Vibrator Nation

Vibrator Nation tells the story of how women changed the sex toy industry and brought new standards of quality, education, and comfort to a previously seedy industry. The author, Lynn Comella, is an associate professor of gender and sexuality studies, which I think brings the book a bit of an academic feeling.  The chapters are fairly […]

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Dangerous Sex Toy Materials 101

It’s still the wild wild west for sex toys and regulations are almost non-existent.  Chinese factories can get away with putting toxic chemicals into rubber toys.  If used these toys will cause chemical burns and rashes when used.  It’s important to buy from trusted retailers and manufacturers that have full disclosure over the materials used in […]

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Bluechew Pills: Do They Work? A Gay Man’s Bluechew Review

This post is going to a little different, a review of a new ED medicine called BlueChew.   I used to think I was alone when it comes to erectile dysfunction, but it seems that ED is much more prevalent than I assumed. As a gay man, my love life revolves heavily around sex, whether I […]

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