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Extreme Sex Toys

Extreme Sex Toys – 22 Kinky Sex Toys for Fetishes

Some of you will be reading this because you wanna gasp at crazy sex toys. Others will be here because you want to push the limits of kink and get some ideas for extreme sex that pushes the boundaries. Either way, I welcome you to this list of 23 extreme sex toys from various kinks […]

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Oral Sex Toys

18 Best Oral Sex Simulators for Couples and Solo Play

I love oral sex. Is there anything more intimate than literally tasting another human being? The feeling of a wet tongue sensually exploring your genitals makes my toes curl with anticipation. With oral sex simulators like the Womanizer for women and the Kiiroo Onyx+ for men, you can now explore dozens of male and female […]

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Best Tail Butt Plugs

21 Best Tail Butt Plugs for Sexy Roleplay Ideas

From furry sex to slutty Halloween costumes, animal roleplay has always found its way into the bedroom. It makes sense really – cats have a sexy feline elegance, bunnies are adorably cute, and puppies naturally have a BDSM-like master-slave relationship with their owner.A butt plug with a tail allows you to embody a sexy animal, […]

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Large Vibrators – Exploring Some of the Biggest Vibrators for Women

From huge vibrators to full-on sex machines, here are 11 big sex toys for women which are all made from 100% body-safe materials! Leave your tiny bullet vibrators at the door – this is for ladies who wanna feel like they’re getting rammed by a huge dong. Chapters: The Tremor Sex MachineThe Swan Wand“Magic Wand” […]

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A Guide To The Best Vibrators: Top 25 Vibes Ever Made

“I’m at the point now where just the sound of a vibrator turns me on” – Betty DodsonIt’s been 40 years since Betty Dodson popularized vibrators through her Bodysex workshops.  In those days, the magic wand vibrator had just been released, and people were waking up to how awesome vibrators were for masturbation and sex.Now vibrators […]

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Best Affordable Sex Toys – 42 Inexpensive Sex Toys Less than $35

There are tons of online stores and dodgy Amazon pages selling cheap sex toys, but at what cost? Many discount sex toys are made from cheap PVC and jelly rubber which is toxic, porous, and harbors bacteria, leaving the user prone to infections, burns, rashes, and more. Unsafe sex toys are no joke! I’d rather […]

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34 Top Anal Toys for Men and Women

1 in 4 straight women are having anal sex a few times a month. 15% of men are having anal sex regularly, including some straight and bisexual men. As the world becomes more educated on the joy of sex, an increasing number of men and women are goin’ in the backdoor.Here I’ve handpicked some of […]

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Best Lubes for Fleshlight Toys

7 Best Lubes for Fleshlight Toys and Pocket Pussies

Fleshlights are the bestselling sex toy for men by a longshot – Fleshlight has been making top-quality pocket pussies since 1998, with their patented Superskin material nicely replicating the feel of a real vagina. But what lube should you use with a Fleshlight? These toys are notoriously delicate and hard to clean, so you must […]

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8 Top VR Sex Toys in 2020

Top 8 Virtual Reality Compatible Sex Toys To Use

As a fan of both sex toys and Star Trek, VR sex toys intrigue me. They feel like sex toys of the future – things that you’d see in futuristic movies or episodes of Black Mirror. Alas, virtual reality sex machines exist and many of them are surprisingly affordable. My personal favorite is the Fleshlight […]

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37 Homemade Sex Toys For Men and Women

The Hitachi Magic Wand, one of the most famous vibrators of all time, started off as a humble back massager before Sex Coach Betty Dodson realized its potential for orgasms. Sometimes household items are already amazing DIY sex toys – you just don’t realize it yet. Here, I’ve listed 37 different homemade sex toys for […]

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