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Best Water Based Lubes: How To Choose The Safe Ones

In my big lube guide, I wrote about the science of how water-based lubricants work.  This guide is going to be more practical.  I’ll show you which water-based lubes are the best, including the safest, thickest, and longest-lasting brands. Quick Navigation Pros and Cons of Water-Based LubeAdvantagesDisadvantagesTop Five Water Based Lubes Pros and Cons of Water-Based […]

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Silicone Savvy: A Guide To Silicone Personal Lubricants

Whenever I meet someone who doesn’t know what silicone-based lubricant is, I get excited.   “It’s that magic never-ending lube” I say, as I pull a bottle out of my bag and proceed to make them hold out their hand for a sample.   If they haven’t run away yet, I start to tell them about silicone […]

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Ultimate Sex Machine Roundup: Review of the Top Sex Machines in 2021

In this guide, we’re covering the best sex machines in depth, so you can find the perfect one for fulfilling your kinky needs. Everything from cheap sex machines, to thrusting dildo machines, to vibrating and riding models. Before we go deeper, here is a list of the top 40 sex machines, sorted by your votes. The first time […]

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