The Best Stripper Poles

Stripper poles can be an exciting addition to your home (for you and your partner).    Heres some reasons you might want to get a stripper pole:

  • Fun hobby
  • Great exercise
  • Make friends at your local pole-fitness studio
  • And of course, showing off moves to your partner

The rest of this article will help guide you through some of the best stripper poles and other important accessories like crash pads, stages, gloves, and ankle grips.

Best Stripper Pole

X-Dance Portable Dance Pole

This is the best value stripper pole for the money.   The wide top makes the pole stable for performing beginner spins to advanced inverts. 

  • 7 to 9 feet tall.  Extensions can be used for taller ceilings
  • Chrome material
  • Dual function pole.  Can be set to spinning or no spin
  • Holds up to 250 pounds


  • Simple to setup and take down.
  • The spin setting makes spins easy.
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • The Chrome material is great for spins but difficult to grip tightly.  Consider getting some gloves or gripping powder with this pole

Cheap Stripper Poles

AV Dance Pole Kit

At about $50 this is one of the most affordable ways to release your inner pole dancer.  It is solid and will stay put for any moves you throw at it.

  • Height Adjustable
  • Carrying Bag
  • Instructional DVD
  • Not a spinning stripper pole

Accessories and Extras

a great dance pole stage


A stripper pole stage is a circular platform around the base of the pole that adds extra grace to any pole dancing performance.  Because of their higher price these are usually seen at fancy venues and dance performances.

Crash Mats and Crash Pads

Falling from your pole can be a disaster, especially if you are above hard ground like cement.

In these situations a crash mat can be a life saver and keep you dancing even after a fall.  I find they really increase my confidence to perform moves I might otherwise be too afraid to try

The mat also folds up for easy carrying and can fit at the base of any pole.

LED Lights

Stripper pole lights attach to the top of your pole and give your room a dance club vibe.  The lights are pretty strong and can work in daylight, but for the best effect trying turning off all the lights.  Check out the video below to see the different rhythms and color variations.

Pole Dance Courses

If you are a beginner it helps to have some helpful resources to get you started.  You can use online courses or try searching for a pole fitness club near you.  Pole fitness is also one of the more intense form of exercise.  As you become more skilled you get more in shape.

Ankle Protectors With Grip

These ankle protectors help you to grip the pole during difficult maneuvers.   The extra grip can help prevent you from slipping or injuries from falling of the pole.  They also add a layer of protection if you sometimes accidentally hit your ankles on the pole


Gloves for your stripper pole can be a stylish accessory while also giving you the grip you need.  This is extra critical for slippery poles like stainless steel and chrome.