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6 Sites Like Literotica

6 Sites Like Literotica – Free Erotic Stories Online

BY JC Ways

Porn is great and all, but sometimes it can be a little bit uninspired. Whether it’s a studio-produced porno with impeccable lighting and steroid-pumped models or a shaky handheld iPhone clip of random people shagging in a hotel room, it can all feel rather bleurgh.

Although close-up cock-slapping-against-pussy porn has its place, it’s not what you’d call subtle or erotic.

As a result, many women (and men!) resort to sites like Literotica which list sexy stories and erotic literature across various categories and niches, whether you’re into incest taboo stories or vanilla romance erotica. Using your brain to imagine a sexy scenario can be incredibly arousing, as you customize the details to make them ultra-attractive to your personal tastes.

What is Literotica?

What is Literotica?

Literotica is the web’s most popular website for free erotic stories online, amassing over 600 million visits per year on average. The stories are mainly from amateur authors, covering all sorts of subjects such as:

Despite its strong reputation and popularity, the site has a horrendously dated Craigslist-esque design which harkens back to the early ‘90s at the dawn of the internet. I’m sure that many users don’t care, but I think that the layout of this website is terrible! All it has to do is display text, I guess.

Literotica has recently expanded to include a section for erotic audio clips, images, toys, videos, personals ads, chatrooms, and even live webcams with camboys and camgirls of all shapes and sizes.

Still, Literotica is not the be-all and end-all of lit sex stories online; there are many great sites like Literotica which cater to specific interests (such as gay stories and dirty fanfiction) and keep Literotica on its toes with some healthy competition.

6 Sites Like Literotica – Literotica Alternatives

6 Sites Like Literotica – Literotica Alternatives

Looking for an online sex story repository to rival the Literotica most read page? Look no further!

1. Lush Stories

With over 55,000 published stories, Lush Stories is probably the second-most popular erotica website after Literotica. The site includes sections for eBooks and audio as well as regular sex stories, so there’s a fair amount of XXX content to sink your teeth into.

The layout of the site is a bit reminiscent of an escort service website – you can tell that it leans more toward heterosexual erotica and eroticizing women.

One of my favorite features on LushStories is the “random story” feature which allows you to quickly jump to a random sexy story without wading through a bunch of categories and subcategories to get there.

I wish Netflix had a “random” button like this. Flicking through the 1000s of titles can be so daunting that I often end up watching regular TV. The analysis paralysis is real.

Lush Stories has everything from lesbian incest stories to fantasy and sci-fi erotica, so there’s always something to tickle your fancy. They’re also really big on erotic poems and sex story competitions, even offering cash prizes for the winning stories. The most recent winner received $150 for their submission! It’s not life-changing money, but it’s an incentive to write a decent sex story!

2. Nifty

Nifty is an LGBT erotic stories site which dates all the way back to 1992! Although this sex story repository is primarily focused on M4M gay Nifty stories, there are also smaller sections for lesbian stories,bisexual stories, and transgender stories too, so the entire LGBT+ community is represented. 

This gay erotica site features over 264,000 stories by some 15,000 authors, so it’s definitely amassed a wealth of eclectic stories over its 25+ year history. The design of the website is refreshingly simple and easy to navigate – there isn’t a load of random spammy ads and crap all over the place like with some sites like Literotica.

I think the nicest thing about this site is the way in which gay Nifty stories are split up into their own subcategories. Rather than a generic erotica site with a “gay” section, this is an LGBT erotica website with niches and subcategories within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sections.

I hate it when adult websites just have “gay” or “lesbian” as a niche category… how do we divvy up the bears from the twinks from the otters? This is low-key homophobia at its finest.

Some of my favorite subcategories in the gay section include:

  • Athletics Stories involving Athletics, Gyms, Sports, and Athletes
  • Authoritarian Stories involving Bondage, Control, S&M, and authority figures
  • College Stories involving Colleges, Universities, and Fraternities
  • Military Stories involving the Military and Armed Services
  • Rural Stories set in Rural or Rustic Locales

3. Adult Fanfiction

Adult Fanfiction is a seldom-updated website with a terrible brown color scheme. Despite this, it has a very active community of dirty fanfiction authors who frequently post erotic stories and adult fanfictions (funnily enough) about existing animes, books, cartoons, and celebrities.

The site also features sections for specific TV shows and movies which are often the subject of fan fiction, such as Buffy/Angel erotica,Final Fantasy erotica,Lord of the Rings erotica,Harry Potter erotica, and even X-Men sex stories. If you’re looking for dirty fanfiction, this is definitely the right place.

It’s pretty common knowledge that the book Fifty Shades Of Grey is adapted from EL James’ Twilight fanfiction which she wrote about Bella and Edward before changing the names and setting.

4. Xnxx Stories

In case you didn’t know, Xnxx.com is a porn site that’s been around for a very long time. However, they are well known for their Xnxx Stories section which recently became SexStories.com. The site categorizes various erotic literature without bombarding you with crappy advertising, which is a nice change. This erotica section of Xnxx has been around for 10+ years at this point and it still receives VERY frequent traffic.

When visiting different sections of Xnxx Stories, I found many stories posted “about an hour ago”. If that’s true, the number of stories on this website must be gargantuan.

The site is split into meta-genres like “Fantasy”, “Poems”, and “True Stories” as well as more niche themes. Some of the niches can be incredibly specific too, for example, some that spring to mind are Alien erotica, Bestiality stories, Body Modification erotica, Death stories, Latex Fetish erotica, Mind Control sex stories, Plumper stories, Stockholm Syndrome erotica and a whole lot more.

If this job has taught me anything, it’s that there’s a fetish for basically everything.

5. Reddit Erotica

If you’re looking for Reddit erotica, /r/eroticstoriesxxx is the subreddit you wanna be heading to. As subreddits go, this sex toy repository is quite basic and unmoderated – it feels like you’ve returned to the Wild West “anything goes” days of the internet.

This subreddit has 2 simple rules: “No inappropriate content” and “Links are allowed if they lead to erotic stories”. I should point out that there are no guidelines as to what constitutes “inappropriate content”, so if you’re looking for incest taboo stories, it may be best to head elsewhere.

There are around 10,000 members of this subreddit, with all genres and sexualities being catered to. The format is very typical of Reddit – you’ll find amateur authors posting their own stories, erotica fans posting their favorite stories from other authors, and people requesting specific XXX literature like a bisexual cowboy story or perhaps a piece of erotic literature about a dom training their sub.

6. Erotic Audio Reddit

If you’re a fan of aural erotica (sexy sounds and audio porn) then r/gonewildaudio is a great place to find some cool erotic audio clips and stories. GoneWildAudio is a pretty well-designed and well-moderated subreddit which caters to all genders and sexualities. You’ll find a mixture of audio recordings, scripts, links, and requests for certain types of aural erotica.

Most of the aural erotica on r/gonewildaudio is hosted on a site called Soundgasm.net. Isn’t that adorable?

Because of all the upvoting and downvoting on Reddit, it’s easy to wade through the crap and find the diamonds in the rough, which is nice. There are also various flairs and “verified” stickers which make it easy to categorize posts as you scroll through the forum.

My only complaint is that some of the post titles are a bit clickbaity, but in general it’s a really positive experience and the place is full of like-minded people who love some aural stimulation!


Cum-clusion: sites like Literotica

I hope you enjoyed this list of sites similar to Literotica! Whether you get your sexy stories from Reddit, Literotica, or your local adult magazine, there’s tons of fun to be had picturing sexy scenarios in your mind’s eye. Next time you feel like some erotic incest stories or some dirty fanfiction, why not read it instead of watch it?

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