Sex toys have come in leaps and bounds since the 1950s, but there's still a lot of work to be done.  Here is my vision of what a perfect world would look like, and the mission statement of

  • Sex toys should be made from body-safe materials.  Toxic materials like PVC should be phased out or heavily stigmatized. 
  • Certain Sex Toys should be covered by insurance.  Vibrators are necessary for some people to have orgasms, and since Viagra has been covered by insurance since 1998, it's about time vibrators were too.  No more double standards!
  • More people should take up dildo crafting as a hobby.  By spreading appreciating for sex toy creation as an art form, sex toys and sex toy safety will become more mainstream.  Dildo artists should have as many gallery showings as other artists.
  • Sex Toys are art.  Sex toys are seriously underrated when it comes to visual aesthetics. I believe the reason is that people just don't see enough beautiful dildos, because shops like amazon shove cheap $10 jelly dildos in their faces.  The lovely sex toys need to be more easy to discover!
  • Public schools should teach young people more about vibrators and different toys in their required sex education courses.
  • Avatar Alessandro Faltelli says:

    I really admire your blog about sex toys!!!♥️? Ever since I was 2 and a half and I found my sister’s vibrator, I’ve always had sex toys on my mind. You are a true artisan and an American hero. Please create an email list so I can get weekly updates on your work!!???

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