Sex Wedges Guide, What’s the Best Sex Wedge

A sex wedge props up your partner which makes them much easier to reach in alot of positions.   This means deeper penetration and a better angle for reaching g-spots.

Some people call them sex pillows or sex ramps, but for this guide I am sticking to my sex wedge definition: about a 30 degree angle and just big enough to prop up your bum.

Here are some overviews of the most popular sex wedges: 

Illustration of the sex wedge blueberry

Liberator Jaz

The Liberator Jaz is our pick as the best quality sex wedge for the price.   It provides the perfect amount of lift to make doggy-style, missionary, and oral positions more enjoyable.

Like most liberator pillows it is made from a dense supportive foam that is still comfy but more importantly sturdy and supportive.  The exterior is made from micro-suede that is made from hundreds of little fibers.  It is soft, but more importantly it doesn't slide when things get more intense.

The liberator jaz wedge
  • check
    At 14" x 18" x 6" it is compact and small enough to fit in a suitcase for travel
  • check
    Cover is removable and machine washable
  • check
    Rounded Edges
  • Not as wide as the Liberator wedge classic
  • Position guide not included in the box

Liberator Wedge

This is our top rated sex wedge for overall quality.  It spices up positions just like the Jaz does, but is much wider.  This extra width makes it a little more sturdy and a little more comfy.

It is also more expensive which is why I've listed it as #2 for value.

The other liberator wedge
  • check
    Comes in two sizes: 14 x 24 x 7 as well as a Plus size of 14 x 30 x 7
  • check
    Cover is removable and machine washable
  • check
    Lots of color options to choose
  • More expensive then the Jaz

Heart Shaped Wedge

This wedge pillow is perfect for anyone that likes hearts.  The heart shape has a natural cradle affect to the booty in missionary position, making it comfy and even easier to penetrate deeply.

Its the most discreet wedge pillow you can get.  You can even leave it on the bed and it will blend in as a decorative pillow.

It also comes in other colors too, not just red.  Theres black, blue, violet, chocolate to name a few. 

  • check
    Decorative and discreet
  • check
    The heart shape naturally cradles the butt in missionary
  • check
    Highly resistant to fluids and staining
  • Not as comforatable for doggy-style positions

Inflatable Wedge

If you are looking for a sex wedge for under $20 then inflatable wedges are your best bet.  They are a great way to try out a sex wedge before moving up to more expensive versions.  Our recommended pick is the Toughage inflatable wedge which has the same dimensions as the Liberator Jaz (14" x 18" x 6").  

Being inflatable, you can control the softness of the pillow to your preference.   One of my pet peeves about this is that if inflate it to the maximum it is sturdy, but hard and less comfortable.  If I let some air out it is more comfy but can bob up and down a bit when getting into a strong rhythm.

Inflated wedge ready for use
  • check
    Great Price
  • check
    Can be easily stored and taken along traveling
  • check
    Position pamphlet included
  • Needs to be washed by hand (not machine-washable)
  • Air pump not included, can be blown up by mouth or with a standard hand pump

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