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Looking for a Site Like Adult Friend Finder? Best Alternative Dating Apps and Sites for Hookups

Looking for a site like Adult Friend Finder? Don’t worry. It’s not a sin to seek an alternative to Adult Friend Finder, even if everyone is obsessed with AdultFriendFinder.

Admittedly, the darling of every dating veteran has a few slight flaws, and its gigantic size and pool of users can create some issues for people. 

Below we explore sites like AdultFriendFinder that improve certain aspects, like price, features, target groups, and security. 

AdultFriendFinder Alternatives – First look 

The best sites like Adult Friend Finder include the following: 

  1. Ashley Madison – Best site like Adult Friend Finder overall
  2. Seeking.com – Best alternative to Adult Friend Finder for affluent matches 
  3. No Strings Attached – Best hookup alternative to Adult Friend Finder
  4. Bumble – Best alternative to Adult Friend Finder for women 
  5. Searching for Singles – Most affordable alternative to Adult Friend Finder
  6. ALT.com – Best alternative to Adult Friend Finder for BDSM 
  7. Tinder – Free dating app like Adult Friend Finder 
  8. Zoosk – Worldwide dating site like Adult Friend Finder 
  9. POF – Most secure alternative to Adult Friend Finder
  10. Feeld – Best LGBTQ+ friendly alternative to Adult Friend Finder

What Is Adult Friend Finder and How Can It Improve?

Before exploring any site like Adult Friend Finder, we must understand more about AFF. 

AdultFriendFinder was founded in 1996 and has been around since before the explosion of new dating apps. Surviving for so long and maintaining its popularity as the go-to place for hookups, one night stands, and casual dating speaks for itself. 

It has a fair claim to the title of “World’s Largest Adult Community” due to its 90+ million active users. If other sites are like ponds, lakes, and seas, AdultFriendFinder is a vast ocean with every fish you’d ever hope to catch. 

From casual sex, friends with benefits, and hookups, to exploring kinks and fetishes, AdultFriendFinder has it all. 

The site has lots of other relevant features, like live cams, erotic blogs and journals, and lots of groups and chats where you can flirt and go wild. 

Although AdultFriendFinder has a useful iOS and Android app, the design and interface are a bit clunky, outdated, and at times too graphic. For that reason, many consider AdultFriendFinder alternatives, like No Strings Attached and Bumble.  

Sites like Ashley Madison may be preferable for an intuitive interface, an easy signup process, and quicker navigation through the site or app. 

AdultFriendFinder is excellent for beginners due to the variety of sexual endeavors you can indulge in. However, to access all features, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.95, which may be too much for novices wanting to experiment a bit. 

Sites like Tinder and POF offer similar opportunities without putting as many features behind a paywall.

The site sometimes uses language that may be considered outdated or slightly offensive to LGBTQ+ people. Specific spaces like X are more inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly. 

Find a Site Like Adult Friend Finder – Reviews

From discreet hookups to LGBTQ+ friendly spaces, your AdultFriendFinder alternatives are laid out below:

1. Ashley Madison – Best Site Like Adult Friend Finder Overall


  • Women enjoy the site for free 
  • Comprehensive privacy protection 
  • Users eager for discreet affairs and passionate hookups 
  • 60+ million users from various demographics 


  • Doesn’t have a matchmaker 
  • More costly for men 


  • 100 credits for $49 
  • 500 credits for $149
  • 1,000 credits for only $249 

Ashley Madison is a site like Adult Friend Finder, which focuses on secrecy and privacy protection at all costs, allowing you to have an effortless affair. 

This AdultFriendFinder alternative has an application that can be effortlessly concealed, blurring photographs if needed, and an easy-to-use interface. 

If you thought a site specializing in discreet affairs would have a small following, think again. 

Ashley Madison has a whooping 60+ million users eager for a hookup. Enough to go on par with AdultFriendFinder’s gigantic user pool and diversity. 

If all of that wasn’t enough, Ashley Madison resolves one of the most stubborn problems of dating apps and sites. You don’t have to worry about an unhealthy male-to-female ratio, which makes dating painful for everyone.  

By making their system free for women, this AdultFriendFinder alternative has carved a better female-to-male ratio than AdultFriendFinder and other popular brands. 

Finally, Ashley Madison relies on credits compared to AdultFriendFinder’s subscription-based system, which can save you a lot of money if you are looking for 1-2 hookups a week and occasionally browsing the app without being active all the time.

Check out Ashley Madison if you want a site like Adult Friend Finder with advanced features and privacy protection

2. Seeking.com – Best Site Like Adult Friend Finder for Wealthy Matches


  • Free trial 
  • 20+ million active members 
  • Hookup with users from 100+ nations 
  • Free for women 
  • Advanced searching filters 


  • Pricey


  • Females don’t pay a dime 
  • Regular Premium costs $109.99 monthly
  • Diamond Premium is $279.99 for three months total

Tired of being dominated by men on dating apps and sites? This site like Adult Friend Finder has the solution you need. 

Seeking.com is a safe haven for women with previous horrors from traditional dating. The site is free for females, allowing them to take the initiative by messaging whomever they want, whenever they want.

Some complain about the high subscription price, but as people say, you get what you pay for.

This AdultFriendFinder alternative is an exclusive club of affluent hotties that can easily afford the price and don’t mind investing in their sexual and romantic life.  

Still uncertain about the high price? Don’t worry. 

Compared to AdultFriendFinder, Seeking.com offers a free trial which gives you access to all features. 

While AdultFriendFinder is great for casual dating and hookups, Seeking.com specializes in finding more compatible matches.

If you buy into the current internet trend that mythical creatures, like “high-value” males and females, exist, then this is your best bet for finding them.

Are you tired of bots, spammers, scammers, and shady people that give you the creeps? Seeking.com, one of the best sites like AdultFriendFinder, has you covered. 

This dating app, an AdultFriendFinder alternative, has an extensive verification system with optional background checks. This alternative to Adult Friend Finder is more effective in removing the bad apples from the site.  

You can also judge a person’s worth by how authentically and thoroughly their profile is filled out. From age, gender, and sexual preferences, to personality traits, fetishes, and kinks, you can know a person inside out before even sending a message

Check out Seeking.com if you want a site like Adult Friend Finder that’s free for women

3. No Strings Attached – Best Hookup Alternative to Adult Friend Finder


  • Comprehensive measures for confidentiality 
  • Can stream personal webcams 
  • Live cams with models 
  • Flexible notification settings 
  • Relatively cheap 


  • Fake accounts present
  • Messaging isn’t free


  • $29.95 per month 
  • $149.95 for 12 months, or $12.50 for each month 

By looking at the name, you already know what this site like Adult Friend Finder is all about. 

No Strings Attached is paradise if you are thirsty for hookups or passionate affairs without worrying about consequences. 

No kink, fetish, or fantasy is left unsatisfied

No Strings Attached has millions of active users eager for an extramarital affair and breaking of sacred vows. Personalizing your profile and using advanced filters allows you to catch others with the same kinky goals. 

For those who aren’t always on the lookout for a hookup, and enjoy a good show, No Strings Attached has a diverse live cam community. 

This site like Adult Friend Finder blurs the line between a porn site and a dating platform. You can see users stream their webcams or watch professional models, which makes it a unique feature compared to AdultFriendFinder. 

Don’t have any luck with hookups? Sometimes it’s just the algorithm not prioritizing you, or you get crowded out by the millions of active users. 

Unlike AdultFriendFinder, No Strings Attached has a “Search Highlight” option that gets you on top of search results. 

View No Strings Attached if you want a site like Adult Friend Finder with many interactive features. 

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4. Bumble – Best Alternative to Adult Friend Finder for Women


  • Emphasis on women empowerment 
  • Stellar search functions 
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Extensive user protection 


  • Males can’t send messages first 
  • Only 24 hours to initiate contact after two swipes 


  • Basic account with limited features is free 
  • Premium membership costs $8.99 per month 

Bumble is a site like Adult Friend Finder that centers around women’s empowerment

The average dating site has a male-to-female ratio that practically guarantees uncomfortable encounters with desperate men. 

The type of guys who feel entitled to sex after two flirtatious messages, think sending dick pics out of nowhere turns anyone on, and treat you like an object. 

AdultFriendFinder, the Wild West of online dating apps and sites, works by amassing tons of people and allowing them to mingle. In comparison, Bumble carefully curtails its site, encouraging women to be in charge of interactions

Got a problem with questionable, half-filled, and sloppy profiles? The intuitive interface and advanced filters allow you to filter out all the unsuitable candidates and find the specks of gold within the sand. 

Are you paying more for therapy than online dating apps and sites because the countless unwanted advances by males have traumatized you? 

In Bumble, you are the queen; every encounter must begin with you sending the first message, making it one of the best sites like AdultFriendFinder. There are fewer users, especially males, than on other online dating apps and sites like AdultFriendFinder. 

However, those that remain are more likely to respect women. Furthermore, males put more effort into making their profiles since they have to attract instead of chase. 

As a result, you get more thorough, engaging, and authentic profiles, allowing you to assess better if they are worthy. 

Compared to AdultFriendFinder, Bumble also has a few niche but helpful features that some people may fall in love with. 

There is incognito mode browsing for those who are anxious and shy. A swipe-based feature is present, and you can revisit profiles you regret eliminating. Talk about second chances. 

Go to Bumble if you want a site like Adult Friend Finder that treats you like royalty and lets you take charge.  

5. Searching for Singles – Most Affordable Alternative to Adult Friend Finder 


  • Advanced matchmaking feature
  • Positive customer feedback 
  • Highly reputable AdultFriendFinder alternative
  • Personalized dating recommendations are available 


  • No verification process
  • No mobile app 


  • Sign up – Free account with basic features 
  • Silver plan – $12.95 per month
  • Gold plan – $10.95 per month with 3-month plan
  • Platinum plan – $8.95 per month with 6-month plan

Let’s be real for a second, companies have whole marketing departments to make their product shiny and appear flawless. Аny site like Adult Friend Finder wants to look good. 

Precisely for that reason, honest user reviews matter so much. Searching for Singles has an outstanding reputation because it has been delivering results time and time again. 

Searching for Single’s premise is very simple. It is a site like Adult Friend Finder where you are surrounded by like-minded individuals with wild fantasies and pent-up desires ready to explode.

Looking at the site like Adult Friend Finder’s diverse and highly active community, you won’t have trouble with hookups if you play your cards right. 

Many AdultFriendFinder alternatives appeal to seasoned veterans in the casual dating market. 

Searching for Singles carves out a niche by appealing to novices and newcomers. It’s perfect for those who want to dip their toes before plunging head-on into the thrilling but scary world of online dating. 

This AdultFriendFinder alternative has tons of “educational” resources in the form of blogs where you can learn the basics of online dating and how to get matches. After all, flirting and hooking up is an art; there’s no shame in seeking to improve. 

More importantly, Searching for Singles will neatly fit your budget, even if it’s already strained. With a membership of only $12.95 a month and going down even lower for more extended periods. It’s one of the most cost-efficient dating apps and sites.

Searching for Singles is a must-visit if you want an affordable site like Adult Friend Finder.   

6. Alt.com – Best Alternative to Adult Friend Finder for BDSM 


  • Excellent for swingers
  • Specializes in BDSM, bondage, and other kinks 
  • Advanced search filters are available
  • Highly detailed profiles
  • Can signup both as a person or a group 
  • Free membership is available 


  • Not for vanilla hookups
  • Registration can take some time 


  • Silver subscription costs $19.95 monthly
  • Gold subscription costs $29.95 monthly

Alt.com is a site like Adult Friend Finder that amplifies the already kinky and erotic nature of the platform. 

Are you in a suffocating relationship where sexual arousal is decaying, and you are desperate for no-attachment fun with a stranger? Alt.com is the perfect site like Adult Friend Finder to live your wildest fantasies and satisfy fetishes, kinks, and deep sexual desires. 

Beware, Alt.com is not for vanilla users. 

The site is an inclusive space for like-minded individuals who enjoy BDSM, bondage, swinging, orgies, and other fetishes, making it one of the best sites like AdultFriendFinder.

It’s for those that wish to express pent-up frustrations and subconscious desires and live sacred fantasies with no stigma and shame. The hardcore nature of the site sets it apart from many other AdultFriendFinder alternatives. 

Alt.com’s detailed profiles ensure you find suitable matches and filter out questionable and shady ones. When it comes to fetishes like BDSM and bondage, it’s essential to find someone who you can trust. 

If you are unsure what fetishes you want to explore, Alt.com has a flourishing live cam community where you can get aroused and find inspiration while browsing the AdultFriendFinder alternative.

View Alt.com if you want a site like Adult Friend Finder that embraces kinks and fetishes. 

7. Tinder – Best Free Online Dating Site Like Adult Friend Finder


  • Dating app is free to use 
  • Intuitive interface
  • 100+ million active users from across the globe
  • Engaging swipe-based features 
  • Full of young people 


  • Unbalanced male-to-female ratio
  • Highly competitive
  • Matching can be looks-based and superficial 


  • Basic profile unlocks most features and doesn’t cost anything 
  • Tinder Plus can cost between $9.99 and $39.99 monthly

Tinder is the millennial and Genz Z dating app alternative to Adult Friend Finder, popular for its young and affluent user base, variety in sexual preferences, and highly engaging features. 

Like other online dating apps and sites, Tinder offers a subscription in the form of Tinder Plus, which allows you to boost your profile, get unlimited swipes and likes, and use “super likes.” 

Using a premium site like Adult Friend Finder can help you get more matches if you are struggling.

Tinder is an excellent AdultFriendFinder alternative because it doesn’t cost anything and offers many more free features than most other dating apps and sites.

Compared to AdultFriendFinder, Tinder is less graphic and erotic right off the bat, making it one of the best sites like AdultFriendFinder. 

It has an equally robust set of active users. The wide variety of people obsessed with the app means you can find suitable matches that meet your personality criteria and live nearby.

On the flip side, the dating app’s popularity can make it an uphill battle to get matches. It can be harsh and sobering, but a learning lesson nevertheless. 

Online dating is survival, or hookups for the fittest, and Tinder can force you to work more on your profile and massively improve your flirting game

Check out Tinder if you want a site like Adult Friend Finder with many free features. 

8. Zoosk – Best Worldwide Online Dating Site Like Adult Friend Finder


  • Intuitive and engaging swiping feature 
  • 40+ million active members 
  • 30+ phone app downloads
  • Lots of young people eager for hookups
  • Quick sign up process 


  • Could encounter spam and fake profiles 
  • Customer support can be lacking 
  • Pricey


  • $34.95 for 1 month
  • $74.85 for 3 months total
  • $179.40 for 6 months total

Zoosk is a site like Adult Friend Finder ideal for those traveling, being digital nomads, or looking for hookups in other countries. While AdultFriendFinder has a massive user base, it’s not as worldwide as Zoosk’s, which spans 80+ countries. 

While extensive filling of profiles and complex personal quizzes can get you results, especially for long-term relationships, Zoosk simplifies the process. 

Its advanced search filters and addictive swiping feature helps you find perfect matches for casual dating and hookups, making it one of the best sites like AdultFriendFinder. 

Unlike AdultFriendFinder, Zoosk has few erotic blogs, live cam shows, and community events. However, it makes up for that by having many matchmaking features and tools to express interest in someone.

Check out Zoosk if you want an effective online dating site like Adult Friend Finder.

9. POF – Most Secure Alternative to Adult Friend Finder


  • Lots of users from all age demographics 
  • Supports both hookups and more serious dating 
  • High degree of user protection
  • Messaging is free, along with other features
  • Highly reputable, respected dating site 
  • Affordable premium plans 


  • Lots of advertisements on the app 
  • No video messaging
  • No chat rooms 


  • $25 for 3 months total
  • $60 for 6 months
  • $110 for 12 months 

Using a site like Adult Friend Finder for casual online dating, one night stands, and hookups is supposed to be fun. 

Not only the act itself but also the process of getting one. The thrill of finding an attractive match, the uncertainty and excitement while texting and flirting, and the anticipation of what’d happen. 

While modern online dating apps and sites get you results, pursuing efficiency and empirical approaches can be a buzzkill. POF takes a more traditional approach to dates, centered around interactive games and simply having fun. 

POF has engaging compatibility quizzes to more erotic and spicy games. It even has peculiar features, like Cue Me! where you answer quirky and corny questions to get more intimate with someone. 

Learning about and authentically engaging with someone can be a breath of fresh air, making POF one of the best sites like AdultFriendFinder.

What’s better than a fun online dating site with an intuitive design and an active user base? Getting that for free. POF is about giving you access to more partners for casual online dating and hookups. 

This site like Adult Friend Finder has many more basic features, like messaging, which are free. While premium plans offer advanced search features and other valuable tools, they are optional. 

POF is also highly reputable because of its extensive security measures. Like any benevolent dictator, POF is quick to crack down, terminate suspicious behavior, and employ an effective verification process. 

View POF if you want a fun and traditional online dating site like Adult Friend Finder. 

10. Feeld – Best LGBTQ+ Friendly Site Like Adult Friend Finder


  • A safe and inclusive community
  • LGBTQ+ friendly 
  • Allows for discreet affairs 
  • Encourages personal and sexual exploration 
  • Affordable 


  • Smaller user base than other sites 


  • Basic profile – Free to use indefinitely 
  • $14.99 for 1 month
  • $29.98 for 3 months total

Feeld is a site like Adult Friend Finder, which is a safe haven for those looking for an inclusive and stigma-free environment

A place where they can explore fetishes and kinks and break norms. Both singles and couples can look for suitable partners across the community. 

The site is easy-to-use and matches users based on common interests and geographical location. 

Compared to AdultFriendFinder, it has fewer filters but makes it easier for users to find matches if they want to experiment with alternative relationships or polygamy. 

Admittedly, the pool of active users is smaller than that of sites like AdultFriendFinder, but the 3+ million singles and couples are still plenty. Furthermore, the system is less saturated, which allows for more attentive and responsive customer service. 

Finally, Feeld emphasizes being inclusive to all people, like LGBTQ+ folk, and takes extensive measures to protect user privacy. For example, premium members can hide from other Facebook contacts navigating the site. 

Check out Feeld if you want an LGBTQ+ friendly site like Adult Friend Finder. 

Best AdultFriendFinder Alternatives – FAQs

What Dating Site Is the Best AdulfFiendFinder Alternative?

If you are looking for AdultFriendFinder alternatives, Ashley Madison’s cutting-edge features, emphasis on privacy, and active user base make it the best site like Adult Friend Finder. 

Find out more in our detailed AdultFriendFinder review.

Is the Dating Site AdultFriendFinder Legit?

Despite discussing AdultFriendFinder alternatives, it’s still a solid online dating site. It has a gigantic user base, an intuitive interface, and many valuable features at an affordable price. 

Regardless, you need to always stay safe when using online dating apps.

Are There Any Free Dating Sites That Are AdultFriendFinder Alternatives?

Yes, AdultFriendFinder alternatives that are free include Tinder and POF. Some sites like AdultFriendFinder, Seeking.com, and Bumble are free but only for women

Best AdultFriendFinder Alternatives – Conclusion

If AdultFriendFinder seems too graphic, outdated, or crowded with competition, above, we’ve presented numerous sites like AdultFriendFinder. 

You can choose an alternative to Adult Friend Finder based on the type of relationship you seek, the price you can afford, and the features you find most helpful. Ashley Madison being one of the best.

Don’t forget to work on yourself and how you approach people since online dating apps and sites like the AdultFriendFinder alternatives we’ve presented are merely a tool!

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