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The Big Magic Wand Review: Rechargeable Version vs Hitachi Original

The Hitachi Magic Wand is the OG vibrator, the Queen V. It’s old-school, legendary, and one of the top selling personal massagers of all time. It hit the shelves in 1968 as a body massager, at a time when female masturbation was way more taboo than it is now, providing women an accessible and discreet tool […]

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Best clit Vibrator

25 Best Clit Vibrators For Women: Guide To Mini, Wand, and Sucking Clit Vibes

37% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. In fact, 64% of women use both clitoral and vaginal stimulation to help them come. Penetrative sex can have us fooled into thinking that vaginal and G-spot stimulation are the only ways to get those intense squirting orgasms, but they’re not. Welcome to the world […]

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How to Use A Vibrator

If you walk into a sex store or look at sex toy websites online, you can find vibrators for beginners, vibrators for couples, egg vibrators, vibrating rabbit toys, and so much more. It can be a little bit intimidating when you’re browsing for your first vibrator and you’re bombarded with a sea of contorted vibrating […]

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“Perfect Match” Vibrator Review

First things first, I love this vibrator. I just want to make it clear right away that this is going to be an overwhelmingly positive review. What’s in the box?The Amazon box arrived, and luckily it was a discreet generic Amazon cardboard box that didn’t make it obvious what it is. Whenever I buy sex toys […]

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Best Vibrating Panties: A Guide to the Top Panty Vibrators

Do you crave the thrill of a dangerous yet pleasurable public orgasm?  If so, vibrating panties might be your new favorite sex toy, combining sexual pleasure with practicality and fashion! Purpose-built vibrating underwear like this helps you to safely enjoy low-key public play without a vibrator falling out of your pants. Unless you start making sexy noises, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Control Vibrators: 15 Best Wifi, App Controlled, and Remote Vibes

Vibrators are great and all, but have you ever tried to change their settings when they’re inside you? It’s awkward, it’s messy, and it’s hard to tell what you’re doing. Most of the time, you have to interrupt your pleasure by taking them out and looking for the buttons you need to press – you lose the […]

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The 14 Best G Spot Vibrators

A g-spot vibrator can make for an awesome addition to any sex toy collection. Whether you want to add something new to your bedroom rapporteur or just want to intensify your solo play, this guide to the best g spot vibrators will help you hit the sweet spot. What Is A G-Spot Vibrator?The g-spot is a bundle […]

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The Best Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments and Accessories

One thing that makes the magic wand so magical is all the different attachments available.  As your collection of them grows, your love for the magic wand will probably grow too.   In this post, I’ve listed my 19 favorite magic wand attachments, a bit on how to use them, plus some other interesting wand accessories […]

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Wanderlust ~ A Guide to the Dreamiest Wand Vibrators

These aren’t your fairy godmother’s wands.  If you crave intense clit stimulation and deep rumbling vibrations, then wand vibrators are the best way to serve it up.  You can use wand massagers for foreplay, during sex, and pair them up with penetration toys. In this guide, i’m going to go over what I believe are the 10 […]

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37 Best Bullet Vibrators: A Guide to Bullets, Eggs, and Other Mini Vibes

A Bullet vibrator is the perfect sex toy sidekick.  They’re light, small, portable, and easy to hide. Perfect for satisfying a throbbing clit on the go.   For this guide, I’m going to share everything I know about bullet vibrators, including a huge list of the best bullets.  But first…What Are Bullets, Eggs, and Minis?Bullet vibrators are […]

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