Exit Cutiepietease02: Enter Hotter & Sexier Cutiepiespanks

By: Sex Toy Collective Team

Chaturbate chat rooms have never been the same since everyone’s favorite cam girl – Cutiepietease02 – hung her boots.

We lost a good girl there… but there is hope.

It took a lot of therapy, but some fans – like me – have never moved on. After nearly a year of hoping, digging through chats, and a good old-fashioned investigation, I finally found her!

Behold, from the ashes of Cutiepietease02, rises Cutiepiespanks – same hot blonde, just on a different site.

Hold on to your hats, and let me reintroduce you to Cutipiespanks.

Who Is Cutiepietease02?

Cutiepietease02 is just as her name describes her. She is as cute as a novel doll, and her live chats could work your sweet spots with her seductive and arousing spells. 

She really had us in a chokehold. It’s hard to imagine she’s only 21. She doesn’t look a day over 19 if you ask me.

This young American sweetheart stole the hearts of thousands of users on Chaturbate. Sadly, her Chaturbate chat room is said to have finally closed around a month ago – a sad day for Cutiepietease02’s viewers.

The news that Cutiepietease02 left Chaturbate nearly broke major online discussion forums like Reddit. 

So, What Happened To Cutiepietease02?

Fans and webcam conspiracy theorists had different views about what made Cutiepietease02 throw in the towel on Chaturbate.

Some argue that she had started complaining about Chaturbate reducing revenues. In that case, anyone would seek greener pastures.

After a year of speculation, Cutiepietease02 finally left Chaturbate to explore new paths in her career. 

Her fans took to Reddit to express their sadness and hopefully console each other with alternative cam girls who came close to what she offered.

Luckily, we didn’t need alternatives after all.

Cutiepietease02 would make her return – and gloriously, if I may add.

Where is Cutiepietease02 Now?

A few weeks after going AWOL on Chaturbate, Cutiepietease02 resurfaced under a new alias. She is now Cutiepiespanks.

Word on the block is that Cutiepietease02 just moved house from one cam site to another. 

Okay, okay… I’ll quit teasing.

Cutiepietease02 is now CutiepieSpanks on – you guessed it – StripChat

CB might be one of the most popular cam sites, but some cam models have had numerous issues with the platform.

For Cutiepietease02, moving to one of the new kids on the block was a no-brainer. 

I mean, StripChat has better graphics and user interface, and most cam viewers prefer its flashy online sex cams.

Looks like this story has a happy ending, after all.

What Does Cutiepiespanks Offer?

Cutiepiespanks is no different just because she’s on a different cam site. You can expect the same old Cutiepietease02 charm you’ve come to love and trust. 

If you didn’t get the chance to be hypnotized with her at her previous gig, spoiler alert – you’ll be wowed by a rollercoaster of mind-blowing teases and sex cams in her new StripChat cam room.

Cutipiespanks is a submissive minx who makes you feel like royalty in her room. The kinky sub is a master seductress and can flirt with everyone like they’re regular FWBs.

Some researchers found that some guys learn a lot about their quirks from cam girls like Cutiepiespanks. 

A few minutes with her, and she might help you discover a thing or two about your unique turn-ons.

In addition to that…

Cutiepiespanks still carries her stash of powerful dildos, which she occasionally brings on stage – if you tip her right.

She has an affordable tip menu, so you can interact with her as much as you want. Her menu items are between 25 and 35 tokens, so you can comfortably announce your presence in the room.

Today, I nearly missed her by a whisker, but I added her to my favorites and enabled notifications so I wouldn’t suffer the same fate again.

Does Cutiepiespanks Do Private Chats?

Yes, you can steal Cutiepiespanks to the private lounge. This is the only place you can truly and fully experience her intoxicating aura.

Cutiepiespanks is one of StripChat’s highest-rated cam models for private shows in 2024. Her profile states this, along with numerous 5-star reviews on her wall if you need more convincing.

Charms aside, Cutiepiespanks’ private shows are the real deal. She charges 120 tokens/minute, so you know she means business in there.

Her private chat menu contains a long list of pleasures that’ll more than give you value for your money. Just to mention a few, they include: 

  • Squirting
  • Sex toys
  • Striptease
  • Twerking
  • Flashing
  • Roleplay

The list goes on and on – but you get the idea.

Cutiepiespanks Photos and Videos in 2024

Cutipiespanks has been cooking on Stripchat. Her account may be relatively new, but this model has been busy creating a colorful porn gallery to make up for ghosting us.

I must say, I appreciate the views there. Just take a peek and you’ll see what I’m on about.

Cutiepiespanks’ StripChat has a solid collection of photos and videos to drool over. Her gallery includes 74 photos and 108 videos to keep your thirsty self occupied when she’s offline.

The only problem is that she only has one free gallery.


You can still get your hands on the not-so-safe-for-work tapes. Her explicit albums cost between 111 and 333 tokens each, but you can also check them out for free.

Yes, you read that right. 

You can get your hands on Cutiepiespanks explicit videos without charge – by joining her fan club.

How, you ask?

Fan club members get up to 50% discounts on private shows and a special badge, among other sweet perks. Read this StripChat review for more info.

Cutiepiespanks’ fan club membership tiers are:

  1. Soldier – 300 tokens/month
  2. Lord – 600 tokens/month
  3. Prince – 1200 tokens/month

Is Cutiepiespanks Better Than Cutiepietease02? 

Cutiepietease02 exiting the stage on Chaturbate might not have been a bad thing after all. If it meant she had to disappear for a while and return a sexier version, I/we are more than grateful.

You can bet your money that Cutiepietease’s transformation into Cutiepiespanks will surely shake up StripChat

Now that you know where to find her. 

How about you stop by and see what’s up? 

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