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Best Strapless Strap On: 11 Strap-on Dildos That Don’t Need a Harness

Many lesbians use strap-ons with their partners, but did you know that you can get strapless strap-ons held in place by the wearer’s vaginal muscles? These sex toys are most commonly used by lesbians, though heterosexual couples might use them for pegging too. Pegging is when a woman wears a strap-on to anally penetrate a […]

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Anal Pegging 101

The Ultimate Pegging Guide for All Your Anal Strap-on Needs

A study from 2008 asked 1,478 straight men about their sex lives, finding that 24% had been anally fingered and 18% enjoyed receiving anal sex from toys. Flash forward to sex-positive 2020 and the number of heterosexual men unashamedly experimenting with their anus is higher than ever before. For many straight guys who enjoy anal […]

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12 Best Sex Pillows for Kamasutra Sex Positions

The 12 Best Sex Pillows, Wedges, Ramps, and Cushions

If you’re flexible enough, anything can be a sex pillow. However, if you wanna try some wild positions and you’re a little out of shape, a good sex cushion is a comfortable and easy way to sink your teeth into the kama sutra without breaking your spine in the process. Sex pillows support your body, […]

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Bondage Boutique Sex Swing

Bondage Boutique Sex Swing Review

When I first went to set up the Bondage Boutique Swing for this sex swing review, I thought I’d need several hours, a large toolkit, DIY skills, and the patience of a saint to hang it up. Nothing could be further from the truth. Chapters: How to hang it upHow does it work?Positions to TryHow […]

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Best lesbian sex toys

24 Best Lesbian Sex Toys To Bring Couples Closer Together

A recent study found that gay women have more orgasms than straight women do. Alas, one of the main advantages of a same-sex relationship is that we know how to please each other sexually! However, there is the stereotype of lesbian bed death suggesting that same-sex female couples have less sex than any other type […]

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An Introduction to Sex Furniture – Erotic Furniture 101

When you hear words like “sex furniture” and “fuck bench”, you might be imagining a gothic medieval torture dungeon full of scary-looking dildos and whips. While some people are into that kind of thing, there is a lot more vanilla erotic furniture out there too. Here we introduce you to the major categories of sex […]

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The Best Bondage Furniture: A Guide to BDSM Dungeon Gear

Roleplay. Restraints. Spanking. Pain. BDSM and kinks are deliciously taboo and naughty, something we’re fully supportive of here at the Sex Toy Collective.  So many of us want to be punished, restrained, tortured (sexually) or spanked until we can take no more. Household items can go so far, but here we introduce you to different […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Strap-Ons – Best Harnesses, Strapon Dildos, Pegging, and Lesbian Varieties

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, chances are that you’ve come across the concept of a strap on dildo at some point in your life. These marvelous inventions allow heterosexual women to even out to playing field when it comes to fornicating with their men, while simultaneously giving lesbian […]

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Ultimate Guide to the Sybian, Plus 6 Awesome Sybian Alternatives

Women and sex machines has always been somewhat of a taboo topic, but the ‘80s saw the rise of the Sybian – a saddle sex machine which liberated women more than ever before, allowing them to explore their sexuality in the privacy of their own homes without the need for a man. The Sybian machine […]

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The Best Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples: A Guide to Teledildonics

Calling and texting is an important way to stay connected in long distance relationships, but what if instead of just talking from anywhere in the world, you could have sex from anywhere, too? That’s the goal of long distance sex toys, new interactive adult toys which allow you to sync up 2 compatible remote control sex […]

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