53 NSFW Adult Coloring Books

Even though most coloring books are called 'adult', the erotic and pornographic variety are the actual adult coloring books.  Books like SheVibes 'Totally Naughty' usually has me reaching for my vibrator before I finish the page. 

In this post I'm going to round up the best erotic and x rated coloring books I've found.  The world of pornographic coloring books is a complex one, so I've separated this post into different sections.

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  1. Hardcore sex coloring books
  2. Cock coloring books - Just Dicks!
  3. Softcore sex coloring books - Draw the missionary position in Rome Italy
  4. The Rest - Sexy coloring books, some clothes on, some clothes off.  Intercourse is not the focus.

Erotic Coloring Books (X rated)

The best ones first! These are the most naughty coloring books I've been able to find.  If you know any more, please share them with me in the comments>: )

Totally Naughty Coloring Book

There's plenty of penises and vaginas to be colored in this naughty book.  It has the most detail, of any sex coloring book i've seen.  All the characters have perfect bodies and look like a dream.  There's orgies, gay, lesbian, eating out, blow-jobs, bondage, threesomes, 69s, etc.

36 Coloring Pages

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Super hero sex is always hot, and this book is searing. It's filled with incredibly buff and sexy characters fucking in detailed scenes.  The book is made by the same artists that do all the cool designs for SheVibe's shop.

39 Coloring Pages

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Totally Curvy

This came out after the success of of totally naughty.  It also has a message: women are gorgeous and sexy no matter what size, shape, or curves they have.  It's just as Naughty as the coloring books above, there's masturbating, threesomes, and BDSM scenes all in beautiful detail.

36 Coloring Pages

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Dirty Coloring Book

This book explores all the different shades of 'dirty' sex.  There's the more expected stuff like deep-throating, facials, and strap-ons.  But there's some pages that are a bit of a surprise.  Like those creatures from the movie alien having sex with a woman, an 70-year old man masturbating as he gazes solemnly into your eyes, a man having sex with a mannequin, and someone photo-copying their vagina.  If that seems like the stuff you would like, this is your best match.

52 Coloring Pages

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Fetish Coloring Book

For me, this book was as educational as it was kinky.  I learned about some fetishes I wasn't too familiar with, like having your face stepped on with high heels.  There's more orgies, foot fetishes, begging, chastity, fire play, and plenty of S&M.

Both this and the 'dirty coloring book' were made by Magnus Frederiksen a Swedish artist.

50 Coloring Pages

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Slightly Less Pornographic Coloring Books (Slightly)

So we got through all the hardcore stuff, or at least some of you did, my readership tends to drop off a lot after that section.  This next ones you can leave laying around your friends house and they won't be as surprised, hopefully.

Twisted Adult Coloring Book

This book is inspiring me to get a pair of kaleidoscopic glasses (and look at butts with them).  The pages have sensual parts and different sex positions in that repeating mirrored patterns, plus lot's of other details I can't always make out.  It's a more relaxing and meditative erotic coloring book.

54 Coloring Pages

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Sex Positions Coloring Book

The back reads "Sex is fun, coloring is fun, now coloring sex is fun!"  Each page has the name of a sex position and shows it in an interesting or funny scene.  The 'Hasslehoff' is done on the beach, 'Mahalo Nui Loa' has a wave, and 'When in Rome' has the coliseum in the background.  You'll color in breasts and butts, but that's the limit, no penises or vaginas in this book.

128 Coloring Pages

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#NSFW Coloring Book

I haven't gotten this coloring book myself so i'm not sure how erotic it gets.  From the reviews I've read it is less pornographic, and has sexy and artistic sci-fi and super hero scenes.

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