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12 Best Sex Pillows for Kamasutra Sex Positions

The 12 Best Sex Pillows, Wedges, Ramps, and Cushions

BY JC Ways

If you’re flexible enough, anything can be a sex pillow. However, if you wanna try some wild positions and you’re a little out of shape, a good sex cushion is a comfortable and easy way to sink your teeth into the kama sutra without breaking your spine in the process. Sex pillows support your body, allow for deeper penetration, and make complex positions easier.So, if full-sized fuck furniture and tantra chairs aren’t for you, here I’ve gathered 12 of the top adult pillows on the market, as well as some tips and tricks for using them. Let’s go!

Top 12 Sex Pillows

Top 12 Sex Pillows

Liberator Wedge

27 degrees of pure pussy pleasure

Best For: Cunnilingus, rimming, deep thrusts

This luxurious sex wedge product is angled at 27 degrees, giving the receiving partner a wider range of motion and making it easier for a man to hit a woman’s G-spot or A-spot during vaginal penetration. If you’re a fan of rimming or cunnilingus, it also perfectly angles the woman’s crotch for a feast.

Liberator Wedge

The A-spot, technically called the anterior fornix erogenous zone, is a pleasure point deep inside the vagina situated between the bladder and the cervix. Sometimes it’s known as the “female prostate” because it’s in a similar position to a man’s prostate.

PROS: Well-made, perfect angle

CONS: Pricey

Liberator Jaz

Get rocking and rolling all night long!

Best For: 2 lovers in the throes of passion.

The Jaz is brilliant for passionate people who like to fuck rough. Designed for rocking back and forth easily, this well-designed product can also be used for static support depending on which way you use it. The non-slip microfibre of this dual-sided cushion adds to the benefits, although the shape is a little awkward to get accustomed to.

Liberator Jaz

PROS: Can be used rocking or static, non-slip microfiber, versatile

CONS: Takes practice to get right

Dame Pillo

Not a typo, apparently

Best For: Doggy style, doing it on your side

Made with a bunch of soft-yet-firm polyurethane foam, Pillo is not a spelling mistake, but a product designed specifically for more comfortable banging. Particularly good for doggy style and doing it on your side, this low-key pillow easily blends into the background of your bedroom – guests would never suspect a thing if they see it!

Dame Pillo

PROS: Washable cover, subtle design

CONS: Expensive for what it is

Liberator Flip Ramp

Transformers – fuck cushions in disguise!

Best For: Doggy style or trying out something new

A unique and intriguing concept, the Flip Ramp is basically the Optimus Prime of sexy cushions. This unique product can fold up into a cube which makes doggy style easy, or it can unfold into a small chaise longue kind of shape. The downside to that versatility? It squashes down quite easily compared to other products.

Liberator Flip Ramp

PROS: Folds into a subtle “love cube”, microfibre cover is machine washable

CONS: Not as firm as other products

Liberator Heart

It’s shaped like a heart. Makes sense.Best For: G-spot stimulation and deeper thrusts.

The Heart is a heart-shaped cushion designed to blend into an erotic bedroom. I mean, you’d spot it a mile away, but it looks more like a cutesy decoration than a fuck pillow. This foam-filled fuck cushion boasts an ultra-soft velvish cover (machine washable) and a moisture-proof liner, so squirt and jizz as much as your heart desires (get it?).

Liberator Heart

This cushion is only subtle if your bedroom is already erotic in terms of the décor and color scheme. If your bedroom looks like a hospital clinic, then a heart-shaped fuck pillow will stand the hell out.

PROS: Various colors to match bedroom décor, cute design, comfort

CONS: Design isn’t to everyone’s taste

Liberator Ramp

Sexy Ramp Combo set galore!Best For: Men and women who want to expand their sexual horizons!

In a color scheme fit for Barney the Dinosaur, this innovative modular product is an obscenely bright purple ramp/wedge combination. If you’ve watched too many kama sutra videos and you wanna get weird in the bedroom, this combo has endless possibilities. The downside is that it’s very heavy are far from discreet.

Liberator Ramp

PROS: Versatile, liquid-proof

CONS: Heavy (6 kg), some customers complain of non-discreet packaging

Liberator Hipster

Simple, curvy, sturdy.Best For: Oral enthusiasts

Packed to the brim with high-density foam, the Hipster is designed to take the motion of two people’s bodies slamming into one another, making it ideal for G-spot stimulation. However, it’s also very popular with oral fans due to its comfort and luxury design. Sometimes a simple, sexy design is all you need.

Liberator Hipster

When I heard “Hipster” I thought it was gonna be a pillow with a mustache serving me artisanal coffee. Very disappointing.

PROS: Soft velvety finish, great for cunnilingus, sturdy and well-made

CONS: Hard to hide, the material is a bit slippy

Cheap Amazon Sex Pillow

Inflatable fun.Best For: Couples who struggle with storage

If you live in Europe, NYC, or somewhere else with crappy storage space, you’ll know that struggle of hiding adult toys, let alone erotic furniture. This cheap inflatable pillow from Amazon is great for couples who have little space, and the PVC rubber cover is easy to wash should things get messy!

Cheap Amazon Sex Pillow

I don’t personally trust inflatable mattresses and pillows. They’ve betrayed me one too many times.

PROS: Inflatable, PVC rubber material, easy to deflate and stow away

CONS: Can burst

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

2 wedges instead of 1!Best For: Couples with disposable income.

If you’ve got the money to burn, this Combo is basically the Holy Grail of tantric furniture. If you’re after a versatile product that makes different things possible, these 27-degree wedges support deep penetration and come with non-slip microfibre covers that ensure your body stays put while you get fucked really hard.

Liberator Wedge-Ramp Combo

PROS: 2 angled sex wedges, can be used separately or together

CONS: No travel cover, very expensive

Mustache Sex Pillow

*Insert facial hair pun*Best For: Men and women receiving penetration.

Ideal for G-spot and prostate stimulation, this mustache-shaped cushion seems like a fun choice for men who like to get pegged and/or receive anal. The Mustache makes it easier for the penetrating partner to lift their pelvis and get better access. It also relieves a lot of the strain on your neck, back, and joints that can build up over time.

Mustache Sex Pillow

The prostate or “P spot” is a walnut-shaped gland located around 2-3 inches inside a man’s anus. It’s often known as the “male G spot” due to its ability to give men toe-curling intense orgasms. It has a close link to men’s sexual health and pleasure.

PROS: Cute design, affordable, velvety-soft finish, G-spot and P-spot stimulation

CONS: Not as sturdy as some cushions

Kiss Sex Pillow

These lips were meant for fucking.Best For: Firm support when shagging

Another fun design from the folks at Liberator, the Kiss is shaped like a pair or puckering lips and comes in 4 different colors to match your boudoir’s theme. While the Kiss is ideal for making everyday sexy time easier to achieve, the cutesy shape of the lips means that it’s easier to slip off mid-bang.

Kiss Sex Pillow

PROS: Removable washable cover, a wide range of colors

CONS: Shape isn’t ideal

Liberator Whirl

Basically a really sexy body-pillow.Best For: Rocking back and forth.

The Whirl allows you to rock back and forth, pivoting your groin to your heart’s content. A man might straddle this long pillow for extra support while fucking, or a woman might have this product under her lower back while getting fucked by her partner. The D-rings on each end of the Whirl give the option for a little bondage play which is easy to hide after!

Liberator Whirl

PROS: Great to pivot with, comes with attachment points for handcuffs, 6 colors available

CONS: Very simple design

How to Use a Sex Pillow

How to Use a Sex Pillow

I mean, there are infinite ways to use these pillows – it all depends on what you wanna get up to in the bedroom. These cushions are there to support your body during the act, allowing the receiving/giving partner to continue enjoying themselves without having to strain their knees, joints, back, or anything else.

It’s hard to have fun getting fucked when your back is about to give out.

At the same time, these pillows can be used by the penetrating partner or “active” partner to make the job easier for them. For example, some men use fuck pillows that pivot as it allows them to rock back and forth without using as much effort. Sex pillows are often used to change the angle at which we shag, giving the penis/dildo better access to the G spot for women or possibly better access to the P-spot (prostate) for men. When used correctly, these wedges and pillows position the receiving partner just right for the active partner.When using a sexual cushion or tantric chair, certain sex styles from yoga, the kama sutra, or your adventurous imagination become possible. On that note…

Positions to Try with a Sex Cushion

Positions to Try with a Sex Cushion

If you’re into yoga sex positions or Kamasutra sex positions, a cushion or tantra chair is ideal for you. You can try many unusual sex positions with a pillow, but here are a few of my personal favorites that I’d recommend.

The Lotus sex position

The Lotus position started to become popular back in 2018. Basically, the male partner sits upright with his legs crossed over one another. The female partner sits on his lap (with his penis in her vagina) with her legs crossed around his back in a similar position. This has the potential to be very awkward for the woman, but a small cushion makes it far easier.

The Lazy Dog

Getting fucked doggy style is great and all, but if you and your partner have a significant height difference, you might find that you’re having to arch your back awkwardly or lift your hips up/down uncomfortably. With the right cushion, you can just lean against it and be perfectly positioned for a lazy doggy style fucking.

The Amazon sex position

A slightly trickier one, the Amazon position is a girl-on-top position where the male partner lies on his back and bends his legs up into the air, keeping them bent at the knees. The woman then rests on the man’s upright thighs and plops down onto his penis. By using an angled cushion to prop up the man’s bottom, the Amazon position becomes a lot easier.

Although a cushion makes the Amazon position easier, it’s still not ideal for people with creaky knees or anything. Don’t put your back out!

All You Can Eat

If you’re a woman who enjoys cunnilingus, you might enjoy it even more if you use a support to prop your pussy up so your partner can really get their tongue in there deep. This also makes it easier for your partner to lick your pussy without getting a sore neck, so chances are they’ll keep going for longer. It’s also fun to introduce a sex toy into the mix!

Cheap DIY Sex Pillows

Cheap DIY Sex Pillows

Look, I know we’re not all made of money. As much as I adore Liberator’s products, $200 is a lot to spend on a fuck cushion when your rent payment is coming up. Although erotic furniture is purpose-built with bonking in mind, there are some cheaper alternatives that are still pretty good at the job.For example, there are many angled support cushions out there designed for people sleeping with acid reflux or people with back problems. This wedge pillow Target sell is versatile, soft, and made from memory foam, so it’s great for things like cunnilingus which are less aggressive physically.

I’m willing to bet that a lot of these innocent pillows end up getting used for shagging. Don’t be so naïve, Target.

There’s also a body pillow Target do which is perfect for people who like to get fucked on their side. A body-pillow like that could also be used to help a man pivot/rock back and forth while straddling it, though it wouldn’t be as effective as something like the Liberator Whirl.Amazon sells a post-surgery leg rest pillow which could be great for gentler shagging (it’s made from memory-foam for health reasons) although the angle might be a little too steep for certain people. This one’s cover is breathable and washable, whereas some of the cheaper Target pillows can’t be thoroughly washed.Finally, if you want something which is gonna be easy to clean, you might consider outdoor cushions like these IKEA cushions for benches. They’re not the firmest cushions in the world, but they’re designed to withstand the elements, so I’m sure a little jizz won’t destroy them.


Cum-clusion. best sex pillows

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to sex pillows! Ultimately, sex cushions are purpose-built pieces of furniture designed to make your sex life more comfortable, more energetic, and more varied. Just like a sex toy, they should be treated as tools to expand your horizons in the bedroom and bring you and your partner closer together as one. Have fun!


I aim to smash down stigmas and introduce men and women to sex toys that change their lives.