Jar Test – Will These Jelly Dildos Melt?

One my goals is to promote awareness of toxic sex toy materials, and help put the companies making them out of business (or at least force them to switch to safer materials).

The most toxic sex toy material is jelly, a catch-all term for a mystery blend of plastics and plasticizers that results in a cheap shiny rubber.  Jelly sex toys have smell very bad, kinda like nail polish remover.  They also start to melt at temperatures above 90 degrees, and can cause burns and rashes in people with sensitive skin.  Not to mention other unknown long-term effects of absorbing plasticizers into the bloodstream through the absorbent vaginal and anal tissue.

The antithesis of Jelly materials is Silicone rubber.  Silicone is one of the most inert and safest materials known to human kind.  It's not porous, so it doesn't harbor bacteria, it doesn't melt, and it's stronger than than jelly.  It can be created in different densities for different softness, and is the perfect sex toy material.

The Test

For this test i'm going to fill two jars with dildos: one with jelly toys, and one with silicone toys.  I'll monitor their progress over months to see how each jar does.


The expected result is that the Jar of jelly toys will melt into complete goop, while the silicone toys stay the same.  Since the jars are at room temperature, we'll see what happens to the different dildos over a long period of time.

I got the idea for this test from Jennifer Pritchett, the owner of Smitten Kitten.  When you enter Smitten Kitten you can see a liquefied jar of toys labeled "toxic" on display.  

Jar 1: The Jelly Jar

The jelly jar has 6 different dildos, I tried to pick ones from the most infamous jelly dildo producers: Doc Johnson, pipedream, Adam and Eve, and a few from some sellers on Amazon.

Double Header by Doc Johnson

Basix by Pipedream

"Pink Jelly Slim Dildo" by Adam & Eve

Realistic Ultra-soft by Paloqueth (Made in China)

Crystal Jellies Anal Plug by Doc Johnson.  This was the worst smelling and most oily jelly toy of the bunch.

Made-in-china Jelly Vibrator from Amazon.  After opening it, it was so sticky that my dried lavender stuck to it like a lint roller.

The smell of my room after unwrapping these was awful.  I started to feel nauseous immediately and was eager to seal these fuming dildos away in the Jar.

After touching the dildos they were moist and left an oily residue on my hands, and when i rolled them in dried lavender leaves, the lavender stuck to their surface.

The Paloqueth dildo was the only one that didn't smell bad, it's also the only matte dildo. It'll be interesting to see whether or not it melts like the other dildos do.

All the jelly dildos together

And into the jar they go!

Jar 2: Silicone Jar

This Jar was a bit more expensive to put together.  However I have faith they won't melt and I can continue to use them after the experiment is finished.

  • Fun Factory Bouncer - $99
  • Semenette Pop - $150
  • Hot Octopuss Pulse - $150
  • Fun Factory Duke - $100

These silicone toys don't smell and they don't make my hands oily after I touch them.  I'm going to miss them, a lot, but they are on a mission, I'll see you in a few months my dears! God Speed:')


I'll continue to update this post over the next few months with the jar's progress.  I also ordered a few more dildos so I can stuff the jars to capacity.

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    sooooo everything melted together in both jars or why isnt there any updates to this ? seemed interesting

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    How can fix my jelly dildo ( melt a tear)?

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