• Avatar Putters says:

    Would have been good to know which questions I answered incorrectly! Fun quiz otherwise and 8/11 isn’t a bad score IMO 🙂

    • Avatar AnnfromAK says:

      Who would have thought that Texas would be against dildos until 2008 when everything should be bigger and better in that state?

  • Avatar M says:

    3/10 I’m SO ASHAMED ??

  • Avatar Martha says:

    6/11 not bad,ha!?

  • Avatar Marleen says:


  • Avatar Rachelle says:

    Interesting trivia

  • Avatar M says:


  • Avatar Annette says:

    6-11 without knowing the history. I’m pleased.

  • Avatar Dee says:

    7 out 11 not to bad

  • Avatar Lucinda says:

    Never thought about how things worked why back when

  • Avatar Barbara says:

    Not to bad.?

  • Avatar Ian says:

    Oh dear I did really bad

  • Avatar Lori says:

    6 out of 11 right but I don’t know what the correct answers were that I got wrong

  • Avatar Beebonnett says:

    9 out of 11

  • Avatar Susan says:

    5/11 without studying!

  • Avatar Mickie says:

    5/11 not bad

  • Avatar Skipper says:

    Holy crap, 10/11!!!!!
    ..didn’t think I knew that much

  • Avatar Alison says:

    Not sure what that says about me!!! Ha ha

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    I would have liked to know which ones I got wrong and the correct answers

  • Avatar Sharon says:

    I would like to know which ones I got wrong.

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