couldn’t complete this Jerkmate review without sampling the reputed sex games that add a fantastic storyline to the mix.

They are headlined by professional porn stars you won’t find on other cam sites.

You have two amazing porn games that give you full control of a porn star(s) of choice, deciding what they do next.


Roleplay features the stunning Jewelz Blu, a familiar face if you’ve been virtually bumping uglies with porn stars.

She is a cosplay mistress who appears as a gamer, doctor, housewife, elf princess, dominatrix, or college girl.

Choose your best version of her and let her show you the kind of tricks she has up her sleeve.

It’s free, so go ahead and play.

Command and Obey

The Command and Obey porn game gets lauded by all the Jerkmate reviews I bumped into, thanks to the fact that it hosts a wide range of male, female, couples, and trans porn stars.

Choose your preferred porn star, and you’ll be awarded 30 free Gold to spend in the game.

Use your Gold to make the performers put up a good show and show you all their best parts for your enjoyment.

4. Spin-the-Wheel Roulettes

Cam models often host roulettes to complement the public shows. Here you get value for your gold by spinning a wheel of fortune for a few Gold.

Whatever your pointer lands on is the act your cam model will perform for you. 

Cross your fingers, spin, and hope it brings you heaven.

5. Choose Your Language caters to a multi-national audience. Hence, the developers saw it well to have the cam site translatable to:

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

This makes it easier for non-English speakers to enjoy their Jerkmate sessions. It also means you’ll find cam models from different countries entertaining their crowds in local languages.

How Does Jerkmate Compare?

Jerkmate surely sets the bar high in the race for cam site dominance. 

Its competitors like Chaturbate, Bonga Cams, and MyFreeCams can only gather the dust in Jerkmate’s heels, but here is how they do when put up on a scale.

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Guest Access

Jerkmate is an affordable premium cam site giving you access to live cams without an account. 

While cam sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams are also some of the other best cam sites with free guest access, they simply can’t match the quality and picture quality on Jerkmate.

Graphics and Interface Design

Based on the Jerkmate review, this cam site doesn’t joke around in the graphics department. 

It outshines the likes of Chaturbate and BongaCams with beautiful thumbnails that make clicking through easy.

Variety of Categories

Jerkmate has a wide range of categories grouped into different kinks and fetishes that cater to everyone’s needs.

Competitor cam sites like even OnlyFans don’t take time to group cam models like such. Do you agree?

Interactive Options

Cam sites like MyFreeCams, BongaCams, or ImLive solely rely on live cams to give viewers a pleasurable interaction with others.

Jerkmate, on the other hand, has a variety of interactions (public, private, live, and recorded) with an innovative Midas touch – the all-star porn games. 

Jerkamate also outplays the competitors if you throw in the seamless teledildonic chat into the chat.

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Jerkmate Review FAQs

What is Jerkmate?

Jerkmate is a world-renowned cam site that hosts some of the best amateur and professional cam models on live cam chats.

Apart from the live cams, you can also enjoy the company of industry porn stars in livid porn games that add more spice to your self-love sessions.

This is a much better experience than watching recorded content.

Is Jerkmate Free?

Jerkmate is mostly free. Signing up on Jerkmate is totally free. You can also check out free live cams and play free porn games.

However, you can only get the basic features in the live cams, and you’ll need to buy Jerkmate Gold to tip cam models, request private chats, and enjoy the porn games in full.

Does Jerkmate Have Live Sex Cams?

Yes, Jerkmate has some of the best live cams on the cam site scene. Treat yourself to both amateur and professional cam models showing all their sexy skills on HD webcam shows.

>>Webcam security tips

Jerkmate – Is It the Ultimate Masturbation Partner?

I hope my Jerkmte review has opened up your mind to the treasure that lies underneath the URL.

Take the cam site for a spin and spend your days and nights in the company of the finest cam models on the block.

Without forgetting…

It would be a crime if you failed to pass through Jermate’s porn arcade. The games are unlike anything the scammy ads you meet on the web say.

Trust me, Jerkmate is worth its hypothetical weight in gold.

So, what’s stopping you from wanking like royalty?

Oh, right – you’re still reading this!

Hurry off now…

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