Sarah Melancon Ph.D

Sarah Melancon, Ph.D is a Sociologist and Clinical Sexologist in Southern California. Growing up with severe social phobia and a communication disorder called selective mutism, Sarah was equally fascinated and confused by human relationships – ESPECIALLY sex.

She spent her 20s in graduate school reading everything she could about sexuality by day, and by night worked as a model, director and producer in the adult entertainment industry, using adult film to promote sex education. At present, Sarah’s research spans the fields of sociology, psychology, sexology, trauma and neurobiology.

Based on her own experience, both personally and working in the adult industry, Sarah has come to believe that while our sexual desires can be a path to greater intimacy and connection, they also reveal our deepest fears, hopes, dreams and traumas that we keep hidden in the shadows. Trauma creates By cultivating awareness, learning self-compassion and healing the underlying traumas endemic to modern society, our most hidden corners of shame can become our greatest sources of power to create the authentic, loving and pleasure-filled relationships we truly deserve.

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There are still no government regulations when it comes to sex toy materials. The vast majority are labeled with a disclaimer “for novelty use only” and are not evaluated at all by the FDA for safety[1]. That means it is up to you to know what materials are dangerous and what to avoid. This usually means

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