Best Hands Free Sex Toys For Women: Dildo Mounts, Stands, No Hands Vibrators, and More

There’s something extra enticing about getting off hands free.  Especially when it comes to masturbation, a ‘no hands’ orgasm can feel a little more wild and sexy. For women especially, there’s tons of hands free sex toys that will pull their weight, and in this guide we’re listing some of the best ones. What Are […]

The Best Prostate Massagers and Prostate Toys: Vibrating and others

A prostate orgasm is quite literally the most amazing thing you will ever feel in your life. Whether you’re using prostate massagers in combination with penis masturbation or you’re going for the famous Aneros hands free prostate orgasm known as the “Super O”, these little butt toys really can change a man’s life. They changed […]

Best Water Based Lubes: How To Choose The Safe Ones

In my big lube guide, I wrote about the science of how water-based lubricants work.  This guide is going to be more practical.  I’ll show you which water-based lubes are the best, including the safest, thickest, and longest-lasting brands. Pros and Cons of Water-Based Lube Water-based lube has some advantages and disadvantages compared to silicone, petroleum, […]

Silicone Savvy: A Guide To Silicone Personal Lubricants

Whenever I meet someone who doesn’t know what silicone-based lubricant is, I get excited. “It’s that magic never-ending lube” I say, as I pull a bottle out of my bag and proceed to make them hold out their hand for a sample. If they haven’t run away yet, I start to tell them about silicone […]

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