VRCosplayX Review (2024) – In-Depth Look at This VR Porn Site

By: Sex Toy Collective Team

Forget being a regular porn site. Hell, forget even being a VR porn site.

VRCosplayX banks exclusively on fulfilling your wildest fantasies.

Not just any random pervy desire, either: we’re talking about the gratification you can only get from getting into the bone zone with a popular, fictional character.

Visit VRCosplayX here

So, with my trusty VR headset, a bottle of lotion, and tissues in hand, I set out to find whether this virtual reality porn site is everything it’s cracked up to be.

How does VRCosplayX work? Can you use this XXX VR site for free? All these questions and more will be answered in this definitive VRCosplayX review.

At a Glimpse: VRCosplayX Review


  • Compatible with all major VR headsets
  • More than 200 VR porn models
  • Up to 7K resolution with 3D audio
  • Amazing bundle deals
  • Fulfill your fantasies with ease
  • Well-organized library and filters
  • Memberships for every budget


  • Minimal LGBTQ+ selection
  • Membership cancellation can be tricky

VRCosplayX Company Overview

VRCosplayX is one of the best virtual reality porn sites you can use if you want a legitimate and top-notch platform to watch VR porn videos.

This platform is a subsidiary company of virtual reality XXX powerhouse BadoinkVR. Launched in 2017, this VR porn site also doubles as BadoinkVR’s Euro-centric XXX virtual reality platform.

So, the majority of porn stars on VRCosplayX hail from countries like the U.K., Ukraine, and Hungary. It also goes without saying that these babes are dressed in some of the most elaborate cosplay attires you’ll see in porn.

Simply put, BadoinkVR managed to hit two sexy birds with one kinky stone in this regard!

With a 96% approval rating on review site TrustPilot, VRCosplayX has consistently proven itself to be one of the most reliable and noteworthy VR porn sites around. 

Hey, I’d expect nothing less from a BadoinkVR sister site, after all!

Quick VRCosplay Facts

  • Year founded: 2017
  • Headquarters: United Kingdom
  • Parent company: BadoinkVR
  • Affiliate sites: BadoinkVR, BabeVR, KinkVR, 18VR
  • Awards: 2022 AVN Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene for “Star Wars the Mandalorian: Ahsoka Tano XXX Parody”

VRCosplayX Payment Methods – Is It Easy to Join?

Thankfully, VRCosplayX doesn’t make things complicated in this area. They only have two available payment methods:

  • Credit cards (Visa or Mastercard)
  • PayPal

All of your transactions on VRCosplayX are handled by SegPay, making for a discreet and reliable experience through and through.

VRCosplayX Membership Cancellation – Yah or Nah?

As good as this VR porn site is, VRCosplayX isn’t exactly perfect. One of the few nitpicks I have with this otherwise impressive XXX VR platform is their membership cancellation method.

First off, it’s HARD to find the membership cancellation page on VRCosplayX. I had to rummage through a number of sections on this porn site before I found it. 

There are two ways to make it happen, though:

First, if you’re looking to cancel your membership with VRCosplayX for any reason, you can go to the bottom of their homepage and click on the Terms and Conditions link. 

You’ll be directed to a page full of legalese, so make sure to go to their “Trial and Monthly Membership” subsection. There’s a teeny-tiny link there that you can click to get you to the membership cancellation page.

An alternative method– though it’s no more intuitive than the one I just mentioned– is going to their Support page where, again, there’s a teeny-tiny banner that directs you to the membership cancellation page. 

To exacerbate matters, their terms and conditions also state that your credit card or PayPal account will automatically be upgraded and charged for a regular monthly membership once your trial period is over. 

So, make sure you keep an eye on that if you don’t want to find any surprises in your PayPal or bank statement.

As with your payments, VRCosplayX membership cancellations are handled by SegPay. On the bright side, it’s a legitimate payment service provider, so you can make payments or cancel your subscription with no hitch.

However, I would have much preferred if these premium membership cancellations were done directly via VRCosplayX to make things much smoother.

Regardless, you can rest assured that if you don’t want to carry on with a VRCosplayX membership, you can pull out– which is coincidentally what you’ll be doing with most of the girls in their videos when you’re about to climax.

VRCosplayX Review – Is This VR Cosplay Porn Site Good?

I had a pleasant experience from the moment I entered VRCosplayX’s homepage right up to when I had to wash up after –uhh– researching the inner workings of Princess Zelda.

On its own, VRCosplayX’s site design is sleek, simplified, and concise. 

It doesn’t exactly scream “unique”, considering the entire layout is shared by the likes of its sister VR porn sites like KinkVR and BadoinkVR, but I can’t complain.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

You can find everything you’d expect from VRCosplayX right from their homepage. On the upper right corner, you get links to 4 main sections:

  • Videos – Find a list of all their available VR porn movies
  • Girls – Entire female porn star roster listed here
  • Free – Get 1 full-length VR porn movie download at no charge
  • Join – Sign up for a membership

VRCosplayX – Spreading Immersive Experiences in Cosplay Porn

One of the most notable things about VRCosplayX and the entire BadoinkVR umbrella is how they’ve put it upon themselves to bring VR XXX content to the mainstream. What once was an extremely niche way to bust a nut has become simple.

VRCosplayX– along with its sister sites– is the only VR porn site that gives out free Google Cardboard VR goggles to their members. That said, this top XXX virtual reality platform isn’t just compatible with VR headsets; you can access their porn movies using your smartphone.

I can’t stress enough how this makes VR porn content in general way more accessible. 

Don’t have money to shell out to get yourself a pair of Meta VR goggles or a Playstation VR? VRCosplayX has got your back, my man!

A disclaimer, though: this offer is only available to U.S. subscribers. Boohoo! 

VRCosplayX Membership Plans – Cosplay Porn for Every Pervert

VRCosplayX offers numerous ways with which you can enjoy the stuff they have to offer. There are a couple of memberships, not to mention numerous subscription plans that fit every budget on this VR porn site.

First, you have Regular VRCosplayX membership plans, which give you access to everything within this particular VR porn site. It’s divided into 4 subscription plans:

  • 1-day trial: $1 – Includes 1 free download, exclusive to mobile VR porn streaming
  • One-month membership: $24.95*
  • One year: $89.95*
  • Lifetime: $299.95*

*Includes unlimited streaming, unlimited VR porn video downloads, and 1 free pair of Google Cardboard VR goggles (for U.S. members).

If you want an entire buffet table of VR pornographic content, though, then I highly recommend you check out their Super Bundle plans.

With a Super Bundle membership, you’re not just getting access to what VRCosplayX has to offer, but you’ll also be able to enjoy everything that its sister sites have to offer. 

The Super Bundle includes:

  • BadoinkVR
  • VRCosplayX
  • BabeVR
  • 18VR
  • KinkVR

Super Bundle memberships only have two subscription plans:

  • One month: $49.90
  • One year: $179.90

All plans in the Super Bundle category give you unlimited VR porn streaming, unlimited movie downloads, and a free Google Cardboard (for U.S.-based subscribers).

VRCosplayX Premium Member Features

You’re getting the same VR porn site benefits regardless if you’re a Super Bundle subscriber or Regular Plan member. And, man, these features ain’t no joke!

Here’s a rundown of the most notable things VRCosplayX members are getting:

2 new VR porn videos per week + bonus BTS (Behind The Scenes) content

VRCosplayX doesn’t miss a beat delivering you immersive cosplay porn twice a week. In addition to that, you get bonus stuff like behind-the-scenes clips and photo sets featuring their porn stars.

5K, 60FPS, 3D audio, 180 and 360-degree view, binaural sound

VRCosplayX is being humble here. In reality, you’re getting something better than 5K video resolution, since they offer ones that go up to a super realistic 7K! The 3D audio and binaural sound features are accurate, too.

However, it gets a little iffy with their claim that you get both 180 and 360-degree videos, respectively. Sure, their sister sites like BadoinkVR and KinkVR have 360-degree VR porn movies, but VRCosplayX exclusively deals in 180-degree views (to my knowledge).

VR porn movies with up to 7K resolution, 180-degree view, 3D and binaural audio.

VR Theater Mode

Although it’s nice to have this feature, I can’t help but think it’s counterintuitive to what VR porn videos are all about. In a nutshell, VR theater mode just puts a virtual 2D screen in front of you while you wear your VR headset instead of giving you an immersive experience.

Then again, better have it and not need it than need it and not have it, right?

VR Headset Compatibility

VRCosplayX is widely compatible with a lot of popular VR headsets out there, from newer models like the HTC Vive Pro 2 or the Meta Quest to now-defunct VR goggles like the Google Daydream VR.

Plus, they also let you watch their VR porn content using your smartphone, so you can easily use analog VR headsets like the Homido V2 or Google Cardboard if you don’t have a pair of high-end virtual reality headsets.

It’s also nice that VRCosplayX has a dedicated device setup page for each model they’re compatible with, making for more accurate instructions.

VRCosplayX Porn Videos – Best Place for XXX Cosplay

VRCosplayX’s videos page contains their entire library of costumed smut – and believe us when we say you’ll find some of the best VR porn scenes there. It’s got a simple layout currently made up of 300 VR porn releases, with more added on a weekly basis.

What can I say? Nothing makes porn tastier than a heaping dose of copyright infringement. LOL! Seriously, though.

Other porn sites usually omit the characters’ names to avoid any legal repercussions from their respective copyright holders– like how they’ll say Batgirl is “Flying Rodent Lady” to sidestep any complaints from DC and Warner Bros.

So, imagine my elation when I saw VRCosplayX giving zero f*cks whatsoever. Want to see X-Men’s Magik opening her “portals”? How about using the Force on Princess Amidala? 

That’s exactly what you’re getting! Hey, you can’t sue a company for doing “parodies”, after all, no matter how deliciously filthy they get.

Bottom line: A+ for convenience, and a whopping A+++ for ingenious legal acrobatics, VRCosplayX.


Aside from their efficient search bar, you can also use VRCosplayX’s own search filters, which contain a great deal of categories to help you whittle down your search for the perfect cosplay VR porn video.

For the most part, VRCosplayX is very focused on CisHet porn. They have lesbian porn videos, but they’re honestly targeted toward a male audience. 

Too bad, since I wanted to watch Superman and Batman finally release all that decades-long sexual tension they’ve had since the 1950s.

As far as production values go, I’ve got *almost* nothing to rant about. If a VR porn site gives me the opportunity to get Pokeballs-deep inside Nurse Joy, then that makes me a happy camper!

The only nitpick I have with VRCosplayX’s production values is that their scene backgrounds look plain. They almost always start off with believable outdoor shots that work as in-universe settings for whatever they’re parodying.

But when you get down and dirty with your VR porn star, it’s always inside a boring-ass living room or bedroom. I understand that creating set pieces can drain the production budget, but maybe use a green screen?

It’d be super cool to see even just a poorly rendered 3D Chewbacca walking in the background while I tap Princess Leia’s Alderaanian ass.

All in all, though, I thoroughly enjoyed the VR porn videos I watched on VRCosplayX, especially when the cosplay porn stars start dropping some geeky references in the script!

VRCosplayX Models – Best in the Cosplay Porn Biz

As I’ve mentioned, VRCosplayX is all about fantasy fulfillment. Aside from being able to give the likes of Mt. Lady the United States of Smash, you’d be happy to find out that they’re portrayed by absolute pros in the adult entertainment industry.

Each model on this VR porn site has a complete profile that you can check out, which gives you lots of details that levels up the intimacy you’re getting from their VR porn videos.

Each VRCosplayX porn star profile contains a detailed biography and a handy list of their physical stats containing details about their age, eye color, ethnicity, etc.

VRCosplayX’s models page are also useful if you’re a hardcore fan of any given porn star in their stable, as you’ll find a list of the videos they star in on this section.

As an added perk for premium members of VRCosplayX, you can also download hi-res photos of them while cosplaying as your favorite characters.

Free VRCosplayX Videos – Yes. For REALS!

VRCosplayX– along with its sister sites– is the only VR porn site that offers 100% free Virtual reality content that you can enjoy. This is so in line with the company’s initiative to provide the world with accessible VR XXX content, and I applaud them for it.

These aren’t just short clips we’re talking about, too; these are full-length VR porn movies that you can download straight to your device. You can also download 1 full image set from this page.

The best part is that VRCosplayX doesn’t even ask you to sign up to any of their membership tiers to grab this.

The only price?

You simply have to sign up to their newsletter, which is also freakin’ free of charge! 

Talk about a win-win situation.

VRCosplayX Help and Support

I didn’t run into any issues while I was doing this VRCosplayX review, which is always a good sign for a VR porn site. They provide you with ways to troubleshoot your problems in case you run into them, though.

First, there’s the Help page, which contains an FAQ section that provides you with various solutions to common issues you might experience using VRCosplayX.

It would have been nice to include a section where you can live chat with their customer support team or at least send them a message. If you want to do the latter, you’re going to need to look a tad harder.

Way at the bottom of VRCosplayX’s pages, you’ll see the Support button. I honestly think they should make this section easier to find, since it’s pretty integral for any site to make their customer service team as accessible as possible.

The bad news is that VRCosplayX doesn’t have a live chat function whatsoever, so getting solutions to your problems will take longer than if you can directly speak with a customer support specialist.

The good news, on the other hand, is that their customer service team is available 24/7, so chances are high that they can reply to your concerns any time of the day!

VRCosplayX Customer Reviews – What the Cosplay Porn Masses Have to Say

I was– and still am– blown away by the response that VRCosplayX has gotten from the VR porn community. It all goes to show that this platform truly is one of the best VR porn sites around.

Rarely does a website actually live up to expectations the way this one does, especially when it comes to virtual reality content.

This is high praise, especially considering that this review comes from a Redditor: some of the most discerning folks online.

Yet a few more Redditors can’t help but sing the praises of VRCosplayX’s VR porn content, applauding the accuracy of the cosplay that their models use in their XXX virtual reality movies.

Fan opinion about VRCosplayX doesn’t change over at TrustPilot, either. 

Surprisingly enough, VRCosplayX’s account directly replies to these reviews: something that other big names in the adult entertainment industry don’t do.

For real, guys, I don’t know which impresses me more: the fact that VRCX even replies to their customers, how they take suggestions for future VR porn video releases or the fact that they managed to please the hard-to-please fanbase of Reddit.

Kudos, VRCosplayX team!

VRCosplayX Review Verdict – Get Ready to Play!

VRCosplayX has amazing technical features like 7K video resolution and legit 3D audio capabilities, a stellar selection of A-list porn stars, and cosplay production values that easily suspend your disbelief.

These all make it not just one of the best niche or fandom-specific VR porn sites around; it’s absolutely one of the best virtual reality XXX platforms to get a hot immersive experience.

Visit VRCosplayX here

With their consistent innovations as well as their initiative to make VR porn content as readily available as possible, I truly can’t wait to see what VRCosplayX has in store for the future!

VRCosplayX Score: 9 out of 10 stars

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