Review of the F1s Prototype from Lelo

By: JC Ways

​In 2019 alone, Lelo won ​3 major awards for their designs and sex toys, including the Xbiz Awards Luxury Brand of the Year. ​From ​good ol’ vibrators to open source coding masturbators, Lelo are one of the top leaders in sex toy innovation. ​As such, the Lelo F1s Prototype is the world’s first SDK-enabled male masturbator. ​When my husband Kyle found it,​​​ he had found true love in its versatile grasp.Honestly, I was jealous!​This men’s sex toy certainly was far more high tech than other male masturbators ​I’d seen, and ​when I found out you could control it via an app, I was sold.

​The F1s delivers a powerful sonic wave pleasure that permeates through your penis, giving you “surround sound” resonation. ​I hope you enjoy this Lelo F1s review!

Pros and Cons



Lelo F1s Prototype Pros and Cons

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  • The Lelo F1s is App Enabled with countless different functions.
  • Body-safe silicone inner sleeve will last a long time.
  • SDK enables you to use open sourcing to further personalize the App.
  • Powerful, surround sound vibration and Cruise Control technology.
  • Fully waterproof so you can take it into the bath or shower with you!
  • 2 hours run time off one single charge.
  • Comes with a storage bag, lubricant, gloves, a sign, and other goodies!
  • Heating element allows you to warm the toy!


  • The App is still being updated and bugs are still being fixed.
  • The inside cannot be pulled out, so cleaning is slightly more difficult than some.
  • Quiet when inserted, but motors are loud when running by themselves.

Overall,​ the F1s Prototype left us with very little to complain about. The insides are silky soft and provide different ridges and bumps for a full range of different sensations during play. Although it does not stroke, the 10 different vibration patterns and sensors can be fully controlled from the sex toy as well as the Lelo App. Who needs strokes when you’ve got all that to play with?​Kyle said he was​ surprised at the pleasure provided by the full, rumbly vibrations within. He was easily able to both edge and cum with this masturbator, whereas others could merely get him right to the edge and hold him there.

​The easy-to-use App allowed me to be able to play along, as well. I was able to speed up vibration, run the Cruise Control, and edge him in the bedroom. Fun times!

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Lelo F1s Prototype

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Lelo F1s Prototype

Solo Play – How does it work on your own?

The Lelo F1s Prototype does NOT stroke your penis. If you are someone who needs stroking in order to orgasm, ​it’s probably not for you.​​This toy emits sonic waves that provide a “surround sound” style of pleasure. There’s a dual-motor design, ​so power is not limited. It’s not as direct or raw on the outside of your penis like regular vibration can be. Sometimes regular male stroker vibration can be a little “too much” for some guys.

​For solo play, you can also easily navigate into the Cruise Control setting, which will monitor and control the intensity so you never drop the ball.​ ​Just keep in mind that if you have people close by and are trying to keep quiet, the powerful motors ​are quite noisy until you put your cock inside, then it goes pretty quiet.​Still, the design is discreet and can easily be traveled with. It doesn’t exactly scream “cock toy” when you look at this thing.

Couple’s Play – Can my partner use it on me?

​Never underestimate the extra pleasures that can be brought forth through ​couple’s play. ​If you’re both in the same room, the Lelo App can be used to edge and tease, with one person navigating the power while the other penetrates the toy.

We found it was ​a pleasurable way to edge before sex, ​while also providing new pleasures ​for a more powerful orgasm. There were also many situations where Kyle would use it on his penis while I controlled the App and he went down on me. Basically, we got to 69 in a much more comfortable position!

Although the silicone is super soft, don’t forget to use some water-based lube. Apply as much as you’d like! 


Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits Lelo F1s Prototype

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App-Enabled for Fun and Teasing

The Lelo F1s Prototype can be easily connected to the Lelo App, where the vibration and sonic waves can be controlled. Not only can you filter through the different intensities through plus and minus buttons, but you can control the two different motors at once or separately. There is also an option to change the temperature of the inside of the toy, allowing for a natural, body heat feel that can further pleasure you and build the fantasy.

Although the F1s cannot be controlled through Bluetooth long distance play or Wi-Fi like some Lovense Toys, it can be run from close by at home. There is also an option to use their open sourced option to further personalize the App to your specifications. But ​don’t worry if you aren’t a coder – the App is easy to use either way.

Cruise Control For Maximum Laziness

​Have you ever struggled with being close to orgasm and having the power or speed of your sex toy fail last minute? ​There’s a solution! The F1s has a Cruise Control option that will monitor and intelligently control the intensity for an uninterrupted experience. This ensures you will be able to control your pleasure from start to finish without any disruptions in connectivity or with speed and function.

Sensonic ™ Technology – Experience Unique Orgasms

There are two motors in the Lelo F1s Prototype. One of them will emit powerful vibrations and the other uses sonic waves to give you pleasure from all directions at once. To use this analogy for the 28th time, it’s like surround sound for your cock.In the words of Lelo, the F1s resonates instead of simply tickling the nerve endings on the surface of the skin. This brings pleasure for those who have a penis to the next level without ever even stroking.

Other Reviews of the Lelo F1s

Other Reviews of the Lelo F1s

Kyle put the Lelo F1s at the top of his sex toy list right away, but what experiences did others have with the Prototype and Developer’s Kit Red Version? Let’s hear from ​some other sexperts:

“He absolutely loved the soft, throbbing texture of the masturbator. It was stretchy and different sensations could be appreciated throughout its length. Sometimes he stimulated only the tip and then inserted his penis completely. He had to hold off several times and it almost became an unintentional edging session. “ – Venus O’Hara

Final Words

Final words about Lelo F1s

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The Lelo F1s Prototype takes edging and penis orgasms to the next level. It allows for seamless solo play with high-quality materials that will surely last a lifetime!

From heating to Cruise Control, you can really cater to your perfect pleasure without becoming numb from direct vibration. It’s a totally new type of pleasure that you need to feel to believe.

It’s also incredibly easy to navigate and very discreet, making it perfect for travel as well as at home play.

If you’re looking for rumbly, surround sound power and the ability to personalize the App in any way you desire, the F1s is a fun jump into a mish-mash of science and pleasure.

Ignite the 10 sensors, grab your water-based lubricant, and get ready to enjoy the unique pleasure the Lelo F1s Prototype has to offer…for science!

Did I mention science?

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Written by

JC Ways

Born into a family of avant-garde artists, JC Ways rebelled against conventional paths from an early age. After obtaining a degree in Gender Studies and Creative Writing, they embarked on a journey to challenge societal norms through their writing. Embracing the intersection of sexuality and identity, JC found their calling at, where they can explore and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human pleasure. With a flair for eloquent prose and a keen eye for innovative products, JC elevates the discourse around sexual wellness, advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in every article they pen.

  • Sha says:

    Its there any chance you can do a more i detailed vid about how to control it? As far as I can tell you can only adjust the strength but no patterns or anything.

    At the moment I am a bit dissapointed but I know this toy has loads of potential.

  • Gezzer says:

    Let me tell you of my journey with the black prototype product.

    It arrived and as the quick start instructed I plugged it in to charge. The plug didn’t go all the way into the device, there was about 2mm sticking out of the plug hole after it bottomed out. WTF?!? Not a good first impression. Instructions said the light would pulse and it did. Later I found out that it was going into pairing mode, not charging. When charging a dim light will walk around the outside ring and the “pulsing” is each light lighting up in turn. Plug fully inserted, so I added more downward pressure than I liked, but it did eventually start charging.

    Next day all charged, hit the button and it goes through a start up sequence and then nothing but the flashing ring light again. After trying a few different things I find that pressing the + or – button makes it work. But they need to be continually pressed or it stops functioning. This forces me to use my index finger to keep it pressed, awkward because they’re all on the end of the unit and it’s a little painful as well. But I solider on to only have the unit shut down after a couple of minutes. Give up in frustration.

    Next day I decide to pair it to my tablet. 2 apps in the Google store and I try both to find only the DEMO version actually works. The unit isn’t on but the app tells me to turn it off. After much messing around I find that simply turning it on puts it in pairing mode and the app pairs with it eventually. I then see a graphic with a swirling animation and nothing else. So I spend a lot of time trying to understand what I’ve done wrong. Eventually I stumble on to the fact that the graphics means the device is ready to be used. It has zero settings or customization and nothing informing you that the device is ready. Just a swirling graphic.

    So I use it and eventually , boom, a great orgasm. Really, I haven’t ever used a powered masturbator before, but when you get it working it’s great. Well that is as long as you don’t actually stroke with it. You can move it up a down a bit, but it’s not designed for that. Oh and the “vibration” isn’t really from a separate vibration unit. It’s created by the “sonic” unit as it fires, so there’s no settings to change the intensity or vibration pattern. Oh and you can’t change the “sonic” intensity because of having to keep a button pressed, so you just have a high and a low intensity, and the low one sucks.

    So, go to use it a few days later and find that you’re forced to re-pair it or it again or it shuts down after a minute of two. I do that with the process taking at least 5-10 minutes every time. If it doesn’t have problems making the connection that is. I eventually start in and it’s going great then boom. The unit dies on me. Turns out it lost the connection to the app. Luckily getting it up and running takes a short time and I finish up. Again boom, great orgasm… eventually.

    So my low rating isn’t because the unit doesn’t do it’s job because it does. Quite well actually. It’s because it’s a really poorly designed and over engineered product. There’s no reason that it has to be paired to work. None! The blue tooth adds nothing to the experience except frustration. From what I’ve seen it’s only purpose is to tell the unit not to shut down. Really? I mean WTF?!? How much extra cost is attributed to this useless feature? Could they of knocked 50 or 100 bucks off if they hadn’t devoted resources to it? More than likely. IMHO it’s a check list feature to help sell the product and nothing else. Plus the app is so piss pure with no real user feedback that the guy who wrote it should be shot. Even his graphics suck, black background with small faded red text.

    As for the unit it’s self, all the buttons on one end is a PITA when you’re forced to keep a button pressed to make it work. The developer version has a useless window that lets you see inside. Why not use that hole to place the buttons there? Just align everything so a user’s fingers naturally fall there. Or better yet have the on button actually turn the thing on and then use the + and – buttons to change the intensity like virtually every other product on the market?!?

    So do I recommend the product? Maybe, it does do the job, but in such a convoluted and half-assed manner I doubt I’ll use it every time I want to get off. Too much unneeded hassle. It’s like the developers and engineers missed a very important point about sex toys. When a person wants to get their rocks off through personal stimulation they don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing. This product forces a user to jump through hoops first, and the big question is why? So they can say it’s an “elite” experience when it isn’t? Yeah, more than likely…

    This review was too honest for Lelo and it didn’t “meet guidelines”. Shit company.

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