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Best Hands Free Sex Toys For Women: Dildo Mounts, Stands, No Hands Vibrators, and More

BY Ian, Amelie

There's something extra enticing about getting off hands free.  Especially when it comes to masturbation, a 'no hands' orgasm can feel a little more wild and sexy.

For women especially, there's tons of hands free sex toys that will pull their weight, and in this guide we're listing some of the best ones.

What Are Hands Free Toys?

These toys are usually sturdy enough to stay put while you fuck them or they fuck you.  Here are some of the different types we'll be covering:

  • Dildo mounts, stands and platforms
  • Wearable Vibrators
  • Vibrator and Dildo Holders
  • Sex Machines
  • Suction cup dildos
  • And more!

There are also hands free toys for men out there which are more ideal for penises

Friends with benefits

With your hands free you can ride and grind your heart out, it's a different kind of masturbation.  For couples, hands free toys can simulate a threesome and help you add more stimulation than you could achieve with two hands.  You can get your partner going while still pleasuring yourself, for example.

Enough chit chat though, lets bring out the toys!

Our Top Picks for Hands Free Sex Toys
Tom the other Man
  • Has 4 rubber feet
  • Designed to mount your adult suction toys in a variety of positions
  • No more using your Suction-Cup toys on the wall or floor
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Liberator BonBon
  • Perfect for solo play
  • Can turn any dildo into a hands free, sweet spot confection
  • Its dense foam supports you
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  • Summons up a similar sensation
  • Sleek design
  • Stimulating
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  • Hands free mount
  • Narrow body
  • About 2 ft long and 1 ft tall
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Tula Toy Mount
  • Transforms your favorite sex toys into a hands free sex machine
  • Designed to fit any body size or shape
  • Has multiple slots
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  • Doubles as a supportive positioning aid as well as a sex toy holder
  • Slanted shape
  • Allows you to experience deeper penetration and positions
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Hismith Sex Machine
  • 100 watts of mute turbine motor power
  • Fully adjustable
  • Does all the work
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Stronic Pulsator
  • Massages you from the inside hitting every nerve
  • 10 different settings
  • Phthalate free
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Avant D2
  • Modern
  • Stylish
  • Non-porous and boil-able
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  • Has a realistic feel
  • High quality
  • Crafted from a real-feel silicone
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Dildo Mounts and Platforms

Dildo mounts allow you to mount a dildo, so it is supported for play, but leaves your hands free for exploring. If you like your dildo, but would love to have your hands free while using it, you may want to consider a dildo mount. Here are some the best ones:

Liberator BonBon

Ideal for those lonely nights in the hotel room, BonBon is perfect for solo play. Its dense foam supports you while you straddle it for a hands free exploration.

This mount can turn any dildo into a hands free, sweet spot confection. Remember,  however, the area that the dildo sits in will take about an inch off your dildo, so don’t be afraid to try out your big ones.

Ride away girls while giving him the sensation of his life with your hands. The BonBon makes sex more fun!

Love Arc

The Love Arc is simply an arc of lovely pleasure! This self-propelling sex machine lets you rock or ride to find that perfect angle.

It can be enjoyed alone with your favorite suction cup dildo, or you can bring a friend in to ride with you (think of a teeter totter). It also works great for a hands free double penetration.

People swear by this because they can bring their wildest fantasies to life in a realistic way because they aren’t using their hands to do the thrusting.

Love Glider

Just sit on the glider and control your thrusts, speed, and depth using your legs to rock you into ecstasy.  

The only trouble is that it can be difficult to keep rocking once you start to come, one way around this is to have a buddy keep pushing you while they enjoy the show.

The Love Glider in action

The glider comes fully assembled, and it also comes with two suction dildos to play with. I'd recommend switching in some of your own silicone dildos with it, any dildo that is harness compatible will work though.

Hands Free Vibrators

What woman doesn’t love a great vibrator? Not only do they hit that G-spot, but they give a little extra sensation for the clit. But, you know what is even better than a good vibrator?! A hands-free vibrator!

Hands free vibrators are perfect for hitting all the right spots without wearing out your arms. You could quite literally go all night! Here are some of our favorite hands free vibrators you have to try!


O.K. ladies this one isn’t your typical vibrator, but it summons up a similar sensation. Have you ever lied on your back and scooted under the faucet in the bathtub for an orgasmic sensation?! I know I have, and the WaterSlyde is a hands free sex toy that makes those drenching wet orgasms even better.

 The sleek plastic water diverter attaches to your bathtub spout and directs the water to the middle of the tub allowing you to comfortable position your body exactly where it counts.  After a long stressful day, this is the perfect way to relax, destress, and reward yourself for getting through the day.

Wanda- A Hands Free Magic Wand Holder

Meet Wanda, a hands free mount that will hold your magic wand for spell-binding fun.  Its narrow body is perfect for straddling whether you are lying or standing.

The mount itself is about 2 feet long and 1 foot tall, making it good for riding in cowgirl or doggy positions.  You can also prop it up with pillows or blankets to make it even taller.


Usually men are the ones designing all our sex toys. Don’t you wish sometimes that you could just tell them how to do it just right?

Well, that is exactly what owners of the Tremor did. They interviewed consumers of ride on sex toys to come up with this innovative hands free sex toy just for you!

the tremor sex machine in action

The Tremor is a sex saddle machine that gives you sexual freedom to explore your wild side without the emotion interruption of a partner.

In fact, women are boasting about how this machine is so powerful it makes them climax fast and even gives multiple orgasms. With speeds at your fingertips, you have to give it a try.

Lush 2

This Lush 2 is a hands free vibrator that can be controlled with an app on your smartphone from anywhere on the globe.  Just lay back and let the vibration presets work their magic, or give the controls to a partner, and let them take you for a ride.

This no hands toy is compatible with Android, Apple, Windows, and Mac allowing you to turn anything into an orgasmic remote. Make it vibrate fast, slow, and even to the beat of the music.

Hands Free Tiani 3

This powerful little vibrate packs a huge punch. It is specifically designed to increase the intensity of sex. One arm vibrates powerfully inside you while the other massages the clit.

The great thing about this powerhouse is that while it gives you the pleasure you seek, your partner can also penetrate deep inside making sexual orgasims you’ve only seen in the movies.

Customers have found Tiani experience lasts much longer and the outcome is a massive O! But, keep in mind it might get your partner a little excited as well, so spend some solo time with it.

Liberator’s Hands Free Sex Toy Mounts

Have you ever wondered how sex looks so amazing in the movies? Well, they have all the cool stuff like sex furniture that makes it easy to get in different positions.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes missionary and doggy style get old. Liberators allow you to get out those Kama Sutra books and try something a little dangerous.

Of course furniture can spice up your sex life, but what if you are alone for the night?! With Liberators, you can always have a rockin’ good time by yourself.

Liberator’s hand free sex toy mounts make mounting your dildo or vibrator a breeze while allowing you different positions. Because even riding solo means you like variety.

Here are some of our favorite Liberator’s hand free sex toy mounts!

Tula Toy Mount

Aren’t two toys better than one? The Tula Toy Mount transforms your favorite sex toys into a hands free sex machine. It's designed to fit any body size or shape.

The Tula has multiple slots that securely hold dildos, vibrators, and massage wands. It can also be straddled in a variety of ways making it easy to use with a partner.

Whether you want to stand, kneel, or sit, theTula is a good sex cushion for getting your groove on. So, get out that kama sutra book, get creative and enjoy the Tula fun.


The axis doubles as a supportive positioning aid as well as a sex toy holder, and can help take your wand vibrators to a whole new level.  The slanted shape is designed to give you complete control and freedom while using the Magic Wand Massager.

With or without the wand, the Axis allows you to experience deeper penetration and positions to increase stimulation.

Another great feature about the Axis is that it works great for women who are pregnant by allowing you to take the pressure off of your abdomen. Sex can be enjoyable while pregnant as long as you have the right tools.


The wing is a great liberator for solo play and partner play. If you are like me, you like the feel of someone being there during solo play. The wing creates that feeling.

The wing is body length allowing you to feel like your partner is there, but it also allows you position dildos and vibes in a hands free position making it feel even more real.

It also gives you an upper body support during doggie style allowing you to take stress off the body and keep going longer.  

the wing and lean over with your torso and hips supported to give your partner fantastic access for penetration.

The wing can also be used with your partner to allow him a comfortable upwards thrust. Simply place it under his knees.

With so much versatility, the Wing is a liberator everyone should have in their bedroom.


Just ride it! The Pulse feature soft lines that contour so it moves with your body creating the natural rocking experience of sex. If you like cowgirl, you are going to love the Pulse.

Whether you use the Pulse solo or with a partner, it allows a hands free ride and features two separate pockets for dildos and vibrators.

You can also flip it over and use it for lift to get just the right penetration during doggie style with your partner.

Automatic Hands Free Sex Toys

Don’t you wish you could just get a vibrator that vibrates and thrusts for you while you sit back and enjoy the ride? Well, now you can! Technology has really come a long way for women.

Sex used to be all about the guy and what he wants, but now, we don’t need a guy. All we need is some sex toys and our handy dandy automatic vibrator.

Here are some of the best automatic hands free sex toys that will have you hitting your “0” before you can say go.

Hismith Sex Machine

Who needs a man when you can have the Hismith Sex Machine?! Seriously girls, this hands free toys is going to change everything you ever knew about sex. 

With 100 watts of mute turbine motor power, it won’t stop penetrating until your ready for it to stop (You won’t want it to).

 Its fully adjustable which means you can use it in different positions like doggy style, missionary, and standing positions.

And, the best thing about it, is it does all the work. All you have to do is push the buttons on the remote to change it to the way you desire.

Ok, yes, this toy is almost as amazing as a real man, but some of us still want a man with a brain. Well, Hismith Sex Machine is your guy there, too.

When there is too much resistance is slows down and patiently waits for you to relax. When you relax, it gives some nice thrusts to keep it going. If you push deeper, it will sense the resistance.

Unlike a guy who can just thrust until he is done, this sex machine may have you second guessing ever going back to him, again.

Stronic Pulsator

Life is too short not to have the best orgasms. The Fun Factory Wave Pulsator thrusting Dildo is going to have you screaming in delight.

It massages you from the inside hitting every nerve ending for a satisfying, powerful orgasm. Best of all this orgasm is hands free. That’s right you don’t have to do any of the work.

Lie back, insert the Fun Factory, and set your level of thrusting. There are 10 different settings, so you can enjoy just the right amount.

Hismith Hands Free Thruster

With three different modes for thrusting and ten modes for vibration, you are in for multiple orgasms when you use the Sex Machine for Women.

It's also only $35, making it one of the best bangs for the buck when it comes to hands free toys for women.

You can suction your machine to any smooth surface and adjust it for a hands free penetration that feels realistic. Get a full 60-minutes of satisfaction before needing to recharge.

Hands Free Dildos (Suction Cup Style)

Of course machines, liberators, and vibrators are all fun, but so is a good ‘ol suction cup dildo. I mean we all need them.

They work great as a hands free method in the shower as well as can easily be placed anywhere in your home. Use them on the dryer, use them on the fridge, or if you feel the heat, try sticking it to the oven.

Suction cup dildos are the most versatile sex toy you can have, and everyone needs at least one. Here are just a few of our favorite ones to try out.

Avant D2 - Best Value

The Avant D3 dildo is modern, stylish, and beautiful, more importantly though, this dildo sticks to anything.  It's softer than your average dildo too, and shaped to hit the G-spot every time.

One thing you want to look for in a dildo is how easy they are to clean. All the Avant dildos are non-porous and boil-able, so you can clean them easily.

Not only do they boast elegant curves and a broad head, but they warm up with your body as you use it. They are harness compatible and have a deep, strong suction cup for your pleasure.

Keep in mind, the Avant sticks best on tiles and walls for extreme suction.

Mustang - Best Overall No Hands Dildo

You don’t want to waste your money on a bunch of cheap hands free dildos that break over time. The Vixen Creations Mustang is as good a quality as no hands dildos get, and its silicone material can last a lifetime.

It has a realistic feel with a gentle curvature, round head, and textured veined shaft. The more real it feels, the better it feels.

Crafted from a real-feel silicone, the Vixen Creations features a soft exterior with a solid core which allows you to have flexible movement when using it.

This must have dildo offers you heat retention, a realistic experience, and a suction cup base allowing you to get as creative as you want when you play.

Colours by NSnovelties

Made from the best medical grade, body-safe silicone, Colours NSNovelties is a 5 inch pleasure house. They are velvety soft to the touch yet firm enough for a fabulous penetration.

With a slight curve, heavy veins in the shaft, and full 5 inches, these dildos are sure to provide you with immeasurable pleasure.

The suction cup base is super strong allowing you to get creative with your hands free play time. Use it in the tub, on the wall, on the floor. Get creative and see where you like it the best.

If you don’t like the color, there are several rad colors you can choose from including: black, blue, pink, and yellow.

How to Use Hands Free Sex Toys

Many women tend to think masturbation is unnatural or dirty. Because of this, they tend to not know what feels good when having sex.

In order to make sex enjoyable, you have to know what you like, what you don’t like, and what gets you off.

To do this, it is important to masturbate. So, here are some tips for masturbating to help you get the most pleasure out of your time.

  1. Masturbation is healthy: Sure, exercise is a great way to alleviate stress, but so is enjoying one on one time with your body.
  2. Remember the hot spots: You will want to stimulate your clitorus, G-spot, anal, combo, and erogenous zones.
  3. While using hands free toys, make your hands do some work: Rub, pinch, pull, or squeeze your nipples, inner thighs, ears, neck or other parts of your body.
  4. Set the mood: Play some music, light candles, and turn off the lights.
  5. Let your mind wander: Don’t think about the act instead, think about the hottie you saw at the gym, or the guy you slept with last.
  6. Add some lube: When we are about to have sex, we naturally lubricate, but sometimes we need a little extra help.
  7. Take your time: This is your time, and it is all about you. Take your time finding those perfect spots and give yourself a wild ride.
  8. Give yourself foreplay: Don’t go straight to the dildo. Instead, work yourself up by touching and caressing yourself.
  9. Turn up the heat: If letting your mind wander isn’t doin’ it for you, watch a porno, read a steamy book, or watch a sexy movie.
  10. Enjoy yourself: Let yourself enjoy every part of the sensations you are feeling. The more you enjoy it, the bigger that “O.”

Are you ready to pleasure yourself with one of these hands free sex toys? Which one would you use or have you used? Share your results in the comments below!



Amelie Pons is a sociology major with a passion for studying the experiences of BDSM-oriented people. In 2017 she completed her thesis on the ritualized nature of conscious kink, and has been working as a pro-domme since.

When she's not working in the field, you'll find her caring for her succulents, collecting kombucha bottles, or taking her cat for a walk.

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